I play Daddy’s good girl for Mike


I met Mike when I was 16 years old and he was twenty-eight. He was the son of a family friend – handsome, rich and a known playboy. Our courtship was scandalous and passionate, but that’s not what this story is about. After popping my cherry when I was 16, Mike became sort of obsessed with my pussy. I know he likes the way it looks. I keep it shaven so the puffy outer lips are smooth, highlighting my camel toe. And it’s tight. I have the type of pussy that even after being owned by Mike’s big cock it will still feel impossibly warm and snug clenching around a single finger. I think my little pussy and our age difference is what sparked Mike’s dominant instincts. At only 21 I’m young and my ripe, sweet pussy is Mike’s for the taking. Only Mike’s. Well, I guess I should say my pussy is only almanbahis şikayet Daddy’s for the taking. It was a Thursday in March when I ran out of my high school into his car. He glared at me as I slid into the passenger seat. My short navy skirt was skimming my tanned thighs and expensive tan suede boots gave my 5’6 foot frame a little extra height. I was wearing a plain white button down shirt that was maybe a little too tight on my chest. Ever since I turned 18 my perky breasts have grown to full 34 D cups. It’s a little strange having these new things on my chest but truth be told, I love my breasts. They’re just so soft and warm I love touching them, and I know my Daddy does too. Underneath the button down shirt I had on a new bra, I hoped he’d like it. We drove to his almanbahis canlı casino place and the second we got into his apartment, where no one could see us, he led me into his office and pushed me up against the wall. “You look good today.” He whispered. “Thank you Daddy.” He put one hand on my ass and one up against the wall so I couldn’t get away. “Daddy had a rough day at work today baby, do you wanna make daddy feel better?” I groaned, he was going to let me suck his cock. “Yes Daddy, please let me make you feel better,” I said. Daddy put both hands on my shoulders and slowly pushed me down onto my knees. I stared up in awe at the bulge in Daddy’s pants. Undoing his belt, Daddy pulled down his boxers, letting his big cock spring free. Daddy grabbed my hand and almanbahis casino pulled it up to his hard penis. “Lick it baby, go ahead and lick Daddy’s dick.” I leaned forward and my tongue lapped the tip of my Daddy’s cock. It tasted so good, so salty, I greedily slurped the head into my little mouth. “Oh yeah look at you” my Daddy mocked me with his voice, “there you go baby, suck on Daddy’s cock like a good little girl.” I sucked on the head of my Daddy’s big purple cock like a lollipop. As I continued working my tongue around my Daddy’s cock like his personal servant, he ripped open my blouse, exposing my lacy light pink bra. “Oh yeah baby” Daddy groaned as reached down to release my full breasts from the confining bra. Daddy helped himself to playing with my tits as he began to fuck my mouth, I stared up at him lovingly, embarrassed by my wet pussy dripping on the floor. Daddy always knows when I’ve sucked him off for long enough to make myself good and wet for him. He picked me up and sat down in his office chair, bringing me down on top of him.

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