i hate people like this


i hate people like this[12:24:21] love life: Hi debbie mcclure, I’d like to add you as a contact.[12:24:43] *** debbie mcclure has shared contact details with love life. ***[12:24:48] love life: i’m a normal mature sexy and expert and smart mature boy 25 years old and i’m good with girls[12:25:00] love life: hello nice to meet you debbie[12:25:09] debbie mcclure: erm[12:25:10] debbie mcclure: hi[12:25:19] love life: how are you[12:26:13] love life: how old are you?[12:26:40] love life: by the way you look so sexy and cute and your smile is just wonderful sweety[12:28:09] love life: do you love romance and sex?[12:29:06] love life: please answer me . where are you ? hello[12:31:28] love life: do you want to see my dick on the camera ?[12:32:12] debbie mcclure: haha when to you start and get good with girls[12:32:14] debbie mcclure: go away[12:32:26] love life: i’m good[12:32:38] love life: i want a serious relationship[12:32:51] debbie mcclure: thats why your here asking for cam sex[12:33:13] love life: i just making for you to see if you are good girl[12:33:24] love life: thanks to god you are good and not fake[12:33:44] love life: you know , i have added a lot of girls but few few are good and real[12:33:48] debbie mcclure: i can still be fake[12:33:51] love life: welcome[12:33:54] debbie mcclure: maybe i just am not easy[12:34:03] love life: no you are real[12:34:10] love life: this is my feeling[12:34:35] love life: can i ask you a question?[12:34:56] love life: why you have made an account on xhamster ?[12:36:15] love life: debbie[12:36:29] love life: i want to start first of all a friendship with you[12:37:07] love life: ok , then by time when you feel that i’m good and when you trust me more then this will be your choice to continue with me[12:37:28] love life: i’m single and trust me i haven’t touch a girl before[12:37:46] debbie mcclure: then how are you good with girls[12:37:52] love life: i have an account on xhamster just to fullfil my desire[12:38:00] love life: ok i will tell you[12:38:07] debbie mcclure: yes you lied[12:38:09] love life: i’m good from all side[12:38:15] debbie mcclure: uhu[12:38:20] love life: i hate to see a girl crying[12:38:44] love life: i love to hug the girl and my most beautiful thing is that i listen to the girl[12:38:53] debbie mcclure: do you want world peice and a cure for cancer too ?[12:38:59] love life: and i work to solve her problem and to make her happy[12:39:15] love life: i haven’t understand[12:39:23] debbie mcclure: ok miss lebanon[12:39:32] love life: do you love lebanon[12:39:38] debbie mcclure: noooooooooooooo[12:39:46] love life: why ?[12:40:03] love life: lebanon is a country of faith[12:40:18] debbie mcclure: lovely[12:40:18] love life: we have a lots of saints[12:40:39] love life: yes sure, lebanon is not like other arab country[12:40:44] love life: no we are not arabs[12:40:59] love life: but we are pheniciens[12:41:10] love life: this is true that lebanon is a mix[12:41:23] love life: you can found muslim and christien[12:41:32] love life: you can found the beauty of the nature[12:41:54] love life: you can swim and you can do ski at the same day[12:42:06] love life: specially in spring time[12:42:27] love life: i’m a christien 25 years old boy[12:42:47] love life: this is true that we are not perfect like jesus[12:43:13] love life: but for me i work hard to not fall in temptation[12:43:33] love life: i hope you understand me[12:45:34] debbie mcclure: dont arabs like little boys[12:45:46] love life: i’m not arabs[12:46:06] türbanlı bingöl escort love life: i’m lebanese and i’m searching for a girl like you[12:47:37] love life: debbie do you beleive me ?[12:47:47] love life: do you think that we can be friends[12:48:54] love life: how old are you ? what type of boys do you like ?[12:50:40] love life: debbie , what do you work ? or what is your your major ?[12:52:46] love life: do you have facebook account[12:57:35] love life: can i talk with you a bit[13:00:38] love life: talk to me please[13:02:23] love life: debbie , what do you like in life? do you like to travel and have fun[13:03:02] love life: speak , come on . please .[13:08:34] love life: ok , anyway talk to you later . think again .[13:08:49] love life: byebye debbie[13:08:52] love life: enjoy your time[13:14:19] debbie mcclure: byeee[13:15:45] love life: love is from jesus[13:16:06] love life: i hope you beleive in love like me[13:16:25] love life: are you still angry ?[13:16:32] debbie mcclure: i dont beleave in god thanks#[13:16:38] love life: ahhhhhhhhhhh[13:16:42] love life: seriously[13:16:47] debbie mcclure: aaah yea[13:16:51] debbie mcclure: i habe a brain[13:16:52] debbie mcclure: have[13:17:09] love life: ok , but what about this life[13:17:16] debbie mcclure: what about it[13:17:21] love life: think about who have create it[13:17:26] debbie mcclure: aliens[13:17:32] debbie mcclure: big bang[13:17:41] love life: ah beleive me , it is god jesus[13:17:43] debbie mcclure: spagettie monsters[13:17:51] debbie mcclure: nah[13:18:03] debbie mcclure: what makes your god dif to the 100 others[13:18:06] love life: i’m from lebanon the land where jesus have visited it[13:18:12] debbie mcclure: so they say[13:18:25] love life: jesus is the only god[13:18:30] love life: he love you[13:18:37] debbie mcclure: he is dead[13:18:38] debbie mcclure: lol[13:18:51] love life: no[13:18:58] debbie mcclure: aliens love you[13:18:58] love life: jesus is alive[13:19:02] debbie mcclure: is he[13:19:08] debbie mcclure: can you get him to say hi[13:19:15] debbie mcclure: get him to skype me[13:19:21] love life: and he is between us because we are discussing about him[13:19:30] debbie mcclure: ooh ok[13:19:31] love life: do you want jesus[13:19:39] love life: do you want to talk to him[13:19:45] debbie mcclure: by that logic spiderman was alive when i went to see him[13:19:59] love life: beleive only in jesus[13:20:06] debbie mcclure: nah[13:20:30] debbie mcclure: bilble was chopped up to suit whatever guy wanted too tell it[13:20:36] debbie mcclure: there are 100 goes[13:20:38] debbie mcclure: gods[13:20:45] love life: listen , i know it is hard to beleive me or to accept my thought[13:21:01] love life: but i want you to think that jesus is always beside you[13:21:17] debbie mcclure: you saying you know gods real[13:21:28] love life: just before you you anything , say i put my self in your hand my lord[13:21:31] debbie mcclure: how is that any dif too me saying ino aliens are real ?[13:21:36] debbie mcclure: how is that any dif[13:21:45] love life: god is real[13:21:48] love life: we are real[13:21:52] love life: life is real[13:21:56] debbie mcclure: and deleted[13:22:06] debbie mcclure: you cant give me an answer[13:22:25] love life: beleive me , the truth i told you , one day you will know jesus , you will see it[13:22:41] love life: anyway , peace and enjoy your time[13:22:54] debbie mcclure: i will then the aliens will come türbanlı bingöl escort bayan probe me[13:23:03] love life: no not like this[13:23:07] love life: think in god[13:23:11] love life: go to nature[13:23:22] love life: site down and think by your self[13:23:32] debbie mcclure: maybe you need to[13:23:40] love life: if your friends or relative think that their is no god[13:23:45] debbie mcclure: you cant prove god is real[13:23:47] love life: then they are wrong[13:23:55] love life: yes i can proove[13:23:58] love life: prove[13:24:00] debbie mcclure: no you cant[13:24:07] debbie mcclure: not even the pope can you silly fucker[13:24:22] debbie mcclure: no can if you could then everyone would beleave[13:24:31] debbie mcclure: all you have is your word and your beleif[13:24:35] love life: their is a lot of touchable thing that god jesus kept it on this land to prove that he is real[13:24:42] debbie mcclure: only dif is i dont force mine on peopl,e like you do[13:25:19] love life: listen , i’m not pushing you by force to beleive in something[13:25:28] love life: i know this has shoked you[13:25:36] love life: but but but god is real[13:25:44] love life: god every day make a miracle[13:25:45] debbie mcclure: but its not[13:25:52] love life: every year[13:25:55] debbie mcclure: its all the same bullshit ive heard in sunday school[13:26:12] debbie mcclure: ive asked 5 things and you cant give a reply too any[13:26:13] love life: he is making miracle with you without you notice[13:26:17] debbie mcclure: you dance around it[13:26:28] love life: every positive thing or success thing that happened to you[13:26:37] debbie mcclure: ok i will play ball[13:26:38] love life: this is because god want it[13:26:45] debbie mcclure: god made me the why i am yea[13:26:55] debbie mcclure: your god made me the why i am ?[13:27:04] love life: i want to teach you about my god[13:27:06] love life: jeus[13:27:11] love life: jesus[13:27:23] love life: i want you to discover this only god[13:27:33] love life: who is he and why we beleive in him[13:27:40] debbie mcclure: again with the dancing[13:27:41] love life: please let us be friend[13:27:44] debbie mcclure: no[13:28:05] debbie mcclure: i dont be friends with people that come knocking at my door and bug me about god something thats not real[13:28:31] love life: you science people why you think like that[13:28:51] debbie mcclure: cos we have solid facts and you guys dont[13:29:13] debbie mcclure: AGAIN[13:29:15] love life: i will pray for you and for every person who think like you[13:29:22] debbie mcclure: WHAT MAKED YOUR GOD DIFRENT TOO THE 1000 OTHERS[13:29:33] love life: i will pray that god jesus show you that he is real[13:29:46] debbie mcclure: dude id rather go to hell[13:29:50] love life: the only god is jesus[13:29:54] debbie mcclure: cos atleast they will have me for me[13:30:01] love life: their is no god before or after him[13:30:11] debbie mcclure: whats gods real name[13:30:20] debbie mcclure: bet you cant even tell me that[13:30:25] love life: my god name is jesus[13:30:51] debbie mcclure: your a fool[13:30:55] love life: he has created the earth and the sky and everything in this life[13:31:02] debbie mcclure: you really are a fool[13:31:16] love life: starts , planet , a****ls , us , things , weather , nature[13:31:17] love life: sun[13:31:21] debbie mcclure: i fight with my R.E techear daily[13:31:29] love life: evertthing you see it is by god made[13:31:45] debbie türbanlı escort bingöl mcclure: jesus isnt god and thats not god fucking name[13:31:46] debbie mcclure: omg[13:31:51] love life: you can’t win , coz we are real , god word are real[13:31:51] debbie mcclure: im done uve lost me cya[13:32:10] love life: i hope god change your life[13:32:42] love life: maybe we will not talk to each others from now but you will revice and remember my world[13:32:44] love life: word[13:33:02] debbie mcclure: and i hope all bible bashers drop dead[13:33:13] love life: god love you and he is waiting for you and he will change you , when ? he will know[13:33:15] debbie mcclure: selfrightous assholes[13:33:27] love life: thanks you , peace[13:33:41] debbie mcclure: yea go away[13:33:47] love life: because i’m telling you the truth[13:33:57] debbie mcclure: no your telling me what you think[13:34:05] debbie mcclure: i didnt say your wrong[13:34:09] debbie mcclure: tho you are[13:34:21] debbie mcclure: dif is i allow you too think that[13:34:23] love life: in the name of god and the holly son and the holly spirit i hope you change . amine[13:34:32] debbie mcclure: scum like you try force people to think like you[13:34:43] love life: byebye maybe we will see each other in heaven if you change[13:34:44] debbie mcclure: how do you explain me seeing a UFO then[13:34:55] debbie mcclure: no explain me seeing a UFO[13:35:03] debbie mcclure: was that god or jesus saying hi[13:35:14] love life: say hi to jesus[13:35:22] love life: he is listening to you[13:35:27] love life: trust me[13:35:28] debbie mcclure: you cant back anything you say up[13:35:33] debbie mcclure: trust me[13:35:37] debbie mcclure: u cant[13:35:43] love life: i dare you[13:35:59] love life: i told you , i wish for you everything good[13:36:00] debbie mcclure: i dare you to back 1 thing u said up before i post this convo :)[13:36:05] debbie mcclure: just 1[13:36:21] debbie mcclure: hey do you like to cum[13:36:40] debbie mcclure: yes or no[13:36:43] debbie mcclure: not an essy[13:36:52] love life: yes i cum coz i’m human and by that i preserve my self from entering a temptation with a girl[13:36:55] debbie mcclure: oooh[13:37:01] debbie mcclure: god dont like when people cum[13:37:04] love life: i will never touch a girl before mariage[13:37:13] debbie mcclure: another loop hole in your thoery[13:37:19] debbie mcclure: im done here[13:37:20] love life: really , hahaha you don’t know anything[13:37:44] debbie mcclure: no i just know what people in charge on churchs bang on about[13:38:04] debbie mcclure: people who know more than u and i both[13:38:11] love life: listen , if i cum is just because to relax[13:38:18] love life: to take off all the pressure[13:38:20] debbie mcclure: but god dont like that[13:38:22] debbie mcclure: your god[13:38:30] love life: i could go and enjoy with a girl[13:38:38] debbie mcclure: not before marrage[13:38:45] love life: but i don’t want coz jesus my god don’t want that[13:38:53] debbie mcclure: your one of these bilble bashers with double standerds[13:39:02] debbie mcclure: do as i say not do as i do[13:39:08] love life: listen[13:39:14] debbie mcclure: no mate fuck off[13:39:18] love life: beleive me and you will remember me[13:39:19] love life: soon[13:39:21] love life: soon[13:39:24] debbie mcclure: soon soon[13:39:26] love life: god will change you[13:39:30] debbie mcclure: i hope soo[13:39:39] debbie mcclure: and soon[13:39:47] debbie mcclure: an alien will probe you[13:40:04] debbie mcclure: anf you ass will hurt[13:40:05] debbie mcclure: and[13:40:06] love life: it is true that we are not like my our only god jesus ultimate and pure[13:40:13] debbie mcclure: dude[13:40:21] debbie mcclure: im done[13:40:26] debbie mcclure: your a trogladite[13:40:36] debbie mcclure: something you god didnt make (y)[13:40:39] debbie mcclure: just a rock dude

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