How I want to be fucked.


How I want to be fucked.starting off I’d like to be stripped naked, pushed to my knees, hands tied behind my back. Told to open my mouth and keep it open, then I get throat fucked for a bit, pulling my hair, gagging, everything. He keeps telling me what dirty little slut I am, asks me if I think having my throat fucked by his big cock, I mumble yes whilst he keeps fucking my mouth. Then he orders me to lay down on my back and spread my legs. He starts by playing with my nipples, pinching and twisting my nipples, smacking my tits, telling me what a useless fuck toy I am. Then he starts eating my pussy, he tells me if I cum without his permission I will be punished severely. When he is finished tasting how wet he has made me he tells me to turn around, face to the floor, ass in the air. Then he starts spanking me, telling me I’m a dirty fat whore who needs to be punished, he tells me to count the spanks and say thank you after each one like a good little fuck toy. Somehow I manage to keep akkışla escort up but he still wants more from me, soon he is spanking me so hard I loose count. Then he gets the paddle, and we start again. This time I make sure to keep count and say my thank yous. Suddenly I feel his hard cock slide into my pussy, he starts pounding me, fucking me so deep, slamming on my gspot. I’m trying so hard not to cum. I ask for permission to cum he says I haven’t earned that right yet. I apologize for being greedy. He keeps riding me, smacking my ass, telling me how I’m only good as a set of holes, that he is going to let his friends come over and fill me up with their cock and cum. At this point my pussy is gushing with wetness, I can feel it dripping down. I know he knows how wet he is making me. He is pulling my hair now, really driving his cock into me, I’m sure he is about to cum. But then he stops without saying a word. He tells me to stay exactly as I am. I keep completely still, afraid that he might bring out the paddle again. Luckily he doesn’t. But instead I feel him start to up the head of his cock around my asshole. Now I know what’s coming. I feel him slide his cock into me with one trust, all the way in, so deep I let out a little scream. He tells me to keep my mouth shut or he’ll punish me in ways I’ve never imagined. He keeps ramming his cock into my ass, harder and faster. He asks me if I like my ass being fucked. I tell him I love it. He says good, not that it would matter if I didn’t, but a good little fuck toy like me should like having their ass used. He keeps making me tell him how much of a dirty fat slut I am, how I love him ruining my asshole. Then I feel is cock twitch inside me as he releases his load in side me. I start to feel his cum dripping down to my pussy. He unties my hands and tells me to scoop the cum out of my ass and into my mouth like a good cum slut. I do it immediately, making sure I get every last drop into my mouth. He tells me I’m a good slut and says it’s time for my reward. My makes me spread my legs wide laying on my back, and ties my arms to my legs so I can’t move. Then I feel him plug my ass and slide a huge dildo into my soaking wet cunt. I hear the vibrator before I see or feel it. He starts to press it onto my clit, moving the dildo in and out of my pussy at the same time. He knows I’m getting close again. I ask to cum, he says no. I’m so close now. He keeps rubbing my clit, and fucking me. Fuck, I’m getting so close now, my pussy is a wet mess, there is a puddle on the floor beneath me. He asks me if I like being his little fuck toy, I answer him, trying not to scream. He keeps pounding my pussy with the dildo faster and faster. I ask to cum again, this time he says yes. Finally I’m allowed to cum, I feel the most ginormous orgasm wash over me, my body shaking as I cum, my pussy squirting. He keeps pounding my cunt with the dlido, still rubbing my clit with a vibrator. I cum again. I ask him to stop and he refuses. I cum again, and again. Until he thinks I’ve had enough.

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