I needed to pass highschool


I needed to pass highschoolJimmy was your typical highschooler he tried to lay low from all the popular jocks who tried to mess with him. He was not the best looking guy he was about 5’10 and slightly overweight with some acne. But he did have his tight knit group of friends. His grades were not terrible but he needed to pass geometry and chemistry to not go to summer school or fail sophomore year. One day during his study hall his dean Mr. Vantage called him down to his office to discuss his failing grades. While he was there he just tried to tune him out and all his yelling then all of a sudden he stopped ,looked at Jimmy stood up closed tipobet365 yeni giriş and locked his office door then sat back down and said this “ since you really need to pass sophomore year I’ll offer you this.” As he said this he leaned back in his chair put his hands behind and finished his sentence. “ what if I said that I could change all of your grades to “A’s” I said “ well how would you do that? Your just the dean not the teacher.” He said “ son I have A LOT of pull around here and can make things happen.” So I said “ Okay like what extra credit or like service hours?” He said “ Not exactly………… more like an tipobet365 giriş oral presentation” I said “ like how?” He leaned back in his chair and said “like this you are going to come over here behind my desk while I set up this video camera to record your oral presentation.” So I got behind his desk and then asked him what I was going to be presenting. He told me that I was going to give him a blowjob and he would give me straight A’s. I was so shocked at what he said and didn’t know what to do. So he told me again to get on my knees and unzip his pants. I told him to change my grades first and then I’ll do it. So he tipobet365 güvenilirmi did and I dropped to my knees. He had this huge grin on his face that went from ear to ear as my trembling hands undid his belt buckle and unzipped his khaki pants. I saw his soft cock in his tight grey underwear when I pulled them down I saw my deans cock and I picked it up in my hands slowly started stroking it and it began to harden up in my hands. I then began to lick the head and suck on it slowly then I began going deeper on his well not very big cock. While I was sucking on his dick he put his hand on the back of my head and stuffed it on his cock and when he began to facefuck me he came in my mouth I looked up and swallowed all of his hot steamy cum. After I was done licking up all the cum on his soft dick he told me that if I wanted to keep getting A’s I would have to do this every Friday in 6th period. I agreed. More later

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