Jack and I


Jack and I are great friends. We went to the same college, took the same classes, help each other out when we need it, all that stuff. We’re such great friends that we tell each other that we love each other. We care very much for one another. Because we’re so close, I asked him to be my wife’s bull and live with us a few years back. I’m pussy-free since college so I wanted a man I trust to satisfy her and Jack is that man. He’s made my wife a Queen of Spades, tattooed and all. He even impregnated her and she’s due very soon. That made me feel closer to Jack, honestly.

One day, about a week ago, Jack asked me if he could fuck me. I was a bit shocked and asked him why. He told me that he’s always wanted to try gay sex and that Brittany, my wife, told him to ask me. I decided to have a house meeting and talk about it. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe him (he was my most trusted friend) nor was I opposed to the idea, I just wanted to talk it out.

Brittany loved the idea and asked us to film it since I’d be uncomfortable with her watching us. She said she’d been hoping this would happen for at least a year and was about to just tell us to do it. She also demanded that Jack breed me. I was ok with it and with filming. I also asked Jack to be his usual gentle dom self. I’d seen or heard him fuck so many girls so I knew how Jack played in bed. I wanted that Jack. I wanted the Jack whose dirty talk (along with the moans of the girls he routinely stretched out) had been the soundtrack to my white boy sex sessions in college.

The day it happened, Jack decided to do a first person camera shot (which Brittany, who was at the mall that day, Gaziantep Escort Reklamları later thought was the best decision he ever made). I decided to give him a blowjob first to get him ready and to mentally get used to pleasing a cock. I never realized how big Jack’s cock was. I could barely suck it.

I also never realized how hot he was. He was so muscular and tattooed. It kind of turned me on and made me chub up a bit, something I’m sure he noticed. Sucking his cock made that chub a full on erection.

After sucking him for a few minutes (which also included him lubing and fingering my asshole), I got on my back and soon felt Jack’s enormous cock enter my hole. It hurt at first but soon it started to feel really good. Jack went slow, allowing me to get used to his size and enjoy it better.

“You’re so tight, man,” he growled as he started to pick up the pace. I started leaking precum like a faucet as his repeated thrusts stretched out my hole. Was this what he was doing to all those girls he fucked in college? I kind of regretted not volunteering to be one of them.

“I know you love it. You’ve always preferred tight pussies,” I told him and it was true. He always preferred something nice and tight and warm to thrust his giant cock into.

I noticed Jack not really enjoying our little session. It wasn’t the act itself, though. I could tell based on his thrusting and his body language that he was enjoying fucking me. In fact, I’d never seen him so passionate in lovemaking before. No, it was the filming he didn’t like. Jack genuinely wanted to fuck me. He didn’t want to have to record it. He just wanted me. That fact turned me on so much.

I gave Jack a look. It was a look that said, “I know you don’t like this. Let’s get rid of the bitch.” We’d used it often since college, usually on girls Jack didn’t really like and wanted to get out of our room. Now, it was to get rid of Brittany or, more precisely, her camera. Luckily, she didn’t know about our little look.

I felt Jack clench up a bit and roar like a lion. I then moaned in pleasure as if that roar was because he came in me. He then slowly pulled out and turned the camera off once he popped out of me and before any cum would’ve came out. Brittany never found out about our little trick and just assumed my tight ass made our fuck session last only twenty minutes. We never told her about the next forty minutes.

After he shut off thecamera, Jack tossed it on the couch. He resumed fucking me, but now we were face-to-face. He started to kiss me, something he never did with the girls he fucked.

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” he said after releasing me from our kiss. “I’ve always wanted to fuck you.”

“R-really?” I stammered out, shocked. I couldn’t stop moaning and that was pretty much all I could say.

“Fuck yeah, man. You’re the hottest person I’ve ever met. Fuck! And you’re definitely the best I’ve ever had.”

That was when I learned that Jack was bi and when Jack made me realize I was too. Jack later told me that the reason he let me have my white boy sex sessions in the same room he was fucking in was because it turned him on that I jerked off to him. I realized that I wasn’t jerking to the beautiful girls back then but to Jack.

“Take me,” I told Jack. I wanted him to take me like he had with so many girls before. I wanted to be bred. I want my man to fill me up like a cream-filled pastry. It felt so hot to think that. It felt so hot knowing that Jack had felt that way about me for so long. This fucking Adonis who could have any woman he wanted and very much did had wanted me this whole time.

I wrapped my legs around him, encouraging him to pump into me more and more. When that lion’s roar came, I felt his seed fill me. I felt my man take me like he did so many girls before. I loved it. I loved every second of it. My own subsequent orgasm didn’t matter. I loved every moment of this lovemaking session.

Jack and I started making out afterwards. He kept that huge dick in me and I hoped he wouldn’t dare remove it. I loved him. I loved being with him. I told him this, I told him everything. He said the same thing. He loved me like a man loves a woman. He said those exact words and it turned me on so much to hear him call me a woman.

Our lovemaking soon carried over to the couch where I started kissing his big muscles and his neck and anywhere I could. I told him I wanted to do this again sometime. Maybe next time I could swallow his cum. He loved it. I loved it.

When Brittany got home, she saw two guys watching TV together. She watched the video and loved it, asking Jack to fuck her because she was so turned on. Before he went over to satisfy my wife, he whispered in my ear.

“I’ll be fucking her, but thinking of you.”

I didn’t masturbate that night or any other. Jack took care of my sexual needs later that night and subsequent nights. From then on, white boy sex to me was pleasing Jack and Jack pleasing me. I fell in love that day and Jack fell in love with me.

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