I Can’t Stop


Raul and I had been sending flirtatious emails for weeks when I decided to up the ante and show up in front of him in real honest-to-goodness three-dimensional life. Not sure how this could pan out, I dressed as best I could for the occasion: curve hugging skirt, a sheer blouse over a bra-less cami, and black heels. I was fairly certain my clothing passed muster as a few male coworkers paused for an extra beat that day to check me out.

I knew he’d be in his room late because he was killing time before a sporting event that evening, but I waited until the rest of the elective hall had cleared out and the custodians had made their way into the other wings of the school. I didn’t want to be interrupted.

Gathering my nerve I grabbed my ID and buzzed myself in at one of the doors that allowed me to bypass the gates to his hallway. I didn’t want to ask a custodian to escort me. I didn’t need anyone knowing I was there.

Sauntering casually to keep my heels from clicking loudly on the waxed tiles I opened his classroom door and found him behind his desk, as usual, ostensibly surfing the internet.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Gonzalez,” I said, keeping my voice low.

A smile crept across his face as he looked up and responded in his soft Spanish accent, “Hello, señorita. It is always a pleasure to see you.”

I glanced around the room. Though I knew this wing was empty, I didn’t like that his desk was visible from both doors, so I wandered over to one of the armchairs in the opposite corner of the room.

“Why are you way over there?” he asked.

“These chairs are more comfortable than student desks,” Escort bayan I replied.

“That is certainly true,” he said, rising from his desk and crossing the room to sit in the other armchair next to mine. The chairs were angled slightly toward each other so our legs nearly touched.

As we made the usual smalltalk sprinkled here and there with racy suggestions, I pulled my legs up onto the chair beside me, the slit on the side of my skirt revealing a little extra leg. His glance told me he noticed, so I shifted my weight a little more and recrossed my legs, giving him a quick glimpse of the tiny strip of fabric that passed for panties.

He stopped midsentence and I wondered if he forgot what he was saying.

“You did that on purpose,” he accused, his tone soft and quiet.

“Did what?” I asked.

“I know you’re messing with me,” he said. “You came in here looking all hot, and now you’re toying with me. Don’t pretend you don’t know what effect your having.” He glanced meaningfully down at his crotch, which I couldn’t see because of how his leg was situated.

Busted, I thought.

He got up and walked over to the counter, turned on a lamp, and turned off the overhead light.

As he crossed behind the desks he adjusted himself and I could see the hard outline of his penis through his dresspants and my mouth went dry. My eyes flashed to his and I realized he was watching me. He knew what I saw and he was gauging my reaction.

As he came back to his seat, he crossed right in front of my chair.

Without thinking I reached out and grabbed the side pocket of his slacks Bayan Escort stopping him in front of me. It didn’t escape my notice that his crotch was eye level. As I held onto his pocket our eyes met and he knew exactly what I wanted. He bent and placed his hands on the arms of the chair, boxing me in with his face inches from my own.

“What are you doing?” he whispered. “Is there something you want?” He looked at my lips and I thought he was going to kiss me, but instead he stood back up. “Come here,” he commanded and took my hands, pulling me out of the chair and walked me around it so we stood in the corner of his room by the counter.

“I like this spot better,” he whispered. “It’s more versatile.”

He moved toward me and I automatically stepped backward and ran into the countertop. He stopped a fraction of an inch away from me and stood with his hands in his pockets. He was close enough for me to feel the heat radiating from his body.

He lifted my chin with a finger. “I think you are playing games with me,” he said, holding my gaze. “I think there’s something you want, but you are afraid to ask, so you tease me.”

“I…” I started to reply.

“Shh,” he said, putting a finger to my lips.

“Let’s not talk.”

He closed the gap between us and ran his hands down my sides. My breasts pressed against his chest and the countertop behind me dug into my back. Fireworks were exploding in my brain as I inhaled his scent and gave in to my own instincts.

My hands were everywhere. He was right. I wanted him desperately and my body responded instantly to his touch. His hands Escort were everywhere too. He pulled my skirt up and yanked my panties down to my calves, and his fingers returned immediately to explore the treasures between my legs, finding me already soaked and ready.

He hoisted me onto the countertop and pulled my blouse over my head. His hands slid under the cami, kneeding my breasts and rubbing my excited nipples.

He unzipped his own pants and pulled out his thick erect cock and wrapped my hand around it. “This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” he asked.

I stroked his penis and he pulled my body against his. Our genitals crushed together as he pushed against me, and the heat felt intense enough to burn skin.

“Are you sure…” I started to ask, mumbling near his ear.

“I can’t stop,” he said. “I need this now,” and he pushed inside me.

I cried out my pleasure as he filled me, and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

He crushed his lips to mine, silencing me, and pumped against me, his tongue invading my mouth and his cock drilled out my soaked pussy. With each thrust he lifted me from the counter, my body glued to his, and my breasts bounced under his chin. When he grunted his pleasure I felt his cock thicken and pulse in me as he shot his load, and his whole body froze until his orgasm had passed.

Gently he set me back on the counter and withdrew his shiny, soaked penis from me.

He tucked himself back into his pants and straightened some of my clothing for me.

He wrapped me in his arms, his mouth nuzzled against my neck, and he whispered, “Are you okay? I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

My lips found his and we kissed.

“I know, you said…” he paused looking for words, “You liked a man to be aggressive, but I…”

“You were amazing, Raul,” I breathed, and we folded ourselves into each others’ embrace.

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