The Spirit of Lady Macbeth Pt. 07


The campus still empty for holiday Tracy his backpack replaced with a catch-all purse walked across the quad gripping the strap looking to kill some time reading before returning to home and Mistress Lisbeth.

Spotting the couch in the near empty coffee house he planted down in the middle of it ready to open his book of Shakespeare’s ‘the Tempest’. Nervous at being ‘out’ he wondered if he would be stared at for the feminine clothing he wore. Seeing Wanda and Lori walk in he held his breath kind of hoping they wouldn’t notice him.

‘But alas poor Yorick it was not to be’ Lori sat down as Wanda did seconds later on the other side of him. Wanda looked past Tracy bookend in between her and Lori on the couch at the campus café.

“Did you try some new perfume today Lori…I detect roses with a hint of lavender?”

A lovely French braid to it his hair long enough to reach his shoulders ‘Olivia’ knew the fragrance was his. He gently touched the 2″ hoop earring on the one side before doing the same with the other tucking his legs under to shield the high heels. His hand lowered to his lap realizing the two might see the long nails of his fingers kept with a clear polish buffed to a shine.

Professor Lisbeth wanted her protégé coming off noticeably appealing transitioning Olivia’s appearance from looking emasculated to one more out-right attractive-feminine.

The only makeup on had a light foundation providing a smoothness to his complexion aided by the absence of hair follicles from his 2nd laser facial hair removal treatment 4 days earlier. Like many a Cd has discovered the origin dye of using lipstick had left a permanent reddish hue on his lips.

A shy glance at Lori had him wondering if she noticed the tapered look of his eyebrows ending in a contoured feminine point drawing attention to the slight curl of his lashes lifting upward.

“Sorry Wanda I wasn’t paying attention…I was looking at this video…Professor Lisbeth sent it to me…it kind of gets my juices flowing if you know what I mean.”

Her hand held the phone near Tracy’s lap so Wanda could see it. The moment he spotted the bouncing petticoats he knew it was him. Riding the dildo his facial expressions showing the enjoyment a level of embarrassment came over him. To see Lisbeth had also added the image of ‘Olivia’ beautifully dressed head to toe as her maid brought a blush of submissiveness.

Wanda smiled while looking at the two.

“Lori I’m thinking Tuesday’s would be best to have ‘our’ new maid ‘Olivia’ clean our apartment…the question is do we have her walk across campus in her uniform?”

Sliding close her arm around his shoulders the alpha woman moved a few strands of loose hair back behind his ear.

“Yes I do love domestic help Wanda…did you hear that they’re looking for cheerleaders for this 2nd semester’s women’s intramural basketball season? …there will be tryouts before classes begin.”

Wanda looked up from her phone.

“I just texted Professor Lisbeth…”

The back of her hand slowly glided down the soft cheek of Olivia.

“…I let her know you’ll be coming back to Lori’s and my apartment…she loves the cheerleading idea and thinks you’d make a good one Olivia honey.”

Told to wait outside standing out in front of the popular campus liquor store Olivia looked in to see the two women deciding on what bottle of wine to purchase. With the dusk giving way to the darkness of evening the t-girl felt a new feeling of apprehension.

Her mind went to that place that made her feel scared and in need of protection. Clutching the purse strap under her breath she whispered what she was thinking.

‘Gee I wish Ms. Lori would finish up in there…are those two guys going to come up to me?…are they going to want to hit on me?…they look kind of tough…why did my heels have to be so high today?…I’ll never be able to run away if they’re trouble.”

How many women or girls have felt the same way?…that sense that they know they’re beautiful yet weak as a box full of new born kittens. 10 steps 5 steps soon both men in their mid-20’s were on the t-girl.

“Say Babe…you look new around here…you looking to party?”

The mate tag teaming Olivia moved on the other side of the t-girl.

“I’m Bruno…me and Butch have a place nearby…we could grab some booze smoke some weed and have Betturkey a little get-together…just the three of us.”

Butch reached out letting his hand touch Olivia’s shoulder.

“Say what’s your name sweet cheeks… We could have a real nice time baby…you like sucking cock?”

“Better still…both of us could do you at the same…you’d probably…”

The words never got completely out. Butch felt a hand grab him by the scruff of the neck. Moving off balance he fell hard to the cement. Hitting his head his hands went to hold it as he looked up to see Lori hovering above him.

“Please, please no more…fuck does my head hurt.”

Staring at his mate suddenly Bruno was spun around feeling the punch hit his nose. His hands went up and were instantly covered in blood. Dexterous enough of do it Wanda pivoted and slammed her fist into his gut watching as he bent down falling next to his friend. Even back when he was just a regular male Olivia didn’t think he could have punched like that.

Tears in his eyes the t-girl felt the desperate need to have Lori’s arms around him. The woman picked up on it and pulled him close with her one hand.

“Thank you Ms. Lori..I thought they were going to…”

“Shhhhh, shhhhh things are fine I’m here…so is Wanda…they’re not the first males to underestimate how strong me and the members of our women’s crew team are …there baby…no need to worry I’ll never let anyone hurt you.”

It had been years since he had fallen in love. He couldn’t help himself his lips moved to kiss her cheek numerous times as he held his thin shapely frame clutching onto her body.

Josh looked at his dad wearing the apron covering just the long over-sized t-shirt while cleaning up the morning dishes as Rosemary went over the Wall Street journal she’d missed reading on Friday. Glancing at Thad tying his running shoes Josh spoke.

“I’ll miss you Thad.”

“You’ll have fun seeing your twin cousins Peter and Paula …besides I have to stay diligent to my workout regimen. Don’t forget to call.”

Rosemary lifted off the chair and walked Josh out to the car.

“So you’ll be gone for at least a week at Aunt Rita and your cousins…that’ll be fun for you dear.”

‘Gee dad looks a little funny wearing that apron…I like how you make the pancakes mom…they taste better.”

“Well he said he wanted to learn to pitch in around the house more…I could use the break what with me doing our finances too so I’ll just have to help teach him …nothing says a woman has to be the one keeping a home clean…perhaps he’ll take to it…seems like change is in the air…who knows maybe he has a softer domestic side to him he has been repressing all these years.”

“Part of me hopes so mother…it would be nice for him to accept that I’m gay. I’m still afraid to come out to him.”

“We’ll see…leave it to me…now head off for your trip you have a good 150 miles of driving to do…tell Aunt Rita I said hello and we’ll see you in a week or so.”

Fresh from the shower stripped of his body hair 40 minutes later Angus sat at the vanity table holding still as Rosemary put the final touches to his makeup.

“Stop fidgeting Caitlyn…you have to wait until the glue on these false eyelashes dry.”

“Yes Ma’am…sorry it feels so different wearing full make up.”

“It’s Mistress Rosemary…You better get used to it you’re going to find yourself wearing plenty in the days ahead…I suppose I’ll have to give you lessons then again maybe my salon in town could do it…now let’s lay this eyeliner on thick then get your nails done.”

Laying in bed the night before Angus had been reading ‘Great Battles of World War two and the generals that had won them’. Rosemary walked in taking the book she showed her husband the ‘Caitlyn video’ on her phone starting the conversation that would change his life as he knew it.

With her doing most of the talking by the time she finished his days of being ‘Shylock’ wanting his pound of flesh to her ‘Antonio’ had come to an end. Ready to turn out the lights she finished with ‘Once Josh leaves for his trip you can plan on us deeply exploring your feminine side.’

With Josh on the road Thad walked into the bedroom a smirk on his face his dominant male side spiking he commented.

“Caitlyn looks pretty nice …for Betturkey Giriş this first time…my goodness those breasts look real.”

Rosemary gave a tug to the top of her corset turning to stare at her profile in the floor mirror without looking at Thad she replied.

“They’re called breast forms…She’ll get a lot better looking as the days move along…she’s not the first husband to wear panties and the like…quite likely there are millions of them that do it…gurl get me my high heels and help your mistress put them on.”

The Caitlyn persona growing stronger on hearing the feminine pronoun ‘she’s not the first’ Angus gave a look of his own to see how feminine he appeared wearing the bra and pantie and garter set.

Just that morning he had laid out all of his private stash that had been accumulating over the years. As with many a crossdresser there had been moments of guilt in years gone by that had led to purging.

Over time he had gotten past doing it realizing the futility of it knowing he would just buy more. Month after month year after year he would prune the collection of clothing and underwear and other feminine things keeping only the ones that fit and looked best.

Lounging on the bed still in his workout shorts his legs spread down crossed at the ankles Thad held up the chastity cage.

“I think you should do the honors Rosemary…after all you’ll be Caitlyn’s key-holder.”

Truth was Rosemary felt her sense of female superiority rise to the surface wearing her stockings and heels and violet colored corset highlighting her sumptuous breasts. Her own hair lifted into a high-bun had just enough tendrils sloping down on each side of her ears to make the woman attractive looking in a dominant way.

Her shapely butt cheeks rolling on every footfall Rosemary strutted over and took the chastity cage telling her husband to stand in front of the mirror for the ceremonial display.

A pinch to his waist she declared he was now on a diet. Staring at his prettiness his blond wig brushed out his makeup perfect he realized just how talented his Mistress Rosemary was with wands and brushes put in her hands.

Perhaps to be expected his penis grew firm as she lowered his panties. A tight squeeze to the ball-sac soon had his penis go flaccid retreating in shame much like a defeated Napoleon from the Moscow campaign that dreaded winter of 1812.

How many males play at using chastity cages when alone one may never know. Yet the truth is when an alpha superior locks them in a secure one there is a level of anxiety that overcomes the wearer. On both a physic and physical plane they experience a heightened sense of the loss of control to the key-holder.

Masturbating to images of female dominants and subby Cd’s in the past it had once been a fantasy but now in a single moment’s time had become a reality. Caitlyn felt his feeling of submission rise towards the woman knowing Rosemary now would determine if and when he was released.

“Baby…let’s see you walk in your high heels…that’s it show off your cage…and let your boobies jiggle…smile I want you to look pretty and contented in your pictures…go over and kiss Master Thad if it hadn’t been for him we might never have discovered your love for the feminine.”

Caitlyn approached Thad to see he’d spun around putting both feet on the carpet. Grabbing Rosemary’s husband by the wrist he eased him over his knees ready to spank. Framing it tight on her phone Rosemary videoed ‘Angus’ being spanked by Thad.

‘Whap, whap, whap’ the sound mingling with his yelping Caitlyn grew silent feeling a butt plug being pushed in on finishing.

“Honey this is going to look so hot on your ‘Fetluv’ page…lets have you on your knees it’s time you showed what a lovely cock-fluffer you can be.”

Caitlyn slowly pulled Thad’s shorts down the meaty cock showing signs of arousal he felt himself being magnetically drawn near letting his mouth slip over the head of the dick. Focusing on his task there was just something about fluffing the cock for his Mistress Rosemary that made him feel his sense of femininity spike.

“That’s it darling…get Master Thad nice and hard for your mistress.”

Being cuckolded opens a whole new world for a submissive male especially with one that is on the path to total feminization. Betturkey Güncel Giriş It becomes a visual admission that they aren’t capable of satisfying their woman’s carnal urges. His lips gliding along the shaft his breast forms wiggling Caitlyn felt a level of satisfaction knowing he was pleasing both Master Thad and Mistress Rosemary.

On the bed Rosemary slid her legs on either side of Thad’s muscled body.

“Caitlyn sweetie…be a doll and guide his beautiful cock inside my pussy.”

The woman smiled watching her husband perform the act as Thad’s heated dick slid in. A tinge of jealousy at his overt masculinity Caitlyn watched as the thick piece moved in and out of her vagina on every drop down.

“Oh fuck…it feels so nice to have a real man’s cock inside me…”

Like cupid’s arrows hitting their mark the words stung for the husband no longer in charge of their marriage. She leaned over her hand brushing alongside his made-up face she kissed Caitlyn’s cheek affirming his new status as her submissive femme-gurl in training.

Ten minutes in or so Rosemary shifted to lie back on the bed her back against the headboard. Spreading her legs she welcomed Caitlyn’s lips as Thad stood away from the bed. Lubing his thickness up he moved in behind the budding t-girl of a husband.

Licking Rosemary’s vagina his eyes lifted to see her videoing the act of cunnilingus. Suddenly Caitlyn felt the anal plug being eased out replaced by the head of Thad’s cock. The master’s cock moving near all the way in he could feel his masculinity giving way to that feminine feeling of being penetrated appearing so pretty as Caitlyn was.

“That’s it baby…adjust to its girth…good gurl…you’re being welcomed into the world of a woman …once he comes inside your pussy you’ll won’t want to climax any other way in the days ahead.”

Reaching around as he fucked him Thad jiggled Caitlyn’s chastity cage.

“Your gurl will just have to learn to get wet without getting hard.”

His comment said Thad took on the role of the silent lover. He knew this was all about Rosemary and how she was taming then breaking her husband Angus ready to mold him into her vision for his future.

The words of the mistress prophetic Caitlyn could feel the shift in his persona. His mouth on her pussy his butt taking the fucking he tried to imagine what life would be like if he really did become a full-time woman.

It was as though Rosemary could read his mind. Knowing lots of work and changes still lay ahead she gave him an inkling of what he would become.

“That’s it darling …you’re going to make for a lovely housewife…don’t worry about our Josh…being gay and openminded he’ll understand why you need to express your feminine side…I’m sure he can get used to seeing your bra straps under your tops and dresses.”

A nod of her head Thad gripped Angus tight by the waistline. Picking up the pace he banged his pelvis hard against the soft butt of the husband. Leaning forward his upper body on Caitlyn’s back he kissed Rosemary.

“She’s going to make a lovey cuckold Rosemary.”

Seconds later Thad let his juices spurt forth further fulfilling Caitlyn’s new destiny.

As Thad went for his run the next morning Caitlyn looked over the shoulder of Rosemary sitting at her desk. Put in a lovely peignoir set he watched her do the finishing touches on his page on the fetish site called ‘Fetluv’.

Holding the tab down by her finger he saw the list of his email contacts become highlighted. A quick shift hitting the tab and they now were kept on an outbound email saved to draft.

In the body of the email was the links of him sucking Thad off the day before last along with his transformation into the feminine t-girl fluffing the master’s cock for his Mistress as well as losing his anal virginity and a link to ‘Cuckold Caitlyn’ the name of his Fetluv’ page.

Rosemary didn’t really need to say it yet she did anyway.

“Just in case your friends at the pub have grown curious as to why you don’t go there much anymore…all they need to do is click on the links to find your new interests…shall I send it off now or perhaps we should wait? “

Tamed and broken Caitlyn was ready to be trained in the ways of a housewife.

“Hummm do you think we could wait Mistress Rosemary?”

Biting her lower lip playfully she looked up from her desk.

“Sure baby…let’s find you a pretty dress and some heels and you can get started on your household chores…by the time when Josh returns from seeing his cousins you’ll be well on your way in your new role as my wife.”

End of part 7 …

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