I Love You, Dad – Pt. 01


The divorce news reached Daniel as he was finishing his semester, and it couldn’t be a worse time. Drown between papers to submit and exams to pass, the young nerd-looking 19-year-old thought little about it. It was hardly a surprise, he told himself, entering the plane that would bring him back home.

As he dropped his bags on the hardwood floor, closing the door behind him, something was missing. A lacking he couldn’t quite explain. He adjusted his black glasses on his nose and took his phone out, checking his messages – none, as usual. Then, after a long sigh, he picked up his bags and walked up the stairs to his bedroom.

It was late evening when his mother arrived home, tipsy and giggly. They chatted a little, but she soon excused herself, “too tired,” was the reply. Daniel noticed the absence of the pictures where he belonged as a family; some of them were cut in half, inside frames that looked more like a prison now. His dad’s removal from those once happy memories was a punch in his guts, and for the first time in all the months between university and home, he found time to allow some feelings to surface in his soul.

He scrolled down to dad’s number and, without hesitations, pressed on it, watching the number ring on his screen.

“Dan?” a sleepy voice answered, husky, low, and he could even say, a sadness disguised with surprise.

“Hey, Dad, sorry if I didn’t call earlier.” In a flash, he could see the missed calls from dad on his phone from weeks ago. But Daniel was just too busy.

His dad smacked his lips on the other side of the line, rustling bedsheets, a scratch of his beard. “It’s ok, Danny boy, it’s a bit late; what’s the time?”

“Where are you, Dad?”

“- shit, one in the morning.” A loud yawning, “I had to move away, Danny. I’m living just outside town.”

Daniel drums on his legs while he thinks about his next words. “I…”

“Hey Danny, it’s ok, boy. I know you were busy, but I didn’t want to put pressure on you.” His voice became less raspy, with some vulnerability to it, which Daniel took for genuine.

“Are you coming back?” he asked in one go, without taking a second to breathe, and on the other side of the phone, his dad took longer to reply. Of course, Dan already knew the answer, but he wanted to keep the conversation going, keeping alive the memory of his dad, walking shirtless around the house, his hairy chest and strongly built pecs, his sturdy biceps from manual work all day. Daniel kept a pair of white undies he had taken from the laundry once, and his cheeks turned red with the thought of it.

“Buddy, I don’t think I will. I told your mum she could have the house, which includes you because that house is also yours – you’re safe there, son.”

“But, Dad -“

“No, Daniel. You listen to your father – the best option is to stay with your mum. No point in bringing up all the reasons why. I’m better off alone, Son.”

Who was this man, Daniel thought, where was his confidence? The tone of his father’s voice was a dim comparison to that robust and handsome man he kept in his imagination.

Daniel walked past his mother’s room, a loud snoring coming from someone who had more than enough to drink, and he sank into his bed, unable to dream and incapable of sleep.

Summer happened. The long days and a pang of guilt grew as weeds in a fertile field. Daniel couldn’t shake the notion of his father no longer living with them, but he also wasn’t prepared for the new life his mum had.

“You were always a daddy boy,” she would accuse him whenever Daniel wasn’t up to doing whatever she wanted to. “If you’re not prepared to be nice to my new boyfriend, then I think you should consider packing your bags and leaving early.”

Daniel looked straight into her eyes, a promise of green lands with deep blue lakes, while his mother’s blonde curly hair cascaded over her shoulders. The brown roots were already showing, just like the nails, broken in several of the fingers.

“Is that it?” he asked, stammering on the words, a cold sweat growing through his back and conquering him like an army. He held his hands together.

“Don’t get all feisty with me,” she said, leaning over the kitchen counter and lifting his chin. “Look at me – I love you so much more than your father did, but I’m not taking any of this teenage behavior. Mark is my boyfriend, and you will treat him with respect.”

“Mark is a -“

“No, nothing of that,” she cut him off, “if you can’t do it, fine. I know, too soon, the neighbors saying, apparently, but it’s my life. If you don’t like it, then fuck off.”

It took Daniel two more nights of Mark around the house for him to make the decision. At four in the afternoon on a Thursday, he rang his dad and bit his nails, wishing he didn’t pick up.

“Hey Danny boy, how are you?”

“Where are you?”


Daniel continued walking, looking up at the top floors of the buildings surrounding him on his way to the bus station. “Where do you live? Which bus do I take to get there?”

Silence Magosa Escort on the other side. “Dad?”

“What are you doing, Dan? You need to go back.”

“I’m going to live with you.”

He could picture his dad closing his eyes and bringing a hand to his forehead while bending down his head, the heavy burden resting on his shoulders. “What did she do?”

“Nothing, dad, is just -“

“Dan, you can’t come and live with me. It’s not an option at the moment. Ple -“

“No, dad. I’m going. I haven’t seen you in how many months now? Can’t stay there anymore, mum said.” There was a bus coming, but he had no idea where it was going, so he just sat there and watched it go. “It’s until next semester starts.”

Daniel’s father, James, ended up picking him up from the bus station. Tears ran down his eyes as he hugged his dear son. For both men, an adjustment was necessary – the mental images they had of one another didn’t match the person in front of them. For James, Dan was still the same nerdy-looking boy, a bookworm like Susan, his wife, used to call him. He had the same glasses from before, but now with less meat in his bones, his skin one shade paler, the university consuming him. He noticed his bones as he hugged, pulling him harder, a need to protect the most precious thing in the world.

“Are you eating?” he asked, a hint of concern in his voice, something that Dan had missed for too long.

He nodded, holding the hands of his father, now with a large, round belly he didn’t have before, an untrimmed beard, unlike him, and an overall decadent look. Concern rose in Dan’s head, and during the car travel, he drummed his fingers on the car door, unable to articulate much more than simple words to his dad’s questioning.

The stairwell was dirty, and Dan wondered if that was a precursor of what he would find. His father was having trouble rotating the key to open the door, and Dan just stared at him, the strong arms were still there, the figure tall and almost omniscient, but there was a lot of it missing. He couldn’t stop wondering what had happened and how things had gone this way.

“Fuck,” James shouted, the door being stubborn as he used his shoulder to open it at the same time he turned the key, “fucking finally, sometimes she plays up,” his dad said. For him, doors were always females, for some sinister reason, Dan never dared to ask. The house was tidy enough, at least the entrance corridor, but his dad was quick to take him into the bedroom, a small enough space with a bed occupying most of it, a wardrobe, and some shelves that his dad put up, most likely. There was a scent of dirty clothes in the air, the windows closed, and some washed-down curtains.

“Is it this?” Dan asked, unable to contain the question.

“I told you, son, I’m renting a room. It’s all I can afford right now.” He closed the door and grabbed Dan by his shoulders, kissing the top of his head and inhaling his scent as he did. “I’m sorry, Son, that was why I didn’t want you to come around. Nothing else.”

Daniel heard laughter and voices, and someone entered the flat, and his dad reassured him it was his flatmates. “You’re not supposed to be here.”

“It’s just a few more weeks. I can look for a room if you want, mum can pay for it.”

A grim smile on Dad’s face told him it wasn’t quite as easy. “Your mother, she’s different. I don’t know what happened, but…” a sudden stop, “no, I’m not going to fill your head with my problems. You have enough on your plate.”

In a bold move, James opened the room door and called his flatmates, introducing them to a shy Daniel with red cheeks and beads of sweat in this new interaction. Charles and Simon, two young men, probably mid-twenties, also seem to skip showers some days.

As the afternoon settled into night, so did Dan get used to the house. The kitchen was big enough, and the shower too, so that compensated for the lack of space in the room, or so he thought. The bed was a mattress on the floor. No frame. The moment he realized he would have to sleep with his dad, he couldn’t swallow. No, he couldn’t do such a thing. As he found space for his things, Dan started to pick up dirty laundry scattered all over the floor, dirty socks, used briefs, and suspiciously used t-shirts.

“Dad, are you alright?” he dared to ask, making his dad lift his eyes from his phone.

“What’s that now, Danny boy?”

“This. I… I know I’m young, but I’m not stupid. You were never like this, dad. And why don’t you have money to afford something more… well, luxurious comes to mind, but this is… I’m worried, that’s all.”

James put down his phone, scratched his junk in the process, and jumped off the bed. The sweatpants he was wearing left a few things for Daniel’s horny imagination to figure out, and his white sleeveless top was stretched with the size of his belly. The same hairy chest lies above, undoubtedly keeping Dan awake at night.

“Danny, I know you ain’t stupid.” He bridged Kıbrıs Escort the gap between them and sat at Dan’s side. “But there is a lot I didn’t tell you. Not because you don’t deserve to know, but because it’s between your mother and me.” James pushed Dan’s chin up, looking him in the eyes, and held his hand. “Trust me, you made me so proud and happy to come around to live with me, but I can’t stop worrying about you. This ain’t living conditions for a future space engineer.” The end of the conversation got Dan under his father’s grasp, scruffing his hair – an old classic that Daniel always claimed he hated but missed for too long.

The growth between his legs was quickly tamed with a pillow and changing position while finding comfort in the proximity of his father figure.

“But do you understand why I’m worried? In a few weeks, I’ll be going to Uni, dad. Will you be ok?”

“I’ll be ok, son.”

Despite insisting he wanted to sleep on the floor, James took no excuses. “If someone has to sleep on the floor, that’s me. But I think we’ll fit just fine.”

It was not a question of fitting. It was a question of temptation for Daniel. He was already in bed, with his teeth brushed and in his pajamas, while his dad still lingered in the room, tidying up a few things.

“Dad, I can do that tomorrow,” Daniel said, observing his white sleeveless top. Dad had shorts on, but in one moment of pure male intimacy, he dropped them down, exposing his bare ass, hairy, toned, and putting up a pair of white briefs, picking up the shorts off the floor and turning to face his son.

Daniel wasn’t strong enough to look away, and he took notice of dad’s heavy set of balls and long soft cock that filled his white briefs so well. Before Dan’s cock got fully erect, he had already laid on his stomach, avoiding eye contact with the cock of his dreams.

James entered the bed, turned off the light, and kissed his son goodnight.

The mattress was spacious enough, but the body heat propagated reasonably quickly, but Daniel didn’t brave to take any clothes off. His cock was rigid, pressing against the mattress, leaving a damp pool of desire. If only his father knew! The older man was sleeping soundly at his side, and Dan focused on getting some to himself. But sleep took too long to come while Daniel planned ways to help his dad to get back in shape after the divorce. He was still wondering which side took the initiative of breaking up, but by judging dad’s appearance, he could almost bet it was his mother’s side.

There was no alarm clock to wake him up. The dreams he was having vanished in the darkness of the night, and a heavy arm was laid across his chest. He opened his eyes and, for a moment, grabbed the hairy arm and traced it back to his owner. Dad opened his eyes and smiled at him.

“Morning, sunshine,” he said, “did you sleep alright?”

It took Dan more than one moment to understand where he was and to discover that the bed linen was all over the floor and his morning wood fairly visible. He quickly turned on his stomach again, hiding his manhood.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, dad. Nothing. I’ll be up in a few moments.”

“Ah, gotcha. Nothing to be ashamed of. I don’t know a day I wake up without morning wood,” and his laughter was contagious. Dan noticed the shifting on the mattress as his dad stood up, and he took a peak from the corner of his eye and it was like James was putting on a show. His slow stretch of arms combined with loud yawning gave Dan enough time to perceive the accurate dimensions of his father’s cock, stretching the fabric of his white briefs dangerously, creating an arch of thickness and pleasure.

After the initial morning shock, Daniel got ready to tidy the space up, as he would do in his dorm, and he noticed dad wasn’t making any plans to leave home. He prepared breakfast and coffee, and after eating and putting the washing machine going, Dad was still there, in his shorts and tank top.

“Day off today?” Daniel asked, passing a hand over his curly hair.

James took a sip of his coffee, added a couple more spoonful of sugar, and mixed it patiently. “Every day is a day off now.”

He drank the coffee in one go as Daniel looked upset. “When were you planning to tell me that?”

“Not your concern, Danny boy.”

“But -“

“Enough.” James’ voice came out loud and strong, just like he used to command in the army years and years ago. It was a joint decision to leave, together with Susan, his wife, and he searched for a life where he had more time with her at home. As long as he could use his hands, he was a happy man. “That’s enough, Dan. You can’t just burst into my life and demand to be in control.”

Daniel fought back the tears in his eyes, but the redness gave them away. It was a terrifying version of his father that Dan could remember – anytime he did something bad, his dad would use his dark voice, as his mother used to say. As soon as Dan heard it, he knew he was in trouble.

But Lefkoşa Escort dad never laid a finger on him. Susan, on the other hand…

“Son, hey, listen, come here -“

“No. Leave me alone,” Dan shouted, barging into the bedroom. Once there, there was nowhere to run. He grabbed his suitcase and prepared to leave.

“What are you doing, Dan? You are still in your pajamas. Let me explain.”

Once more, the redness came all over his face. He dropped the suitcase, hands turned into fists, and he couldn’t fight back the tears as James hugged him, holding his head against his warm chest, his heartbeat soothing him. “That’s ok, Danny boy, let it all come out.” Each caress on his head was another tear freed from his heart.

Dan woke up in an empty room. His dad laid him to sleep, tucking the clothes and kissing him goodbye on the forehead, where Dan could still taste the warmth of his lips. A motherfucking hardon possessed him, and after checking his whereabouts, he returned to the bedroom empty-handed. Charles and Simon were in the living room, and he dared not to present himself in those pajamas, sporting a drooling cock. Instead, trying to shift the focus of his mind, he put the laundry to dry.

After that, he did a good tidy-up of the place, but when he found a pair of used briefs that somehow had escaped the washing machine, there was little he could do to stop his nose from inspecting the item of clothing.

So unique. So special. His cock reacted immediately; just the thought of touching it and then just the idea of smelling it. And he laid on the bed, face down, cock rutting on the mattress, the pair of briefs deep inside his nose and mouth, his memory bringing him to the arms of the man he desired the most, remembering the warmth of his chest, the scent of his skin, and his load was quick in coming out of his cock, soaking his pajama bottoms like a flood of biblical dimensions.

The post-nut clarity hit him hard, and shame descended upon him, and Dan was quick to blame the internet for his behavior.

He undressed, picked up anything that could and should be washed, and then noticing the semen marks all over the dark gray bedsheet, he decided it was more than time to get clean sheets.

When his dad was home, all the evidence was cleared out–all but the dirty mind of James’ son.

Dad had gone to a job interview but, as he was describing Dan, got little luck.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“As I said -“

“No. I’m sorry, but no. I’m 19, but I’m not running around in circles. You are not the man I left so many months ago.”

James paused his speech, scratched his jawline, and flexed his shoulders. “And why is that?” He was a man that had played many games, but this one was new. He observed how Daniel tried to remain calm – he knew his son well enough, he knew how insecure he was in many domains, and he knew how his mother always undermined his confidence. Marriage was never a one-way road, it takes two to make it, and he also took responsibility. He should have been there for his son more often than not, but his career took the lead role.

Now, he watched his son, his own flesh and blood, trying to articulate the reasons why he, a 47 grown-up man, should give a 19-year-old horny teenager any explanation.

Daniel stammered on his words, making several false starts until James grabbed his shaking hands. “Son, please tell me you’re not afraid of me. If I ever did anything -“

“I’m not,” Dan said in one go, “I’m not dad,” he tasted the warmth of his father’s skin, so harsh but yet so safe and protective. “I know being the youngest, I was also the most difficult to -“

“Who said that?” The calm tone from James’ voice turned into a storm cloud, holding enough power to destroy but, so far, contained in dark skies. “Was it your mother? It has nothing to do with being the youngest.”

“Dad, it’s ok. Damon and Juliet, they’re older.” The twins. “They were already 8 when I was born, and I know it was a difficult life. Mom keeps saying how I -“

“It seems we’ll keep interrupting each other, Daniel. I love you how I love Damon and Juliet, even more, maybe. Whatever bullshit your mother told you, I’ll make it up for it. Deal?”

A smile formed on Dan’s lips, and he took dad’s handshake.

“Thanks for tidying up the place,” James said as he finished brushing his teeth at night. Dan was at his side, and both were looking in the mirror. “What happened to your pajamas?”

Dan took off his glasses before washing his face, taking some extra seconds to think about the best reply, and he ended up just saying they needed to be cleaned. “Do you need some clothes to sleep in?”

Daniel grabbed some shorts he had, and dad lent him a t-shirt, that he didn’t know why he took it, but he did. It was loose on him, ill-fitting, but it had his dad’s scent. “Damn, son, we need to grow some muscle on you,” James said, sitting on the bed and taking off his socks and shorts. Once again, Daniel watched him putting his white briefs on, adjusting his junk in front of his eyes. “What?”

“Nothing,” Dan said quickly, looking the other way.

“That’s ok, Dan. I’m used to being naked around men. All my life, I’ve been naked around men, no need to be shy. I can take it down a notch if you’re uncomfortable.”

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