In The Boardroom


Her wrists are tied to the armrests of the plush office chair by silken ties, her shirt unbuttoned and pulled open to the sides, revealing her magnificent breasts. Her skirt lies on the floor, along with her g-string, her legs parted and bent back slightly at the knees.

He bends down, nuzzling her neck while his hands squeeze and palms kneads her breasts. He trails kisses down from her neck, making her giggle and thrash slightly, to a nipple which he hungrily sucks into his mouth.

A hand slides down her body, heading south towards her pussy, entering her slit with a finger as his thumb presses and rubs her clit. Her head rolls back, her eyes closed to slits as she moans.

He licks the skin between her breasts as he moves on to her other breast, flicking his tongue over and swirling around her nipple before sucking it into his mouth. A hand gently massages and kneads that breast as he sucks her flesh into his mouth.

He slips another finger into her slit, causing her to inhale sharply, almost gasping. Slowly, she begins to buck against his fingers, banging her wet slit against his thrusting fingers. Her tied hands grip the chair tightly as she throws her head back, her eyes shut tight and her mouth forming an ‘O’ as she groans loudly, moaning dirty Escort bayan little things.

Soon, she begins to shudder and bucks even more as she reaches orgasm, her breath exploding from her in a loud sigh.

Untying her from the chair, he pulls her up to her feet and leans her against his chest, her breasts pressing up against him. Her legs are unsteady as he reties her hands behind her back.

Placing his hands on her shoulders, he pushes her gently downwards. She slides to the floor, sliding her body against his, until she’s resting on her knees.

She nuzzles the large bulge of his crotch, feeling his hardened cock through his pants. She drags her lips along the bulge, flicking her tongue across the tip of it as she pulls away.

Using her teeth, she pulls down the zip slowly and then rips out the button fastener, making his pants fall to the floor and his cock to spring out at attention.

With a sly smile, she licks her lips hungrily and then slowly drags her tongue along the underside of his cock, up from his balls, flicking it lightly across the tip of his cock, making him tilt back his head and groan.

He buries his hands in her hair, grasping the sides of her head as she runs her tongue down the side of his cock before Bayan Escort planting a kiss at its base with a gentle suck.

His body stiffens under her tongue’s ministrations; she runs it everywhere along his shaft’s length, swirling it around his cock’s throbbing head, making him beg her to take him into her mouth as she sucks on his balls.

His grip tightens as she takes him into her mouth, swirling her tongue around his cock as she sucked, her head bobbing back and forth. She alternates her speed, playing with him and keeping him groaning loudly.

She stops as he comes close to cumming, pulling back with a hungry smile, licking her lips slowly.

He carries her to feet and to the solid, oaken table, resting her ample ass on its edge as he spreads her legs, placing her feet on the armrests of a pair of chairs. She leans back slightly, resting against you bound hands laying flat on the tabletop.

Arranging himself, he slowly slides his shaft into her juicy pussy, a low moan emanating from both of them as he enters her. Cupping her ass with his hands, he slides as much of his cock into her pussy as possible, making her groan.

He squeezes her ass lightly as he pulls out halfway and then thrusts back in. He starts a steady rhythm Escort of thrusting in and out of her as she moans loudly, almost screaming dirty things with her back arched and eyes closed.

His mouth traces the curve of her neck, making her squirm and gasp.

He leans into her, gently pushing her on to her back to lay against the polished tabletop as he scoops his arms under her legs, hooking them up and spreading them wide.

His tongue laps at her neck, almost ticklish, as he climbed on to the table, semi-lying on top of her as he makes short, quick thrusts into her. She squirms, wiggling and moaning loudly as she bucks her body against his cock, meeting his thrusts, the sounds of slapping flesh mixing with the sounds from their throats.

His fingers squeeze, pull and twist her nipples as his palms press against her breasts. He sucks at her neck, pulling her flesh between his teeth. He continues to fuck her with short, powerful thrusts, his cock like a piston, pounding in and out of her pussy.

She arches her back, screaming loudly as she came, her pussy clamping tightly on to his cock as he filled her with hot cum as he came with a groan.

Collapsing on top of her, they lay there for a few moments before he pulled out of her.

He pulled her up and untied her wrists, and held her in his arms.

He whispered into her ears, “Hey, baby…”

She smiled quietly as she leaned against him, her arms around his waist and her head on his chest.

“… Round two?”

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