In Praise Of Older Women


I had never felt happier in my life. I was feeling desired. After many years of putting feelings like that to the side, this was a new chapter to my life. A new Meg had been resurrected at a stage in my life when I had never expected this to take place.I had Jack, my ‘boy toy,’ and Kate my ‘girl toy’, both of whom fulfilled all my sexual fantasies. I knew I was not in love with either of them. However, I was very deeply in lust. I would not discard them but knew that I needed a man my age who would have similar sexual appetites as mine and who would make me feel not only loved but who would also make me feel safe in my sexuality.All these changes had occurred so rapidly. The seduction of Jack, my young next door neighbor, had been the first step away from a long hiatus of sexual abstinence. It had evolved after I had hired him to be a model for a painting for which I had been commissioned.Then an unfortunate car accident had hospitalized me.  It was in the hospital that I had let myself be seduced by my young nurse. Kate had revealed my bisexual side which I had not suspected I had.Now my legs were healed and Kate’s services as my home nurse would come to an end. Jack would be going back to the university. Before they left I did have one more thing I wanted to experience with them. ooOOoo Meg’s Story Kate entered the bedroom and announced that breakfast was ready. I could smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the odor of bacon in the air.She came forward to help me get out of bed and as she did I took her in my arms.“Kate, you have been so good to me and for me, I don’t know how to thank you for these last few weeks.”“Oh, Meg you don’t need to thank me. I’ve enjoyed every second of our time together. Now let’s go eat before I throw you back into bed and have my way with you.”“Before we do that I want to go to my studio and bring out one of my paintings. Could you give me a hand?”We dragged out the easel and the painting and set it up in the dining room. I let Kate serve breakfast and had her sit in front of the easel bearing the painting which was covered with a drop cloth.“What’s the painting?” Kate asked.“Let’s eat first and I’ll show you after.”I was curious about how Kate would react to the painting. While I was sedated at the hospital she had heard me as I spoke of Jack while under the effect of the sedative. I had not questioned her as to whether she was attracted to men.As we finished breakfast I asked her, “Kate, are you attracted to men or just to women?”“Why do you ask?”“I was just curious. You’ve been so good to me over the last few weeks and I was wondering how we could maintain a relationship on maybe a different level.”“A different level?” she asked with a furrowed brow. “What do you mean?”“Kate I am just starting to discover myself sexually. You have shown me that I am bisexual in the most wonderful manner. I don’t want to lose that with you. However, I also know that I need both sides of the coin. Now my weird perverted mind has certain fantasies. Why don’t you remove the drop cloth from the painting?”Standing, she walked to the easel and pulled off the drop cloth. She stepped back and her jaw dropped as she stared at the canvas.“What do you think? I asked.“Wow, that’s gorgeous. Is that Jack?”“Yes, it is. Do you like what you see?”“Meg, he is a hunk. Are the dimensions for real? Is he that well-endowed?”“Oh yes, he certainly is and very skillful in how he uses it. Are you interested?”“Just looking at it makes me wet,” Kate admitted. Kuşadası escort “It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to be with a man. But him, I would jump his bones in an instant.”I smiled at the thought. “What do you say we invite him to look at the finished painting and have him join us for supper tonight?”“Meg, you horny, naughty woman,” Kate said with a giggle. “Are you suggesting what I think you are? A threesome?”“Well, I would certainly enjoy that. Would you?”“I’ve never really considered something like that,” Kate said in a voice that was almost in a whisper. Her eyes roamed the canvas.  She seemed to think a long time before she said, “But, I think if you were there I would feel safe and I’d more than enjoy the experience.”“Okay, I’ll invite him, but I think we will keep you as a surprise and not tell him you’ll be here.” ooOOoo Kate’s Story I had not been totally truthful with Meg. Yes, I was bisexual, but my last heterosexual relationship was a disaster that had traumatized me. It was a very psychologically abusive relationship that had left me battered and scarred.I had tried to date other men after it ended. But, the emotional toll that had been inflicted on me had made me gun shy. My needs had driven me to become bisexual. The painting of Jack had affected me in a strange way. It was not just the size of his member or his muscular body that had fascinated me. Rather, it was the tender look in his eyes. The way that Meg had painted his eyes had drawn me towards him in a way I hadn’t experienced before.I was a nervous wreck. The thought of a threesome was unbelievably exciting for me, and I was very anxious about how I would react when faced with the actuality.Meg noticed that I was in a state. She gently chided me, “Kate, relax. You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to. This time with Jack is a gift I’m giving to me. It’s a way of thanking Jack for what he has done for me. He’s moving back to the university and this will probably be my last time with him. I have to move on.”She took me in her arms and kissed me and soothed me. I broke down crying and told her of my abusive relationship. I also confessed that her painting of Jack had affected me.“You poor baby,” she said. “Jack is a very gentle, thoughtful lover and I’m sure you will find him gentle with you. He might be the balm you need to heal your wounds. You just relax and I’ll take care of supper. Maybe you should take a nap. I’ll take care of everything else.”Meg got busy in the kitchen and refused all help that I offered. Come five o’clock she asked me if I wanted to help her get ready and she would do the same for me.Taking my hand she led me to the bedroom where she helped me remove my clothes. She had me lie face down on the bed and proceeded to give me a thorough massage. Her hands liberally coated with massage oil ran languorously over my naked flesh, finally coming to rest between my parted thighs.I felt her fingers part my pussy lips and flutter at the entrance to my quickly moistening opening.“Let me relieve the itch, for now, Kate. It’ll make you less stressed out.”I raised myself on my knees while uttering a moan. Her slender fingers sank into my waiting quim, fluttering at my tender inner flesh. I could feel myself gushing under her tender care. I gasped with pleasure as she mercilessly toyed with me. Using her other hand she slid it under my body and used her fingers to run circles around my clit and to coax it out from its Kuşadası escort bayan hood. Her fingers curved in me to find my g-spot and she pinched and rolled my clit in her other hand till my body became tense and I exploded into an earth shaking orgasm. I collapsed on the bed panting and in spite of myself I broke out into tears.Meg took me into her arms and cradled me making hushing noises in my neck before she kissed me.“What’s wrong little one?” She asked.“Oh, Meg, you have been such a healer for me. Here I came to take care of you and you have been the one to take care of me. I don’t want to lose you.”“Did you think that today would be the end of you and me being lovers and friends? You will always be precious to me and I’ll be your lover as long as you wish it to be. When I said I needed a man in my life that would not exclude you. If I found a man who wouldn’t let me keep you, then I would not have found the right man for me. Whoever it might turn out to be will have to accept me as I am. And Kate, darling, that would include having you in my life.”“Are you sure, Meg?”“Yes, I am positive. Now, enough of the tears. I want tonight to be a happy time for us. Into the shower and then we will get dressed and await our knight in shining armor,” she said with a giggle.We showered, shampooed and shaved each other and after getting dry Meg brought me to the bedroom. She proceeded to lay out items of clothing for each of us on the bed.“Meg, those things aren’t going to fit me. You might have noticed we’re built on different scales, I can’t wear your outfits.”“Those are not my things. I’ve bought them for you, now quiet and just try them on.”I donned a very sheer blue silk thong that really left little to the imagination and a matching bra that was so thin that it was almost totally transparent. The feel of those items on my skin was amazingly arousing. My nipples immediately became stiff at the caress of the bra over them.These were followed by thigh high fishnet silk stockings in the same color topped by a lace thigh band.Meg let out a wolf whistle and smiled at me. “Ok, now the rest,” she said.The rest was a black mini skirt that was about four inches above the top of the lace stockings and which exposed my slender thighs and ended just about three inches below my crotch. The skirt was matched with a blue silk blouse that she insisted had to be worn with the top three buttons undone.I looked at myself in the full-length mirror and gasped at how wanton I looked in the outfit. She had me slip on three-inch stiletto heels which seemed to lengthen my legs and make my ass stick out more.She then proceeded to get ready herself. She had reversed the color scheme for herself. She had selected black stockings, thong panties, a white mini and a black blouse. We were mirror images of each other.She applied a liberal dose of perfume that I will always remember as ‘Eau de Rut’ for the rest of my life, despite its cost and trade name. Then we made up and did our hair.We were a sight. I couldn’t help thinking that we looked like a matched pair of sluts, just waiting to be used by a powerful man.The doorbell rang at seven and Meg went to open the door while I scooted to the kitchen. ooOOoo Meg’s Story I escorted Jack into the living room and invited him to sit on the couch next to me. No sooner had I sat down than he wrapped me in his arms and pulled my face to his, kissing me as if we had been apart for years. I raised my face bodrum escort bayan to his, parted my lips and felt his tongue slip into my mouth.His hand reached for my breasts and he tried to fondle them. I pushed his hand away and told him to behave.As he sat back with a frown on his face, I whispered to him that we were not alone.“Who else is here?” He asked.“Oh, it’s just the nurse who has been taking care of me since the accident,” I answered.“Damn, I wanted to be alone with you, Meg. I’m returning to school and this will make it difficult to be with you again.”“I wouldn’t be too certain about that,” I told him with a sexy smile. “You should know that I’m selling this house and I will be moving out of the suburbs. I’m planning on going downtown. I don’t want to be so isolated and I’m determined to find an eligible man who shares the same needs and fantasies I harbor.”He smiled at that and retorted, “Can I be that man?”“Oh, how I wish you were older, Jack. I love you and will probably always love you. However, I am old enough to be your mother. I will always be available to you but I need a life partner. Let’s put that aside for now and enjoy our time together for now. Is that a deal?”He smiled at me and answered, “Deal.”At that moment Kate walked into the room. It was almost comical to watch Jack. His jaw dropped as she walked in. I could see him gulp and ogle her from head to foot.“You’re the nurse?” he asked.I answered for her, “Yes, Kate is my nurse, she is also my friend and my lover.”They both blushed as I spoke. Kate obviously gathering her courage walked over extended her hand to him and said, “You are the model and Meg’s friend and lover?”By this time both were beet red. To Jacks credit, he stood up shook her hand and said, “Guilty.”“Kate, is supper ready? I asked.“It is.”“Why don’t we have supper and a nice talk? I have a nice bottle of Pinot to accompany the meal and then we can relax.”As he sat down, Jack saw the easel and asked if that was the painting. I told him it was and he asked why it was covered with a drop cloth. I told him we would have the unveiling when we were finished with our meal.During the entire meal, Jack and Kate couldn’t take their eyes off each other. I smiled at myself and thought that here was a match made in heaven. Their small talk focused on each other and I found that I felt like a fond godmother watching them.Kate went to the kitchen to bring in the desert and Jack’s eyes followed her tight ass as she went out of the room.“So, Jack. Do you like what you see?” I asked.“My god, she’s gorgeous,” he whispered to me. “Meg, I hope you will not be offended, but I have to confess that I’ve have had a hard-on from the moment I saw her.”“Why should I be offended? I agree with you. I was just afraid you would be put off because she and I have a bisexual relationship.”“I have not had time to assimilate that, but if you are both happy, which you seem to be, who am I to be offended.”When Kate returned I asked her to do the unveiling of the painting. With a simulated drum roll, she slowly removed the drop cloth.Again Jack’s jaw dropped as the painting was uncovered revealing his nude likeness. Blushing furiously he asked Kate if she had seen it before this. When she confirmed she had, he blushed even more.“Meg, I knew that you were doing this painting, but I did not realize it would be so… revealing.”“Oh Jack, don’t worry. Kate loved it at first sight. She confessed that just looking at it made her horny.”He looked at her and asked, “It did?”Blushing Kate answered, “You bet. You are quite a handsome man.”“What fascinated Kate the most was your kind eyes,” I told him. “Obviously, the size of your equipment fascinated her, but that is not what she focused on. Now come on both of you and let’s get to know each other better.” ooOOoo

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