Just finishing my third fuck of the night, I rolled out from under my lover, and he grinned and asked if I was ‘finally’ satisfied. I couldn’t help myself, there were times, like last night, that I was just insatiable. He was an incredible fuck, and I was always satisfied by him, eventually. But last night would not be one of those nights. And as my luck would have it, he had to leave earlier than normal to get to work.

But to send him to work feeling happy I answered, “Absolutely”, but knew I would have to take care of myself once he left for work. Obviously in a hormonal frenzy, I wanted more. Pleasuring myself was something I enjoyed doing, and did frequently. And I didn’t always rely on hormones to push me.

He finally left for work, and after he was gone, I began to think about our night together, and reached into my bedside stand to pull out some of my toys. There was nothing like the hum of my vibrator first thing in the morning. I was already so wet from my own excitement, so I wasted no time in getting started, and soon found myself absorbed into the building pleasure I was again feeling.

I loved the feel of the vibrator as it moved across my lips, and smooth shaven skin. Slowly pushing up and down my slit, and eventually settling over my very swollen clit from my night of passion. Holding it over my clit, I reached for my second favorite friend, my cock shaped dildo, and slowly inserted it slowly in me. I have come to appreciate being able to use two devices at one time, since I sometimes lack coordination. Oh god how I love the feel of this huge rubber cock as I push it deeper and deeper in me. Rotating it in circles as it pushes in me further and further, leading me into ecstasy . With the vibrator moving over my clit, I can feel small surges pulsate my pussy. I remove the rubber cock, and put it to my lips. I trace over them, and taste the remains of my night of passion. The mix of cum and pussy juice, a salty blend of heavenly juices. I take it in my mouth, and suck it, while the vibrator again moves up and down my slit. I can feel my climax building, but have the ability to control it. I slow the vibrators movements, and feel the need to push the rubber cock in me again.

I feel as if something is missing, and decide I have to drag out another toy. I reach for my newest toy, an anal stimulator, which according to the box has a “multi-speed controller that allows you to vary the anal stimulations from mild to downright earth shaking.” The box is right. I grab some more lubricant from the drawer, and prepare my toy. Oh God, this is so good. Pushing the anal toy deep in me, I am able to keep it secure, and return to my other toys. I set the speed to slow. I can feel pulsating tingles now deep in my ass, and again over my clit.

I am sucking on the rubber cock, and love seeing how much of this 8” toy I can swallow. In and out of my mouth, I feel the smooth rubber surface, so similar to my Escort bayan husbands shaven cock. My ass is in need of higher surges, so I move up the speed. I love having both holes filled at once, and insert the rubber cock back in my pussy. I push it deep in me as far as it will go, and with the help of properly positioned pillows, I am able to keep it in place. Now both my pussy and ass are filled, and my efforts return to my clit. The vibrator humming over it. This is too much for me. I way too horny for my own good. All this pleasure. I really need to share these toys with my lover.

I begin to move my hips up, and tighten my pussy muscles around the rubber cock, squeezing it. I can feel the pleasure rapidly building as I do this, and again make an attempt to slow it. I can’t this time, so I begin to rock into the pillow holding the rubber cock in place, and replace the vibrator with my fingers. I stroke myself, and turn up the anal stimulator to the highest setting. It’s not going to be much longer, and my fingers frantically rub my clit. I soon feel the burst of pleasure wash over me in a multitude of waves. I feel myself gasping for air, and know I have reached my goal. I settle back down in the bed, and remove the toys from ass and pussy. I lie there with my clit and pussy pulsating, like after shocks, from an earthquake. A feeling of extreme relaxation comes over me.

I am not in this state long when I hear the doorbell. It’s so damn early in the day. Who would be bothering me at this hour, I wonder, and suddenly remember it has to be the damn plumber sent by the landlord to assess the leaking pipe in the basement. I had forgotten he was coming.

I raced out of bed, and quickly threw on a robe. I got to the door just see his back, and he turned and said, “I didn’t think anyone was home.”

I apologized for making him wait, but honestly admitted to forgetting he was coming and forgot to set the alarm. He didn’t seem to really care, and asked to be shown to the leaking pipe. I escorted him to the basement, and told him if he needed anything that I would be upstairs.

I headed back up the stairs and decided the first stop would be the coffee pot. I could feel my pussy and clit throbbing, and wondered how long it would last. I got the coffee together, and headed back in the bedroom to get clothes together to wear. I was standing in the front of my closet when I heard a knock on the bedroom door. The plumber now in the room, informed me “this job would take about two hours” and did I want it done today? I had no plans, so I informed him he could go ahead and start.

As I was talking to him, I saw his eyes dart to the bed, and knew something had caught his attention. I glanced over, and laying there in full view on the bed were all my toys. I had raced out of the bed in such a damn hurry, I had forgotten them there. He looked back at me, and smiled, and I knew I had been caught. Bayan Escort He didn’t say a word, and returned to the basement. I moved to the bed, and quickly stowed them back in the drawer, and would clean them later. While this should have caused more embarrassment, I began to think about how it would have been if he caught me actually using them. I could feel excitement build again.

The next two hours seemed to drag, but with my occasional lustful thoughts, I did manage to pass the time. He made his way back up the stairs and told me it would take more time, but that he had to run back over to the office to get more tools he needed. He told me he would be gone for a while. I told him to feel free to let himself back in upon his return.

He was not bad looking, and I wondered how he would be in the sack. His legs were long, and I guessed him to be about 6’4”. I have this thing for tall guys. His ass filled his jeans nice, and I wondered about the size of his cock. The slam of the door brought me back to reality. But not for long.

After he left the house, I sat on my couch, now with my fingers stroking my clit thinking about him. It was so swollen from all my self pleasuring, and knew it wouldn’t take me long to really become aroused again. I laid back on the couch, and opened my robe. Tracing my nipples with my free hand, I loved to feel them grow at my touch. I pulled at them, and enjoyed the small surges of pain that I felt as I pinched them.

My pussy was so damn wet again, I could feel the wetness rolling down my inner thigh. I wanted my rubber cock badly, so I went to the bedroom to get it. I removed my robe and laid on the bed. Wasting no time, I inserted the rubber cock into my wet pussy, and began moving it in and out, slowly, enjoying the building and slow return of self pleasure. My fingers were so wet from my juices, and I wet my lips with them. Licking them, I was becoming very turned on. The room now seemed to smell of my sex.

As I played with my clit, I imagined the plumbers tongue licking me. His face firmly planted on my wetness. His tongue slowly circling and swirling my clit. Making long lapping movements over my wet slit, his tongue needed no effort to part my puffy lips. I could imagine hearing slurping sounds as he sucked at my juices, not wanting to miss a drop, and feeling the need to savor each droplet. I wanted his tongue to replace the rubber cock in me. I wanted to feel his tongue pushing deep in me. I wanted to know that he had to drink from my sex to survive.

I imagined asking him to lie on his back while I moved over him, positioning my pussy over his already soaked face. I would lean forward and take his cock in my mouth. He wasn’t as big as the rubber cock, but as wide. I wanted to slide my teeth over his smooth skin. I wanted to feel the soft tip, and marvel at its deep purple color. I would move him in and out of my mouth fast, and take him deeper Escort and deeper with each thrust. I wanted to taste his seed.

I moved the rubber cock back into my pussy, and imagined him now fucking me. He would beg to fuck me. He wanted to take me hard and fast. I pushed the rubber cock deeper in me, and frantically fucked myself. I couldn’t think of anything but his cock pumping me.

I could feel the pleasure build and then explode. Air I had held to hasten my climax was now coming from me in long gasps, and my moans were not being suppressed. Sounds of my pleasure were bouncing off the bedrooms walls. I felt myself move from thrashing my hips, to a slow rock. I laid there still, and savored the intensity of my climax.

“WOW!” was all I heard, and I jumped up to a sitting position. There in the doorway was the plumber, who obviously saw and heard my self indulgence into solo sex. I reached for my robe, and heard him say, “That was incredible. I would like to see that again.”

He moved to the bed, and sat on the edge. I knew at this point what he wanted, and I made no attempts to stop him. He reached for me, and placed his fingers deep inside me. “Jesus, you are more than wet.”

I laid back, and opened my legs. He moved his face over me, and without anyone sharing words, he began licking and sucking my clit. By this time, my clit was the size of a small grape, and was overly sensitive to any touch. His lapping over it, soon had me feeling the need to explode again. His tongue probed my pussy, and he pushed my legs up and back, making his interests more visible to him. His tongue took longer strokes over my slit, and soon made it’s way to my ass. I could feel him lick it, and push into it. The feelings were so intense, I thought I would explode right then. He continued to lick in long strokes, and would occasionally move back to pleasuring my ass.

MY continuous moaning moved him to continue, and I soon began to move into his face with quick jerky movements. I was ready to explode into another climax, and as I announced it, he pushed his fingers into my pussy and pumped them hard. I climaxed all over his already wet face, and he pulled me up off the bed, and had me bend over the bed. He moved to behind me, and placed his cock at my pussy, and moved quickly to enter me. He pumped in and out, as fast as I did with my rubber cock, and I soon felt his cock start to twitch in me. He pulled it out, and placed it at my ass, and I could feel the intense pain as he pushed past the first tight ring, and then again as he went deeper. The pain was soon replaced by pleasure and I was soon enjoying each long thrust. He took no time in gaining speed, and before long, shot his hot cum into deep in my ass. As he pulled out, I collapsed on the bed, and felt totally consumed with pleasure, but equally exhausted.

He grabbed his clothes and headed into the bathroom. I never heard him leave the bathroom, and eventually the house. When I got up later that afternoon, there was a note on the kitchen counter that simply said, “Plumbing now working, and if you ever need help with anything else, call me.” He signed it, “Happy.” I wondered how I could make a pipe leak.

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