In The Night


The “bing” of Callie’s phone announcing a text message awakened her from her drowsy state. She hadn’t even realized she had fallen asleep on the couch; however her aching neck and back sure as hell let know her she had. Callie reached for her phone and tapped the message box. “Whatcha doing?” She read on the illuminated LCD screen. The light bright enough to make her squint as her eyes slowly adjusted. As she read the message her skin immediately tightened but in all the right ways, as did her lower core. It had been almost four years since their last encounter. The mere thought of Casey Mathis made her wet. Oh how he had such an effect on her, even after all these years. She could still picture him in his cargo jeans, sitting just low enough on his waist to tease any viewing eyes. His tight chiseled torso and pecks so sexy and masculine. His sun-kissed skin and smooth arms, and how his biceps would tightened as he would run his hands through his light hair. Yea, she could never forget that body. Callie had gotten so used to using her memories and imagination that she convinced herself he wasn’t real, oh but he was.

Her mind fluttered searching for the right response, she be damned to let him know how desperate she was for his lust or that he was her way to a means in self-pleasure. Her stomach tingled deep from. It wasn’t like he was standing in from of her with all to bear (although that was not exactly a bad thought either). Oh, how he made her thoughts roar with excitement

“Hey,” she responded. She knew she had no control when it came to Casey. Her stomach turned, but she didn’t know exactly why. BING, she almost jumped as the new message announced its arrival. “It’s been awhile,” it read. Maybe she was just desperate for lust and sex but she hoped he too was thinking about their last encounter. It very well had been a long time since she had seen or spoke to him. Their relationship was merely, well sex. There were no strings attached and they flatly agreed they could satisfy one another without the drama, and well that they did. “Yes it has,” she responded, almost giddy in untamable excitement. She wanted to know so deeply where this conversation would go. NO STOP, she thought, and tried to push the reeling images of what she wanted him to be doing to her out of her head. She swore the last time they “met” would be the last. BING, as she read the next message her thighs tightened trying to hold off the throbbing she was beginning to feel low in her wetting crevice….”Come Over.”

Callie’s chest tightened and her breathing fastened at the order. “I can’t,” she responded playing hard to get because she knew damn well she where she would be by the end of the night. She slowed her breathing as she reprimanded herself for even contemplating the notion of seeing him again. “Why not?” his text read. BING another message, “I want you!” The heat ripped through her core like an inferno. Damn, how she craved to be wanted again.

She wasn’t an ugly woman but the years of stress and loneliness took its toll on her. She knew she didn’t have the vivacious curves of a supermodel, but then again she never had. The years of middle school torment had crushed her self-esteem. She never did get the big breast she so desperately wanted as a pubescent teenager and as the years passed she learned to accept her lack thereof. She had curvy hips, yes, but in her eyes they were torment.

BING, another message snapped her out of her episode of self-pity, “I want you now.” A tingle zipped up the back of her neck making her body quiver just like it had the first time she felt his lips on her neck, teasing her insides into a wet mess of yearning ecstasy. Her mind told her no and for so many legit reasons, but her weeping crevice told her otherwise. BING “you know you want me too.” The message read, and that she did. She tried so hard to convince herself to stay but not one reason was good enough to end the sexual torment that held her hostage. Another message rang out; it was an obnoxious smiley face winking at her. She had nothing left, no words could be sent to explain her sexual needs and desire for him. She swiped her screen and replied with a smile.

The air was cool out with a soft a breeze. Just the thought of him had already had Callie worked up that even the touch of the cool air on her skin made her nipples harden beneath the black lace that surrounded them. Callie started the car and slowly pulled away from the driveway. All she could think was “it’s now or never.” And by all means she wanted it now. It felt like the longest drive in the midst of the night before pulled up the drive. All the lights were off when she stepped out of her car. As she rounded the house she noticed the front door was cracked up open. Damn him, she thought, he knew I would be here. Callie walked into the door; her body tingled with nervousness and sexual tension. It was dark and warm and it all engulfed her completely. She jumped as the touch of Casey’s rough hands Escort bayan startled her.

Casey’s hands grasped her hips and pulled her close with no words spoken. She could feel the even rise and fall of his chest on her back. Callie had barely pulled herself when she felt his warm breath caressed the sensitive skin at the base of her ear. She quivered when his soft lips finally touched her skin, she moaned his luscious mouth traveled across the back of her neck making her legs go weak, not to mention making her crevice moist in need. As she stood their taking in Casey’s manly aroma, his hands slowly traced the skin over her hips gathering her clothing in his grip. He raised her top up over her head and tossed the bundle of shirt aside. Her skin tingled from the cool air that brushed along her as her body became barer to his touch. Not a word was spoken but the expectations of the night were fully understood.

Casey’s callused hands cupped her breasts with a gentle ease. He traced his fingers following the fabric until the clasp was unleashed. Her black lacey bra slowly slid down her arms as he guided it thoroughly off her fingertips and to the floor. Her body ached for him and the hardened pressure she felt against her ass, she knew he felt the same. She let out a small whimper as his hands grabbed her hips with more force this time and spun her around to face him. Callie had almost forgotten how sexy Casey was. He stood before her so hot, his arms hard and with each movement his muscles would tighten under his taunt tan skin. Her eyes drifted following his tight chiseled torso down to the dark hair line that paved her way to his throbbing cock as it stood beneath his slacks. Her eyes traveled back to meet his baby blues. Callie stared in awe over this man while his hands journeyed up the curve of her hips until they found her breasts. He lowered his mouth teasing her nipples with his tongue until her nipples hardened even more. She moaned when he grazed her taught bud with his teeth. Her pussy ached for him to inside her, but if she could remember correctly, the fucking came later. Callie couldn’t take it anymore, enough with the games; she gave him a devilish smile while she lowered her hands and gripped his thick cock in her hand. Callie loved the feel of a hard cock in her hand, especially Casey’s. She could feel it throbbing in her hand as though trying to get her to play more. She rimmed his thick head with her thumb using the wetness emerging from his tip to slicken her motion as she ran her hand down the bulging vein and up again. Casey let out a low growl as she traced her fingers up and down his shaft, applying just enough pressure to feel his cock throb in her hand. Oh how badly she wanted to take him in her mouth, to make him cum and quiver in orgasm. He groaned aloud in a way that made her pussy throb so hard she could almost cum at his guttural sounds of pleasure. Just then Casey pushed up again the wall with such force she was sure it would give way. She moaned in excitement. His lips again found her tight little pebbled nipples, this time his intent was to assault them so much she squealed from the pain and rush it sent through her body. As his mouth had its way with her petite tightened buds she could feel his hands eagerly pulling down her moistened panties. She shivered as the air cooled her flaming crevice. His hands massaged her inner thighs. God his touch on her exposed skin felt so damn good. His fingers separated her luscious folds slowly as though he was relishing the moment before he found what he has been looking for.

His thick fingers manipulated her folds making her wetting to his touch. She squirmed and shifted her hips as he applied pressure to her throbbing clit. The sensation sent jolts of electricity through her entire body and shot straight back down to the center of her sex.

Her skin was soft under his lips, just like he remembered. He dreamt of her many nights. How just the thought of her could arouse him drove him mad. His eyes traveled the length of her bare body, taking in her every detail and tucking them all away so his memories would last. His tongued circled her navel; he felt her shiver from his sensation. He craved her and enjoyed seeing arouse with pleasure so desperately deserved. He traced his tongue down her soft flat stomach feeling her muscles stiffened in anticipation. He watched as she dropped head back feeling her hips thrust toward as if trying to direct him where to go next. He smiled knowing his teasing was inflaming deep from within. He admired how her hair fell lazily down her shoulders in long dark golden locks teasing her pebbled buds so slightly. His tongued wisped over her glistening crevice. She moaned with a kind of need and urgency that he liked. He continued his mouthing teases and watched as she sucked in her luscious bottom lip and bit down into the silky pink flesh. Oh how that turned him on. Damn she was sexy but he knew she never saw herself that Bayan Escort way and that only made him want her more.

Her hips shifted and her back arched begging him to take her and that was exactly what he wanted to do. She almost wept to the thrill and pleasure his touch gave her…as if it weren’t exhilarating already…he grabbed her thigh and threw it over his shoulder. His nose tickled her sensitive skin as he inhaled the sweet aroma of her sex. He wanted to taste her, to feel her quiver with his every move. He parted her swollen wet lips with his tongue. Yes she cried…silence broken with a plea. He smiled and started her on her needed journey of ecstasy. He licked the inside of her folds causing to shift her shapely hips in motion. He braced her hardened body with his hand along her flat stomach. Oh yes…she whimpered as he found her swollen throbbing clit with his tongue. The smell of her sex and taste hardened his cock almost causing him pain. He wanted to take her so bad but was determined to force her into orgasm first.

His tongue flicked her swollen bud and in an unearthing motion traveled her folds with ease and pressure. Oh God she could feel her insides tingle as she grew closer to climax. Her pussy ached and throbbed for more. She moved her hips forward pushing his unbelievable mouth closer to her pussy, offering herself like a cat in heat. She was so close, her heart raced and her legs quivered with each flick of his tongue and his lips lapping up her folds and suckling her clit. Don’t stop…she begged, his fingers teased the pink opening of her pussy. Her juices wetting his fingers. First one, then two; he separated her pussy and slid his thick callused fingers deep within her sex. His fingers lined the inside of her walls and followed through with in and outward motions. His tongue worked faster and harder matching the rhythm of his fingers. He knew it wouldn’t be long. Her hands traced his scalp gripping his dark disheveled hair in her hands, embracing herself for what was to come. His head moved quickly under grip and she could feel herself beginning to lose control.

Right there she cried…but he already knew that. He knew she was close and he was prepared to take her all the way. Her body shifting beneath his grip only urged him more to finish her, which he took pleasure in doing. faster his fingers worked pumping in and out her dripping pussy, his tongued followed in maddening swirls around her swollen clit, her hips thrust forward and back as he followed her movement never losing stride. She moaned and cried out as she arched her back in climax.

The tingle and fire rose from her sex straight up her body and with violent yet thrilling encounter shot back down into her pussy as his mouth and fingers pushed her over the edge. Electricity shot through her stomach and in amazing release she arched her back forcing him to more of her, and that he did. Her body quivered as her juices flowed from her pussy wetting her thighs. Her head dizzy and her body weak from orgasm. Her body jolting again as he lapped up her pussy, feeling the wetness from his fingers as he gripped her weakening thighs. Her heart pounding and her breath fast she steadied and braced herself along the wall. She could hardly believe it was still standing. The moon dimly lit the foyer, his face masculine and rough glistened with her juices.

Still dazed, her held her hips as though he knew just how dizzy he made her.

He looked into her green eyes; he could see the hunger he lit in her. His stomach ached for her; never could he understand why any man would deny himself her pleasure and sensual touch. At the moment he was not about to find out that answer because for now she belonged to him.

His lips covered hers in one fell swoop and she almost buckled. His hands and fingers dug into her hips as though he was trying to control his urges. She tastes herself on his lips. His tongue swept across the wet opening she opened and allowed his tongue to explore her space. The taste of her juices on his tongue sent heat waved straight to her inner sex.

He liked kissing her. It was more intimate than he liked to admit but she had a way of moving her tongue and her mouth that her kiss was so damn erotic that he couldn’t deny himself the need to kiss her. Her tongue soft and wet met his and to each explored the fire that was igniting. Her head tilted so slightly to allow for better roaming. His hand grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her close. She purred so erotically he could hardly stand it. His lips hovered over hers before he slowly brushed them down the side of her neck. He kissed her skin breathing in deep the smell of her lingering perfume. The mixed scents of her body and her juices blended so amazingly he almost became dizzy, damn he wanted her so bad, to pleasure her, to please her, to fuck her.

She could feel his breath warm around her ear. His breathing was deep and musical and oh so sexy. Escort I want you so bad. Goosebumps traveled her body. His hand nestled in the small of her back and directed her down the hall. She didn’t hesitate. She was in this now and wanted him more than she ever had. He traced her every curve as she walked ahead of him. Her stride was so elegant and sexually seductive. He wondered if she was doing so just to tease him, either way he liked it. Her hair fell along her back and across her shoulders. Her smooth skin shimmered in the light. His eyes traveled the lines in her back down her sexy legs. Damn, she had amazing legs. They were tight, not an athletic tight but fitting. The curve of her hips was intoxicating to him. He watched as her body swayed in motion. His eyes fixed on her tight round globes. Her ass was amazing, in and out of clothes. His mind wondered in thoughts of what he wanted to do every inch of her.

She stopped in the door way of the bedroom, only a wall light lit the massive room. It seemed so sexy and intimate. She turned to face him, her heart began to race, he always had that effect on her. She could feel the pulsing deep down between her dampened thighs. It was her turn to play now.

Just as he reached out to grab her and pull her close she stepped back. Tease, he thought. She bit her bottom lip and his insides lit up, and a throbbing in his groin followed as she motioned for him so seductively. he moved quickly at her silent request as though in a trance.

He stood before her, all man, so sexy and hard. She smiled as she ran her hands down his chest feeling it rise and fall in a quickening pace. Mmmm, this excited him. Her fingers tickled down his torso until they met the resistance of his pants. She slid a finger inside the seam and followed it around his waist until she found the buttons. His cock was hard and by the way his pants tightened around it, it was probably begging to be released. He couldn’t help but to release a deep groan as her fingers gathered his thick hard cock in her hand. She teased the tip of his cock rimming the head with her fingers and applying just enough pressure to send heat waves jolting through his rippling body. He ached for her, to be in her, to feel her heat and wetness to feel her tighten around his dick, making him release from deep within. Her hand steadily traveled the length of his cock running her fingers up the throbbing vein, feeling him harden with each rhythmic stroke. His lips covered hers once again while his cock was hardened, her lips wet and soft. God the way she could tease him with her mouth and tongue. Gently biting his bottom sending jolts of electricity down to his grown. He yearned to have his cock in her moist mouth feeling her suck him deep into her throat. His thoughts were answered as she broke away from his lips and lowered to her knees. His heart raced in anticipation. Oh yes…he muttered as he felt her wet tongue lick the underside of his throbbing shaft.

She could feel his cock throbbing against her tongue and tasted him. She took in every moment as she pleasured him. His smell was intoxicating a mix of body wash and musk. As she reached his thick head her tongue circled his tip. This was driving him wild he wanted more and she knew it by the way his hands slowly worked their way through her hair. As she finally took him in her mouth his grip tightened on the back of her head yet not forcing her motion. She loved how he allowed her to keep control. His cock was so hard and satisfying. She continued to suck him in her mouth slickening his cock with her moisture allowing for her hands to work with her mouth and stroke his shaft up and down. As her hands took over the pleasuring of his shaft, her tongue traveled to his balls. Tasting them and wetting them with her mouth. As she sucked them into her mouth allowing for just enough pressure, he moaned in such a way her pussy began to throb. She again sucked his cock into her mouth, this time faster in motion and with more force. She could feel her pussy moisten wetting the inside of her thighs. She was hungry for him. As she sped up she could feel his hips thrusting forward pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. She continued to suck and lick his dick, taking him in and engulfing his shaft to his balls while gently tugging his sac. He loved this.

Oh God you’re amazing he stuttered. Faster she sucked moving quickly up and down his shaft.

Her mouth felt so good on his cock. If there was one thing she knew how to do, it was to suck a good Dick. The wetness of her mouth was so satisfying. His cock ached wanting so badly to release his juices and cum in her mouth. The one thing he had was great control. Though her sucking was amazing, he wanted his cock in her wet pussy, knowing it would be wet and ready for him by now. Her pace quickened and he could hardly handle it. That’s it he said as he untangled his fingers from her hair and slowly pulled her back. As she raised her head and met his gaze, Callie knew she had him hot and ready. His cock bobbed up and down and she slowly licked the remaining juices from her lips. Before she could make it back to her feet, Casey grabbed her arms and pushed her to the bed. She knew the playing was over.

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