Hunted: The Minister’s Daughter.


The doorbell rang.

We laid there cuddling, after spending the early Sunday afternoon playing. We had both felt frisky, which developed to a session in the Bedroom, with Angela being tied to the bed, teased and tormented. She had cum several times, before Mark, finally allowed himself to cum deep inside her.

But that was some 20 minutes ago. Angela’s feet were still restrained, when the doorbell rang again, followed by the sound of a distraught girl coming through the letterbox.

“That’s Shona ” stated Angela, as she started to move, having to unfasten her restraints. I shot up and immediately went to open the front door, picking up my robe and putting it on.

As I opened the door, Shona looked terrible, her face was all red, and she had tears running down her cheeks. As I closed the door, she flew herself into me, hugging me for comfort. Angela soon joined us…

“Calm down, Shona”…

Angela and I spent the next 10/15 minutes trying to work out what had caused Shona to be so upset. Shona is a quiet 18 years old, and starts University studies in September. She is petite for her age standing just over 5 feet, and has a slim petite figure, and whilst not ugly, she is neither pretty, though she has a certain cuteness, in my eyes. She has long curly dirty blonde hair, and wears glasses that hide a lovely pair of deep blue eyes. Her younger sister has a fuller figure than Shona. I suppose it was a result of this that her experience with boys was very limited, together being conscientious with her studies and Church matters. She was wearing, a thick jumper and a shortish skirt on this day,

Finally, Between Angela and myself, we had calmed Shona down to find out what had happened. It transpired that she had started to see a boy from the sixth form, who, Angela had met briefly. He appeared to be a nice enough lad. Shona had met her boyfriend that morning after Church service, and ended up at his house. Well one thing led to another, and they had ended up kissing on the Sofa, when his hands started to wonder. This was a new experience for her, she had never really French kissed a boy before, yet alone anything else.

She felt unease as the situation developed, and asked him to stop. He reluctantly agreed, but would not let the subject go, calling her frigid etc…She finally left in tears and came round to us, she felt she would be unable to face her mother or father (who is a minister).

As she calmed down, we fed her mugs of tea and biscuits, before Angela had to get ready to meet some friends in the late afternoon/early evening. I was still in my dressing gown as was Angela until she got ready to go out. As we chatted with Shona, she explained that whilst she enjoyed kissing him, she was still at unease, as much as with herself as well as him. She went on to say that she didn’t feel right going further with him, at least not at this time at least. Both Angela and I said she had done the right thing, if she doesn’t feel right, then not to do it. But this caused another set of tears, as he was her first boyfriend and she was over 18. Some of her friends had several boyfriends, and one or two had even done it!

“Done what?” I asked, as Angela had left the conversation to prepare her self for her night out.

“Well you know, had sex” was the reply.

“Well, its not a race my sweet, you will meet somebody, whom you will trust, and well it will happen. In my case, I was 17, and well it happened, there was no stopping and asking, it just happened, as if it was meant to be. Looking back, She seduced me just as much as I seduced her”

Angela left, but Shona stayed her, much relieved by what both Angela and I had said, and did, hugging her etc. She called her parents, letting them know where she was, before we ended up watching the Toy Story DVD on my Home Cinema setup.

As we watched, she snuggled up to me, hugging me whilst enjoying the Escort bayan film, she was laughing and smiling. I didn’t really notice, but by the end of the film, Shona was resting her head on my chest, and an arm on my thigh. Nor wonder I was slightly aroused.

At the end of the film she was notably more relaxed and smiling, her face having returned t o a normal pink colour. It was now early evening and I was feeling hungry. I offered Shona some toast. She accepted and we ended chatting in the kitchen, whilst we munched on our toast and drank our tea.

“Am I Pretty” she asked, out of the blue. “Do you find me attractive?

The question caught me unawares and I was immediately on my guard.

“Well to be truthful, you’re not the most prettiest young girl I have seen, but neither are you the ugliest.” I started to answer; “Besides, you do have a certain charm, perhaps its your smile? Something, which makes you attractive, as a person to us men.” I replied erring on caution, either not wanting to hurt her feelings, or let my real feelings escape.

Suddenly, she worked across the small kitchen, and gave me another hug, squeezing gently, before relaxing, but not moving.

“So you do find me attractive then? Do you fancy me?”

I was unsure how to reply. I had a young lady, hugging me, she was the daughter of Angela’s minister, a friend, and I was already involved.

“Well, as a person, your looks, your intelligence, personality, over all you have the potential to break a man’s heart” I replied.

There was a hesitation, an awkward silence, I had dodged the real answer but, I was still unsure what was happening. I offered her more tea. She declined, but freed me so I could pour my own, but immediately she was hugging me again, not tightly but nor was she prepared to let me go.

As she stood close to me, I could feel her warmth against me, her softness, and her insecurity. We stood there for several minutes, neither of us moving, well apart from Shona, as her hands hugged me, inside of my robe.

I looked down at her, and stroked her hair. She looked up at me, and smiled

“I feel safe with you” she stated.

To this day, I am not quite sure what happened next. I remember asking her something, and then we were kissing, or was she kissing me. Those few seconds are still vague in my memory, but she was kissing me. Her style was cumbersome, all lips, very little tongue…

The next thing I remember was returning her kiss, my hands moving down to her waist as I started to probe her soft mouth with my tongue, seeking out her tongue. My lips found it, as I started to suck on her tongue softly, lightly. She moaned into my mouth…

I withdrew feeling uneasy about the whole situation, but very much aroused.

“What’s the matter, Don’t you fancy me” she asked.

“It’s not a matter of whether I fancy you. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have allowed us to kiss like that.” I replied. But rather a case of what is right, what is wrong. You are a sweet girl, and yes I find you sexily intriguing but your young, I’m living with Angela, too many other factors.”

This time, she did kiss me, deep. This time, she as I melted into her kiss, her tongue probed my mouth, tasting me, exploring my mouth, as I had explored her mouth with my tongue. We both moaned, it was good, her hands started to feel me, caress me under my robe.

I felt bad for allowing this situation to happen, to develop as it had. But here a young girl, who was kissing me deeply, wanted me. She was learning fast, but she was soft, sensuous, even though her inexperience came through. I continued to kiss her though, sucking on her tongue, exploring her mouth, and tasting her. The kiss was long, and passionate, the sort of kiss when two good friends suddenly realise that there friendship holds something more.

WE stopped. As she withdrew, she was panting slightly, Bayan Escort her sweet face was flushed. My robe had opened, and the bulge beneath my pants was noticeable.

“Did I cause that?” she asked, giggling.

I replied with a simple smile, completely smitten by Shona and her desires.

“Its getting late, shouldn’t you be going?

“Its not 8pm yet, and I don’t need to be home until 11pm” she replied.

“Well, I think you should leave, or we both may regret what may happen”

She finally let go and with drew. Deep inside I was a tormented man, one side of me wanted to be a good friend and control myself. But the other side of me, was thinking well she will do it soon, it might as well be some one who will care then a young sod, who’s after a notch for his bed frame.

She faced me at the entrance to the kitchen, and smiled. She released her hair, which up to this point had been tied up in a ponytail. She also removed her glasses. I was amazed, her face was so much prettier I suppose, the lines of her cheeks being visible now, the softness of her delicate skin. She smiled at before, before turning left, and walked deeper into the flat. I followed her, and found her in the entrance to our bedroom.

I walked up to her, and gave her a hug, a real close hug. She hugged me back. I placed my hand under her chin, and raised her head. This time I kissed her slowly, licking her lips with my tongue, running along her lips, feeling the softness. She returned my kiss, keen, eager, hungrily. Slowly I parted her lips with my tongue, kissing her in a way I, up to now hadn’t done so. I was going to seduce this young lady, make love to her, and show her how good sex could be.

As I guessed her, my hands started to explore her body, running them up and down her back, down onto her thighs, feeling her soft skin. She eagerly returned my kiss, but she also changed. This time she was rubbing her body in close to mine, I could feel my hardness increase.

Nothing was said, there was nothing to say. I started to raise her jumper, she smiled and held her arms up, allowing me to easily remove her jumper. She wore a vest underneath, which was soon lifted, over her head, revealing her small breasts. Mean while she had started to unfasten her skirt, allowing it to slide onto the floor. She just stood there naked apart from a thong, completely out of place. I later learned that he had bought it her for a present. Her small hands took my robe, and pushed it of my shoulders, before her tender fingers, pulled my pants own, over my firm toned thighs onto the floor, letting my manhood stand erect.

She giggled, has she raised her hand to it. She ran her fingers along the shaft, gently touching.

“I’ve never seen one before.”

I took it with my hand, and slowly started to masturbate, pulling my foreskin all the way back, and then forward, with slow purposeful strokes. After several strokes, I placed her small hand on my cock, covering it with my right hand, and continued to stroke myself, feeling her small fingers under mine. She bought up her other hand, and placed it on my cock. I removed my hands, has she took over from me, pulling back my foreskin, back and forth. Hardly a word was spoken, her gaze was focused on my manhood.

I turned around and sat on the scrupled bed, the ties and toys from my session with Angela were still visible. Taking her hands, I pulled her to me, allowing my lips to kiss her young body, her skin was smooth and soft. Her Breasts were hardly developed, barely an A cup, puffy rather than developed. Her nipples, were however erect and aroused, the skin surrounding them a bright red colour. Slowly I kissed one, and then the other, flicking my tongue over her nipple, licking, nibbling kissing. My hands were slowly caressing her back, her but, her thighs, lightly running my fingers all over her. She moaned loudly as I gently Escort bit a nipple. Her hands were running though my short hair, pulling my head to her breasts.

Finally my fingers found her mound, she gasped as I did so.

“Are you alright?” I asked, out of concern.

“Its alright, no body else has touched me there.” Was the reply.

My fingers stroked her mound, running through her minimal vaginal hairs. I let my hands caress her pussy lips; they were soft and damp. She let out a moan, a deep moan. Moving my hands to her hips, I moved her round onto the bed, gently pushing her onto the side and back, whilst moving to a kneeling position, her mound inches from my face. Her hands reached down to my head, and as I started to kiss her inner thighs, she pulled me in close. I kissed her thighs, licked them, letting my fingers stroke her lips.

I looked up at her body, so small, so petite, her virginal pussy inches from my face. She never spoke a word, just moaned and groaned, as I kissed her thighs. Slowly, I moved close, licking along her lips, she shuddered and groaned with my touch. I could smell and taste her, as my tongue slowly licked her lips, ensuring that I did not penetrate, probe into her as I ran them up and down her lips, from the tip to her anus. I repeated this slowly, each time she moaned loudly with pleasure.

Gently, I held her lips open, as I started to probe gently, licking, exploring with my tongue. Her clit, though small was soon visible under the folds, as lightly licked it, each time she moaned, or sighed, her body trembling with each touch. Slowly I increased the pace… licking her clit. I took a finger, slowly started to slide it in, gently. She gasped loudly, as I felt her muscles grip it. Slowly, I explored her pussy. She was tight and bleeding slightly. Gently I twisted the finger, slowly pulling it out before sliding it back in. I took my time. She moaned, gasped, her body moving, her hands griping the duvet, her sweet eyes closed. My tongue continued on her clit, flicking, nibbling kissing.

Her breathing increased, panting, lightly, before she let out a large moan followed by a muffled scream. Her body trembled, as I suspect she experienced her first orgasm, her nipples were tall and erect, and her breasts were still a much deeper pink. Her body trembled as I continued to slide my finger in and out, whilst teasing her clit with my tongue. My other hand moved up, to her breasts, stroking them, before I took a nipple between my thumb and forefinger, squeezing it tightly and pulling it. She let out a yelp, from pain and surprise, but she did not ask me to stop. Very soon afterwards, her body was gripped by another orgasm, slightly more intense than the first. As she moaned and groaned, her body trembling, I eased of, allowing her to settle down.

Slowly, her body calmed down, and I stopped. She looked lovely, laying on the bed, exposed to me, a contented smile on her face. She was pretty. I was rock hard, and I needed to cum, but somehow I sensed it would be wrong to take her virginity, or at least now.

I stood up, and started to stroke myself. Sensing my movement, she opened her yes, and stared at me, still speechless. Slowly I started to stroke my self in front of her, slowly, pulling back my foreskin all the way, before returning it, before starting again. Her eyes watched my every move, as I slowly masturbated in front of her. Despite having cum twice already, I could feel my orgasm approach.

I gradually picked up speed, moaning, and, as my orgasm approached, gasping loudly, shouting out Shona’s and Angela’s names, my eyes were half closed. I soon came, aiming my jets onto her nimble body, my first jet landing on her face, then her chest, body. Using her finger, she placed some of my cum, on the end of her finger, and brought it to her mouth, tasting it. I laid down on the bed, pulling her close, hugging her tightly, feeling my cum on her.

She returned my hug, smiling, whispering thank you…

Eventually, I suggested a shower as I left her in peace, with her own thoughts, whilst I wondered about what I had done, and what would happen in the future…

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