How They Met


Greg and Mindy had been serving together for a few months now at the naval base off of the California coast. It was a small base and they both would soon be ending their time in the reserves. They had never met before landing here together on base, meeting for the first time when they sat together on the flight. Not disappointed, she was quite happy for her last few months to be able to spend time with such a handsome man.

When they met, the attraction was obvious, but she soon learned the Lieutenant Commander would be her superior and there was no way she could imagine them being together, which she was OK with as she had decided long ago to dedicate herself to her career before investing in a relationship. She could see herself with Greg, but it would have to be in another time and another place. If it was meant to be, serendipity would play a role, but for now, her rank was lieutenant and neither of them would risk losing their jobs.

Every morning she invited the sound of her alarm as she enjoyed waking up early. The brisk air was refreshing and she loved watching the sun coming up over the water. She sat in the same spot every morning, weather permitting, with her coffee and pen and paper. She loved to write and dreamed one day of writing a book. But for now she would have to settle for a notebook filled with her daily thoughts, knowing one day she would have them to go back on, hoping to use her writings for an incredible story.

Once in a while she would spot Greg doing his morning run and her breath would stop briefly. His body fit in his uniform like a glove. Every muscle lined his clothes perfectly and every time she saw him she could feel her clit begin the throb making her wet each time she saw him. Her heart would race, constantly pounding, to her what seemed like a loud tribe of drums and she hoped her attraction would not be obvious to others. Watching him run, sweat running down his back, gave her desires, desires she had not felt in so many years. She could actually feel the insides of her body burning from the heat when he was near her.

Most nights she would go back to her barracks after her shower instead of the common areas with all the others. She was one of the few women on base and had become accustomed to this way of living. Sometimes she would catch a movie, but for the most part, Mindy stayed to herself in the evenings.

After the long days of work, writing reports and making sure inventory and equipment were prepared for the fleets next day pick up, she would be quite exhausted. In the common areas, she could find most everyone watching TV or reading. Some retreated to their corners to write letters back home, and a few would play card games. It was nice to hear laughter throughout the evening and the room always smelled of fresh homemade cooking as a few civilians would come in and cook for them, which they appreciated more then they could say. Most nights Mindy would revert back to her room.

She liked the quiet time and she also liked to write her thoughts down. Especially of Greg. She may not be able to tell him how she felt, but she could write it down. And with each word she would write, it made her feel closer to him. She would run away with her thoughts and write stories of places she dreamed to be. Exotic stories of her desires. She chose to stay her distance from most evening activities mainly because she didn’t want any temptation. Some nights were entirely harder than others.

She would get lost in her thoughts under the night stars she could see through her window and she craved to be touched. She would find herself in her bed listening to her soft sensual jazz music thinking of him. More than once she had stripped off her clothes and lay on her bed atop her cool soft blanket, in the dark with her indecent thoughts. This particular night she lay there with the cold breeze from the fan blowing on her.

She was steamy hot from the shower she just took, still wet, her breathing got deep and she could feel the desires building up. She felt the cool air blow on her hot clit and new she needed to touch herself. Her soft hands trembled slowly as they moved from her face down to her round full breast. She touched herself as if holding a feather, light and erotic. She circled each of her nipples softly as she felt them harden between her fingers as she continued moving slowly down her stomach, just barely touching her skin.

Her soft touches almost put her over the edge, but she was prepared for the self examination and she knew how to control herself. Her beautiful legs spread open like eagle wings while her fingers found the inside of her wet lips. As she teasingly fondled herself she found her clit, her fingers were soaked with her wetness and it allowed her to caress herself lovingly. She never knew how satisfying it was to touch herself until just recently and she could not get enough of learning her body and where she liked to be touched most.

As she entered a finger inside herself with one hand, she continued to touch Escort bayan her clit with the other, squeezing gently her most intense pleasure spot with her thumb and ring finger while utilizing her index finger for tapping with the right amount of pressure. She felt the build up of climax and let herself pour out her juice. She wanted so much to share herself with Greg but knew it could only be a fantasy. It wasn’t long before she became dizzy from self pleasure and quickly fell asleep.

After a couple of months of working together they became quite fond of each other, but never crossed a line. They would look at each other with hungry eyes, although they always kept it professional. The little jokes would happen and they flirted, but it was always done in a tasteful manner and among themselves. He knew he needed to keep a clear head although it was almost impossible whenever she was around.

Every time she walked by or smiled, he could feel his hardness grow. She was bubbly and giggly and so kind to everyone she met. The way she glided when she walked yet was so bouncy at the same time. The way she smiled so innocently like a child. The curves of her body so feminine, yet try to mess her and she could throw any man double her size to the ground.

She was incredible. She was perfect. Every soldier on base felt the same about her. Her kindness overtook her, Not only was she beautiful, the fact that she didn’t see her own beauty escalated her attractiveness. Especially to Petty Officer Thomason. He had eyes for her since she first walked on the base. He kept all of his thoughts to himself as he knew he had no chance, but it didn’t stop his desires that grew below each time he saw her.

Mindy had only a couple weeks left on base. She was taking early retirement. The best part was, she was still young and had her whole life ahead of her. She wanted to travel but this time for her and not for work. She hadn’t had many assignments the past week, but this particular evening she had received word of a missing pistol on base and had been assigned to complete the next days gun check for the entire personnel on base. It was doable as there were only 160 people or so, but it would take most of the day. She turned in early to make sure she was at the armory before anyone else.

The next morning, she woke up early to enjoy her daily ritual of coffee and the brilliant sunrise. As she finished her coffee, she was disappointed that she didn’t see him on his run, but knew she would see him eventually later in the day. She had only a couple more weeks to be entertained with his beautiful smile. She would miss it, but was happy she got to have these last few months with him. Gathering her paperwork, she headed for the armory.

The smell was intoxicating and arousing. Never had she dreamed such a mechanic smell could ever turn her on, but she had learned from the first day handling a gun how much the smell of gun powder aroused her. She loved the feel of the cold and heavy metal of her pistol. Maybe it was the danger that went along with it, sometimes she often fantasized of using her weapon inside of her.

The thought of feeling the hard cold steel inside her always made her panties wet. Whatever it was about the pistols she could never quite explain, all she did know was that whatever it was, it made her entryway always wet and ready. A mood she loved but at the same time hated as at these times she had to control herself even though what she really wanted was to lean back and touch herself until she was weak with ecstasy.

The crates were positioned so that the check-in process would go smooth. The personnel would hand in their weapons, the guns would get inspected, identified and then returned. So far everything had been accounted for. Some of the officers would throw a quick joke at her and make her laugh, it was nice to have her there, one of the “boys”, at least that is how everyone saw her and they all loved it.

There was not a person on base that wanted her to leave, especially Petty Officer Thomason. She was so kind to him, not like the other women he had known in his life. Mindy treated him like a person and with her now leaving he had to take the chance, he finally built up the courage to ask her out for one night. It was worth being discharged for.

Greg had walked in the armory and stood at the doorway. Neither Petty Officer Thomason or Mindy saw him. He leaned his body up against the wall and enjoyed what he was seeing, actually finding humor in what he was witnessing. Not exactly sure what Petty Officer Thomason was saying to Mindy, he saw Mindy slightly lay her hand on Petty Officer Thomason’s hand, she smiled and told him how flattered she was, how much she enjoyed his company but she had a rule, and that was she would not date military personnel, assuring him that no matter what, they would stay in touch.

Although quite embarrassed, he accepted the answer and smiled. As he turned to walk away he saw his Lieutenant Commander and he quickly straightened Bayan Escort his posture and stood at immediate attention. Greg struggled to hide his laughter, and sternly said, “Petty Officer, do we ask our superiors out on dates Thomason?”

Petty Officer Thomason quickly replied, “Sir, no Sir. Sir, it will not happen again Sir.”

Greg, still holding his laughter back, dismissed Petty Officer Thomason assuring him this incident would be forgotten, but to not let him ever observe this behavior again. Petty Officer Thomason, relieved, let out a sigh of relief as he rushed out the door quickly.

Mindy looked right in Greg’s eyes and chuckled. “Lieutenant Commander, you are a wicked man. Do you realize how much courage that just took for Thomason to ask me out?”

With an alluring smile, Greg stared her in her eyes and said “yes I do. As a matter of fact, the only reason he was not being reprimanded is because I know exactly how he felt.”

Mindy felt her heart pounding and she wondered if he could hear it. Greg, still standing by the door, reached behind him and locked it. The air stood still. You could hear a pin drop. The smile he submitted melted her but she did not let it show.

Walking over to her, Greg leaned over looking at her directly in her eyes and said without hesitation, “you are simply the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I have traveled the world and when I saw you for the first time on that airplane it took everything inside of me to not grab you and kiss you. It has consumed my thoughts from the first day we got here. Mindy, you are the kindest, most delicate woman to ever cross my path. I am not a stupid man, I can feel the desires you have when you look at me. I think your rule of dating is an excuse, and oh my beautiful Mindy, I really do not want anymore excuses.”

With that said, Greg leaned in and placed his lips on hers, his lips were as soft as cotton and the heat that filled inside her was throbbing. His mouth slightly opened as did hers and his tongue found hers, her mouth was wet and warm and her kiss about set him over the edge. God was she a great kisser.

Her tongue was soft and moved perfectly. Greg stood up, moved to the side of the table Mindy was on, and pulling her in by her waist while speaking to her only with his eyes, her eyes responded saying everything her voice could not. Greg softly grabbed her by her hips, lifted her up and sat her gently on the crates that held the cold steel guns inside them.

Stepping in between her legs forcing them to move apart, he moved his hands up her arms to the back of her neck with just his fingertips entwining through her hair, removing her hair tie, allowing for her beautiful brown hair to fall over her shoulders. Her hair was soft and smelled of lavender, his favorite scent. Reaching behind her head pulling her hair gently back, his mouth covered her mouth to kiss her.

His cock was already hard but he needed to know her body, he wanted to taste every single crevasse of her. His tongue gently moved to the side of her neck where her shoulder meets and she let out a slight moan. Her hands wrapped around his chest and he stopped her, moving her hands back down to her sides. Greg looked up at Mindy and with the want in his eyes, she knew to let him have his way with her and she would not say no.

Greg unbuttoned her utility uniform top slowly, removing it and tossing it aside. She felt her nipples harden and the wetness fill her pussy. She knew she would be ready for him and could not wait to feel his hard cock inside her. Greg had other immediate plans though, and he would make Mindy have the best orgasm she had ever experienced.

He continued to undress her, her undershirt was removed easily. Her breast filled the lacy bra she wore and he decided to keep that on for the time being. It was hot and looked fantastic on her, however; he did not want to remove everything to quickly. He loved leaving some sort of imaginative desire in his mind. Greg took out a pair of handcuffs, dangling them in front of her. Mindy gave a slight smile, nodding yes very slightly letting him know it was okay to continue. Her clit was begging to be touched, but he was not ready for that yet.

Greg used her undershirt as a temporary blindfold. Folding her shirt to fit around her eyes, he laid Mindy down on the crate, slowly removing her boots, then her pants. Her panties were white, the kind he liked. They had lace and the back side fit nicely inside her ass. Promising Mindy he would replace them, he took his knife out of his pocket and removed them with one slice, and then handcuffed her wrist and ankles to the crates which had locks on each corner, leaving Mindy entirely exposed, laying her in the letter “X” formation, she was in extreme euphoria. Mindy had sexual encounters before, but never like this.

Greg traced her entire body with just his finger tip. As he kissed her, his tongue traveled down her neck. She was in delightful agony. Softly cupping her laced Escort bra filled with her breast, his tongue continued down her soft stomach to her belly button, softly circling it with his finger. His soft hands ran down her inner things slow, down to her toes. He could smell the scent of her, it was beautiful, like a sweet flower on a spring day.

He lifted her knees just enough to give him and easy angle for tongue entry, but first he needed to make sure she was wet. With his fingers he touched her soft lips that he would soon kiss and stroked her inner slit and he knew there was not an issue of wetness. She was full of warm liquid inside her. Mindy’s back arched in complete arousal even though he had not even touched her clit yet.

Greg slowly entered one finger inside her, he could feel how tight she was, but not from being nervous. She was naturally tight. His finger struggled to enter her and he was so hard at the thought of having her. As he slid his finger in her and then out of her she moaned loudly. Because they couldn’t risk getting caught, he waded up her panties and place them in her mouth. She had never felt so much rapture in her life.

Greg went back to caressing her sweet spot only this time he, without warning, touched her clit with his tongue, sending her in such an arousal she lost her breath. Now breathing hard, Greg continued to softly rub her clit while his tongue found her opening. Gently placing his tongue inside her, he took in her warm pussy. The tapping on her clit sent her over the edge and she could not hold back. She climaxed right there, right were his mouth was.

Greg was filled with amazement of how delicious she was. He was also quite pleased at her willingness to let him satisfy her. Her hot liquid sat on his tongue, as he cupped it his mouth to hold on to her deliciousness, and without pausing, he stood up, walked over to her mouth and shared her sweetness with her. She had never tasted herself before and her body shook with massive trembling.

Greg removed her blindfold and removed the panties from her mouth giving her a smile. Mindy had just had the most intense orgasm she had ever had, and yet she was still wet. She needed more. “Greg, please remove the ties, I need to touch you”, she pleaded.

Greg gave a smirk and said “anything for you”. As he removed the ties, Mindy lifted up, almost completely naked, she removed her bra to reveal the most perfect breast he had ever known. She was still shaking and still incredibly wet, she stood in front of him. He knew it was his turn.

Greg removed his boots while Mindy lifted his sweaty t-shirt over his head. His chest was beautiful. As she unbuttoned his pants to remove them, she asked Greg to please get up on the crate and he obliged. As she pulled his pants off and he placed himself on the crates she gasped at his handsome cock. He was already hard and she wanted to taste his cum inside of her mouth. Her tongue found his tip and she slightly flicked it.

Spreading his legs apart she licked down his shaft to find his balls. Softly inserting each one in her mouth, she tenderly swirled her tongue around each one. Gently sucking them, her finger found the outskirts of his back door. She played with him softly, circling his entryway while taking her other hand and stroking his cock that she would soon devour. Her tongue found its way back to his tip and without hesitation, she took his entirety in her mouth.

Greg was not shy about his sexual abilities but he had never had a woman make him want to cum this fast. He held back, but it wasn’t long before her saliva mixed with his precum making enough wetness for her finger to enter him. With one hand stroking him perfectly, her mouth tightly around his cock, her other hand was free to enter him. Taking her finger, she entered him and he could not hold back. He then exploded and his hot creamy cum went down her throat.

She loved his taste, so sweet and she could feel it running down her gullet. He pulled her up and kissed her hard. The intense moment was still in motion. Greg looked at Mindy and said “my god you are perfect”. Mindy smiled at him. She could not believe what had just happened and she was more than satisfied. She had wanted him for three months now.

Greg then pulled her into him and they could feel the sweat on each other. As he stood there admiring the perfect formation in front of him, he once again lifted her by her thighs, only this time he lifted her high, sitting her on his shoulders and placing her pussy right in front of his mouth. He needed to taste her again. She was dripping wet, and he was not about to let this go to waste. Lifting her off his shoulders and standing her up with her back to him, he bent her over the crates. Her ass was round and fit in his hands faultlessly.

He stared in awe at the beauty. He leaned down to work on her backside. He loved her pussy and inhaled her juices. His finger slid up and down her softly. Taking his cock in one hand, he slowly pushed inside her wet pussy. Tightness was an understatement. She was fucking tight! Her walls hugged his cock as she took him in. Her breast bounced as he held them in his hands. Lifting up he watched himself penetrating her. In and out, in and out, gently, then ramming her.

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