How We Started Pt. 04


PART 4 – How we started sleeping together by Frisky_Fam

I originally wrote this as a series of posts for an anonymous website to get some things out of my head. Some hated my posts, some loved them. For me, I feel better when I post, so I decided to switch to here where I can type as much as I want (rather than being character-limited). I didn’t use names purposefully so for my posts so I kept that the same compiling them here. If I post again, I’ll be sure to create some names for the characters and write more fluidly since I’m not limited to a set number of characters and certain words were “monitored”. I take no credit for any similarities to any real life events.

Parts 1 — 4 are old posts repurposed as submissions, so they aren’t my best writing. Putting a bunch of posts together, I realize some of it gets tedious and repetitive. This is just how I posted it, so I’m letting it go. I don’t expect many (any?) five-star reviews for these first few posts…

The first three parts of this story occurred over nearly eight months. This part occurred the very next day after the last part of my previous story.

I was so distraught when I originally posted this, but I also wanted so badly to post it the minute it was over: This is worse than what I’ve been posting, so be aware it is very dirty. I’m sorry if it offends anyone. I didn’t plan on posting right after yesterday. I debated posting this. And I can’t believe it happened now, today. I’m extremely nervous this will be what my husband finds out about and you’ll understand why. I have a massive headache thinking about it. My husband Derek is coming home in a couple of hours and the kids are in their rooms and I’m freaking out.

My daughter Hannah caught my son Ethan and I having sex in the kitchen just now (a few hours ago). She now knows our secret. I guess I knew it could happen but why all of a sudden today just blows me away. Now my daughter is involved.

It’s warm enough that we’ve been using the pool and I bought a couple of cheeky bikinis this year to tease my son and husband (well my husband doesn’t know I’m teasing my son, but anyhow). Since we were together when I bought them I let Hannah buy some cheeky bikinis, too. Derek is a little upset with me but she’s still allowed to wear them. She wears them pulled up higher than I do, so you do see a lot of butt, but it’s just around home so I argued in her favor. It upsets my husband a little that to put them on she basically has to pull them up then spread her cheeks to get them in her crack.

Just so you know before I go farther, if you are squeamish about family doing these things, don’t read on…

The kids got home before 3 o’clock and decided to hit the pool so I did too. I saw Ethan checking both of us out in the pool. His sister’s bikini was pulled up very high in her butt making it hard not to notice. So I pulled mine up more too. When we played around in the pool he made sure to grab me by the bare butt a few times and feel between my legs. At one point I went into the house and he soon followed. I was at the kitchen sink getting a drink when he came up behind me and started rubbing my rear and pushing his hand between my cheeks.

I sternly said, “Not here!” but in a few minutes he had my bikini bottoms and his trunks down and he was fucking me from behind at the sink. I said we needed to keep an eye on the pool but apparently at some point neither of us did.

Hannah walked in to find us fucking. She shrieked, “Oh my God! Mom? What are you doing?” We stammered to find an answer but my daughter replied, “I know what you are doing. Why are you doing it together?” She was half whining half shouting.

We pulled on our swimsuits and I started explaining. I lied and said “It has only happened a few times.”

I said it was confusing and she replied, “You think so?”

She shouted, “He’s your son!” Then my daughter asked, “Does Dad know?”

I went quiet. She kept screaming at us and asked her brother if he wanted to ruin my marriage. As she was screaming at me more, and without saying anything, my son went to his sister and slapped her hard on her butt.

Hannah screamed, “Oww!”

Ethan said, “Just shut up a minute.” and he pulled her hand to his crotch through his shorts.

She freaked and shouted at him, “WHAT AREYOU DOING?”

He held her hand firmer and helped her stroke it a couple times, telling her to calm down. She stopped almost motionless as he guided her to pump his growing erection. After a while, maybe a minute or so, he calmly asked, “Please turn around?” and brought her to the counter next to the sink.

She was quiet now.

He said, “Just try it.”

I said softly to him, “Are you sure?” but just stood there next to them stunned.

My daughter stood quietly, a little stunned van escort too.

In front of me my son asked my daughter, “Do you want to?”

She paused then nodded and said, “Yes.”

I was still shocked. As my son dropped his trunks I reached over and put a hand on my daughter’s and said, “You don’t have to.”

She grabbed my hand to hold it firmly resting on the counter and said, “It’s okay Mom I want to.”

We both let my son take control. I guess right then I felt like a hypocrite to try to stop it. I mean, here I am fucking her brother whenever I have the chance. I just stood and held her hand.

My son pushed her over slightly so she leaned on the counter as I had been a few minutes earlier. He very gently pulled her bikini bottoms out of her butt and down to her calves. He wet the tip of his erection with his spit, and moved behind her as she looked over her shoulder. He pressed her legs apart and she spread her knees until her bikini bottoms were stretched between her calves.

Ethan asked, “Okay?”

Hannah replied, “Yes, I’m ready.”

With that he held her hip and began penetrating her as she softly moaned. I was mesmerized watching them slowly fuck in front of me. He was so gentle and it was slow motion, he didn’t go fast at all. She didn’t last long before she tightened her grip on my hand and squealed quietly and orgasmed while my son stood still for a minute. My son pumped slowly into her for several more times, a couple of minutes, then pulled out as he got ready to come.

Before I even thought of what he would do, he took his hands from her hips and spread her ass cheeks gently and pushed the tip of his erection into her asshole so his tip went in and he came in her ass. She didn’t flinch at all but her head shot up like she was looking out of the window. I saw he was lubed from fucking her but he didn’t try to penetrate more than that little bit. She shivered and held my hand tight as he came but held still otherwise. When he finished and pulled out, some semen ran out her butt.

My son stood back. My daughter looked over her shoulder at him and his penis and quietly said “Wow.”

I realized I was relieved he pulled out. My son quickly got paper towels then reached behind my daughter to carefully wipe most of his sperm from her butt. Ethan pulled up his trunks then he got down on his knees and started kissing her bare butt saying, “I’m sorry I spanked you.”

Ethan licked her between her cheeks, spreading them apart. I watched him lick her hole for what felt like minutes but was probably seconds. She stared out the kitchen window but didn’t clench or tighten up.

I spoke as a parent for the first time, “None of this gets talked about with anyone. If you get mad with each other, you still can NEVER tell anyone about this. Your Dad can’t find out.”

Hannah nodded in agreement.

I said, “When we’re talking about games or school or grades or friends, we just talk like we always have. We don’t mention this outside the three of us when we are alone, without Dad.”

Ethan finished licking her ass and stood up and Hannah let go of my hand. She could finally pull up her bikini and she pulled it high into her ass crack again, adjusting it back to normal, staring out the window the whole time.

Finally my daughter turned to me then said, “I won’t tell anyone, I promise. I don’t want Dad to know about this.”

I asked, “Are you okay?”

She replied, “Mom, I’m fine. Like, just a little wierded out right now, okay?”

My son looked at my daughter and said, “Thank you.” then turned and went back out to the pool and after a few seconds my daughter quietly followed.

We went back to the pool for half an hour and acted like nothing had happened. We were just quiet. Even now, I’m not certain but that may have been my daughter’s first sexual experience, though she does date fairly regularly. I only hope that this wasn’t her first time. I wish I had not been there to see it. I’m so nervous right now, I’ll wait for my husband to get home then he’ll be happy to fuck me in my bikini. Just a few months ago I was trying to avoid all of this. And my son was so calm and focused. But now we’ve been caught. My daughter now knows that my son and I are involved, but she’s involved too in some way so she’ll hopefully keep it secret. I know we’re playing with fire, but I don’t want to stop. Plus tomorrow we leave for our next college visit.

Writing about it happening, it is sort of like writing in a diary. It makes me feel more relaxed, and this time I need it. I feel good just for having typed it. I don’t feel better, just calmer. I still know it’s not normal, but it feels okay (yes weird, but less alarming) after I type it and read it.

I love my kids more than anything. A few days after my son and daughter van escort bayan having sex, I was able to post this:

I took my son to his latest college tour. After being caught by my daughter on Monday I panicked worried she’d tell her father we had sex with her brother. When my husband got home Monday night I had a plan. I arranged it to bring her along. I pulled her out of school for two days saying she wanted to see the college too.

Yesterday morning (Tuesday) we packed for the trip. The campus tour was at the end of the afternoon. My daughter was nervous that she was going along. I said she might enjoy it. I watched her pack exercise shorts and leggings. She pretty much always wears thongs, good there at least. On the way out of town, we went to the outlets so I could help buy her some outfits. Her brother waited in the car. We bought a super short black suede mini skirt and a little denim dress that zips up the front with no sleeves and a scooped neckline along with some black ankle booties. She looked alarmed by the tight clothes.

Before getting in the car, I started a mother-daughter chat.

I asked, “Are you okay about yesterday?”

My daughter acted exhausted, “Mom I’m fine. Like I was surprised big time.”

I had to ask, “Did it feel good?”

Hannah was honest, “It felt great but weird it was my brother. I wasn’t planning to do it yet.”

“Why wait?” I asked, then,”So do you want to do it again?”

She slowed, paused, said slowly, “Ummm, yeah, okay.”

We did ‘Are you sure’, ‘Yes, I’m sure’ a few times, and she said she was in.

I sat up front with my son driving and reclined my seat to talk to my daughter. After a few miles, I pulled my son’s hand on my bare leg and pushed it under my t-shirt dress.

My daughter and I were talking and she noticed and said, “Oh my God, do you do it everywhere?”

My son laughed and pushed aside my thong and he slowly played with my clit then ran his finger down into me. My daughter watched her brother’s hand in me until I orgasmed.

After, I said, “Next stop, you sit up front.”

We changed seats at the next stop. My son started with his hand on her leg. My daughter was stiff and sat rigid in her seat but he said “relax” and she loosened up just enough. He began petting her through her shorts and she pushed her crotch forward. He had her pull her shorts and thong down to the floor and at first she put her hands in her lap until my son pushed them aside. She gasped loudly when he first touched her bare pussy. For the next 50 miles my son fingered my daughter to four little orgasms. The trucks we passed probably got a view.

I asked my son if he planned a threesome. He said no and I was relieved. I said to the kids that we would see who our tour guide was and if we could get him (if it was a him) interested in dinner and explained to my daughter we’d try to have sex with him.

She reacted and said, “Wow, really? That’s crazy!”

The tour guide ended up being a boy named Tony. He checked me out but eyed my daughter in her running shorts and baggy sweatshirt constantly. My son invited Tony to dinner.

He hesitated so I added, “We’d love if we could talk more.”

He agreed but had class until 8pm. We planned to meet at the restaurant after. It worked again to pick up the tour guide!

I booked a nice restaurant. My husband and I went there on a romantic weekend. I had on the hot blue flowered dress my son and I bought and Hannah wore a black turtleneck and the suede skirt. Ethan loved we couldn’t sit in the taxi without exposing our thongs. Neither of us could walk far without butt cheeks hanging out, we were always pulling our hems down. Hannah was uncomfortable and being shy. Tony smiled when he saw us.

He said “Wow, you both look great!” then acted embarrassed.

We sat my son and me on one side and my daughter and Tony on the other. I saw Tony sneak glances at my daughter’s exposed lap. He was single. He loved staring at my daughter’s legs and lap. By the end of dinner it was easy to get him to come back to our room.

We took a taxi to the hotel. I asked my daughter to sit on Tony’s lap to make space which he easily agreed to. At the hotel she and I walked ahead of the boys and she quietly told me Tony had an erection poking her in the butt in the car.

In the room we sat two on each double bed, my son and I on one, them on the other. We drank but it pretty was quiet. After a few minutes I made a move and started rubbing my son’s thigh. I sat closest to Tony so he could see “up” my dress and still see my daughter’s exposed lap. As we talked, my son put his hand on my upper thigh right at my hem, which didn’t cover my crotch at all. He ran his hand up my thigh and began rubbing me through my thong. Tony was wide-eyed but acted escort van calm.

I turned around to kiss my son softly then turned to Tony, “Can you keep a secret?” I asked. Tony just nodded.

Ethan and I started kissing while he fingered my pussy through my thong. Tony and Hannah watched us until Tony made a move on her. They were both stiff, but soon started kissing. Tony put his hand between her legs and she spread her legs enough to give him access. Tony was soon inside my daughter’s thong fingering her. She seemed to loosen up a little bit. My son helped me out of my dress and I helped strip him. We got on the bed me on top of him and I said I wanted a long slow fuck. I wanted to watch my daughter.

She held Tony’s crotch while he continued to finger her, then he undid his pants and soon had his penis out for her. He started to rush. Tony pushed her back on the bed then pushed her turtleneck and bra up over her breasts so he could first squeeze then suck both breasts, still fingering her. His shirt still on, my daughter began jerking him off gently until he finally rolled over on top of her, pulled her thong aside and lined his erection up to her pussy. He asked if she had a condom…which we completely forgot about.

No condom he quickly said “I’ll pull out”, he pushed up on his hands over top of her and began to press into her pussy.

She moaned softly while he began to work in and out of her lubing her up even more and going a little deeper each time. My son craned his neck upside down while I slow fucked him to watch his sister get taken.

Hannah made soft little grunts and Tony pumped her in rhythm and then started pounding her harder and faster. She bent her knees a little which allowed him more motion.

Tony said, “Here it comes!” and started tensing and clenched his ass as he exploded in Hannah’s pussy.

She hissed out “Oh No! Not in me!” as if whispering to stay quiet.

He quickly pulled out and shot the rest on her belly. When they finished, my son and I fucked. I played with my clit as my daughter watched until first I orgasmed then my son pumped a hot load into me. I could tell by how he came that watching his sister turned him on, too.

We laid the four of us talking while I played with my son’s penis. He got semi-hard, but was distracted as his sister copied me and rubbed Tony back to life. He got hard faster. In the middle of talking, I got off our bed and got on top of Tony on theirs. My daughter laying beside us, I fucked Tony until we came. Tony didn’t say much as we fucked, but at the end he realized he had just fucked a mother and daughter. He was still in awe when we said goodnight and he left. My daughter finally got undressed and we sat on the bed naked and talked.

I asked Hannah, “Did he go inside you?”

She replied “Yes, two squirts.”

I tried to be calm and didn’t say any more so she wouldn’t panic. After this I’m researching birth control. I had her wash up before bed.

Just before bed, my son spooned my daughter and I laid facing her. They fucked, him coming into her from behind while she and I kissed little pecks. When he was ready they did as before and my son worked his penis into her ass to shoot his load.

As he pushed in she winced “wait, that’s good.”

He either pulled out a little or stayed still, then he let loose and groaned while she kissed me deeper. Ethan and I slept together and Hannah went on the other bed just so that he didn’t try to fuck her at night without protection.

Today (Wednesday) we got onto a bed and tried a threesome. I suggested Hannah sit at the head of the bed and I ate her pussy while Ethan got behind me and fucked me. Tasting my daughter’s pussy was exciting and new. She got very excited from me eating her, too, so I felt good I could make her go so intensely. I prefer guys, though.

Hannah and I coordinated outfits, her new tight denim mini dress, me in a little denim mini dress buttoned down the front. I wore a white thong and bra and my daughter put on a little red g string and bra. The top of her bra cups and the straps hung out so I thought she looked pretty hot. Mine stuck out too so hopefully I looked just as cute. Ethan dressed like a typical guy in shorts and t-shirt with boxers. We got quite the looks from the guys and most of the girls in the Starbucks on the way out of town. Driving home we each took a turn in the front seat again pulling our dresses up and getting fingered by my son. We got home and Hannah quickly changed clothes before her father saw her. She was exhausted. Since Monday she’s been through a lot and came out of her shell a little.

This evening Derek asked Hannah how the trip went.

She said, “Good!”

He asked if they liked the college campus and both said it was a great trip and neat school. I was so relieved. I also feel better now that my daughter’s part of the secret.

So this is where things stand today. As I go to post anything new, I promise I’ll try to be a better writer. Hopefully, if you made it through what I wrote, you appreciate how things evolved.

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