In the Kitchen


In the KitchenI woke up to the sound of her tinkering around in the kitchen. When I walked in, she was leaning over, putting something back in the refrigerator. She didn’t see me at first, so I just stood there quietly admiring the view.She was dressed in nothing but a long tee shirt, barely down to her thighs, and a pair of hot pink bikini panties which was clearly visible through the thin material of the white cotton tee. I just gazed at her ass, her slender waist, feeling my cock begin to twitch in a not-unwanted way.She stood up, let the door shut and turned toward the sink. She saw me standing there then, and smiled bashfully as I saw her face turn a shade of red in embarrassment.”Oh…I thought you were still sleeping,” she said quietly.”Just woke up,” I told her. “How’d you sleep?””Not too well,” she said. “The couch was comfortable, but…just hard to sleep. My mind wouldn’t shut off…How about you?”I hadn’t slept well at all. I was thinking about this girl from the moment she walked in to my apartment, but didn’t want to act on what I was thinking. I went to sleep with a hard on, and woke up with a hard on thinking about her. “Not too great, either,” I told her. She turned toward the sink and started washing up a couple of the dishes that had been in the sink from the night before. With her back to me, I stroked my dick as I again admired how hot she looked standing there in my kitchen with only that tee shirt on. The girl blew my mind, and I knew she would from all of the texting, messaging and talking we did on the phone for the past several months. Now was the time, I couldn’t hold back in acting out the scenarios I had been playing in my head for the past year.I walked up behind her, put a hand on each of her shoulders and massaged them gently. She stiffened at first, but then loosened up as I rubbed her shoulders. She turned her head this way and that and moaned low but audibly.”Mmm…that feels so good…” she said.I pulled her hair off of the left side of her neck and kissed her neck gently. Seeing as she wasn’t complaining, I kissed her throat passionately, pressing my lips against her lily flesh. I licked her neck, and when she moaned again I slid my right hand around her shoulder to caress her face, her cheeks, her mouth. My left hand found its way down to the left side of türbanlı kilis escort the hem of the tee shirt and I raised her shirt up a little, feeling her belly, her navel. She opened her lips as my fingers ran over them, and I held my fingers to her mouth. Her tongue came out slowly but purposely and she licked my fingers playfully.I reached further up her shirt and found her right breast and caressed it. I massaged her tit, then the other, then back to the first as I bent a finger and pressed it into her mouth. Moaning, she took it in with pleasure and started sucking it. I tweaked her nipples, pinching them between my thumb and forefinger. They were both hard and protruding the material of her thin tee as I continued to play with the nipples and caressing her breasts.I sucked on her neck and played with her tits for several minutes as she sucked first one of my fingers, then another, moaning and humming the whole time they were in her mouth.I slid both sides of her shirt up then, exposing her ass in the thin hot pink material of her panties and her waist. I cupped both of her breasts then, wiggling my fingers on the hot soft flesh as I held the size c tits in both hands.She turned her head more to the left, and I kissed her mouth. Our tongues immediately came out to meet each other, and we let them play together frantically, longingly.After several minutes, I pulled the shirt up the rest of the way and over her head. I kissed her neck again, then worked my way down her back to between her shoulder blades. I kissed and licked her back, running my tongue slowly down, down, down the length of her soft back. I kissed her tramp stamp: a heart with wings on each side.I knelt behind her and pulled her panties down to her knees, exposing her ass. I palmed a buttock in each hand and massaged it gently at first, but then a bit roughly as I came in to lick her buttocks. First one, then the other. She leaned over the sink to give me better access, to welcome my mouth, my tongue to her most private of areas on her beautiful body. I pulled her buttocks apart, letting my tongue out as far as it would go and licked her anus. I licked her asshole hungrily, running my tongue from her crotch to just above her asshole. Then, I pushed the tip of my tongue into her türbanlı kilis escort bayan ass and wiggled it, eating her.She bent over further, leaning completely over the edge of the sink now. I pulled her hands to her ass and she pulled her buttocks apart and held them there as I continued to lick and suck her asshole. I reached down further and licked her crotch. She spread her legs as much as she could to give me better access, and for the first time I finally got to meet this girl’s pussy up close and personal. I licked the lips of her pussy pulling them apart playfully as I worked my tongue all around her vagina, her lips and finally finding her clit. I tongued it, then worked my way over her lips again, kissing and sucking as I went along.Her panties had already fell to the floor and she had stepped out of them. Now I sat down on the floor and she raised one leg up to where her knee was actually on the counter. She pushed herself down on my face, grinding her pussy into my mouth, which was already good and wet due to my own saliva and the juice which was flowing from her pussy.I had been wanting to get with this girl for so long, I was in my glory. She was into it as well…she had been feeling toward me the same way, though not quite as long. I ate her pussy, licking her cunt lips and flicking my tongue at her clit. I caught it between my teeth and nibbled very gently, then just pressed my mouth on her clit and massaged it with my lips. I then worked my tongue back to her pussy lips, eating and sucking all the way, then licked her crotch back to her asshole.As I licked and sucked at the girl’s asshole, I pushed the tip of my finger in her anus. Out, then back in. I worked up some saliva in my mouth, doused my finger and pushed it in again, this time a little deeper. I wiggled the tip of my finger, then pushed it in still deeper, up to the second knuckle. I slid my finger in and out of her ass, then pushed in a second finger to loosen her up a little more. As I finger-fucked her ass hole, I licked her crotch and pussy, still tongueing her cunt lips and her clit. Soon I worked in a third finger, although I held them pressed together as I pushed them into her ass.The girl moaned, thoroughly enjoying the finger-fucking. Soon afterward, türbanlı escort kilis she brought her leg off the counter and bent over in front of me. I finger-fucked her some more with my right hand, and with my left massaged her clit. I pushed the fingers of my left hand into her pussy as I fingered her ass with my right hand. She gyrated her hips, wanting me to keep going, and to start going harder.By then, I thought she was ready. I stood up and turned her back toward the sink and bent her over, whispering in her ear, “I’m going to fuck your little ass now!””…yes…” she moaned. “…oh, yeah…fuck me. Fuck my ass!”She was already wet…very wet, mostly from her pussy but also because of her ass being fingered. I dropped my sleeper pants and underwear and stepped out of them. My cock was hard, waiting for action. I rubbed the tip with my finger, and spread the little bit of precum on the girl’s asshole. I rubbed my dick between her legs, getting it moist from her pussy, then stuck the head of it into her ass. She moaned, I pushed it in a little bit deeper. “…oh, yeah…” she whispered, pushing her hips slowly back to me, pushing her ass onto my cock. I pulled it most of the way out, then back in, out, in…I started fucking her ass slowly at first, finding a rhythm and pushing it in deeper with every stroke. Within minutes it was in to the hilt, my pubes pressing against her buttocks and my balls bouncing off her pussy as I fucked her ass harder and harder.Seeing that she was into it, and knowing already that she liked getting fucked in the ass, I started fucking her harder and harder, slamming my cock deep into her ass with each thrust. My fingers found her mouth again and she started sucking them on and off through her moans and cries of ecstasy as I plunged my dick over and over again, ramming her ass and opening up her asshole wider and wider to accept the fucking she was getting.Then, several minutes later, standing there in my small kitchen, we both came. I thrusted my last thrust deep into her and held it there as I came powerfully, filling her ass with cum like I had wanted to for the better part of a year. She came, too, and with my left hand I massaged her pussy as it squirted onto my hand, soaking my fingers and splashing on to the floor.We held that position for what seemed like an eternity as we both came to orgasm. Finally I slid my softening cock out of her ass and turned her around to face me. Leaning on the kitchen sink, we kissed. We embraced, holding each other very tightly, neither wanting to release the other.”That was so great…” I whispered into her ear.”Yes,” she agreed, softly. “I wanted you for so long…”

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