I Know It’s Wrong Part 2


My daughter and I have a special relationship these days. Actually, it is the best kind of relationship that a father and daughter could have, I know it’s wrong, but ever since the first time Megan and I slept together its changed our lives.I always thought my little girl was beautiful, but seeing her around the house with her new found confidence since we had made love in my office it started to make me see her in a new light. One of a loving partner, I actually loved her more than my wife.I knew that men would want to fuck her, hard. I always felt a twinge of jealousy at that thought, but since the other week Megan, promised me she wouldn’t let anyone else make her feel the way I did. Which breaks me all the way to New Year’s Eve.My wife Sharon loved throwing parties and showing off, for her so called friends, bragging and laughing about how great her life is. If only she knew I was upstairs with Megan. As she hosted a house party for thirty people in our house…Before, I took Megan upstairs by the hand and helping her walk, leading her towards her bedroom. It was quite funny watching Megan drink for the first time. She was drunk, drunk for the first time and not knowing how to handle it. My seventeen-year-old baby girl, Megan was becoming a woman.I finally got Megan over towards her bed, watching her take little cute sips of her glass of wine. I reached over towards her and stretched out my hand trying to take the glass from her hand.”No, it makes me feel so good,” she murmured.Falling back on the bed and stretching her arms above her head, her beautiful frame arching. Her shirt lifted slowly as she moved and exposed the underside of her breasts. If she arched her back a little bit more her nipples would show. I felt my dick grow hard as I watched her.”Mmm,” she hummed.Megan’s hips moving in gaziosmanpaşa escort small circles against the bed as she played with her stunning brown hair above her head. As her bottom rocked back and forth and she arched more, her shirt fell back more, completely exposing her nipples to me. So pink and puffy and lickable. My dick throbbed and I could only stare as she moved in front of me. Dancing for me like no one was there.The reality though, my house was full of friends and family, who I couldn’t care about right now. All that mattered was my beautiful daughter, who I couldn’t ever refuse before and now she had me completely under her control.”I’m going to drink alcohol all the time, Daddy,” she cooed.Laughing and tracing a finger across her stomach, zig zags, up to her breasts and there drawing slow, lazy circles around one of her nipples, before switching to her other nipple and repeating her action with her fingers.”My body feels so sexy right now. Do you think my body is sexy?”She was looking at me, her eyes smiling at me admiring her body. Her lips were wet with lip gloss, making her mouth look so fuck able, her wet lips around my dick.”Yes, I do,” I stammered, my voice rough.She simply giggled and closed her eyes, humming again. I stared at her nipples. Her breasts big enough to fill my mouth. She was totally teasing me and she knew she had me.”Did you know, I have dreams about you touching me since you fucked me, Daddy,” she said without looking at me.Giggling again, she was biting her bottom lip with her eyes closed. I was breathing so heavy I could hear myself. My hands were shaking and my head was spinning. Her breasts and kissable lips drew me forwards I couldn’t resist even with a house full of people.Without sultangazi escort speaking I slowly moved to sit beside her on the edge of the bed, her words calling me forward like a siren. I was totally under her spell. I felt like I should say something in response but nothing came to my brain. Her eyes stayed closed and she continued to grind against the bed, teasing us both with the movement of her hips.”Do you always feel this good with alcohol, Daddy?” she purred.I stared at her nipples and licked my lips, my mouth so dry.”Sometimes, baby,” I murmured, only half listening.I was torn between what to do. My conscience was steadily becoming a low buzz in the back of my brain, a distant sound that annoyed me more than stirring any kind of guilt. My daughter was lying in front of me, shirt bunched around her collarbone and young, thin body seemingly calling my name.While my wife was getting drunk partying downstairs. My mind wondering on last time, does my wife even know we are missing does she even really care, because right now I didn’t care. I only wanted my sweet Megan.Without thinking, I slowly moved my hand up and stroked her side, letting my fingers graze the side of her breast and move across her stomach, petting it gently. Her skin was so soft, like baby’s skin, unaffected by seventeen years of living.”Mmm, that feels good,” she breathed, arching her back more and turning her head to the side.”I feel so funny right now, Daddy.””Good kind of funny, baby?” I asked. My finger traced light circles around her belly button.”There are so many funny feelings,” she murmured.”Everywhere.” Her bottom squirmed as she talked about it.Megan’s legs rubbing together, unable to find relief and in what seemed like desperation, she turned on her esenler escort side and continued to move her hips in front of me, showing me her bottom and a pair of small, pink panties disappearing between her legs.My heart beat in my throat. My cock was straining against my shorts, desperate to escape and slide into her warm, tight pussy. I was losing control again.I know I shouldn’t be fucking my daughter or falling in love. Then again, I couldn’t even have stopped myself even if I wanted to.”You feel funny here?” I asked quietly.Slowly letting my, fingers reach down to stroke one of her ass cheeks, pushing her miniskirt up higher as I did so. She bucked against my hand, as if she had been shocked by something, a satisfied whimper escaped her lips. I had passed the point of no return I was in a dream now. Hypnotized by Megan and unable to stop.All pretenses gone, I pushed her miniskirt up with one hand, pressing her into the side of the bed as I did so, and held her there as I took my index finger and traced it along the crack between her ass cheeks, the fabric from her thong preventing me from touching skin. When I got to her asshole she whimpered, pressing herself into my finger.”You like your asshole being touched, baby?””Oh my god, Daddy,” she moaned, sounding horny as fuck and obviously knowing where this was going.I reached under her skirt and pulled her underwear down, but only enough to expose her asshole. I couldn’t believe this was happening again, that she was letting me do this, with her mother only just being downstairs. She was wet and so ready for me.Megan’s panties were clingy to her pussy, a wet spot clearly visible between her legs. And then without thinking, I leaned in and slowly licked across her asshole. Once, long and slow across it, and when I heard her moan, continued to lick gently again and again. As I did so, I reached my hand down to find the space between her legs and slowly petted her pussy through her wet, cotton panties, feeling warmth. Stroking her little kitty.”Daddy,” she moaned, “I think I’m going to cum””Wait, baby,” I murmured against her asshole, licking while I spoke. “Wait for daddy.””Okay,” she whimpered.

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