I Do What I Am Told


I Do What I Am Told6:12 am. I’ve just waken up this morning and there is already a cock dangling in front of my face.The early morning sun only sends in a few dim rays of light through the broken slats of the cheap plastic window blinds. That is the only indication that a new day has begun. The rest of the room is filled with the darkness and cold air of the night prior.My eyes are still puffy, my hair still frayed as my face hangs off the side of the bed from a long night of broken sle.ep. I’ve yet to fully wake as I partially dangle off the mattress. That is no excuse as the man continues to stand by the bedside next to me, his still-flaccid dick hovering just over my cheek.I do what I’m told. I open my mouth and let him in, his soft cock twitching at the first penetration of my warm mouth. The man takes control at first, sensing that I have not yet recovered from my slumber. He pushes his waist back and forth as the side of my head remains laying flat on the mismatching pillow and sheets. It’s not long until he’s fully erect as it now stretches the inside of my cheek as he thrusts it in and out between my lips.My morning grace period is over as I’m supposed to reciprocate the man’s offering. I begin to bob my head, my mouth moving back and forth along the length of his shaft just as hips move to and fro. I suck him. I suck him the way he likes it with a firm clasp of my lips and a writhing tongue along the underside of his veiny shaft. He is so big, too big. I can still barely take half of his fat monster cock into my mouth. But that doesn’t stop him from pushing it as far down my throat as he can.I struggle at times with a few choking coughs and impeded gag reflexes. The right side of my face is damp as the sheet under my lying head soaks up the running saliva from my overwhelmed mouth. The bitter, sweaty taste of his flesh fills my every taste bud. I can’t complain. I don’t complain. Instead, I keep sucking until he is ready.Soon enough, I can feel the consecutive pulses to the back of my throat as his fulfilled cock rips stream after stream of warm salty spunk in my mouth. Its taste is repulsive. Its texture is slimy. But it’s a regular part of my daily breakfasts that I’m supposed to swallow. Every last drop.After a few deep exhales, the satisfied man leaves the bedroom and heads downstairs. That means it’s time to start my own day. I finally rip the sheets over my still laying body, feeling the sting of the frigid morning air on my bare skin. I’m still nude below the waist as I sit up, and cautiously tap my bare toes on the icy floor. I finally decide to begin the day, rising to my feet and leaving the bedroom.My weakened knees clumsily bang into each other as I limp downstairs, sore from the rough and raw fucking I received just last night. I follow the man into the kitchen, still wearing just the lone ragged t-shirt whose hemline falls just above my belly button, leaving everything below exposed to all. I still don’t wear pants. I’m not allowed to wear pants. Not yet at least. The man may want sex in the morning before he leaves.He strolls across the kitchen, going from the coffee station to the toaster and back to the fridge, going about his morning while treating me with a mild neglect. He’s already dressed and ready for work as I wait by the kitchen counter for his next response. I receive none this morning as he jettisons out the back door, and heads off for the day. Finally. That allows me to get myself ready as I finally clean up, get dressed, eat breakfast and head to school.In class, I can barely sit still. My legs fidget as if I still have a huge penis wedged in between them. Lunch from the cafeteria still tastes like salty sperm regardless of how much dressing or condiments I lather on it. I don’t talk to the other students. I imagine that they are all staring at me, whispering amongst themselves about my duties at home. I picture them pointing behind my back as if to discuss my secret. Soon, my youthful paranoia creates lucid daydreams where the class surrounds me, watching me as I suck, fuck and swallow. My blo0d pulses through my veins, uncertain as to whether it is anxiety or excitement.I come back home first in the early afternoon. I only have a few hours to myself to finish my work before I have to get ready for the man to arrive. Fifteen minutes before his entrance, I take off panties. I keep on my plaid skirt, hiked just above my knees, as well as my blouse and knee high socks. I believe he will find this attire pleasing as long as he has access between my legs upon his arrival. Five minutes before his arrival, I sit on his favorite brown reclining chair by the front door in the living room to wait for him. I lift my legs until my feet dangle high off the floor, resting the back of each knee on the arm rests of the chair to sit spread-eagle for the man. I slide my buttcheeks down along the cushion until my open slit props just off the seat which should allow him to slide in.I can hear türbanlı diyarbakır escort his keys jingle. I can hear the doorknob rattle. I yank up my skirt until it rests upside down on my torso, flashing every inch of bare skin between my waist and my knees as I remain seated with thighs spread wide apart for the man arriving home.He enters, and stares at me. There is no approval [or disapproval] on his face as this is merely routine for him. I do what I’m told. I simply do what is expected of me. He approaches while simultaneously undoing his belt buckle and zipper. By the time he is standing between my ankles, his pants are down, exposing an already huge hard dick.With my legs conveniently stretched by the armrests of his favorite chair as they should be, the man simply leans over and lowers himself enough where the bulging head of his cock is at my entrance. There is no warm up. There is no foreplay. There is no tenderness. The man has been home for a meager 15 seconds before he shoves his massive cock into my cunt and starts thrusting rapidly, the slapping sound of his waist violently pounding between my legs echos across the living room. He shows no emotion other than a few face tweaks and random grunts.I restrain myself from spasming from overwhelming stimulation. It hurts. It hurts so good. His fucking is hard and never-ending. His cock seemingly grows harder and bigger inside me. He rests my ankles on his shoulders so that he can pile drive even more feverishly directly into my pussy. On and on he pounds in between my legs until I feel my labia beginning to swell. If I feel like he’s about to tear me in half now, the man is sure to raise the stakes.With two powerful hands, he grabs me by the underside of my thighs so tightly that he leaves red marks that glow on my pale skin. From missionary position, he flips me over assertively until I am now bent over his chair, my elbows and chest resting on the cushion with my knees firmly planted on the hardwood floor in doggy style. The man lifts the hem of my skirt once more, dr****g it over my lower back to give him clear access to my backside. He gets on his knees himself, positioning himself behind me. I don’t look, but I know what he’s going to do.I feel the brown wrinkles of my tight asshole stretch apart as the bulky head of his cock pushes at the very entrance of my anus. I don’t like this. I never did. It’s just the tip, but it’s already uncomfortable. Just as quickly as he stabbed it into my cunt, he shoves as much of his monster cock into my anus. He still can’t fit much at first, but that doesn’t stop him from trying.My whole body grows rigid and tense, my tiny hole desperately clenching despite it being stretched my a cock that can barely fit. He starts fucking. He starts fucking hard and recklessly again. The room is now filled with a higher-pitched rhythmic echo of his ballsac repeatedly striking my slit as his fat cock relentlessly rams in and out of my asshole above it. He fucks even harder. My bare asscheeks grow crimson from the repeated slamming from his hips. The man runs his fingers under the waistband of my plaid skirt, using it as a tether to pull my lower body firmly back into his crotch.I didn’t know it, but I was screaming at the top of my lungs. I have to bury my face into the seat of his chair to muffle the sounds. He doesn’t want me to. He wants to hear it like music to his ears. With his left hand, he firmly grabs a clump of my hair and yanks it back assertively. The man’s firm clasp on my hair like a dog leash f0rces my head up and my lower back to arch, my face now pointed to the ceiling as I shriek like a banshee from the anal reaming.It pleases him. I know, because amongst the agony, I could feel the hot messy explosion that fills my rectum. Despite spewing load after load of semen, his orgasm doesn’t stop him. The man continues pounding my asshole while filling it with sticky white cream which, in turn, coats the sides of his penetrating cock as it pumps in and out of my rear end. Like an impromptu lubricant, I could feel his jizz being pushed and pulled along the inner walls of my poopchute by his sliding cock. You could even hear the wet squishy sounds it makes, like ringing a sponge repeatedly, as his cock continues to fuck my sticky and sloppy brown hole.He finally pulls out, but remains firm with me. He grabs me by my waist, and turns me over once more until I am seated on the floor. He rises to his feet, standing before me with his still hard but messy cock dripping cum onto my lap. I have to suck his dick. It doesn’t matter where it had just been. I have to clean his dick, making sure that every drop of my anal creampie goes from his schlong to the inside of my belly.I do. I take it in my mouth and begin sucking intensely, making exaggerated slurping sounds to let him know that I was cleaning it well. It went from white and creamy to spit shiny with a healthy türbanlı diyarbakır escort bayan coat of my saliva glazed over his flesh, shimmering from the ambient light from outside. With every descent of my mouth onto his shaft, I create a powerful vacuuming action that draws everything into the back of my throat. In seconds, the last bit of oozing cum from the slit of his cock’s head is all that is left to clean. With a pointed tongue, I flick up and down, making sure to get into the groove to clean up that last bit of semen the man had left.It takes the man a few minutes to recuperate before he leaves the scene in the living room and enters the kitchen, where he takes a seat to have the dinner that I prepared for him earlier. I’m still licking the strings of cum and saliva webbed between my fingers as he enjoys a nice pot roast with potatoes and carrots. This concludes my Tuesday evening.The next morning yields a similar routine. I give the man his daily morning blowjob. He once again elects to pass morning sex, and leaves for work whereas I go back to school. When I arrive home, I prepare dinner and do all my chores as I am told. Fifteen minutes before his arrival, I remove all of my clothes altogether with exception of my magenta headband and yellow ankle socks, choosing to greet him completely naked this time around. Five minutes before his arrival, I sit in his chair and spread my legs wide for him once more.However, 10 minutes pass. Then 15. Then 20 minutes. He is 25 minutes late when I finally hear his footsteps on the front porch. However, the sound of his footsteps is parroted after him as I soon hear the repeated sound of maybe two or three others following behind the man.The door opens and the man enters, staring at me with eager eyes, far more expressive than he usually is. He leaves the door open behind him as two large but strange men enter the living room, looking at me with similar expressions. A third and final stranger comes up in the rear, jostling for position amongst the other men to catch the sight of me naked before them.None of them say a word. Just a few smirks and giggles which tell me everything I need to know. The man is going to share me tonight. I am going to fuck four men, three of which I have never met. I have no choice in the matter. I do what I’m told.The four men approach until I am now surrounded in every which way on the chair. They look down at me as I remain seated on the chair, naked and afraid. I feel so diminutive around them, probably a good 14″ shorter than any of them when standing and maybe a hundred pounds lighter.The man gets down on one knee to grab me firmly by my ankles, just above my colorful socks, pulling me down until I am kneeling on the floor with him. The man’s friends converge until their waists are at optimal positions They are impatient as they hurry to undo their belts and pants buttons or zippers.One two thee four cocks are now presented to me, each cantilevering every which way. I jerk one man. I jerk two at the same time. I jerk them all. With strangers cocks in each hand to my left and right, the man is the first to penetrate my mouth, jamming his shaft to the back of my throat until my eyes begin to water. He palms the back of my head as if it were a basketball, pulling my skull further toward him until I can feel the wrinkles of his nutsac press against my lower lip and chin. The man wants to show off to his friends what I can do.I am now instructed to suck the stranger to my left. And then the right. I then have to turn around to suck the stranger behind me. He is a bit more eager than the others, restraining my head so that he can facefuck me zealously on his own. Still on my knees, resting on the hardwood floor, he chokes me with cock until my own saliva trickles down my chin, down my bare chest and stomach and puddles on my lap.With a cock lodged deep in my throat, the man bends over to grab me by the waist. My face is still locked in a deepthroat when the man raises my lower half back up until I am down bent over like a dinner table, face buried in one guys crotch with my ass propped up behind me. As expected, the man is the first to penetrate my cunt as I continue sucking off the other stranger up front. The two remaining participants remain to my left and right, running their greedy hands all over my chest and body. I reward them by taking their cocks in each hand to stroke them as I get fucked in my face and pussy.I have no where to go. The momentum of being fucked from behind pushes my throat onto the cock in front. I give handjobs to the men to my sides. Their humping cadences do not match as I am thrown in every possible way with no rhythm for me to adjust.The man takes a break behind me, allowing one of his friends to take his place. He is just as f0rceful as the man, instantaneously jamming his hard dick into my womb with little salutation. His friend does the türbanlı escort diyarbakır same. As does his friend’s friend as they take turns with my cunt like an assembly line. The stranger I was sucking begins to lose it, pulling out from my mouth to aim every blast of cum directly on my face. Soon, my face is coated with 9 shots of thick semen. I feel so filthy as I feel the gelatinous puddles across the bridge of my nose and lips ooze and jiggle from the inertia of still being fucked from behind.The stranger who had just orgasmed stops to casually take out his cellphone, snapping several pictures of my sullied face before turning on his video camera option to watch as the other men have their turns with me.By the fifth or sixth romp cycle, my knees buckle. I can no longer remain standing and bent over. The man recognizes this, and takes a seat himself on his favorite chair. He orders me to mount his monster cock. I do what I’m told, swinging my limp legs over to each side of him and slowly sliding down until I feel the poke of his cock. I grip it by the base to hold it still as I guide it into my canal.I try to control the motion by slowly sliding up and down his shaft. He wants none of that, gripping me by the waist to throw me up and down until I am bouncing rapidly on his lap. Thrusting upward from under me, the man is able to go deeper than before. My face grows red from oxygen deprivation as I grow faint from being fucked so hard.But this is just the beginning.I feel one of the man’s friends toy with my backside as I ride the man below. I feel both of his hands move down my lower back, splitting apart to grab each ass cheek before spreading them apart. The stranger wrestles with my position once more as I continue bouncing. Finally, he makes his move.The strange man behind me slips his rod into my ass. I didn’t expect it. I couldn’t as I was so lost with the man’s huge dick in my cunt. This is too much. I had never done this before. The two cocks continue to punish me, moving rapidly as they attempt to stretch both of my holes as wide as they can at the same time.I have no more voice. I can muster out no more wails or moans, simply biting my lower lip, which is still lathered in bitter cum from my earlier facial, to deal with the excruciating sensations to two different regions of my body. I want to scream. I’m trying to scream. Yet, when I open wide to emit as loud of a moan as I can, another man hops up behind the chair and shoves his free fat cock into my mouth. There are three dicks inside me. I can’t seem to focus on just any one. As one pulls out of one hole, two slam forcibly into the other two orifices. The unattended man simply continues to record videos of this romp on his camera phone. There is nothing I can do.It seems like an eternity, but some of the strangers finally desist. However, that is only to switch positions as one stranger’s cock goes from ass to mouth. Another goes from mouth to my cunt. From my cunt, the man goes into my ass. I’m spun around, flipped, rotated like a buffet platter as they all take turns in sampling a different hole of mine. My limps go numb, my joints lock out, my toes curl so tightly that they tear into the soles of my yellow socks. There are only three locations where my senses are active: my mouth, my cunt and my asshole.I bet they can’t even see my eyes any more with my irises rolled into the back of my head. I don’t even know if I’m awake or slee.ping as I feel as if I fainted numerous times, only to be awoken drastically with a stretched asshole or penile rubbing of my g-spot.It must have been hours, but the men finally lay me down on my back on the cold floor, my chest raising high toward the ceiling as I take in deep breaths and let out loud exhales. They’re almost finished as they each take position above me, stroking their own dirty cocks while staring at their latest conquest below them. One stranger cums on my face, his streams of sperm mixing with my previous facial from earlier. Another stranger cums, lathering the rest of my forehead with white oozing puddles of jizz. The man is the last to orgasm, making sure his cumshot coats any skin on my face that isn’t white and creamy.I lay there on the dusty floor in a trance, almost meditating with a thick seminal mask and aching genitals and rectum. I keep my eyes closed to keep the massive, oozing goops of sperm from entering my eyes, but I can hear the man shake hands with his friends before seeing them out the door. I then hear him walk from the living room to the kitchen to have the dinner, now cold, that I had made for him earlier.Rather than get up and clean myself, I lay on that floor in a trance with my face still covered in jizz. I run my tongue in circles around my lips, spooning every bit of cum that it can shovel into my mouth. I can taste four different men, but the man’s spunk is what I can taste the most. With my index and middle finger, I begin to scoop more semen from my face and deposit in my mouth, making sure to lick suck my two fingers so that I can get it all.I know tomorrow will yield similar romps. I know the man will find new ways to experiment with me. Lying naked on the frigid floor with every hole stretched and abused and a face used as a cumrag, I smile. I do what I’m told. Not because I have to. I do what I’m told because I absolutely love being his slut.

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