It Worked Before ……


It Worked Before ……It had been raining for almost a week, so finishing the painting at kathleen’s was on hold. Needless to say, I was eager to get more of the favours she seemed willing to provide, but had no good excuse to get near her. Gloria had gone out of town to her daughter’s for a few days, so my sexual options were limited to nothing. One evening, while trying to get to sleep, I found myself thinking of Kathleen’s curvy and soft body. Try as I might, the memory of my encounter with her only got me more aroused. I decided I would try something which always had positive results with Gloria. I put on a t-shirt and cutoff shorts, drove to Kathleen’s house, and walked up to the front door. I stood for a moment unsure of whether I should ring the bell. On a hunch, I tried the door, and to my surprise, found it unlocked. The house was dark, and at 12:30 a.m., very quiet. A summer breeze was blowing which at least gave my movements some cover. My plan was to go to her bedroom doorway, and hopefully find her awake – or of not, just get a look at her, then quietly leave.My heart was pounding as I reached her bedroom door, and saw her asleep on her back with the sheet pulled up under her chin. I could see the outline of her body under it, and watched as her breathing caused her large breasts to rise and fall slowly. The curves of her thighs and long, full legs were clear under the sheet, and I could feel myself harden. Just then, she sitted slightly, and the sheet dropped to just above her breasts. I realized what an attractive woman she was as I looked at the smooth skin of her neck and chest. My erection was at full staff by this time, and despite the urge I had to masturbate, thought I needed ümraniye escort to leave. I turned to walk out, and heard her say, “You really aren’t going to leave now, are you?” I turned toward her and saw her looking at me. In a shaky voice, I said, “I’m sorry Kathleen – I shouldn’t be here like this.” She rose onto her left elbow saying, “Don’t be sorry – I am so glad to see you. I even left the door unlocked in case you came over.” I stood motionless as she said, “Come closer – I’ve been thinking of you and want to see you.”I moved over next to her bed, and she laughed saying, “My goodness, did watching me sleep do that to you?” I knew my erection had bulged my shorts, and simply nodded. She smiled and said, “Hmmm, well I think I should help you with that.” She pulled the sheet down to her waist to reveal her bare breasts. They looked full, heavy, and her her nipples were perked up. “Get those clothes off”, she said, so I stripped naked. As I did, she kicked the sheet off and I saw she was wearing a nylon panty-like item of lingerie which looked like a pair of shorts. The legs portion came down to her mid thighs, and a row of lace was at the bottom of each leg. The material looked shiny and soft even in the dim light. “Do you like my pettipants?”, she asked. “Why don’t you touch them – they’re very soft.” I gently rubbed her thighs and hips as she lightly stroked my penis. “I’ll bet you’d love to rub this hard cock all over them, wouldn’t you?”, she asked. She pulled her legs up and said, “Do it.” I got between her legs and began rubbing myself against her inner thighs and crotch. “My boobs really need a good licking”, she whispered, so I began licking and sucking them and nibbling kadıköy escort her fully erect nipples. I could feel the wetness of her kitty coming through the thin nylon material against my penis. She suddenly had a climax as I flat-tongued her nipples, and I wanted to explode with her, but held back. She pushed me back and slipped the pettipants off, saying, “I have a surprise for you – just sit as you are.” I watched as she masturbated herself with her fingers and pinched her nipples. After a bit, she got on her knees directly over my penis, and with a low and long moan, squirted her juices all over my penis, balls, and thighs. “You see, I can cum just like you,” she panted breathlessly. She laid on her back, spread her legs, and said, “Lick me.” I ran my tongue all over her shaven kitty, thighs, and belly, and as I did, she had two more short climaxes. After a brief break, she said, “Now it’s your turn to get me all messy.” My erection was so hard it hurt, and she got up off the bed. “What would you like me to wear?”, she asked. At that point it didn’t matter, but told her I wanted her to put high heels on. She got a pair of black heels from her closet, stepped into them, and walked back to the bed. I grabbed her, out her on her back, and pushed into her as far as I could. “Ooooo – you rally like fucking mommie in her heels, don’t you?”, she asked. I didn’t reply and kept thrusting slowly and deeply into her. “Don’t you want to cum on one of mommie’s sexy slips?”, she asked. I managed to say “No”, and continued to enjoy her tight, hot kitty. I was at the point of no return when she said, “Mommie wants you to shoot you hot cum all over her boobs and belly.” I pulled out of her, sat back tuzla escort on my haunches and let her masturbate me. Soon, I was pumping ribbons of cum all over her breasts and belly, and she had yet another climax. She was taking the cum in her finfers and sucking them clean, while rubbing the rest all over her breasts and belly. We laid together for a while, then she said, I’m going to take a quick shower – then let you play with me and my slips all you want.” “While I’m doing that, you look in my drawer and find what you like.”I went to her drawer and took out several slips, rubbing them against my now-hard penis. she came into the room, saying, “You are being a nawty boy jerking with mommie’s slips – what shall I do about that?” She walked over and began masturbating me with a sexy pink half slip. “By the way dear, I saw that you shot your cum all over my white slip last time you were here.” I aplogized, and she said, “Nonsense – I loved finding that after you left.” She put on the pink slip, and the black heels, sat on the bed, and said, “Come here and fuck my boobs for a bit.” I straddled her legs and she placed my leaking erection between her warm breasts. “That’s a good boy – rub them like that,” she said. I was soon ready to cum, and she said, “Okay, now shoot all over mommie’s hot sexy pink slip.” In seconds, the front of her slip was soaked, and before I stopped pumping, she put my penis in her mouth, stopping only to say, “I am acquiring a taste for this wonderrful liquid gradually.”We laid together on her bed for a time, then she said, “You must leave now so the neighbours don’t see you here when the sun comes up.” I got dressed, and she walked me to the door saying, I will give you a key so you don’t have to ever knock or ring the bell anymore.” As I walked out, she asked, “Will you be over later to finish the painting?” I told her I would, and she said, “Good – perhaps I can find something else for you to do after that.”

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