It’s All The Ex’s Fault Ch. 21


AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s all the Ex’s fault

It was intentionally written without names.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup

She completes story…

So that was three years ago, and in a strange way things have come full circle.

Our sales girl did start letting our guy nibble her nipples every time we went in. I think she really was looking forward to it, but she would never admit to it. She went from her mastectomy bra, to a super padded bra, to a little lacy thing. And last we heard she’s engaged! Told her she just hadn’t found the right guy!

Our black girl REALLY gave in to her sex slave fantasy and became part of an alternate lifestyle group. She did stop by on her way to a meeting, and gave us a real shock with her outfit.

Picture a dark skinned black woman with gloss white body jewelry and white lingerie. A white maid’s cap, wide white collar and lace trim, white satin cincher, and white stockings leaving all the good parts fully exposed. BUT HER JEWLERY!

Her large thin gold rings in her nipples had been replaced with large thick gloss white rings, and a pair in her ears, and two each in her pussy lips. But the real shocker was a similar one in her nose with a leash that had a butt plug for a handle!

Our situation only got better. And to this day I still think my old law firm had planned it even though they deny it.

The first week back as an independent attorney was more settling in and getting my new office the way I wanted it.

The following Monday I got a HUGE file dropped on my desk. One of our more influential clients was filing for divorce, and they wanted me to represent the kids advocate. Her husband was having an affair, and had become abusive.

The first day of court set the tone for the rest of my career to date…

“Well councilor, you look familiar, but I don’t remember seeing you in my court before.”

I was about to speak when my old boss did. “The advocate was formerly a paralegal with my firm your honor.”

That got quite the glare from the opposing council and the asshole husband.

The judge turned to me, “And you feel you are qualified to represent the minors in this situation?”

“Very much so your honor.”

But my old boss couldn’t leave it at that. “She graduated second in her class your honor, as well as beating my bar exam score by three points, so by extrapolation…”

“That’s quite enough councilor… you may proceeded.”

I glanced at my old boss, who was smiling, and gave me a quick wink. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye about the same time I heard it.

The asshole husband had jumped out of his chair and was heading for one of us. “YOU’RE ALL OUT TO…”

That’s as far as he got. I did the same thing I did before, just like my old sheriffs deputy boyfriend taught me. One hand to the throat, the other catching the raised hand. lift, turn, twist, twist, bring him down on his chest. Bring his hand up behind his shoulder blades as you kneel just below his elbow.

The bailiff was just walking up. “My I use your cuffs?”

“Ummm, uh…sure.” He handed me his cuffs, while he was enjoying looking at my legs! LOL

I leaned forward and got his other hand…and felt a NICE breeze up my skirt! I got the cuffs on and looked down. Not only had my skirt ridden up, but the side seam had split…and no it was not one of the ones I did it intentionally to…letting the top of my stocking and several inches of thigh show. Hell a couple more inches and they would have gotten a nice shot of my shaved pussy lips!

I looked back up at the bailiff looking at my stocking. He looked back, realizing he had been Antalya Escort caught looking. I just held my hand up, “Care to help a lady up?”

He just grinned and helped me up while one of the other officers took the asshole away.

The judge and my old boss were both trying not to get caught looking at my now exposed stocking top…let ’em look! But my old boss just couldn’t let it be.

“I forgot to mention your honor, our advocate is also the regional bodybuilding champion in her class.”

The judge looked at me wide eyed. “Is this true councilor?”

“Not exactly your honor,” The judge started to scowl at my old boss. About the time I thought he was going to lay into him, I continued. “I came in second, not first.”

The judge and about every other man in the courtroom turned to me with surprise. My old Boss turned to me with a grin… THE TURKEY SAID THAT ON PURPOSE! “My apologies for the…discrepancy…” and grinned again.

We all just stood there for a second, me looking at the judge, the other men looking at my stocking top, and the judge trying not to but failing. You’d think they’d never seen a pair of stockings before!

He glanced down one more time at my stocking top, and then said. “Do you need a few minutes to…regroup?” and glanced at my stocking again.

I grinned back at him, “Not at all your honor, if my esteemed colleges are ready, by all means let’s proceed.”

I could have sworn everybody in the courtroom heard assholes council gulp… he was on the side letting my stocking top show… a bit of a distraction for some reason?

The judge hesitated for a second, and then broke into a WIDE grin. “Then by all means…”

We proceeded, and things went pretty well for the next few days, the wife got custody and a nice settlement. I did get a note later the first day from my old boss. good work! BTW, you beat my score by three, I beat his by five.

That explained the little bit of back and forth between them at the start of things.

Shortly after that things began to pick up for me, and a local reporter decided to do a puff piece, and I was it. As part of the interview, she was being a bit facetious, and said I was a ‘momma grizzly in hose’.

I gave her a look, and came right back at her. “Close but no banana honey. Momma grizzly in stockings.” I lifted my skirt enough to show her stocking tops. “Any little girl can wear pantyhose.”

It stuck… and what the hell, I looked damn good in stockings! And I did from time to time let a bit of lace show, or wear a decent garter belt under a thin skirt to let the strap lines show. A smiling judge or a distracted opposing council never hurt!

I gained a reputation for taking the underdog side, be it the spouse or the kids. You get cheated on, I’m your girl, you screw around and I don’t want to talk to you. I did have one interesting one as an advocate for three kids, and the mom was claiming he was screwing around. In talking with the kids something didn’t add up, and after some investigating by an officer friend, found out his ‘affair’ was a setup to get control of the kids’ inheritance from his father. They didn’t appreciate loosing their big fee when it some how came out and the wife lost the divorce BIG TIME!

But the big windfall came in a completely different manner, from my old boss of all people.

As my case load increased, I spent more and more time at the office, even an occasional late night even though I was just starting out. One particular Thursday evening I was dictating some notes into my little recorder, when my intercom popped on.

I was about to kill it when I heard the voice of one of the male paralegals. “Oh yea, suck that cock down!… Oh yea, that’s nice… you gotta suck it if you want a good fucking…” Sounds like they were using the bosses’ office for a little hanky panky!

I heard Antalya Escort Bayan him groaning like he was filling the little honeys mouth, making mine water, when I heard another voice, AND IT WASN’T FEMALE!

“Need that just a bit did you?”… THAT WAS MY OLD BOSS!

“Mmmmm, been thinking about that every time I saw you chewing on your pen…”

“And you know where this thing is going don’t you?” he said in a sickeningly sweet voice.

I heard noises like belts, then the first voice, “OH YESSSSS! FUCK MY ASS!”

WHAT! The boss… with a wife and kids… fucking one of the MALE paralegals!

This I had to see! Part of the office arrangement was the attorneys office doors had peep holes in them so you could see if they were with a client before opening the door. I walked softly up to my old bosses’ door, closed thank God! And I got the show of my life looking through the peep hole.

There he was, the paralegal, bent over the desk with my old boss pounding away at him. Now part of me was tingling with the thought of my own ass being fucked, but my brain was saying GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!

I staggered back to my office, and just sat there for a few minutes while they finished up. Just staring at the phone. when they were about done I grabbed my recorder, some files I was working on, my jacket, and headed for the door.

I know I drove home, but I don’t remember actually doing it. I sat there in the parking lot, trying to wrap my head around what I had just witnessed. If it wasn’t for the recording I wouldn’t have believed it either!

I woke our blond up a little early. She wasn’t happy, but once I started explaining things she was wide awake. She called in sick and the three of us talked and hashed through things until almost two in the morning.

I worked from home the next day, and he called someone in to cover his shift at the arcade. By the end of the day we had a plan. I was going to keep working late for a while and see if I could find a pattern or if this was just a random thing.

It quickly became pretty apparent, and over the next four months it turned out it was an every other Thursday event like clock work. I didn’t get a chance to record things like I did before over the intercom, but they were loud enough to get bits and pieces through the door and establish a pattern.

And then it was time to set the trap so to speak. You see one of the things that made this so incredible was my old boss. In public he was a big religious guy, completely anti-gay. Making a big deal out of being the representative of one of the largest churches in the city. And I had him on record of enjoying one of the male paralegals at least twice a month for the last five months.

So on an evening I knew my old boss and his boyfriend will get together I’m all set. I have a file he’s been asking for, but hanging on to until tonight. I wait until they are hot and heavy into it, walk in, plop the file on the corner of his desk, say ‘Hi’ to both of them, then return to my desk like nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

There were the sounds of a mad scuffle down the hall, the paralegal scrambles by NOT looking at my open door. A few minutes later the old boss comes in with a very worried look.

His shirt is a bit off, but after having just been caught porking the hired help he wasn’t bad. He tried to say it was just a spur of the moment thing, but once he realized I knew about the every other Thursday arrangement, he collapsed in my chair.

“What do you want?” he asked dejectedly.

I looked at him, trying not to grin. “The real question is what do you want, or more importantly what you don’t want.”

“I…I’m not sure…” He was grasping for something to say. Luckily I had this already planned out.

“Think about it for a few days. I’m working from home tomorrow and spending some time Escort Antalya with my fiancés.” I’ll see you Monday.”

I stood up and got my coat, he was just standing there like he had been gut punched. I was in an ornery mood, so I took my thumb and ran it over the corner of his mouth like he had a dribble and brought it to my mouth. “Mmmm, he does taste good doesn’t he!”

I think I heard him slump against the wall, but I didn’t look back to see.

We had a nice three day weekend, and when I got back to work Monday the old boss was all bluster, saying who would ever believe a young upstart like me, it would be his word against mine. I just smiled and tossed him a thumb drive.

“What’s this?”

“That’s a copy of you two about five months ago when you hit the intercom while making out. And just in case you get any bright ideas it’s also loaded onto an internet deadmans web site. If I don’t log in weekly it will go out to all the local newspapers and your church clientele.” I hadn’t really, but he didn’t know that!

Talk about deflated! He just slumped in the chair. “Why?”

“Why what? Why did you decide to fuck your paralegal? Why did you decide HE had a nice ass. Why did you get on your knees and suck him off? Those are questions only you can answer. My only question, and it’s more for my curiosity than anything, do your wife and children know?”

He got an expression like he was going to come over my desk after me, I just held up another thumb drive and wiggled it at him. “Go rethink your position councilor, and see what you want to do about it.” I opened up a file on my desk and began reading. He sat there for a minute or so, not used to being the one being dismissed.

As he got up to leave, I almost wanted to tell him to say ‘Hi’ to his wife for me, but I didn’t want to be vindictive. But I did make the remark, “You know, I’d really like to not be in snow next Christmas…”

He came back to me Wednesday with an offer and a non-disclosure. I looked at the offer and handed it back to him. “That’s an insult… get real. And by the way, Saturday is my last day this week to log into the deadmans web site.”

He did come back Friday with a bit more reasonable offer, and one that told me his wife did not know. I had an initial payment, and another payment in three month when I left the firm office, “Preferably the city!” he spat at me. I accepted, and with the help of a realtor the factory rep knew, we made the transition to Las Vegas in November.

The transition went nicely between the settlement and several nice prominent cases he somehow felt inclined to send my way when I asked…LOL

So here we are, living in a house way out south of town. I still have a decent law practice with our blond as my partner. Our closest neighbor is five miles away, we’re almost a mile off the road, and twenty minutes from town. Our guy has made quite a business out of refurbishing older arcade machines in his barn workshop, and even made a bit of a ‘play room’ upstairs for us!

Oh the come full circle thing… well when we got together he was looking at pictures of my old roommate, his cum running out of her spread pussy.

Right now, its Christmas Eve morning, and I’m standing naked as a jay bird on our front porch in the sun. The blond is laying beside him cleaning his cock on the lounger behind me. We have decorations hanging from our nipples, I have my green plug in and she has her red for extra Christmas colors… and he’s watching his cum running down my thighs from my flooded pussy in the morning sun…

Maybe Santa will give me a load in my ass for Christmas!… 😉

For those of you that have stuck with me on this series, thank you.

I realize some of you will not like this conclusion, and if you feel like continuing it on your own you are more than welcome to as long as you reference this author and series at the beginning of what you do.

Somehow I felt that fifteen chapters to ‘finish’ a five chapter story was enough.

I will begin posting the story this ‘little’ part didn’t fit into soon.

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