I Thought We Were More Ch. 04


Taylor pulled her sweater up over her head revealing her lacy blue bra she was wearing underneath. Her ribs sloped down to a slender waist and almost immediately widened back out to her hips.

Her stomach was flat and he could see slight bumps where her ab muscles were. She even had the defined lines that formed a V that sloped down to the waist of her soccer shorts. She was in awesome shape. She slowly slid her shorts and panties to the ground in the same movement and stood there naked except for her bra. She unsnapped it and dropped it to the ground in the pile of her clothes.

Obviously this girl knew Clair, and she must have sold him out as an easy lay. Now this new girl was at his house getting ready to relieve her sexual tension on him.

“Sheesh, why does Clair hate me so much?” Jacob said out loud to himself.

“Huh?” Taylor said in mid strip.

Jacob shook his head. “Nothing.”

Her breasts were much larger than Jacob had expected and had a slight droop to them that the bra had done a good job of covering up. His eyes traced down her body to between her legs. The outer lips of her vulva were large and round, much like Clair’s had been, only more so. Her Labia Majora sat full and plump and stood out quite far from the long little shaft of her clitoris.

She walked towards Jacob and he recoiled into the papasan chair as if he were trying to escape from her. But leaning backwards only placed his own privates closer to her. She reached down and slid her hand underneath his towel. Instantly she seized his cock in her hand and began to squeeze it ever so slightly.

“Would you like to lay down on the couch?” she cooed.

“Sure,” was all Jacob could manage to say. One last thought of Alex popped into his head and then he was up off the papasan chair and headed for the couch.

The towel fell off of him as he walked leaving him completely naked. He lay down and she knelt down on the floor next to the couch. From out of the pocket of her pants on the floor she pulled out a small bottle of lube.

Once she had slickened up both of her hands she placed one hand down at the base of his shaft and lifted his penis up away from his body.

Once she had it where she wanted it, she grasped just behind the head with her other hand and began to slowly slide her hand up and down the upper half of his shaft.

Her hand slid up and over the head of his cock with each stroke, and it was here that she closed her hand just Escort Beylikdüzü slightly tighter causing his body to shudder and an involuntary sigh exited from his mouth.

“You are really big.” She said as her hand slid up and down him. “I think just sticking you inside of me would make me cum.”

The thought of being inside of her turned Jacob on even more. The feeling of her hand moving so slowly on him was even more sensual. He was getting lost in the moment. He started to lose awareness of what was actually going on here.

“You have no idea how wet I am right now?” She said standing up and moving her body so that her waist was positioned closer to his hips. His right hand was down by his side and while she continued to grasp him with her own right hand she spread her legs out so that her pussy was positioned right over his palm.

With her legs opened wide the lips of her vulva opened now as well. He only had to lift his hand slightly and he was touching the soaking wet area between her lips.

Just his initial touch caused her to gasp and then she breathed out one long sigh as his fingers began to play over her soft labia. His fingers were already quite slick from the wetness that was flowing out of her and he slid easily over the skin of her vulva.

“I cannot believe how good that feels.” She said as her legs grew weak. He sensed that she was wanting to lay down and he quickly sat up and pulled her down onto the couch next to him.

With her now on her back he lifted her bottom up off the couch and positioned her so that her legs went around his waist and her crotch was situated right in front of his stomach. Her bottom was sitting comfortably in his lap and this put his penis down below her where he couldn’t possibly enter her. Instead he would let his fingers do the magic. That was innocent enough right?

One hand went down to the opening of her vagina and gathered more moisture from there. He slid the fingers of this hand up the crease of her pussy to the top where his fingers began to play and massage up and down the tiny shaft of her clitoris.

His free hand moved down to the opening of her vagina as well but he allowed his middle finger to find it’s way up to the first knuckle inside of her and that is where he stopped. Already her hips were beginning to thrust up and down as if she were trying to push her body close against his working hands.

As she pushed his middle finger Beyoğlu escort slid deeper inside her and he automatically brought it upwards against the roof of her vagina, pushing hard against her G spot.

He began to move his middle finger inside of her as if he were gesturing to someone to come over to him. His finger stroked her G spot again and again, all the while he kept the fingers of his other hand moving in a circular motion against her clitoris.

Every now and then he would pull his middle finger out of her. He would then run the finger of his other hand around the opening of her vagina in order to slicken it with her juices.

Then he would put the finger he originally had inside her back where it had been. His finger that was working her clitoris would once again be coated in her natural moisture. He wanted to ensure that he kept her clitoris very slick as he slid is fingers over it.

What had started as a steady thrusting with her hips had now turned into a full body quiver as Jacob continued to work her with both hands. His left hand was the one with the middle finger inside of her and his right hand had his palm resting on her outer pussy lips so that his fingertips could stroke her clitoris and the sensitive inner lips.

With all of this happening at once her body suddenly convulsed as one huge orgasm hit her. She let out one long aching moan as the climax continued to cut through her. Jacob could see her shuddering on the outside but what was even more amazing was what was happening inside of her.

The walls of her vagina were clenching and releasing around his finger so hard, he instinctively left it inside of her for fear it might not be released so easily.

Finally after what seemed like 5 minutes Taylor’s body came to a stop. Jacob took his hands off of her and sat back against the couch. For a long time she just lay there with her legs and pussy open wide.

All at once a feeling of shame washed over Jacob. He could see Alex’s face in his mind and he suddenly knew what he had to do.

Jacob hopped up off the couch and grabbed Taylor’s bottle of lube. He ran to the bathroom and there in the mirror he quickly jerked himself off till he came in the sink. Then he looked up at himself in the mirror.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he asked his reflection. He was glad he had just masturbated, it would keep him from doing anything else he would regret. He turned to walk out Bomonti escort bayan of the bathroom but Taylor was there blocking the door.

“That was amazing.” She said. “Where did you learn to use your hands like that?”

“Um… the discovery channel. You wouldn’t believe the shows they are putting on these days.”

“I am ready for some more, and besides we haven’t gotten you off yet.”

“Actually I just, uh, took care of myself. I’m perfectly fine now.”

“You would rather jerk off then let me touch you?” she went back to looking hurt.

“Listen. I don’t know what Clair told you, but I am not just a fuck buddy for the whole school. I actually have someone I am interested in.” Jacob’s eyes accidently looked over Taylor’s shoulder in the direction of Alex’s apartment.

“Who Alex?” She said, then she laughed for a second or two. “She doesn’t like guys.”

Jacob’s face dropped. “What do you mean?”

“Well I stopped by her place before I came here and she was having her way with Rose. You had to know there would be at least a few gay girls on the soccer team.”

Jacob was pretty sure his heart had stopped. Yes he had pretty much turned her down today when she offered for them to go out, but that was because he wanted to take things slow.

The truth was, he was developing feelings for Alex. He started to regret shooting her down earlier today. But then again it sounded as though she probably would have shot him down had he pursued her.

Taylor reached out and put her hand on his shoulder. “Hey cheer up. After what Clair told all her friends, there will be plenty of girls coming to see you. I am sure one of them will be interested in a relationship.”

“Sheesh, why does she hate me so much?” Jacob said to himself for a second time.

“Well, since you know Alex is out of the picture, you think we could get it on now?”

Jacob shrugged and walked over to his bed. He flopped onto it and lay down on his back. He didn’t care what happened at this point.

Taylor climbed onto the bed with an un-opened condom in her hand. She expertly broke it open and slid it onto him. Then for what seemed like an hour she got on top of him and had her way. He just lay there staring at the ceiling as she moved up and down on him.

He was so disappointed that he wouldn’t get a chance with Alex that he didn’t Taylor at all. She rode him till she got her way and didn’t even seem to care that he was getting no joy out of it at all.

She left at 4 in the morning. Even while she was fucking him Jacob hardly moved. Then afterwards she had lay down next to him with her head on his shoulder.

But after awhile she realized he wasn’t going to move or even acknowledge her presence so she showed herself out the door.

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