Ian Somerhalder Slash Series Episode 1: The Crow


Ian Somerhalder Slash Series Episode 1: The CrowSeries: Ian Somerhalder Slash SeriesRating: NC17Summary: Something incredible happens to me when feeding crows. Disclaimer: I don’t own the other character, that’s right, now you can imagine yourself in the story!Feedback: Would be lovely.Title: The CrowHow I loved feeding the crows while on my way to work. I always had some spare bread to give out. Never did I break the bread in pieces, no, I just threw them on the pavement for the crows to eat. Sometimes they fought for the sandwiches, but I didn’t pay attention about that.Just only when I saw some I stopped and decided to pull some bread from my small bag that I always carried to work with me.I didn’t always do that though, it mostly happened on Fridays.I wondered if those crows would always be the same crows or if they were different ones.I did give them the bread at the same place though.Not like any of them had a different color or that one of them had a feature so I could recognize that crow as the one that I had fed last week. Never did they approach me either. I also never saw anyone else feed them. Maybe because others didn’t appreciate those crows in the neighbourhood.”See you next week, fellas.” I said to them before I walked on to make it in time for work.Little did I know what would happen tonight…~~~~ Work was done for the day and I walked back home to my house. I crossed the place where I always fed those crows. Every time I walked back home, the crows were gone and all the bread I had given them was gone as well.Not even a crumb remained. I wondered again if there was one of them who would always come back. Maybe it was just me and my crazy fantasy.What if one of them could turn into a human being? I know, me and my crazy fantasy. Would that person like me? Would he or she like what the things I am into?For one thing, I was gay.And a lot of times I had the fantasy that one of the crows would turn into a man so beautiful I would get a raging hardon. I know, crazy me and crow fantasies.Maybe it was going to be another gay porn flick that would get me off tonight. I didn’t always watch one every night. It was a beautiful night outside so I decided to eat outside of my house in the garden.Just a spaghetti bolognese, mind you. Not a fancy dinner. But anyway, I set the table and then I went back inside to set the timer for the spaghetti.I went back inside and sat there in a chair as I drank some wine. Yeah, cause dreams can come true. Even stupid fantasies like that. I thought with a laugh.I had left the door open so I could hear the beep of the microwave that meant the spaghetti was done, so I went back inside and retrieved tonight’s dinner.I pulled it out with oven mitts sekabet yeni giriş on and brought it back outside… but when I stepped outside, I saw a CROW on my table!Now I had never been afraid of crows, not even while watching those horror movies, but right this moment I was just a little bit. Part of me wanted to say ‘Shoo! Go away!’ but the other part didn’t.I set the spaghetti on the table and approached the crow.”Hey there, birdie.” I said and gently petted its back. The crow didn’t even get scared, it just let me do that.Then it cawed at me and for the love of God I had no idea what it meant. Or maybe I did. I walked back in and got a small bowl which I brought outside again.Then I poured some wine onto the bowl and set it down for the crow.”Would you like some of that?” I asked it. It looked at me as it stood in front of the bowl and then dipped its head down and began to lick it up.I sat down in my chair and decided to just start eating the spaghetti. I always finished it but this time I felt a little bad for the crow so I gave it a fair share of my own. “Sure is a nice night, don’t you think so little crow?” I asked as I drank some wine from my glass. I looked away for a bit.”It surely is. Thank you for feeding me and my family every Friday. And for the wine. Oh, and spaghetti. It’s delicious.” I gasped!”What?!” I asked as I turned my head into the direction the voice had come from. Another man sat in the other chair. “That was you?!” I asked in bewilderment.He smirked. “Yes, that’s me. I’m Ian by the way. Ian Somerhalder.” he said and held out his hand for me to shake.I didn’t even eye the hand before I shook it, no, I just shook it and told him my name.”Wow! Cool! So you were always with that crowd?” I asked him. “I never missed a single Friday.” Ian said to me with a smile. “Are you the only one that can change shape?” was my next question to Ian.”Unfortunately, I am.” Ian told me. Then he smirked again. “You know… this isn’t the first time I was at your house.” he told me. I wasn’t scared nor shocked. “It isn’t?” He shook his head and actually blushed.”I sometimes sat there in front of your window. Other times I just watched you read a book or… well…” Ian was really blushing now.But I knew what he meant.”You watched me do certain stuff to myself…” I whispered softly. Then he was out of his chair and looked at me. He stood right in front of me. I thought he was going to sit on my lap at any second. But he didn’t.Ian just stood there. He bent through his knees a bit so he was eye-level with me. “I always know what you are thinking while you are feeding us, especially what you were thinking this morning.”And then he leaned closer and touched sekabet giriş my lips with his. I bit by bottom lip.So dreams, even stupid fantasies like the ones I have had about crows or in this case a certain crow did come true.I wanted him, that I did.But did I want him here in the garden or would I invite him to go inside with me?Ian laughed softly.”I can pick up your thoughts.” Ian said. “Why don’t you just move a bit more toward me?” he suggested.I smiled and did just that. “This good enough?” “Perfect.” he said and slid onto my lap. My hands flew to the buttons of his black shirt. Everything about him was black. Black shirt, black pants, black shoes. Black briefs maybe? I thought… to which he grinned.”You are an open book to me.” he said, followed by my name. I hardened at that. “Go ahead, open the buttons further.” he said. I didn’t need to be coaxed into doing that, in fact, I had already done that of my own volition.A perfect chiseled chest came into view.I just shrugged it off his shoulders, no question first of ‘do you mind if your shirt will touch the ground?'”You’re beautiful, Ian.” I whispered. And then I reached in and kissed him, tasted his lips again and again, until I stopped kissing him there and went east and west for his cheeks of course before I would go south.Kiss right down that perfect chiseled stomach of his. When my hands reached his pants, he was off of me. “Ian, what’s wrong? Is your family of crows calling for you?” I asked, afraid that that was the thing. And the end of this encounter.”No.” “Then what’s wrong?” I asked.”It’s nothing.” he said while his hands flew in rapid succession.He undid my belt and then pulled down my pants. I wasn’t wearing any briefs.”Aww, no black briefs like me? You’re naughty.” Ian said with a smirk as he had an eyeful of my cock.”I’m sorry, Ian.” I whispered softly. I had sometimes worn black briefs. First to start my hardening of my cock while watching a gay porn flick, then I would strip it off and continue my stroking. That was usually how I came.”It’s not a big deal.” he said before he wrapped his mouth around my cock.”Nnnhh!” I groaned out. I can’t remember the last time a guy ever had his mouth around my cock.Maybe this was the very first time.I ran my fingers through his hair while he sucked me off. Maybe you do want me more inside? suddenly sounded in my head.”Hey!” I exclaimed. He stopped sucking me.”What?” he asked all innocently, as if he had no idea what he had done.”Was that you in my head just now?” I asked.He smirked again. “Oh, that. Yeah, I know how much you want to touch me. So I thought I’d ask you if you wanted to continue this inside. Well, do you? You do, don’t you?””I do want to touch sekabet güvenilirmi you more inside.” I told him. “Good, then lets lead the way inside.”I settled for the bedroom. There we both undid the rest of our clothes; the ones that we had already taken off had been brought inside.Now I had an eyeful of his cock. “Not bad for a crow.” I said with a smirk this time.”Funny.” he whispered as he dared to lie down on the bed and have his head touch MY pillow, his cock proudly raised and fully erect, as if daring me to take it in my mouth.And that is what I did.This time he gripped my hair. “Awww Yeah!! I bet this trumps all your fantasies, doesn’t it?” he asked me, groaning loudly, actually tugging on my hair. I so couldn’t care less if he actually did pull a few hairs out of my head. I wanted to tell him yes in that special way, but I couldn’t.Then sometime later, I had stopped sucking him off, actually it had been the moment I had felt the grip on my hair lessen.”Y’know, I think you should actually lie down.” Ian told me as he rolled over and took me with him.I was now laying down on that place that Ian had previously taken up and couldn’t place the next scene that he had in mind, not until it was too late.”OH GOD!” I cried out as he impaled himself on my cock!”I prefer OH IAN, but OH GOD will do.” Ian joked as he placed his hands on my stomach and began to ride me. A frantic need was inside me as I held his cock in my two hands, like it was a sacred thing that I was stroking.I never wanted to let go while he rode me so I stroked it as good as I could.”Ohhh yes!” Ian groaned as his riding speed increased. And then I was blessed with his come shooting onto my chest.Ian let out a loud cry at that exact moment, and I knew that I too had reached my blessing for Ian Somerhalder, knowing it had filled him up deep inside his ass.”Ohh Fuck!” Ian exclaimed after he had licked up his cum from my chest. “That was amazing!” He was about to get off me, but I reached for him. “Do you really have to go now? Is your family calling for you right now?” I asked him as I looked into his eyes with the best puppy dog eyes.”Only crows can hear when the family is calling for them. I’m sorry,” he said with a nod, “but I have to go.””Will you be back?” I whispered as he grabbed his clothes and got dressed in front of me.He turned around and smirked at me again!Dear Lord, if I knew how sensitive I was to those smirks!”Of course I will, just promise me one thing?” Ian asked me.”I will do anything you ask of me.””Can you feed me every morning and night?” He asked me then.”Every morning? The moment I wake up you mean?” I asked in return.”Yeah. Before you take your shower and leave for work.” Ian said.”Of course!” I said after I had pulled him in for a deep passionate kiss.”Deal.” Ian said and then when he was free from my embrace changed into a crow again and flew away through the window.See you tomorrow morning, Human lover of mine. sounded in my head.End of Episode

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