I Need You


Quietly entering the darkened room, I listen for your breathing to tell me whether or not you are sleeping. The moonlight, almost completely hidden by the clouds, barely lights the path from the door to the bed, where you are sleeping on your side, facing the window.

I have missed you, longed for you, and now that you are here I cannot bear to be away from you, even as you rest. I sit on the bed next to you and slide my hand up your thigh and over your hip as I whisper, “Sir? I’m here now.” Your breathing doesn’t change but your foot moves, ever so slightly. I think you know I’m here, but sleep continues to hold you.

I slide my hand over your bottom, caressing and squeezing it gently. It feels so good to touch you. These are the things that I have missed, the touching, the holding, the caressing. I kneel on the floor beside the bed, my hands on your shoulder, and lean over to whisper in your ear, “Sir? I need you. I need to be in your arms. I need to taste Escort bayan your kiss. I need to feel you inside me. Please, Sir.”

At this, you turn toward me, your arm coming around to hold my face, your thumb stroking my cheek. Sleepily, you tell me, “Come here, baby girl.” And my heart quickens at the sound of your voice. I slide under the blanket, but instead of lying beside you, I straddle your hips and lay my head on your chest. No thought is taken to the way my breasts are pressed upon you. This is the purest form of love, of longing, of wanting.

Your fingers lift my chin and our lips find each other. Soft and full and seeking. I’ve missed the taste of you. Missed the feel of your lips on mine, our tongues sliding along each other – sweet and slow, at first, until our passions build. The battle between them rages until I surrender and rest against you again.

Your hands caress from my shoulders to my arms, and now slide over my hips…are you Bayan Escort surprised to find me naked? I feel you growing beneath me, I can’t describe how it feels knowing that our kiss has started a fire, and that your fire has awakened me, once again – that ache that needs to be filled.

Your fingers slide down my back and search my crevice to find that I’m wet, they slide into me and I push myself further along your fingers as I sigh and it’s caught in your mouth. My center is spread open by your fingers that are now filling me, my sweet juices covering your hand. Over and over you push them into me until my body needs release, and you break our kiss to tell me, “No. Don’t cum now.” I cannot stop the whimpers that follow. I want to cum, but I know you will give me the best…always.

Guiding my hips with your hands, I find that you’ve lined up to my entrance, and I can feel just the tip of your hard cock begin to stretch me. You ease me down just a bit Escort onto your throbbing manhood, just enough to make me plead with you.

“Please, Sir, I want you deep inside me. Make me yours, Sir.”

I love to hear you moan as you force me down onto your hardened length. Moving my hips back and forth, I feel you sliding into me over and over again. I lean over to kiss your neck, my breasts rubbing against your chest, my nipples – cold from the air- now warmed by your skin.

“Harder please, Sir. I want to feel the pleasure as you enter me. Want to feel the wonder of our bodies as one. I want to pour my desire over you. Please make me cum for you, I need to cum for you.” I whisper fervently, my body burning in the heat of our passion.

I’m so happy when you tell me, “Cum, baby girl. Cum all over my thick, hard cock. Do it now!” My body obeys and my pussy squeezes your cock and cums over and over, drenching you, drenching the bed. Still you fuck up into my pussy, relentless. You know just how to make me cum again, and as your cock swells and your cum spurts forth, I cry out again as my orgasm wracks my body and I pour forth my stickiness all over you…again and again.

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