Idle Monkey Play


It’s getting late and Leora is in the guest room with Masha. They’re sitting on the futon while the dog is barking at his own reflection in the wall mirror. The whole wall is a mirror. Tonight he’s decided that he doesn’t like himself.Leora ignores him. She usually does, the silly little thing. Masha is laughing at the pup while looking at her cell phone. Both girls are on their phones. They’ve been giggling at something a friend sent to each of them.Masha is a good friend. She’s Leora’s rebel chum. Her hair is dyed pink and cut short this week. It changes often with her mood. Leora loves her own long brown hair. She spends hours brushing and combing to make sure it’s just right. Perfectly straight and glossy. The mirror is used a lot by little Leora.Paul is out this evening so the girls have the apartment to themselves. Finally çankaya escort the dog goes and finds his latest toy. He settles down at the end of the futon. Leora spend most of her time here in her apartment. She loves it here where she has all she needs, usually. She misses Paul often when he goes away. And when he’s at home he spends lots of time working at his desk in the living room. So she lounges around in her panties and camisole wating for his attention. Playing on her phone or watching the television, lying on the sectional sofa. Tonight she’s wearing her usual. It’s casual here. Masha has put on her sleeping clothes. She’s going to spend the night. Her panties match Leora’s in their style and for a top she’s wearing a cutoff tee shirt that just covers her breasts. Like Leora, her titties are rus escort small, firm, and perky. They are both a lot alike that way. Nice, trim little bums, and long legs. Leora’s are a bit bowed, but it just makes her more cute than ever.Masha laughs and shows Leora something on her phone while she lays her long, slender fingers on Leora’s thigh. Leora giggles, looking at the phone, too. Then she puts her hand on Masha’s and smiles at her. Masha smiles back and leans forward. Her lips touch Leora’s lightly. Then she abruptly pulls back, looking longingly into Leora’s eyes.Leora sighs and spreads her soft, smooth legs apart. Her pink panties are so tight they let one see the impression of the sensuous lips there between her thighs. She opens her mouth slightly as her face moves towards Masha and their lips eryaman escort meet eagerly. Leora pulls Masha’s hand to her needy pussy. So needy. So ready. It’s already getting damp as Masha strokes her gently.Leora returns the favor. Her dainty hand pressing her delicate fingers against Masha’s lilac colored silk panties. Smooth and gentle are their movements. And happy now. Both girls expressing their friendship and happiness in the best way they know how. Moaning into each other’s mouth as they touch and eagerly grind themselves against the fingers seeking them out.Pulling apart now, Leora places her hand on Masha’s hair, drawing her down as she lifts her cami away from her breasts. Needing her friend to lick and kiss them. Needing to do the same for Masha soon.Her friend sucks on the pink nipples, making them stand out like little pencil erasers. She groans and comes close to having a tiny orgasm already. Not quite, but her hips keep moving against Masha’s fingers that have thrust aside the soft material and have begun seeking the wetness inside. One finger, then two. Touching and caressing.

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