King Part Two


King Part TwoAs King released my legs and lifted himself off of me I thought ok now he just wants a blow job and then we would be done. But I was wrong for the second time tonight. King removed his boxers and was now sitting on the couch legs open wide with 10 thick inches of dick standing straight up. I knelt between his massive thighs and started sucking his balls like I always do. First trailing across them with just the tip of my tongue then taking them in my mouth one by one while his dick rested on my head. When I got King’s balls nice and wet I grabbed his dick with both hands and held it straight up as I licked from his balls to the head of his dick. Reaching the head I licked all around it before spitting on it getting his dick nice and wet just how he likes it. I slide his dick into my mouth only being able to take almost half of him down my throat. (Just my luck I have a tiny mouth too.) I start going up and down on his dick as I massaged his balls. I could hear him moaning my name softly as I continued to suck him. Up and down the wet length of his dick. Speeding up only to slow down and suck just the head of his dick while my tongue swirled all around it and dipped into his hole oozing pre cum. As I was releasing his dick so I could go back to sucking his balls, I felt King sit up. He isn’t about to cum already I thought. But just as I finished my thought King grabbed the back of my hair and forced his dick bahis siteleri almost all the way down my throat. I couldn’t breathe and tears were streaming down my face as I tried to push him off of me. “Oh yeah that’s it” he said. My jaw felt like it was going to break and I felt like I was going to throw up from my gag reflex. But just as I was going to, King pulled his dick from my throat and I gasped for air. Once I caught my breath, I started shouting at him calling him every unholy name in the book. But he just looked at me then stood up. The look in his eyes had changed and I was afraid of him for the first time as he towered over my 5’1 body. I turned to run but he grabbed me by my hair. “And where the hell do you think you are going? Tonight is the beginning of our sex life for real baby girl and your going to enjoy every minute of it I promise.” As he pulled my body into his by my hair, I couldn’t help but wonder what he really meant. He kissed my neck ever so gently never letting go of his grip on my hair. I felt a little more at ease even if for the moment. Suddenly I felt him push me against the living room wall. With one hand he held my face against the wall with the other he shoved a finger in my ass as I cried out in pain. “Hmmm still hurts baby girl? That’s ok daddy will fix that tonight too.” He slowly removed his finger from my asshole making sure I felt every joint in his finger. King slowly rubbed his canlı bahis hand up my ass, then my back then firmly placed it on my shoulder. In one fluid motion he pushed me to my knees and turned my body around. His dick almost poking me in the eye. “Open…open that pretty little mouth for Daddy.” I said nothing and didn’t move a muscle. “Have it your way.” King pulled my hair so hard I thought he pulled some of my hair out. Quickly my screams were muffled as he drove his dick into my throat. I started to try and push him away but he pulled my hands up and held them against the wall. He started to fuck my throat hard. I was crying stream after stream of tears ran down my face. “Mmm yes baby that’s it take it all.” In and out his massive dick went inside my mouth. As I started to feel that familiar feeling of getting ready to throw up, King slowly removed a little more than half of his dick from my throat. “Relax baby girl crying makes it worse. You can breathe…See? Now I’m going to fuck your mouth like this until I am ready to fuck you and you better not throw up on my dick or the floor. Just relax and let Daddy have your throat.” As he started to ease his dick back down my throat I couldn’t help but start crying again secretly hoping it would make him stop fucking my throat. In and out he fucked my throat harder and harder moaning my name telling me what a good girl I was to make his dick so wet. I just didn’t understand. Who güvenilir bahis was this man and what did he do with my loving boyfriend. I can take a lot but him fucking my throat with his big dick was way past my limit. I thought I was going to pass out after about ten minutes but he finally withdrew his dick from my throat. Releasing my hands and picking me up and holding me. “See baby girl it wasn’t that bad. You will get used to it. I won’t fuck your throat all the time but you need to be ready and willing when I do.” I just looked at the floor as he held me. He took his finger and lifter my chin up so I would look at him but I just pulled my face away. He firmly grabbed my hair and forced my head up so I couldn’t help but look at him. “Now I’m going to take you in the bedroom and put you on the bed and you will not move until I say so. Is that understood?” I said nothing just held his gaze. So King pulled my hair tighter and asked again, “understood? I said yes. Yes what? His grip on my hair started to tighten and I forced myself to say Yes Daddy.” He smiled as he loosened his grip on my hair and kissed me. Still snaking his tongue in my mouth he took me to the bed and laid me down on it. I sat up and King looked at me again and told me not to move or I would regret it. King walked out of the bedroom into the kitchen. I quietly got off the bed to go and see what he was doing. He was looking for something in his pants pocket. Then I saw it, a small blue pill and he popped it into his mouth and swallowed. As I turned and hurried back to the bed I could hear him say faintly I’m going to break my pussy in all night thanks to Viagra…

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