I was his bitch before the end of our first time t


I was his bitch before the end of our first time tI grew up in New York and was introduced to gay sex before I was 14. I was working in Brooklyn Heights one day and met a man named Ariel. He was from Argentina and had just moved to NY a few months before. He asked if I could help him with moving a chest up to his apartment from the car. I said sure. I was about 23 and he was near 50 and was very good looking. Once we were inside it took only a few minutes before he leaned towards me and said thank you and kissed me, I kissed him back. He took my hand a led me into the living room were we sat on the couch and we kissed again. I was so hot and I could not believe I just met this guy and here we were kissing and getting all hot together. I reached down and stroked his crotch and felt his cock. He said why don’t you unzip my fly and pants and I did. He slid out of his pants and underwear. It was then that I saw the most beautiful cock of my life. It was so big and cut but not fully hard. I said wow you have such a nice dick and it is so big. He took my head a held it and kissed me very deeply and told me he was going to show me how men from South America make love. He stood up and tuzla escort told me to kiss his cock and I did, then he said and my balls. I did what he said. Now I want you to lick the tip of my cock, my tongue started to lick the tip and his shaft and then on my own I began to stroke and suck his dick he moaned and said yes that is what you want don’t you, I answered yes. I was sucking this guys massive cock and it was still growing, I was in heaven. I was suck and licking his cock and trying to fit as much as I could into my hungry mouth. He told me to wait and had me stand up and he took me by the hand into the bedroom he told me to take of my clothes and I did exactly what he said. He laid me onto the bed and got on top of me kissing me and grinding his cock against mine that was rock hard by now. He said I am going to make you very happy and you are going to please me because that is what you want to do, right. I said YES, I want to make you happy. I laid with my face in his lap kissing and sucking hid beautiful cock and he reached behind me and started to rub my ass> I continued to work on his dick and it was now very big and hard. He spit on his hand and rubbed his fingers maltepe escort on my asshole and slowly inserted one of his fingers into me. I moved my hips towards his hand and he said you like this I said yes I do. He then told me he was going to give me the best time of my life and he was going to fuck me in my ass the way no man had ever done before. I was hot and wild but afraid I would be hurt by his massive cock and unable to please him. He told me to relax and he got some lube from the draw next to the bed, opened it and poured some on his hand and my ass. He began rubbing and inserting two and then three fingers in my butt and I was loving every second of this foreplay. He said relax and he inserted the fourth finger and I began to moan and hump his hand. Before I knew it my ass was taking his whole hand, I never did this before but it felt so good and I was so hot and just laid back and enjoyed all that he was doing to me. He smiled at me and said you are making me very happy and now I want to make you feel good. I answered anything you want just ask and I will try to please you. He said I am going to mount you and make you mine and I want you to relax and accept kartal escort my cock into you ass. Before I could answer him he was on top of me kissing me so deeply and yet loving I was his and he knew it. He took my legs and raised them and took his big hard cock and began to enter me. He was so gentle, yet so forceful. He kissed me as he entered me very slowly. I wanted him so much and he knew it. Before very long he half way in me and I was loving it and him. He said trust me I will not hurt you, I am going to make us both enjoy this together. I relaxed and he entered me with all of his cock so deep and it did not hurt. I wanted all of him inside of me and I took every inch of his 10″ manhood. He began to pump in and out of me slowly and with such love and passion. He had opened me to the max and I was loving every inch and every thrust of that beautiful cock. I came twice and he continued to make love to me. I wanted him to cum inside of me and I was yelling for him to cum, please cum in me. I was totally in love with this man I just met an hour before and he was pumping me full with his cum as I felt his cock explode deep inside of me. He groaned and moaned and I came again and did not want this to stop. We just laid there him holding me and I feeing so safe and loved. This was the first of many beautiful times we spent together over the next four years. This was my first big dick but not my last.

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