Initial Calibration


Author’s note: I hope you enjoyed this story. It is 100% fiction and the representation of any actual person is purely coincidental. I would greatly enjoy reading your comments and if you would be interested in future collaboration, please contact me!

Maggie and Ben met in the reception area of a small corporate office called SASI. Unbeknownst to most people SASI stands for the Study of Artificial Sexual Intelligence and is one of the leading research centers working on enhancing a person’s sexual experience. One of the primary use cases is for couples who are apart from each other for long time periods such as military deployment or long-distance travel circumstances. The company also is fully aware that their technology eventually could be used by people just simply interested in sharing a sexual experience with another individual without the physical risks.

Maggie stands about 5′ 8″ with an athletic figure, her blue eyes are sharp against her light brown hair. Her teeth are white like snow, reflecting her soft pink lips giving way to an infectious smile. Her shoulder-length brown hair is pulled back into a simple ponytail. She went ultra-comfortable with black camo leggings and a grey long sleeve shirt top.

Ben is similar in stature, standing also about 5′ 8″ with an athletic build, not a gym rat but clear he stays active. His hair is a sandy almost salt and pepper grey, short with a well-trimmed beard and mustache on his rounded face. His eyes are a piercing bluish grey that stands out from his dark complexion. He arrived in comfort as well wearing black sports shorts and a well-fitted grey tee shirt with an unknown company logo.

Ben and Maggie have met in person before however, they have never shared a sexual experience together. As part of the preparation for today, they were encouraged to meet online and get used to each other to help ease the experience. Both agreed to work on this project in part for financial gain and also simply out of the curiosity for the technology. Maggie has been a nurse since graduating college and Ben has worked in InfoSec for a large health care organization which also allows them to share something in common.

Coming out to the reception area to greet Ben and Maggie are Drs. Berry and Rudd. Dr. Alicia Berry is the lead engineer working on the mechanics and Dr. Timothy Rudd is the lead engineer on the software used for the machine learning and artificial intelligence aspects. Both Doctors are in their early 40’s, each dressed in business casual attire wearing a company logo shirt. After a brief greeting, they lead Maggie and Ben down the hallway into a warmly lit room about the size of a two-car garage. The room is notably warm to help keep the participants from being too cool when helping to test out the new prototypes.

Both Ben and Maggie had been provided a fair amount of documentation on what these devices are, how they work, and a little of what to expect. Ben is led over to what appears to be an oversized massaged table and Maggie is led over to one on the opposite side of the room. This is the first time they are seeing the devices themselves which are sitting on a work table next to their table. The device really looks like a very bulky pair of spandex shorts with a mechanical conglomeration nestled between where their legs and several cords running from the box to a computer and power supply.

Dr. Berry asks Ben if he is ready to begin and Ben nods yes and she instructs him to go ahead and get undressed. Having little to remove Ben made quick work and was standing barefoot and buck naked. From across the room, Maggie looked back with an aroused smirk on her face, liking what she was seeing. Ben’s butt checks we firm but round and he had good muscle definition in his legs and across his shoulder and arms. She chuckled a little inside at the tan lines, clearly not one for working outside in the nude she thought.

Dr. Berry patted the warm table with her hand directing Ben to sit upon it and she directed him to swing his legs up. Standing next to him she helped him slide his feet and lower legs into the shorts when they reached his knees, he knew it was going to be a tight fit. She worked with him to get them up almost in position. As they reached almost all the way up, she reminded him to make sure his penis got into the tube which he did with his hands.

Nodding again that he was ready they worked to pull the device all the way up into position. Ben could feel his penis slide into the slightly lubricated tube which accommodated his semi-erect penis without trouble. Dr. Berry then took her hand and pushed the device further up in between his legs where he could feel a bulge pressing on his perineum. The mechanical unit was built in a wedge shape which required his legs to be parted so his feet were about shoulder length apart if he were standing upright. It was a little awkward at first but he quickly grew accustomed to the feeling.

He glanced over in the direction of where Maggie had been standing to see her full body being attended to by Dr. Rudd in a similar fashion as he was. Maggie was already Esenyurt escort bayan laying down but he could see the curves of her breasts and her nipples pointed upward, her soft skin glowing in the warm light. Dr. Rudd was helping to place her device in the correct position and opening her legs to accommodate the mechanics. He then took another device and wrapped it around her chest, covering each breast with a special bra-like-looking device that had a small set of wires that flowed down the side of the bed and were then connected into the primary mechanical unit.

Once both devices were in their initial places a virtual reality headset was placed on each of their heads which contained left and right speakers and a controller very similar to the Oculus Quest was put in their hands. When the devices were turned on, they became aware that they could hear each other breath and could talk with each other. The screen flickered to life and there they were able to see themselves laying on the beds with the devices in place.

Ben could also hear Dr. Berry in his ears, almost like she was in the center of his head. After a few moments, he saw an avatar version of her standing next to him. “Ben we are going to start with you first and run a series of tests to validate each of the modules is working correctly. Are you comfortable and ready to begin?”

“I’m ready” he anxiously stated back.

“First will be a test of the lubrication and warming around the penis followed by the initial stroking sensations.” The penis tube was made of a real-feel skin that was lined with over 100 specially designed vibrating motors. Each motor could be independently controlled to create a unique sensation of movement around the penis. E-stim conduction points are also included all around the tube allowing for electrical stimulation to be applied and cause muscle contractions which can simulate the feeling of the other person having an orgasm.

Around the entire tube are specialized rings that can be constricted to create a tighter or softened to have a loser experience and accommodate the different sizes the penis may go through during a session. On the end of the tube is a suction device designed to simulate the experience of oral stimulation and also help remove any excess fluids that may gather in the tube during prolonged use. With the anticipation of the experience, Ben had grown almost fully erect with his member filling the warm fleshy device.

The first sensation started right on the tip of his penis and slowly traveled down the head. As he laid there it felt to him like the tip of his penis was slowly entering a warm wet vagina. Ben involuntarily moaned with pleasure as the sensation continued down the entire length of his shaft. Maggie tingled inside hearing the pleasure from Ben’s initial reaction. “Let’s hold here for a moment Ben.” Dr. Berry said and the vibration slowed but still felt warm like a hand holding him firmly.

“Maggie we are going to begin in a similar fashion for you also if you are ready?” asked Dr. Rudd. Yes, was all she could mumble in anticipation of what was about to happen. “The first sensation you will feel will be clitoral stimulation,” he warned. Within a few seconds of him saying so Maggie felt the sensation of a hand being placed over her groin. In her device was a specialized air bladder that was being filled to push the motors and contact points closer against her skin.

The same tiny specially designed vibration motors were now covering her mons pubis area fully surrounding her clit. The motors began to vibrate in a pattern that felt like a finger working circles around the outer aspects of her clit without directly touching it. The circular pattern continued for several moments and then switched to a stroking sensation up and down along the sides of her clit, which lasted for several more moments. The next sensation she felt was directly over her clit and it was an air pulsating feeling, sucking at her clit. The device used a small air pump to push or pull air directly over the clit to simulate the sensation of oral stimulation.

Again only a few moments passed when the sensation again changed to a much more direct low vibration directly over the top of her clit. The vibration began to expand and move down the sides of her pussy where she started to feel the outer lips being touched. This new sensation was the result of a small vacuum system along the outer edge that lifts and opens the vaginal lips. The vibration pattern allows for the sensation of a finger stroking up and down the sides of the pussy. Ben was listening with increased arousal at the deepening breaths Maggie was taking along with her soft moans escaping her lips.

“Maggie, I’m going to slowly start the insertion process, is that okay?” Dr. Rudd calmly asked.

“Yes” was again all Maggie uttered from her lips. She had tried to anticipate what this would be like in her mind, something she had chalked up to a little better than her vibrator at home but her hopes were not really too high. However, after the first nearly 5 minutes of stimulation, Escort Etiler her beliefs had quickly changed.

The penis-shaped probe was made of real-feel material very similar to that of the tube on Ben’s device. It was lined, just under the skin, with over one hundred of the tiny vibrating motors and also several of the e-stim conduction points. Inside the probe is a bladder that could be filled or deflated to change the size of the head and the shaft from a single finger size to the size of a small hand and forearm. To begin the probe is about the girth of a single finger. The auto warming began as soon as the device was powered on and is now holding a steady temperature of 99 degrees. The self-lubrication is also a part of the warming process and is engaged as soon as the penetration function is set on.

Maggie continues to feel the sensation of a finger running up and down the sides of her clitoris when pressure begins to build at the opening of her vagina. The probe is beginning to penetrate the opening at a very slow pace, ensuring it is in the correct location. Special sensors built into the tip sense the pressure and are able to adjust the angle to guide it in. The probe continues to slowly move inside.

“When the probe is as deep inside as you would like it to go click the trigger button on either remote.” Dr. Rudd tells Maggie. She feels the probe slowly moving inside her, pushing further. At a depth of about 5 inches, the probe slows even more allowing Maggie to select the depth she desires without causing her any pain or discomfort. As she feels the probe reach a deep yet comfortable spot, she squeezes the trigger, and the motion stops. The probe slowly pulls back just a bit before continuing the next calibration step the girth. “Maggie the next step is to set the girth of the probe. Are you doing okay?” he asks.

“It feels good, yes I’m ready.”

“When you are ready to start, squeeze the right-hand trigger to have the probe increase in size. To stop the growth just release the trigger. If you want to decrease the size use the left-hand trigger.” Dr. Rudd instructed. With a flutter in her chest, Maggie squeezes the right-hand trigger and begins to feel a growing sensation inside her. The process was intentionally slow to allow her body to sense the changes. The pressure throughout her vagina was increasing, creating a full feeling deep inside her. After just another moment she released the trigger and let out a soft moan. The full warm feeling was making her head swim, she was in a state of bliss.

Without warning the probe slowly began to withdraw from inside her caused her to moan again, not anticipating the feeling. The probe slowly slides all the way out leaving her feeling empty and wanting it back inside. After a few agonizing moments the probe began to work its way back inside and she moaned with pleasure. It continued to move to the same depth as it was in before. She relished the feeling as the probe came to its full length.

Ben had been watching through his headset and listening to the sensual sounds coming from Maggie. His penis had turned to an almost full erection and was enjoying the warm wet sensation provided. “Let’s continue with your testing Ben,” Dr. Berry interrupted his concentration on Maggie. “The next series of calibrations will be used to help you feel the various sensations that would simulate vaginal penetration.” His penis noticeably became even more erect as he processed what Dr. Berry was saying. “This first simulation will be vaginal,” and he felt a slight tightening of the tube around his penis as she spoke, “we will start with a slow penetration.”

No sooner than her words ended the device engaged at the very tip of his penis. He could feel a soft low vibration as the head was squeezed from both sides with equal pressure. The sensation continued along his shaft and he could sense the whole head now inside a tighter warm area than where it had been before. As the sensation continued, he felt the tube continue to increase its embrace as he was brought deeper inside until all of his full hard member had been touched.

“Oh, unbelievable,” he exclaimed “what an amazing sensation!” The device held his rock-hard erection for a moment and then started the simulated feeling of withdrawal, the skin loosening and the vibrations stopping as the simulation moves back towards the head, and then it all stops for just a moment. Without warning, he feels it start again and just come in contact with the very tip.

“Ben, take the controller in your right hand. When you squeeze the trigger, the sensation will slowly move down your penis. When you feel like the head of your penis is inside release the trigger.” He squeezed the trigger and could feel the sensation slowly move down the engorged head of his penis. As the sensation reached the end of his head, he released the trigger and the descending movement stopped but the low vibration around his head continued. He let out an involuntary moan as

Dr. Berry began to give further instructions. “Ben when you squeeze the trigger it will continue Eyüp escort again, release the trigger when it feels like your penis is halfway inside the vagina.” He took a deep breath in order to focus his concentration on the task and pulled the trigger. As before the sensation slowly moved down his shaft and he could feel himself being pulled inside. As it reached the halfway point on his penis he again released the trigger and took a moment to enjoy the sensation. The feeling of his penis suspended halfway inside of a warm wet pussy was intense and the throbbing inside him was telling him so. Without any interaction from him, the device started again down his shaft until it reached the point of full insertion. He tried to slow his breathing but was so amazed he really wanted to just let it go and enjoy the ride.

Maggie had been watching on her screen and listening to Ben and the feelings he was having. She too was very aroused at the reaction Ben was having to just the calibration sequence. While Ben was doing his calibration work the probe remained inside Maggie, she was enjoying the warm sensation filling her vagina. She could feel the probe was very wet and easily moved a bit inside her as she wiggled her hips slightly.

Dr. Berry and Dr. Rudd spoke softly to each other for a moment and then Dr. Berry spoke to both Ben and Maggie at the same time. “Each of you has done a very good job with the first part of the calibrations,” she explained “and now we’d like to run you through a simulation together at the same time. We will use the calibrations you have both done to now simulate intercourse with each other.” Both Ben and Maggie’s heart rates elevated hearing this and were eager to continue.

“To do so you will see a near real-life avatar of yourselves from your unique point of view. The movements you feel will be a simulation of the video you see. When you are ready to begin click either the left- or right-hand trigger. If you need to stop the simulation, simply say so or simply squeeze the trigger for 3 seconds. When you are ready, we will begin.”

Maggie took a deep breath and clicked the trigger on her left controller. As she did, she felt the probe slowly begin to withdraw from her vagina until it was no longer inside her. All of the stimulation along her vaginal lips and around her clitoris also came to a noticeable stop. She could feel her heart beating in her chest and noticed the absence of stimulation in her groin.

Ben clicked on his controller and felt the withdrawal from his penis as well, the sleeve loosened around him and the vibrations ended where he felt like he was no longer inside anything. On Ben’s screen appeared a fully naked image of Maggie and on Maggie’s screen was a fully naked image of Ben. The images had been captured in previous video taken by each of them at home in the comfort of their own beds. But unlike a static image, each body moved and made life like reactions.

Ben looked at Maggie on his screen, she was laying on her bed in a simple missionary position, her legs apart and bent at the knees. He could see her well-groomed groin. He reached out his hand to touch her and as he reached her his controller vibrated gently to let him know he had contacted her skin. Maggie could see Ben’s hand coming toward her as he stood in front of her. As his finger reached down between her legs, she felt the sensation of his touch on the side of her mound. She giggled a little and moaned at the same time.

Ben used his finger to trace around her mound and she could see and feel the movement. She could feel him touching her. Ben took his finger, placed it directly over her clit, and began to make small circular motions. Maggie’s simulator responded to his touch by focusing the sensation directly over her clit. The motors changed pressure and speed as his finger would start and then stop. Maggie was fully enjoying Ben’s first virtual contact together.

Just as in real life Ben concentrated on his movement to ensure she was enjoying and the moaning from her lips provided valuable feedback to him. He clicked his controller so he could simulate using two fingers and the second finger appeared. Together he worked his fingers across and around her virtual clit while listening to her breathing and moaning.

“Ben don’t stop” she uttered as the sensations continued to build inside her. Ben took his fingers and ran them down the side of her vaginal lips and Maggie’s simulator responded with the same sensation of his finger running down next to her lips and then back up the other side. He repeated this several times listening to the subtle moans she was making. He returned his concentration back to her clit where he stroked it in circles with varying pressure and speed.

Maggie moaned again “Don’t stop, I’m so close!” right into Ben’s ears as if she were right there inside his head. Ben’s fingers didn’t stop their movement and the sensation began to overwhelm Maggie as she moaned and contracted her muscles in her abdomen in a powerful orgasm. The simulated sensation continued, Ben didn’t stop as she moaned in pleasure and rode the waves of contractions for several moments until she uttered “please stop”. Ben pulled his hand back and watched and listened. He could hear her labored breathing as the waves of pleasure slowly subsided from her. “Your turn,” she said after a few moments of time to begin to recompose herself.

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