Icy Hot!


I walk towards you carrying a drink in each hand. Amaretto sours over ice. I ask u to hold both drinks for me.

Now that both your hands are occupied with chilled glasses, your body heat causes the vapor on the outside of the glass to form little rivers that run down your arms and drip to the floor forming little puddles at our feet.

I run my hands up around your neck while I lean in to kiss you, stopping just before our lips meet. Instead, I run my tongue slowly over your lips while I take a cube of ice from one of the glasses.

I lean back to watch as I run the ice over each of your nipples in slow circles, trailing the ice up past your collar bone, along your neck and stopping at your lips. Thin streams of water are running down your chest and catching in the waistband of your sweats.

I glide the slightly melted ice over your lips- you can taste a hint of sweet Amaretto lingering. I slowly suck the ice into my mouth and out again to taste you before lightly biting and sucking on your bottom lip then running my tongue along the length of it between my teeth before fully devouring your lips, in a kiss so intense we’re both shaking when it ends. Or was that the ice I was holding which has now melted Escort bayan to nothing in my hands?

Hmmm. My thoughts are cloudy but I’m not done with you yet.

You want to move, you want to put the glasses down so that your hands are free but I won’t let you and there are no tables nearby. So you stand helpless while I take another cube of ice to run again over your nipples, one by one cramping them only to lick them warm again.

I trail the ice down your stomach and round your navel as I kneel in front of you lapping up the excess moisture running down your body. Your stomach muscles tighten in anticipation as I pull your sweats down and follow the path to your cock.

I lick your skin right where your belly meets the base of your shaft, while I grasp it in my left hand and slowly work my hand over the long, hard, length of it.

I suck the ice into my mouth again as I watch the pre-cum slowly drip from the head and as my hand glides up your length I catch it and use it to ease the friction building between our skin.

Your hands are shaking from the strain of holding the cold glasses and trying not to drop them when what you really want to do is grab my hair and guide me where Bayan Escort you want me.

My mouth is cold and my tongue almost cramped from sucking the ice ’til it melts, you can see the slight frost on my breath as I lean forward and take you into my mouth.

Slowly swallowing you whole, using slight suction while running my tongue flat along and over your head and down your shaft.

The cramping feeling of my ice cold tongue and mouth wrapped around you causes sharp tugging sensations to shoot down the sides of your cock and your stomach muscles to contract sporadically.

You arch your back and push forward, you have to have more, as the cold is immediately followed by intense heat as my mouth warms back up, almost blinding to you with pleasure and pain at the same time.

You lose your grip and I catch the glasses before they crash to the floor putting them down. You tangle your hands in my hair and slide further into my mouth. In and out, again and again, faster, until you’re about to explode.

But not yet.

You pull out. You want to cum inside of me. You grab my arms and pull me up, lead me to the dining table, spin me around and bend me over so that my ass is in the Escort air giving you a perfect view of where you want to be.

You slowly run the tip of your cock along the lips of my pussy. You can feel how wet and how hot I am for you. It’s too much, you can’t wait any longer. I scream your name, arch my back and push into you as you slam your thick, hot pole into me.

“Ohhhh myyy GOD!!! Right there! Oh God please, please don’t move, just stay there for a second”.

I can’t catch my breath, I can’t think, it’s so good. But you don’t listen, you don’t want me thinking or in control.

You pull all the way out and I feel empty until you slam back in again filling me up over and over again. Then the rhythm changes to slow, steady thrusts. It’s so good but I want to cum and you won’t let me (Payback is a bitch!).

You watch as I start to grind and wind on your dick sliding my hand down to touch myself.


You slap my ass, grab both my wrists and hold them together behind my back while you continue to fuck me. You pull me up by my restrained arms so that my back is against your chest and we can watch ourselves in the glass of the cabinet across from the table.

You won’t let me break eye contact as you continue to ride me faster and faster. We’re almost there. You grab my hair and turn my head to kiss me, deep, long, but soft.

You have total control. I’m yours and I’m shaking as we cum. Together. Hard. Spent.

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