In His Arms


A single caress of his fingertips against my cheek steals my attention away from the movie playing on TV. I turn my head up in his lap to look at him and smile as he smiles down at me, stroking my hair away from my face so our eyes can lock without obstruction. Raising my hand, I wrap my fingers around his wrist and hold it gently with a slight squeeze just to let him know that I am feeling what he is with no words needed. His touch, his embrace, and his soft whispers against my skin remind me that I am home. In his arms I am safe, loved, protected, and cherished. I sit up and shift so I am curled up in his lap, my head resting on his shoulder and my lips brushing the skin of his neck. I can feel the deep breath he takes in slowly with my hand laying on his chest…as if my touch is just as reaffirming to him that I belong to him, that I am truly his. His fingertips under my chin tilt my head back so he can brush his lips gently over mine…once, twice, and then a third time. The soft and slow caresses of our lips make a beautiful dance of desire before need overtakes our leisurely pace. Moving as one, I wrap my arms around his şişli escort neck as his go around my waist, lifting my weight to move us to the bedroom. Standing at the side of the bed, he sets me down and steps back, taking his time, letting his gaze travel over the length of me. “Undress for me, Kitten,” he softly commands. I nod, my lower lip caught between my teeth as I lift my shaking hands to the bottom of my shirt, pulling it slowly up my belly, over my breasts, and then finally off of my head. Shaking my hair back behind my shoulders, I hook my thumbs into my panties to push them off of my hips before kicking them free of my ankles. Standing straight in front of him, with my arms at my sides, I meet his gaze with a slight blush forming on my cheeks. Trying to stand still as he does his walk around me is very hard. All I want to do is jump back in to his arms, claim his lips with mine and let him take me in every way he desires, but I know that he likes to appreciate my body. Maybe looking at it and knowing it is his means as much to him as it does me. “Good girl, Kitten,” Hhe says to me, a smile on his face as he şişli escort bayan reaches out an upturned hand to me. That one phrase is like heaven to hear. I let out the breath that I didn’t realize I was holding and smile at him. I place my hand in his, sitting on the bed before laying back on it. He softly kisses my knuckles and then grabs my other hand, pressing them together palm to palm before unbuckling his belt. An excited giggle leaves my mouth as he smirks down at me, slowly wrapping the belt around my wrists until he is satisfied with the tightness of it, then rests them over my head. Trailing his fingertips from the inside of my knee to the middle of my thighs, he places his palms flat on my inner thighs and pushes my legs open. I gasp quietly as the cool air hits my lips and throbbing clit. I lift my head to see him smile then lower his mouth to me. My mouth opens in silent pleasure as he flicks his tongue over my clit. His fingers digging into my soft thighs gently as I squirm on the bed in a silent command to stay still that drives me crazy with desire. I feel the bite of his teeth on my clit as he bites mecidiyeköy escort down gently, trailing his right hand up my left thigh to open my lips slowly, dragging his fingertip up and down my slit as his teeth and tongue work on my clit faster. My moans mixed with sighs and whimpers as my need to feel him inside of me grows stronger. I bend my legs, my feet planted on the bed so I can rock my hips into his mouth harder, as my orgasm gets closer and closer. My bound hands fist in the bedsheets above my head just as he slides his middle finger inside my tight opening. Curling his finger upwards to stroke that certain spot inside me as he sucks and flicks his tongue over my clit repeatedly, he sends me flying over the edge. “Oh god, Daddy! Can I please cum? I need to cum so bad!” My pleas filling the room as his finger and mouth work together, driving my body crazy and making my need for him unbearable. His moan of pleasure on my clit makes my inner muscles clench, trying to tense up my body so I don’t cum before he gives his permission to do so. “Yes, Kitten. Give it to me…let me feel what I am doing to you on my tongue,” he responds, his voice rough with pleasure as his breath brushes over my sensitive folds. My back arches off of the bed, my moans turn into soft cries of pleasure, as my orgasm rips through my body in amazing relief as I let myself go.

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