In the Limo and Beyond


He walked by again and I catch my breath quietly. He is so handsome, not the tallest boy on the block, but dark skinned and a smile that would make any female melt before him. He was…my boss’s son, Fouad. I began working with him around 3 months ago when his parents saw my exceptional work ethic which molded perfectly with their son’s. “I wish we molded together” I am 19 and he is 24. We both love sports and work hard to keep lean athletic bodies. I never threw myself at him, or fought for a look from him like the stupid little high school girls and cougar hunting moms do. No I acquired his attention by NOT seeking it. We are often the only 2 at work and he suddenly began to talk to me about everything. Stuff he read on the news, who he is texting and what about, what club he was hanging at that night; little things that really aren’t important but he talks to ME about. I dreamt and fantasized about him asking me out, but at the end of the night we parted ways and that was the end of it, but all of that was about to change. It was another typical Friday night, long night and we prepared for cleaning as the store closed at 9pm. It had been a normal friendly, conversational night and I was preparing for another night of disappointment and going home alone. I began mopping fading into my dream world that I disappear into while I work. I fantasized him coming behind me with his warm breath on my neck, arms encircling my waist and massaging my aching breasts that I modestly almanbahis şikayet hide in a too-tight sports bra. I let out a soft moan and his hands hungrily roam my body savoring the touch I always dreamed about. He whispered soft nothings into my ear while hands freely roamed, I felt myself slipping back into reality, but the voice never faded, it was almost as if it was really happening. As I brought my focus back into reality I realized it was no dream. Fouad was wrapped behind me whispering into my ear. He invited me to the grand opening of the hottest new club in LA, about 30min from us. We were riding a limo to the club and he wanted me on his arm. I groaned in pure pleasure at not 1 but 2 dreams molding into 1. I turned in his arms to see if it was true and there was his devilishly handsome face grinning down at me, eyes searching for an answer. ‘Yes’ I breathed, finally. ‘I would love to be on your arm’ As if even possible, his smile became even bigger and he grabbed my hand and told me to leave everything and practically dragged me to his car. “I’m taking you to grab an outfit, my buddy’s wife manages one of the big girlie places you gals shop at.” he answered my confused face. I still had no voice; I was still trying to make sure this was real. Was I really on my way to a hot new club after grabbing a hot new outfit, with the man from my fantasies?? We were in the limo, finally on our way. I had picked out a hot white dress that hugged my almanbahis canlı casino body and showed the necessary curves without being slutty. It was perfect for the man I was going out with… however he had insisted that I couldn’t wear the dress yet. I was sitting in the car with a white strapless bra and teeny thong beneath a soft robe supplied by Sarah (the girl who picked the dress with me). I sat with my hands clasped and nervously wondering why the hell I couldn’t get dressed. He had surprised me enough that night, so who knows what he had up his sleeve. As if to qualm my tortured mind, he slid next to me in the seat of the limo as he rolled up the darkly tinted window that separated us from the driver. His hand slid down my waist and the other cupped my chin and brought our lips together. It was a soft gentle kiss to start, but as my mind finally caught up to reality my inner sexual monster arose shook of the dust from sitting to long and pounced. My kisses turned passionate and as he gauged my reaction he equally became more fervent. In a second he flipped me to my back and was overpoweringly pinning me on the seat we were laid cross and I let out a soft moan as I felt his growing manhood against my heated and wet pussy. “Glad I’m not dressed yet, I might have soaked my dress”   He ground against me while opening my robe and popping the back of my bra, letting my breasts spring free of their entrapment. His eyes filled with lust and he greedily almanbahis casino stooped and began suckling my 36C boobs. I enjoyed his expert tongue dancing across my nipples, groaning when he nipped lightly, but I couldn’t stand it much longer and pushed him away with both hands. I wanted to taste his cock. As he sat back on the seat I looked up at him with my dark brown eyes that I have been told entrance people, and as he stared I slowly and sensually unbuckled his jeans and pulled them down. “Well aren’t we a little bold and naughty tonight” I scolded as I realized he was commando under the jeans. His smirk said it all. I didn’t dwell on it long; I was drooling at the excitement of giving him a blowjob. For the first time I lowered my head and caught a glance of his beautiful cock. It was 8in and 3in around the perfect deep-throating tool. I smiled as my lips touched the tip, then my tongue snaked out to taste the drop of precum and I heard the sharp intake of his breath. Hearing that struck home with my inner sexual beast and she lit on fire and went to town. I sucked his beautiful cock in using all my best moves and shortly after I felt him tense and quickly plunged all the way to my throat as he unloaded his first load of cum down the back of my throat. He came so much that some dribbled out of the corner of my mouth. He smiled hugely as I pulled back, swiped it with my finger and stuck it in my mouth to suck very coyly. He slumped back as if defeated and turned his head towards me. “Damn girl, if that’s a sneak peek of the rest of the night; I am one lucky son of a bitch.” He exclaimed. I blushed with pleasure, just imagining the night that lay ahead… We were 5 min away and Fouad was rushing me to slip the dress on.

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