I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 13


Author’s Note: This is a story about a loving couple, husband and wife, who get very lost in their relationship – neither knowing that the other has strayed.

Scott and Madeline were happily married 30-somethings, up until a week ago. Madeline asked her best friend, Shelly, to try hitting on Scott – just to see if he would cheat on Madeline. She didn’t realize Shelly coveted her husband, and had so for several years. Shelly happily took the opportunity to seduce Scott, easily ensnaring him with her womanly charms. Shelly then concocted a plan to drive a wedge between the couple, neither of whom are yet aware their marriage is unraveling.

In the last chapter, Madeline and Shelly had lunch at the Dandelion restaurant. Fun fact: Did you know dandelion is another name for blow job? (Source: Urban Dictionary). The restaurant lived up to its name, for after their waiter flirted with Madeline at the table, the loving housewife gave him a blow job in the men’s room! She also got his phone number, so perhaps there is more to happen between these two? Our story picks up just after the two ladies are leaving the restaurant.

This series is about a cheating wife, a cheating husband, and a wicked, manipulative, not-so-loyal best friend. If “cheating wives” (or husbands) – who seemingly get away with it, with no consequences – angers you, please stop reading now! You’ll hate this erotic tale of fiction. Life is short. Find the stuff that interests you and read that.

If you do read this story, please give it a rating (1-5, you pick). If you love it, Favorite it with a heart. Tell me what you want to happen next, or critique my work in the comments (or email me – I will reply!). Your feedback really means a lot to me, it’s really the only currency we get as Lit writers! It on helps me develop as a writer. Even poor ratings and reviews are better than no scoring whatsoever!

Stay horny, people!


***** ***** *****

“Oh, dear,” Shelly said worriedly. “I think I left my credit card back in there.”

The two women were in the foyer, just getting ready to leave the restaurant. Shelly pulled her wallet out to confirm, fumbled through her purse and nodded, “Yep, I’ll be right back.”

“No problem, hon, we have separate cars. I need to scoot, but I’ll see you tomorrow morning at 7?”

“Yes!” Shelly’s eyes lit up, sparkling mischievously. The ladies had scheduled a playdate for tomorrow, Saturday. Madeline’s husband was going to be up at their lake house for an extended three day weekend with their son, a boys get-away trip. Shelly was going to take Madeline out for a day of “sun and fun” on her friend’s yacht.

The buxom blonde stepped forward to give her friend a hug. At the last second, rather than kissing Madeline on the cheek, Shelly kissed her full on the lips. It wasn’t the first time the two had kissed, and Madeline reacted favorably, kissing her back. Neither woman cared if anyone might walk in on them, and so the kiss lingered.

“Mmmm,” Shelly said, tasting Faras on Madeline’s lips and tongue. “Good gift!”

They laughed at their private joke, just as two men entered from outside.

“Ok girl, see you tomorrow.”

“Can’t wait!”

Madeline suspected Shelly had ulterior motives for going back into the restaurant. Most likely, she was going back to get Faras’s phone number for herself. Madeline didn’t mind. She was getting very good at sharing Shelly’s toys: Eric, Dave, Nicholas, and now Faras.

That’s all it was, right? Sharing? Playing? Having a little harmless fun? Madeline frowned suddenly, and she walked a little more quickly toward her car.

Clearly “a little harmless fun” had turned into something a whole lot more these past few days. Madeline hadn’t just wandered off the marital path – she had jumped. Willingly. With both feet. She had fucked three different men in the past few days, and given a blow job to a fourth. Suddenly, her whole world seemed topsy-turvey.

This wasn’t right. None of this was right. Madeline ran.

By the time she settled into her car, Madeline was having a full on panic attack. Her breath was rapid and shallow, her pulse raced. She was hyperventilating.

“Shit!” she said, turning the engine on. She fumbled with the console controls until the AC started to blast. She closed her eyes and forced herself to breath. Deep breaths. In. Out. In. Out.

The air was cool on her skin. Calming. Deep breathes. In. Out.

‘You’re peaking, Madeline.’ Shelly’s voice was in her head, calming her.

“That’s right,” Nicholas Hine’s voice agreed. It sounded like he was right there in the car with her. She almost opened her eyes to confirm it. “Sexually. Physically. Mentally. You are peaking.”

It was sweltering hot outside, Madeline thought, fanning her face with one hand and pulling her dress up toward her waist with the other. The AC felt pleasant, blowing cool air across her cooch. Breath slowly now. In. Out. In. Out.

“You know your husband can’t keep up with your sexual appetite,” Nicholas Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort continued. “You need something else – someone else – to fill that void.”

These were not words she had heard Nicholas Hines say, but they resonated in her head. It sounded like words he would tell her, in that soft, soothing voice of his.

Madeline wanted to take her sex therapist into the back seat. She had a void that needed to be filled right now. But in her mind’s eye, he had different plans. The electric motor whirred loudly in the car while he lowered the passenger seat to a reclined position.

Her pulse was starting to race again. But this time for entirely different reasons than her earlier panic attack. Madeline’s fingers were in her pussy. They were slowly driving in, out, in, out.

“Oh, God,” she cried, sanity returning. Her eyes fluttered open. Nicholas Hines was not in the car next to her. The passenger seat was not reclined. But her breath was coming rapidly, and her thumb was working over her clit. Rubbing it, pressing down on it, orbiting around it. And her fingers, two of them, were sliding in, out.

Madeline didn’t need to close her eyes to imagine Nicholas Hines in her passenger side seat, and she knew she was reliving a story Shelly had told her. That didn’t make the fantasy seem any less real. In her imagination, she climbed over the center console, Nicholas already sliding her panties out of the way.

“Ohhhhh, FUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!” she screamed, her fingers strumming faster and faster over her clit. She was cumming as she imagined her pussy sliding down onto her therapist’s cock. It was HIS cock filling her, not to slender fingers. Madeline clenched her pussy tight, feeling that cock slide in and out, in and out. Her orgasm was swift and consuming.

“Oh my God,” Madeline breathed, finding her inner calm at last. She sat in the car a few minutes longer, then noted the time on the console. She had just enough time to get home, draw a tub full of nice, hot water, and enjoy a leisurely bubble bath before Thomas got home from school. After her hookups today with both Nicholas and Faras, Madeline felt she was extra deserving of that!

Madeline lowered the top to her convertible, then pulled out of the parking lot. She was all the way onto the highway before she realized the AC was still on, blasting cool air across her sticky, wet mound.

“Fuck it,” she said, leaving the AC on and her dress pulled up, past her waist.


Inside the restaurant, Faras tried to hand the $100 bill back to Shelly. The pretty blonde had given him the bill shortly after she arrived, nearly an hour ago. She told him then that she would double his money if Faras helped her “newly-divorced” friend feel extra special today.

“I can’t keep this,” the waiter said apologetically, handing the money back to her. “I enjoyed that far too much.”

Shelly laughed.

“Oh, sweety, you most certainly can keep it. You did great!”

She added another Franklin, and folded both bills back into his hand, then gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Did, ahh, my friend give you a little lip service in the bathroom just now?”

Faras nodded, grunting softly.

“Better than any of the girls at school,” he answered.

“I told you!! Anyway, I just came in to say thanks again. You were terrific. I’m sure she’ll call you, perhaps even this weekend!”

“Are you, umm, both single, by chance?”

Faras eyed the tall blonde lustfully. He had been fantasizing about a twosome with both women, pretty much from the moment he saw Madeline join the Shelly at the table.

“Sorry, sweety, I have a boyfriend,” Shelly confided.

Faras nodded knowingly, not the least bit surprised. Of course this stunning, attractive beauty would have a boyfriend or husband, probably some tall, hard-bodied, muscular stud.

She turned and left the restaurant. Faras watched her ass swish sexily left and right as she walked away. At the door, she lifted her hand and waved farewell, without even turning back in his direction. That was the last Faras saw of Shelly Adams.

***** ***** *****

Once outside, Shelly put her sunglasses on. She smiled. Another piece on the chessboard had been played. When this whole crazy adventure had started, Shelly had planned to merely seduce Scott. Use him, and discard him, as she had so many others.

Early on, she had entertained the idea of somehow bringing Maria Vasquez – that cute little Latina at the Little League field whom Madeline was obsessed with – into the affair as a threesome. Or perhaps the red-headed mom that had also cozied up to Scott while cheering on the teams.

Who was she kidding? Originally, Shelly had planned to get all four of them in a bed together. She smiled, imagining Scott naked, with a blonde (herself, of course), a red-head, and a sexy little brunette all there to please him. Was he man enough for an encounter like that? Oh, yes – she was certain he would be.

All that changed this past Saturday, just six days ago. She had seduced Scott. Quite easily, in fact. He had proven to be a most eager and willing participant. But her own feelings had changed as a result of that encounter. Shelly saw something in Madeline’s husband that she hadn’t seen in other men. She couldn’t quite explain what or why – but she had become truly possessive of him. She no longer wanted to share Scott with Maria Vasquez, the pretty, little red-head, or even Madeline. And so Shelly had begun to scheme and weave this devious plan together.

It started with the complete and utter corruption of her former “best friend”, Madeline Brown. Shelly believed Scott and Madeline’s marriage might survive the mutual confession of a single tawdry affair. To drive a wedge in their marriage, Shelly needed to groom Madeline – to debase her – from the happy homemaker to an insatiable nymphomaniac. The pretty housewife had to be manipulated into a state of mind in which she was craving new men in her life all the time. Constantly. Once that became her singular need, there would be no turning back. Scott would be hers!

For her own part, Shelly had been uncharacteristically loyal to Scott, ever since they first fucked. Well, aside from that one night with Eric and Dave, which was really meant to get things started with Madeline – “prime the pump”, so to speak – Shelly had been singularly faithful to Scott. She hadn’t even fucked Bob, her own husband, since his return from a business trip two days ago.

That little story about giving Faras a blow job in the bathroom before Madeline arrived for lunch? It was a lie. Nearly everything she had told the dim-witted housewife today had been a lie.

Shelly falsely confessed to giving their waiter a BJ only to plant a seed in Madeline’s head. By claiming she had done the deed, Shelly hoped it would loosen Madeline’s inhibitions, encouraging her to follow in Shelly’s footsteps. And it worked!

True, she had bribed Faras to flirt with Madeline. He had done a wonderful job, too! That little public orgasm Faras had given Madeline at the restaurant table? It was all his idea.

Madeline had tried so desperately to keep the fact that Faras was diddling on her clitty secret, but of course Shelly had known. As if the pretty housewife’s white-knuckled grip on the table, rapid, shallow breathing, and slow, rocking body convulsions, and final exhale of breath weren’t full evidence that she had just climaxed all over their waiter’s finger.

A portly business man and an attractive, young woman had been seated a few tables away. There was a definite sexual tension between them. Probably having a quick lunch before heading to a hotel room somewhere. In any event, despite being seated a few tables aware, both of them seemed aware of Madeline’s climax. The man even got up to follow Madeline into the bathroom! What had he seen there?

Shelly had lied about meeting Nicholas Hines several months ago, too. She hadn’t been using Nicholas as her personal, weekly sex therapist, as she claimed. In fact, she’d never been in to see him as a client. She had one phone call with Nicholas, describing Madeline’s situation in her own words as a “concerned friend”, but otherwise arranged today’s therapy appointment for Madeline exclusively. And Shelly had been quite impressed that Madeline had managed to get Nicholas Hines naked in that very first consult! Her inner slut was coming along quite nicely.

And lastly, that story about first cheating on her husband at the Diamond a few months back was also a lie. Well, it had happened, exactly as Shelly described it, but it wasn’t the first time she had cheated on her husband. Shelly told that story in explicit detail solely to arouse Madeline at their table. Once titillated, Shelly knew her friend would be more inclined to pursue the young waiter. Or even to plant the notion in Madeline’s mind that if she ever found a man she suddenly fancied – perhaps while the two of them were out clubbing this coming Tuesday night – her car was a great place for a little secluded suck and fuck.

What Shelly didn’t tell Madeline was that she had cuckolded her husband years ago, on their wedding night. When hubby dearest had collapsed on her, going soft after only a few minutes of pathetic humping, Shelly had rolled Bob off her body in disgust. He hadn’t even gotten her out of her wedding gown yet, and he was done???

Shelly had stared at the ceiling for a short while, then placed a room service order. When the food was delivered by an attractive, young island native, she flirted shamelessly with him. One thing led to another, and soon she was making out with the guy.

Her newlywed husband’s protests were weak, so things got progressively more intense. The young, black man’s clothes started to come off. Her husband whined pathetically as she started to suck on that thick, black cock. His soft outcries only fueled Shelly’s desire.

Soon, she was barebacking the guy while her fat, overweight husband stroked himself in the corner. She fucked that boy long into the night before finally letting him leave their honeymoon suite.

Shelly lay with her new husband in their bed afterwards, confessing her undying love for him. He had made her the happiest bride on the planet. Those words, whispered in his ear while she rubbed his tiny, little cock, placated her husband. He even confessed to getting turned on at the sight of “that black man” fucking his wife in her bridal gown.

Shelly had been “cheating” on her husband and bringing random guys home to fuck in front of him ever since.

But that was all before Scott Brown. Scott was the first guy who satisfied Shelly completely. No more of her jezebel ways. She wanted Scott, and only Scott. She just had to pry this man from Madeline. And so far, her plan was working flawlessly.

A car horn honked behind her, and Shelly realized she had been idling at a green light. She hit the accelerator, while tapping Scott’s work address into her GPS.

Scott hadn’t been over this morning, because Bob was now home. Clearly their new relationship wasn’t at a point where Scott felt comfortable fucking Shelly in front of her husband. He wasn’t quite so depraved. Yet. She hoped she’d be able to get him there soon! Today’s surprise office visit was partially intended to set him down that path. And partially because she needed him. Desperately.

Shelly was going to fuck Scott Brown in his office today. The memory of that experience, she hoped, would be a constant daily reminder to him – of her place in his life.

“Make a right turn on Union Street,” her GPS told her.

“That’s the idea,” she smiled, turning right and heading toward her destination.


Alice Cavanaugh, Scott’s personal secretary, picked up her phone after the first ring. Her display indicated the call was direct to Scott’s extension, from the front receptionist.

“Hi, Gina,” she said. “It’s Alice. Mr. Brown is in a meeting. Can I help you?”

“Hello, Alice. There is a Ms. Shelly Adam’s here to see Scott.”

Alice frowned. Mr. Brown did not have any appointments scheduled for this afternoon. She clicked opened his Outlook calendar, just to be sure.

Her eyebrows furled as she stared at the screen. Scott had a 3PM appointment – 20 minutes from now – scheduled with Shelly Adams. Her frown deepened. The appointment had not been there earlier. She had checked her boss’s calendar after lunch.

“I’ll be right there, Gina. Could you give Ms. Adams a visitors badge?”

“Sure thing,” Gina replied, and hung up.

Alice opened the meeting event and scanned the header. Scott had scheduled this meeting himself only 15 minutes ago.

‘But that means he would have scheduled there, while he was in the meeting with his team?’ Alice thought.

A last minute meeting scheduled by a vendor, perhaps? But how was that arranged if she, Alice, was currently holding all his calls while he was in a design review meeting with his engineering leads? Had the vendor called his cell phone directly? That seemed the most plausible explanation.

In any event, her boss would be with his design team for at least another 20 minutes. Alice would bring Ms. Adams down to his office to wait.

She scanned the event one more time. Shelly Adams. No email address, phone number or company information. She wasn’t even registered in his Outlook contacts, as business contacts typically were. That was odd.


Alice came around the corner, entered the lobby area and stopped abruptly.

“Oh, Gosh,” she whispered, her eyes taking in the sight before her.

The woman who stood at the front desk, chatting amicably with Gina, took Alice’s breath away. She wasn’t just pretty, she was jaw-dropping gorgeous.

She was tall, more so because of the six-inch, high heeled purple pumps on her feet. She was incredibly proportioned, her hourglass figure barely contained within the grey-knit pencil skirt and purple short-sleeved collared shirt. The shirt had a ruffled, buttoned front, the top four buttons of which were undone. This created a V neckline that plunged more than midway down the woman’s chest. It revealed an ample amount of cleavage. The impressive curves of the woman’s breasts were clearly visible. It was also plainly evident she was not wearing a bra. A two-tone purple belt cinched her narrow waist. It drew the shirt in snugly above her hip, drawing the outfit tightly around her shapely curves.

She was naturally blonde, her hair drawn back into a knotted bun behind her head. Her skin was sun-kissed in a golden brown hue, her smile brilliantly white, and she had the most intense crystal blue eyes Alice had ever seen. She was captivating.

As Alice stepped forward, the woman turned in her direction. Those intensely blue eyes looked Alice up and down, appraising her. There was an immediate sense of recognition in the woman’s gaze, and … something else.

“Ms. Adams? I’m Alice Cavanaugh. I’m Mr. Brown’s secretary.”

The woman scrutinized Alice a second time, this time a little more intently. Alice had a vague sense of unease, but it passed when the woman flashed her brilliant, white smile.

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