It happens this time each year


“Okay,” I told myself.  “The road is straight for miles. I can close my eyes for five seconds.  That’s all I need.”That’s where I was.  That’s the shape I was in.  It was past midnight and I was half an hour from the nearest town.I was in the middle of deep, East Texas on a blacktopped road between the pine trees.  I was beyond exhaustion.  I badly needed sleep.I closed my eyes for five seconds.  Okay, it might have been closer to ten.  Or maybe more.I opened my eyes.”Shit!” I yelled as the seatbelt bit into my chest as I pressed the break to the floor.The anti-lock brakes chugged, and I felt the brakes pumping as I came to a stop in the middle of the road.She had been standing close to the road by her stalled car.I still can’t believe I didn’t hit her.  I looked in the rearview mirror and saw her standing there watching me in the red glow of my brake lights.I sat there for a full minute. I was cautious.  This could be some kind of trap.Nothing happened.  The girl shyly waved a hand toward me.I took a deep breath and began to back up my truck.  I backed up carefully until I was just about halfway past her car and put on my hazard lights.  I watched as the girl cautiously made her way over to my passenger window.She was beautiful in that country, farm-girl, all-American kind of way.  In the bright glow of my headlights I could see she was wearing denim shorts, a t-shirt, and a high school letter jacket.  This being Texas, she had on a pair of cowboy boots.  Her hair was tied back in two braids.  She smiled.I pushed the button and the passenger window came down.  She looked into the cab of my truck and smiled again.”Thanks for stopping, ” she said.  “I’m out of gas.  I thought I could make it, but well…” she trailed off, shrugging her shoulders.She was probably 18 or 19, but she was wearing a high school letter jacket.  “I was heading to my Dad’s after the game,” she explained.  “He’s going to be pissed. He always tells me to fill up.””Well, I guess I can take you home or to the next town,” I told her.  “Which is closer?”She looked down the road ahead and said, “Daddy lives in Henderson, but there’s a Whataburger and gas station up ahead in Mt. Enterprise.  You can drop me there and I’ll call someone to help me.””Okay,” I told her.  “Lock up your car and I’ll take you into town.””Thanks!” She said with a huge smile and I watched her as she walked back to her car to lock it up. It was a lovely view watching her walk to her car.  As she bent over to reach isvecbahis inside for her purse, I was given the sight of two perfect ass cheeks peeking out from the bottom of her denim shorts.  The view of her walking back to my truck was just as nice.  She opened the door and took off her letter jacket and tossed it into the back seat of my truck.  She leaned down and took off her boots and then climbed in wearing tiny white socks.  I couldn’t help but check her out.  The t-shirt was very tight and form-fitting, and it was clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath.  Her breasts filling out that top were a nice handful.  Her legs were silky smooth.  The light went out as she closed the door and reached for her seatbelt.I turned my hazards off and put the truck in gear and we drove off into the darkness.”I’m Tracey,” she said after a minute.  “Thanks again for picking me up.””Nice to meet you, Tracey,” I replied.  “I’m Lance, and I never leave a lovely lady in distress.””You’re sweet,” she replied and we both went silent again as we watched the road.”So, you were at a game?” I finally asked to start some conversation.”Yeah!” she responded enthusiastically.  “Basketball.  I go to Central Heights, just outside of the Nac loop.””Sure, I’ve driven past that school several times,” I responded.  “I bet you’re a cheerleader too, aren’t you?””Why do you say that?” she said with a teasing lilt in her voice.  “I mean, just because I’m a girl in a small town doesn’t mean that I’m a cheerleader.””Uh, oh, I’m sorry,” I stammered. “I was just…”She reached over and lightly punched me in the arm.”I’m just kidding with you!” she laughed.  “I actually was a cheerleader, but I got in trouble and had to quit this year right at the end of football season.””Oh.” I replied.  It was neither a question or a comment.  I just let it lie there in the silence.”You want to know what happened, don’t you?” she finally asked.”None of my business,” I responded.She turned sideways in the seat and looked at me. Her left leg bent at the knee and I was looking at a lot of her bare thigh.”Can you keep a secret?” she asked teasingly.”Sure,” I said solemnly. “You’ve known me for at least four minutes and if you can’t trust me now, you never will.””I got caught,” she said.  When I looked over at her, she had the tip of her index finger rubbing slowly across her lower lip.”Caught doing what?” I asked”My cheer coach caught me naked in the football locker room,” she said with a grin. “It wasn’t isveçbahis giriş totally my fault!  The other cheerleaders had dared me to go in there!””So, the whole football team saw you naked?” I asked in a voice that was just asking for more details.”No, silly!” She laughed.  “There was no on in there.  We beat their bus back to school and the girls dared me to run through their locker room in just a towel.  They pushed me inside.  I guess they expected me to fight my way back out, but I decided to investigate.”I tried to keep my eyes on the road, but I kept glancing over at this girl as she described herself being naked.”I guess I was turned on by the smell,” she began.  “There’s something about the sheer manliness of it all.  It smelled like men.  I started to walk slowly around and imagined them all standing there in their jock straps or naked from the shower.  So, I took my towel off and went crazy.””Crazy?” I asked.”Yeah, I sat on their benches, and I ran around the locker room just taking in the smells.  It was intoxicating.””You were walking all around the locker room?” I asked.  “Totally naked?”She looked over at me and whispered, “I love being naked. I get so hot and wet.””Oh, really?” I asked in a voice rough from not swallowing.”Oh, yes!” she exclaimed. “I was too far gone.  I need to cum. I had mounted a bench full of damp and smelly used towels and was humbping and rubbing myself off on it, when my Coach came in with several of the cheerleaders.  She couldn’t hide it since there were witnesses.  So, they had to kick me off.””So, now what do you do in your free time?” I asked.”I do whatever I want, mostly.” She replied as she stretched her body, pushing her chest outward.“Lance,” she asked again in a whisper.  “Do you want to see me naked?  I want you to. Can I take off all of my clothes and show you my naked body?  Hmm, Lance?  Right here in your truck?””Uh, Tracey…” I began, but she just shushed me.”I like to be naked and I like men to look at me,” she said quickly.  She reached down to her belly and grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head.  She tossed it into the back. Her gorgeous breasts bounced and jiggled with her movements.  Then she arched her back and slid out of her shorts and panties.  She added those to the pile in the back and sat back with a deep sigh of satisfaction.  “There!” she announced, “I’m all naked!”I gave her a quick glance and returned my eyes to the road.  “You can look at me,” she giggled.  isveçbahis yeni giriş “I want you to.  You should slow down or pull over somewhere. You don’t want to get in wreck out here in the middle of nowhere.”She stretched her feet up and onto the dashboard, still wearing the little white socks. She used the toes of the opposite foot to pull those socks off.  They soon joined the pile behind her seat.”Now, I’m totally naked. I shaved my legs really good tonight,” she teased as she ran her hands all over her legs.  “They’re so smooth and silky.  Touch me and feel!”  She flipped up the divider/storage arm between us and turned sideways in the seat. Her bare toes were now pushing against my thigh and moving toward my cock.I was looking at the road and looking at her body and I finally was about to just pull over on the side when I saw my chance.  Up ahead was a short drive to where a rancher would load his feeder cattle onto a trailer.  I quickly slowed down and after checking my mirrors, I backed up into the short driveway, facing the road.”Perfect!” Tracey squealed out.  “Turn on the dome light!”  I switched on the light, filling the cab with brightness and looked at the naked woman next to me.”Touch me,” she said in a husky voice.I ran my hands across her legs.  They were both silky smooth.  She arched and stretched, pushing her toes into my leg.”You know what, Lance?” she whispered.  “I’m hot and wet right now.”She leaned forward and grabbed my hand. “Touch me more. Feel me,” she teased.She pulled my hand straight to her pussy.  “See?” she bragged. “I get so hot…so wet!  Stick your fingers in me!”I stiffened my index and middle finger as she pulled against me.  In a split second, I was fully inside of her pussy.  I formed my hand like a gun and used my thumb to rub her clit.  It was stiff and hard, and I was able to flick it up and down.  He pussy muscles clamped down hard around my fingers and she screamed out in orgasm.”Ohhhhh, yes!” she screamed.  “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”  She had both hands on my wrist and was pulling me towards her and clamping her thighs tight.  I was stuck in the seatbelt as she tugged on my arm.I sat there as she rode out her orgasm and finally released my arm.”Take…take it out!” she finally said urgently.  “Your cock.  Stick it in me!”In seconds, I was unbuckled from the seatbelt and my own belt.  I had barely even pulled my pants down enough for my cock to poke out and she was grabbing it and pulling me on top of her.  She met my lips quickly with her own and her tongue was quickly pushing through to find mine.  Her hands reached around to my bare ass and she humped herself underneath me until my cock prodded against her steaming opening.

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