How this all started (Fictional Story)


How this all started (Fictional Story)How this got startedSugar has a friend that is married and her husband works out of town. Her name is Susan. She is a bit younger than us but not by much; she is 37 years old, 5’3” and about 160 shapely pounds. She was unable to have a baby so they have no k**s. Her situation adds up to horny woman, who has a nice house and lives pretty much alone because her husband rarely home, can’t get pregnant, so big time whore. When he’s home he treats her like a queen and she loves him but when the hubby away the cougar will play. Sugar always tells me Susan’s stories and I have a hard time concealing my excitement as I hear them. Sugar has been the only woman I been with for 2 ½ years. I’ve had few opportunities but love her and would never risk hurting her but I can’t help what runs through my mind. We have a fantastic sex life so I really have no need to act on any the thoughts I have though. Sugar loves fuck with people and knows her friend Susan could really fuck with me bad. Sugar and Susan come up with a plan to do just that. The two girls are out drinking one night and I get a call it’s Susan and I can hear a guy talking to her. She said Sugar just left and I’m supposed be naked and have things ready when she gets home. I try to tell her “ok, thanks, good-bye” but she cuts me off. “Wait, talk to me a minute!” I tell her ok but I need to get shit ready for when Sugar gets home. She says Sugar wanted give me a present before she got home. Me being the thick headed, slow witted fucker I am had no clue what she was talking about. She tells me start getting stuff around but keep my phone to my ear. I smiled as I thought I figured out what was going on. You see Sugar knows I’m a voyeur to the point even listening to people having sex excites me. Sugar knows how wild it would drive me to listen live. Hearing the guys voice and knowing she’d only be with a guy after bars closed for one thing, she has be about to get fucked. I had instant hard on just thinking about it but I had get ready for Sugar to get home and fuck her myself. So I getting Sugar a drink as I hear Susan tell the man to come here. She must have laid the phone next to her head on the bed. I hear her sigh and moan and I have wonder what just happened. Did he go down on her to get that reaction or was he entering her? I needed listen more so know which was. I sat Sugar’s drink on the night stand along with me phone with speaker on. I started to undress as I heard I figured out which it was, I heard her tell him get his tongue deep up inside her, to lick her juices from her pussy. Then a loud moan as he must of complied as she started heavy breathing with little moans and sighs. Once naked I plug in the black lights we have hanging around the mirrors we have on the ceiling above the bed. My cock rock hard listening her have her pussy eaten. Sugar has shown me naked pictures of her before so I can visualize her pretty easily felahiye escort in my mind. I hear him slide up her, I knew because I hear him kissing her and it get closer and closer to the phone. I knew when he reached her neck as I heard his breath in the speaker, then kisses and her sigh. He must have been hung well because I could tell without question when he entered her as she sounded as if she lost her breath she gasp so loud. It almost sound like she was in pain as he started fucking her. I’d laid back on the bed and been rubbing my hard cock in anticipation of Sugar walking in the room any moment. I hear her coming up the stairs but I want listen long as I can so turn the speaker off and hold to my ear not wanting Sugar catch me listening to her friend fucking. The fact she is the one who had her friend call me with this present slipped my mind when the taboo, guilt feelings hit me of listening. She opens the door and see’s the phone to my ear still and smiles. She sees my hard cock and that I rubbing it with precum oozing from it. I start to pull the phone from my ear to hang up so I can fuck sugar now that she home but she shakes her head “no” so I continue to listen as Sugar undresses before me. I can tell by the look in her eyes she is a bit tipsy and hungry for sex. I kiss her belly and suck on her nipples as I continue to listen to Susan take her cock for the night. It sound as she is getting used to the big cock now that it has worked her pussy for a while. The sounds of pain have now became sounds of pleasure as I listen to her gasp still as he must being deep but the moans are all pleasure as I figure he must be sliding out. She is now loving every second of the fucking she is receiving. Once Sugar is naked she pulls my head from her nipple where I had been sucking on it, nibbling on it, licking and flicking it with my tongue. Once she has pried my mouth from her nipple, while I tried to prevent by sucking hard enough she winced in pain as she forced me break contact, she took the phone from me and put it on speaker as she sat it on the end table. She looked right into my eyes and told me she wanted her them fuck too. I smiled as felt like she shared my kinkiness. This was awesome she was into it too. I tried stand up to turn her around and lay her back on the bed but she pushed me back down and told me to lay back. I’m happy to comply as I know what’s coming. She’s going suck my cock, and not just a normal blow job, she is more than a bit tipsy so I know it is going to be raging blow job. She working my cock with her mouth the 1st time I hear Susan cum hard over the speaker I had grab Sugar by the head and stop her from bobbing up and down on my cock or I was going cum too. She tried to do what she could to get me to cum but I wouldn’t let her move her head and concentrated enough I had prevented it for now. Hearing her cum must or really got that guys motor running too. Soon as she had cum the sound of the pace and power he was putting to her with increased. The bed was really making noises as he pounded her and her moaning as if worn out and exhausted just taking the cock trying to get up a second wind after her hard orgasm was driving wild. The thought of her laying there limp taking cock and loving it, then get second wind and start fucking back again had me so excited I know Sugar was swallowing precum as she sucked my cock. When I heard Susan cum the 2nd time it was too much I grabbed Sugar by the head pulled her up to my face and deep tongue kissed her and I spun her and laid her down on the bed. I was so excited I didn’t even care if was traces of my precum left in her mouth or not. I was in a passion frenzy. I started my cock inside her slow. I was just playing around with the tip just inside her pussy and I feel how wet she was. I hadn’t really touched her or done much to made her pussy that wet so had to be listening to her friend taking that dude’s cock. She was already loving my cock inside and hadn’t even slide but inch or 2 in her yet. We were in a deep passionate kiss as we heard Susan go into what seemed to be 5 minute orgasm, so in sex time pry 45 second of screaming orgasm. Shortly after she sounded so exhausted was soft grunts now each time that cock slide inside her. I was still teasing her with the tips and kissing her as we heard him cum inside her friend, as we heard his primal grunts as he pumped every drop his cum deep inside her. I went deep and hard in Sugar and held it there and she ground her hips to mine as he let his 1st big gasp, that made her cum and she continued to cum as she heard him blowing his load. So I slide the full length of my cock out of her slowly, then plunged it deep again, over and over again I slide it out slow as could go then back deep fast and hard once reaching the tip. I can tell her orgasms have already taken a lot out of her but she fucking me with everything she has left. I lean in tight to hear ear and start to whisper. “Did you see him?” “Yes” she replies! I ask her “You think he was hot?” She hesitates. I tell her it’s ok to find a man attractive baby. She says “Yes fuck yes!!!! He was fucking hot!!! I laugh and smile at her as I start pumping her steady now grabbing her hips as I pumping it to her, pulling me into her at times pushing her hips tight to the bed other times but always steadily pumping her. In her ear I ask her if she was single if she’d fucked him. She hesitates again and I tell just be honest. She was honest then “Susan says he is a great fuck with a huge cock”, I stop her with “but would you fuck him?” and she lets out a “Fuck yes, I’d fuck him if I was single” Her back arches and her arms lock up jerking as she cums again. I heard him on speaker laughing and Susan shushing him but Sugar was cumming so hard she didn’t hear them. The thought in my head now was them listening to us so I try give them a good show but Sugar is getting tired already from cumming so hard so quickly together already. So I slow it down to slow gentle strokes and kissing her neck and shoulders as she laid there trying get energy for what she knew was going to be coming eventually. She gets her rest and starts fucking me back again. So I pick up the intensity a bit and let my hands start to roam her body. She trying get me off now I can tell. She working hard fucking me back. I steadily increase the power as I grab her wrist and hold her down until the head board banging loud. When I felt myself getting close I switch to a motion where I go in slow and hesitate a sec as she moves her hips and then out, then in hold for a sec , she does her grind and back out again. I can almost always get her to cum like that and it feels amazing to me. I wanted something that I thought drive us both over the edge for a grand finale. So I asked her if 1st time I slammed her deep as he was grunting if she was picturing him exploding in Susan. She said without hesitation “yeah”. I asked if she enjoyed the thought of watching them fuck and him exploding in her friend and she said “yes, that would be exciting”! I asked her if she would ever fuck infront of them. She told me she didn’t know if she could do that. I kept up the in and hold a sec thing I whispered in her ear “I love you baby!” I started to pound her now and that always excites her when she knows she having that effect on me. She knows I’m ready let go now. She whispers to me for me to let go and give it to her. I ask her “you want it?” “Yes!!!” she says “give it to me!!!” “You want Susan hear me unload inside?” “they still listening baby!!” “I don’t give a fuck give me what’s mine!!!” So I start to pump and not say another word, I suck on her nipple as I fuck away on her. As I get to a point it hurts her just a little she can’t stop it she had to cum and as I feel her arch and see her mouth gasp I start to explode, 1st one big gush as I grab her by the hips and try make it gush as deep inside her as I can, then next pump and pump after that mini explosions, with a couple quick deep ones trying get every drop I can inside her. Her arms and legs dropped flat on the mattress in exhaustion I collapse on her as she calls me a “Fucker” and rolls me off her to hang up the phone. Susan thanks her for the show and laughs , we can hear him laughing too. Sugar says “Thank you! but you were supposed to hang up when you guys were finished you bitch!” Susan told her she loved her and Sugar replied with “I love you too but your still a bitch!” “Bye babe” Susan said “bye” and they hung up. Sugar curled up next to me with her head on my shoulder and chest as we talked about it all. Just talking about it all got me rock hard again and we fucked for round 2 Rocky was back up and ready for action. Next time I will tell you about the next time they fucked with me. I think the both enjoy fucking with my head. I love their surprises though ? ~B This is completely made up we don’t even have a friend named Susan

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