Daddy’s Sweet Muffin

Big Tits

“Oh god!” Blonde haired, blue eyed Maddison Claire had always been my weakness in life. After she turned 18 and I caught her masturbating with a few of my domination toys, we had a downward slide from there and she brought out the demon in me.

“Shh.” I shook my whip gently on her back and she whimpered. I grit my teeth. My entire body was taut and most who knew me would assume it was completely due to my arousal.

The truth was it was all to blame on my anxiety. I had always taken great care with the submissives I took to bed with me. In fact, it was a point of pride. A wound on one of mine would flay my ego and remind me of what lack of caution could cause in the scenarios I set up with the partners who trusted me.

But Maddie? My beautiful daughter under my whip? It was simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying. I was in an exquisite form of hell, fulfilling a fantasy I’d had for years. I hadn’t been able to start off very rough with her. The whip I held was a short, gentle rope stock. It caused a nice little sting that was just enough to raise a pattern of lovely pink welts on Maddie’s thighs, back, and ass.

She whimpered again and I thrilled to the sound. I’d left her unfettered and she looked near the end of what she could handle.

Well. Let me rephrase. She looked near the end of what she thought she could handle at the moment. But I had a fair bit of domination experience and if I had to guess, with a bit of sensual manipulating, we were just warming up together.

“Shhh.” I stroked the whip gently across her back again and watched her tense. She was currently bent at the waist over my king sized bed, her legs spread wide, and her arms straightened in front of her. Her face was buried cozily in the blankets. My daughter was a fae like creature, tiny with shoulder length mouse brown hair. I’d given her alabaster skin nine kisses of my whip. They were beautiful, exact marks, a testament to my control, and they calmed me. They reminded me that this was my life and had been for a long time. I had been practicing for this since before my lovely daughter was even born.

The nerves eased and I caressed Maddie’s young body, trailing the whip marks that decorated her with my fingertips and purring my pleasure.

“Oh, daddy…” Her voice was breathy now. It didn’t escape my notice that as soon as I touched her it went from pleading to a sigh of steadiness. She trusted me so much.

“I’m right here, precious girl. You’re doing so well. Let’s see if we can give you some needed encouragement, however.” I flipped the whip handle in my hand and slid it between her spread legs, stroking her pussy through the satin of her panties with the tail end of the handle.

She instantly went tense and tight, gasping with shock, and I chuckled. It was a reaction I had rather hoped for. I’d noticed it early with new submissives. They would get so caught up and focused in the pain that they’d forget to pay attention to how much pleasure and arousal they sometimes got. And when you finally touched them, like beautiful Maddie, oh how they flew on the wings of stunning pleasure with abandon.

She was no different. She ground her hips shamelessly against the whip handle, moaning and gasping her pleasure loudly. This sweet girl that was still a virgin didn’t act like one while grinding my whip. I smiled with quiet joy. Oh yes. We were just getting started. “Don’t cum, Muffin. Not yet. Take your pleasure, but keep yourself nice and worked up for daddy, understood?”

“Y-Yes, sir!” She wailed it around her ecstasy and I chuckled.

“You smell so good, sweet girl. Like hot sex.” It was sultry and intoxicating in fact, a fetish of mine being wet pussy. I loved the scent, loved the heat, and loved watching cum drip from a girl’s needy quivering cunt. But another thing I loved? “You’re drenched, baby. I can see the outline of your pussy where your panties are soaking with all this cum.” The fabric clung to her lips, darker with an obscene amount of fluid.

“Oh, yes, daddy! It feels so good. Thank you for your whipping.”

“Good girl. Very good. Let’s see if we can get you even hotter. This time when I strike you, thank me for each one and then ask for the next one, understood? You see why it’s so good now, yes? And we’ll work our way up to so much more.”

“Ohhhh. Yes, sir! This is amazing. I can’t wait to play more.”

I withdrew the whip and flipped it back around, smiling. Maddie finally turned her head to watch me and her eyes glowed with desire and submissive heat. She was nearing the headspace that would give her ecstasy now. My blood ran hot with anticipation. Just a few more strikes and she would tumble down into a soft place where the words “good girl” would make her body glow and come to life with pleasure.

My nerves evaporated altogether now. With her asking for the strikes the submission would drag her under even faster. I prolonged this moment, holding the whip ready, staring into her baby blue eyes. İstanbul Escort They were wide and dilated, ready and eager. Gods, as my daughter she already thrilled to obedience for me. What would this be like? She wouldn’t be able to know when to stop. All the faith and trust was in me, her father. It was stunning to think about.

Nothing would ever again be like this dark edge and I knew it.

I swung the whip, striking her harder now that she had the arousal to soothe the pain. She cried out with thrill. “One, daddy! Thank you. May I have another?”

I shivered and gave her what she asked. Once again, “Two, sir! Thank you. May I have another?”

Her voice quivered that time, breathless. Sir, now. Pleasure sizzled through me, pleasure and painful arousal. One more would do it. One more and the gratitude and plea for more would turn all too real. One more and she’d beg for it because she knew it would please me.

I cut my whip and landed it with the brutality of possession. Her voice gave over to my ownership, turning into a sigh of sweet surrender. “Thank you so much, daddy. May I please have more from you? That’s three.”

“Yes. Oh, yes. You may have so much more. No more counting or speaking. Just show me your gratitude.”

She turned her head, meeting my eyes with joy and bliss. “Yes, sir.”

Gone was the fear. Gone was the uncertainty. This was where I belonged with my daughter. Oh, yes, this was right. We had always been meant to fit together like this. I slid one hand between her legs and stroked her pleasure, bringing the whip down again and again. Maddie quivered and moaned. I’d told her to show me her gratitude and she did so from the beginning. She raised her ass to me, standing on tiptoes in her eagerness for more pain at my hands. Her body rose and fell like a tide between my attentions. Pain and pleasure, pleasure and pain, on a tight leash to each other.


I dropped the whip when neither of us could take any more. My body strained and I was lost to my headspace. It was my favorite headspace. That special place where I looked down at a submissive with care and attention, with ownership and jealous possession.

Maddie was different. This was like a fiery drug, a fever of dominance. I lifted her from where she was still spread across the bed and studied her face and body. I took in everything. Nothing escaped my attentions in this head space. I took in her glazed eyes, I took in the way her posture was open and receptive. Her hands were free by her side, her legs were spread, and her entire body was left open to my view. There was no crossing of her arms out of some instinct to hide herself from me, which was good. I don’t know what reaction that would have pulled from me.

As it was, my voice was hoarse like gravel when I spoke. “I need you, Muffin. Remember sucking the paddle handle clean? I’m going to do the same thing with my cock.”

She got the gist in an instant and fell to her knees, staring up at me with the most perfect submission I’d ever seen. Her face was a beautiful vision of serenity, expectant and awaiting my use. “Anything, daddy. You’re such a good daddy. Let me show you how grateful I am.”

Powerful words. I didn’t let her wait for long. I stepped out of my basketball shorts and boxers and stood in front of her. “Lick my cock, princess. Get me nice and wet for your throat fucking, understood?”

“Oh, yes, sir.” She stared at me with an adorable smile and then she shocked me. She’d been watching videos lately.

So when she licked me, she didn’t just tentatively lick my cock to get me wet. She worshipped with her tongue. And there is a big difference between those two things.

She licked and sucked with eager surrender, like a good daughter who was grateful for my daddy cock and thankful for the use I was getting ready to visit on her. “Yes.” My voice was a hiss, a primal sound even to me. “That’s it, sweet girl. Jesus fucking…” I moaned when she gave a long reverent lick from the tip of my cock to my balls, stroking them gently with her fingertips. Pleasure tightened my body and I grasped her hair. “Open your mouth, princess.” She leaned back and stared up at me adoringly, holding her jaw open wide for me. Not quite wide enough, but I chuckled, and pressed my thick cockhead to her lips, spreading her mouth open wider with gentle force. My dick was a nice, thick size to fill her mouth. Bigger than the paddle handle she’d practiced on, for certain. Perhaps I wouldn’t be able to force my way into her throat, but I would definitely give my best effort.

Maddie made a moaning sound that amped me even more. I loved the sound of her with her mouth full. “That’s it,” I whispered. “Let’s stretch your throat together, precious girl.” I thrust farther inside her, watching the inches slowly disappear inside her mouth until she gagged. I withdrew just a bit then, transfixed by the sight, and then slid myself a little deeper. This time when she İstanbul Escort Bayan choked I didn’t let up so quick. I trained her to my cock instead, holding her steady until she swallowed and the choking dissipated. I withdrew again and then surged forward. “Swallow, Muffin. Take me deeper. Take all of me, sweetheart. You can do it. Take all of me and then savor all the cum I’m going to feed you. It’s all straight from my cock and just for you, princess.” Christ the words were even filthier than I usually spoke, but I had dreamed of this for so long. Maddie nodded eagerly, whimpering agreement with her mouth so full and she swallowed convulsively and sporadically. She was definitely inexperienced and it definitely didn’t matter with how eager and exultant she was around my cock.

She sucked me deeper and deeper into her mouth, tears falling from the corner of her eyes, her mouth stretched, her throat working. When there was finally just one last half inch of cock left to feed her, I thrust forward and held her head in place with my fists in her hair. She choked and gagged and struggled, but then she swallowed and went still, accepting me. “Good girl,” I cooed. “That’s a very good girl. Now for a nice daddy daughter bonding over a throat fucking, right, princess?” Her face was a mess, her eyes and nose streaming, her mascara running. It was beautiful and I was so proud of her, so very proud. “Here we go now, princess. Take all of your reward.” I withdrew and thrust back into her throat. She choke and she still had to arch and stretch to take me. So I thrust again, feeling it get a little easier and delighting that in the next few minutes I planned on defiling her enough that her throat would be stretched to take me so easily.

I grit my teeth and drew back again, surging, filling her mouth full of cock while I held her gaze. Her hands wrapped around my thighs and she worked with me, just as eager as I was. “Oh yes, Muffin!” I went faster, forcing her to take me with no reprieve and little adjustment time. She choked some more but then swallowed around me. Her tears fell freely now but she was still just as eager, still okay.

So then I drew closer over her and tilted her head back farther, pounding down into her throat, finally the pace I wanted. I held her face still and pistoned in and out of her lips. God it was a sight to see my cock finally being fed into my daughter’s sweet mouth over and over again. She choked and moaned around it, the sounds like a pornography.

My balls tightened and I moaned. I managed to get the words I wanted out just in time. “Hold my cum in your mouth, little girl! Try not to spill a drop.”

Her answer was a choking agreement right before I spilled my seed into her. When I withdrew she stared up at me with her mouth clamped shut over so much hot, thick liquid obediently held in her mouth.

“Good girl. Such a good girl.” I knelt before her, noticing a little bit of cum that had spilled on her lips. I stroked it across her closed mouth, spreading to the corners of her lips. “There we go. After I let you swallow, you can lick the rest of this for a nice treat. Enjoying that mouthful of daddy’s cum, sweet girl?”

She nodded eagerly, humming through closed lips. I grinned and shifted aside her panties, sinking two fingers inside messy wet cunt to the knuckles. Her eyes went wide and she moaned through her nose, grabbing my shoulders. I wrapped an arm around her back to hold her steady and pumped her tight little virgin pussy. She was so drenched that she took me easily. “I’m very glad to hear that, Muffin. It turns me on to see you with a mouth nice and full of cum from the same cock that made you. Soon I’ll stuff your little pussy, too, and fill it with so much semen that I can watch it drip out of you later.”

Oh, fucking hell, but my filthy talk worked for both of us. She detonated around my fingers, the orgasm ripping through her young body. “Swallow!” I demanded it almost like a snarl, needing her to drink my seed before she shouted her pleasure and lost her first mouthful.

Precious girl. She didn’t fail me. She swallowed and then moaned, grabbing my wrist savagely and humping my fingers. The second spasm that crossed her was gentler and more final. She collapsed against me. “Daddy, that was the most fucking amazing thing ever.”

I laughed and lifted her into my arms. “You have no idea what those words mean to me, sweetheart. Let’s bathe you before the whip strikes hurt you too much without the pleasure to dull them.”

She nuzzled me while I carried her and I smiled. It was our first real scene but not, it seemed, the last. I had been reluctant to try it with her but now that it was a success I felt like a god. I felt like I was walking on cloud nine.

My muffin. My daughter. And now my submissive. She was turning into everything to me.


I tried to get Maddie to take a bit of Tylenol since the welts were sure to cause a bit of discomfort Escort İstanbul for the first day. But while I bathed her she smiled shyly up at me, shaking her head, her voice turning breathy. “It throbs so good, daddy. You always say that my body likes things that are good for it. Well, I think it likes it a lot when you dominate me.”

I kissed her for her reward, fisting my hand in her hair and holding her steady with force and passion, feeding her my tongue. She moaned and shimmied against me, giggling with delight.

“Good girl, starshine,” I whispered, lifting her from her bath. “Very good. Yes, your body does like what’s good for you. I’ll have to remember to keep you well marked and sore as a reminder. Would you like that? Would you like a little routine of domination while I teach you how to please me?”

She squeaked in delight and excitement, throwing her arms around my neck where I held her bridal. “Oh, that’s a wonderful idea daddy! I want to be your obedient little girl forever.”

I sat her naked on the couch, chuckling. “Well, we shall just have to see what we can manage, dear heart. We have the summer together to try and find routines that work for us.” I hesitated. The next part made me a bit nervous. I had an idea in mind, something that was far outside anything I had yet tried, but then I hadn’t been with a virgin since high school. My own loss of virginity had been an awkward experience. I quickly learned that I was a horrific mess at vanilla sex. I started out so shy around anything with tits. It was a cougar who got hold of my college avatar, fawning over how adorable I was. From the first time she taught me how to top, it was a godsend. My shyness was fucking obliterated in the face of the arousal I had in watching a beautiful woman kneel and look up to me. It was just something I had been born and wired for.

Needless to say, I was none too romantic in the general sense. But looking at Maddie after she had served me and trusted me so well, I refused to let her have a bad first experience with anything. “Tomorrow I’m going to drop you off for the office job by yourself, Muffin. I have a few errands to run. Friday, we’re going to have a date of sorts.”

“A date! Okay.” She didn’t question or argue at all. She just grinned. “So whatcha want to do tonight?” There was a hint of sweet shyness to her voice now that our dynamic was changing, but I understood it all too well. We were figuring each other out in this new way. It was thrilling and fun.

And as the dominant it was very easy to tell when the new romance needed to be forgone for the old routines with my daughter. “Want to paint my toes and watch a movie?”

Maddie grinned and it wasn’t thirty minutes later that I had to pause the movie while she cackled in laughter at the silliest joke until tears ran down her face. She painted my toes purple and placed a kiss to my zombie Tasmanian devil tattoo.


“Daddy, are you okay? You look a little stressed.”

My pretty girl. She had donned a cute white ribbon in her mousy ponytail and had on a neat little tennis skirt and matching shirt. A lot of the problem I had with Maddie was how young she looked. She was tiny. What was more, she had lived a very sheltered life at my hands. My fault, of course. The way she acted and looked made me endlessly protective and gave me no small amount of twisted arousal.

I disliked leaving her on her own for the day. She’d done it before, of course. This was an easy job, too. Even so, I had never liked it very much and now it was so much worse. I loathed the thought of being absent her side. It felt like a dangerous obsession, however. It was not feasible for me to be by her side and guarding her every second of the day. When she decided on schooling I would need to temper myself.

I stroked her back and she leaned into me while I pulled into the parking lot for her. “Just being a dad, Muffin. Go on now. You have your cell phone, yes?”

“Of course, daddy.” She held it up and glanced down shyly, biting her lip, and hesitating to open the door.

“Muffin? What’s wrong?”

A blush was spreading across her face, but she looked up with mischievous eyes and lifted up in her seat to whisper in my ear. “I wanted you to know that I can’t wait for you to finally spread my tight little pussy open with your cock, daddy. And, well, I want you to know that I like how you like sex. I love how rough you are.” She giggled, getting braver with her flirting, and I had to grin with pleasure when she nipped my neck. “I’m so lucky to have such a sexy daddy to teach me. And I’ll be thinking about it all day.”

“You smell like cum.”

She laughed. “That’s what good girls smell like for daddy, isn’t it?”

I closed my eyes and inhaled. “Oh yes. It most certainly is.” I had to make myself withdraw from her before we both got carried away right there in the parking lot. “I’m glad you reassure me, Muffin. It does make me nervous sometimes.” I slapped her ass where she was lifted in her seat, on the side where there was a tender wheal mark and she squealed, giggling with joy. “Go on, now, before the scent of all that cum in that cute little skirt makes me want to suck your clit right here in the car. That’s just tacky of both of us.”

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