Jackin Sheet


I am Don, I am nineteen, recently single, I stand six feet tall, I am slim, at one hundred and eighty pounds, I have long dark hair and green eyes.

Friday night I am home alone in my small apartment, nervously waiting for my best friend Roger to come over.

Roger is also nineteen and single, he has long blonde hair and big blue eyes. Roger is a little bigger than I am, maybe two hundred pounds and a little over six feet tall.

We have been best friends for years, lately we have been bar hopping a lot, trying unsuccessfully to meet new girls.

I have a different evening planned, I am anxious and nervous, carefully going over what to say and when to say it.

My laptop is nearby, I have coconut oil and a sheet, ready in my bedroom.

A text informs me Roger is five minutes away, I quickly survey my surroundings, I take a deep breath and try to relax.

I open the door and greet my friend with our usual short hug and a hello.

“Do you still need to get ready?” Roger asks as he sees my casual clothes.

“I was kinda hoping maybe we could just stay in tonight.” He looks puzzled so I continue, “I am tired of it, you know spending all my money, trying to meet girls who only care about free drinks.”

Roger is quiet so I continue, “I mean we both just ended relationships, so we are on the rebound anyways. It always ends the same you and I here watching porn, half drunk, talking about the hot girls we struck out with.”

He laughs as I finish, “I guess you have a point, and I am kinda tired of being broke, hungover, and horny every Saturday.”

Roger’s reply has us both laughing again.I feel myself relax a little having convinced my friend to stay in.

A minute or two later I say, “Hey I found some great videos with that redhead you like too.”

Roger replies, “Okay but I mean if we start watching porn now, won’t we still just be horny all day saturday?”

“Well maybe but at least we won’t be broke and hungover.” We again laugh as Roger nod’s in agreement.

We make small talk as I casually dim the lights, I cast my laptop to my TV and start the video.

I hear a chuckle from Roger as the scene starts, I look at him puzzled.

“The vid is called girls night in and we are watching it on our boys night in.” He smirks as I chuckle nervously.

We chat a little at first commenting on how hot the girls are, we both moan as we watch them kiss.

We become quieter as the scene unfolds, both girls now nude on the bed sorting through assorted dildos. We both moan as we stare at their small perky breasts.

I feel myself harden as the girls recline, laying side by side, each with a hand just casually resting on the other’s thigh while they tease their clit’s.

I see Roger’s hand is in his lap, his silence signals his enjoyment. I feel a moment of anxiety and will myself to calm down.

The scene continues as the models move on to toys, each pleasuring themselves, while they gently caress the other’s thigh.

My uncut dick is at it’s full five and a half inches, I see my friend is squirming, we are usually drunk by the time we watch porn together. I know he is feeling as awkward as I am.

The girls each bring themselves to a nice slow orgasm using matching dildos, I have my hand resting on my bulge as I watch, sneaking the occasional rub when I can, sure my best friend is doing the same.

As the scene ends Roger turns to me.

“They just masturbate? is the whole movie like this? fuck so hot, two sexy girls just jillin together, I love it Thanks for showing me this.”

I güvenilir bahis smile as relief hits me, “I am glad you like it, I have been watching a bunch of these, and reading stories on about people masturbating together.”

“Oh I love this girl.” Roger blurts out before I can continue, I smile at him as I turn my attention to the two gorgeous blondes now on the screen.

I Just chuckle to myself and enjoy the scene, I notice my friend is getting a bit squirmy, his breathing becoming more shallow.

The girls start out topless sitting facing each other, kissing softly. We both get quiet, enjoying one of our favorite sights.

“I could watch them kiss for hours,” Roger barely whispers.

As I look over I see his hand has fallen again between his legs, his arm is definitely moving slightly.

A few minutes later I have an idea.

“I need to um undo my pants a bit here man, they are getting a bit too tight,” I try not to blush as I speak.

Roger replies, “Yeah good idea,” he casually undoes his button and pulls down his fly.

I get a quick glimpse of an obvious tent. He pauses before adding, “Maybe we should watch something else after this scene, or I might need to use your bathroom for a bit.” Roger laughs but his blush gives him away.

We are quiet for a while just enjoying the scene, I sneak glances at my friend, I see his hand is resting between his legs.

I am sneaking the odd rub here and there, enjoying the steady throbs through my small upright cock. I look over again and Roger notices, moving his hand away from his crotch quickly.

He blushes before saying, “Yeah maybe we should watch something else.”

I just smile, before saying, “You like this stuff though right?”

Roger nods as I continue. “I mean how relaxed and open they are, just friends jillin off together, no shame no hidden agendas just friends masturbating.”

I see I have his attention so I keep going.

“I love how they just casually touch each other too, nothing really sexual just light caresses on each other’s thighs or backs. In the first scene, when they are both really close to cumming the girls hold hands, I don’t know why but it really turns me on.”

I pause for a minute, I take a deep breath and bravely say, “I would love to try something like that.”

Roger is quiet, his mouth half open, I continue, “just you know two friends hanging out, watching porn and jackin, nothing more just jackin and edging.” I am beet red as I finish.

“That sounds like a great way to spend a Friday night.” Roger’s statement makes us both laugh nervously, I am obviously relieved.

He continues as we calm down, “I mean we always do end up here watching porn and it does get awkward, you know us both trying to sneak the odd rub here and there.” I chuckle again, nodding in agreement.

“A story I read on Literotica, gave me an idea if you want to hear more.”

He shrugs and nods before saying, “Okay.” I smile, starting to relax more.

I explain, “In the story, two guys were watching porn like we are, getting all horny and feeling awkward like we usually do. we laugh at the similarities. They went on for a while like that, getting hornier and hornier until one of them went and got a sheet, a jackin sheet.”

Roger raises his eyebrows before inquiring, “A Jackin sheet?”

I explain further, “We get undressed to our boxers, and sit as we are. We can put a sheet over us, and jerk off under the sheet, we won’t even see each other’s dicks.”

Roger is quiet, A minute later He says, “Well I guess güvenilir bahis siteleri we might as well try it, just edge for a bit and see if we like it.”

I moan as we both smile and stand to remove our shirts and bulging jeans.

A few minutes later, we are again seated, now with a green bed sheet over us, we wriggle our boxers down. I let out a soft moan as my small hard cock springs free. My hand immediately wrapping around my pole as I settle into the couch.

I gesture to a bottle of coconut oil, I retrieved while getting the sheet. We both moan as we lube our young cocks.

We watch the girls, just lightly teasing ourselves, I feel relieved as I watch my tent twitch under the sheet, I am very shy about my size, having been teased before about being small.

I notice as I muse that my friends tent looks to be similar in size to mine, I try to steal glances to compare, I see my friend blush as he notices my looks.

“Yes I am small, If that’s what you are trying to see,” he says in a mix of anger and shame.

I chuckle to myself, before replying, “No, no, actually I was thinking we must be pretty similar, based on our tents.” I sit back and display my own small tent as I finish speaking.

I see Roger’s eyes widen as he takes in the view.

Roger smiles and says. “Should we just show each other?” I nod as he smiles and says, “here.” Roger lifts the sheet so I can see his five and a half inch cock. I smile back and lift the sheet exposing my own rock hard little dick.

“We are pretty similar”, he muses while we compare. I feel a throb as I see my friends small dick twitch while he looks at my hard cock. We are almost identical I think to myself.

We both laugh nervously as we quickly lower the sheet again.

We are both blushing slightly as we begin to stroke, both of us unused to openly showing off our small cocks. The sheet helps us relax as we settle in to edging.

We quietly tease for a while, enjoying the scene, I feel myself relax as my strokes increase in pressure and frequency. My eyes darting over to my friends pole as often as I think I can get away with it, my lust increased immeasurably by the company and the possibilities.

Fifteen minutes later, I am slowly stroking my aching cock, pre cum already soaking the sheet, where my cock head is. I notice Roger has stopped stroking and is just tapping the head of his twitching cock through the sheet. I see he too has soaked the sheet, I realize I am still watching a minute or two later, when he says, “You are supposed to watch the girls, Don.”

I blush again, replying, “Sorry that just looks like it feels really good.”

Roger chuckles as I copy his technique. We are both moaning steadily as we tease ourselves, our first orgasms building nicely in our young swollen balls. We both have one finger tapping our swollen cock heads and another tapping our full balls. Our moans and groans spur each other on as we tease. We stay like this for a few minutes until we again give in and start stroking.

I am stroking through the sheet, no longer ashamed of my size, the sheet wrapped tight around my small pole as I stroke through it, trying to last a little longer.

My small cock is throbbing as I tease, A steady stream of pre, soaking the already wet sheet. Our moans mingling as our shared lust fuels our stroking.

Roger moves a bit closer, our legs now just barely touching, I feel his hand on mine, I turn to him as he speaks.

“Thanks for being so brave Don, this feels really good, I think it might be exactly what I iddaa siteleri need,” he squeezes my hand gently before turning back to the screen.

We are watching each other as much as we watch the girls, Our eyes moving back and forth between our barely covered poles and the screen. Both of us using the soaked sheet as a way to edge longer, Our hands wrapped around the bases of our small cocks, holding them upright as we slowly stroke and tease through our jackin sheet.

My orgasm threatens at every stroke, I savor this feeling, my cock as hard as steel as I try to edge a few more strokes out. I pause for a moment allowing myself to cool a bit as I watch and listen to my friend moan.

I feel so free, my lust fueled by my friends moans, my small cock oozing as I savor this new experience. Neither of us holding anything in as our lust filled moans grow louder and more frequent.

I am still holding the base of my cock, as I stroke the head as slowly as I can manage, my moans becoming louder and more frequent. My cock has never been harder or felt so good in my hands.

Roger is sunk back into the couch his legs spread wide as he strokes, his hand rapidly pumping his cock, as he brings himself to the edge over and over again.

Roger pauses for a minute, he finds the first video we watched, Two young redheads using dildos on themselves. Holding each others free hands as they pleasure themselves.

Our pace increases again as we watch, both of our small cocks rock hard, as we slide our well lubed hands up and down our throbbing shafts.

My moans intensify as my orgasm builds, I feel my friends free hand on mine as we come closer and closer, my fingers instinctively entwining with his as we copy the models.

One hand holding each other’s we stroke slowly with the other, caressing every inch of our small shafts as we glide our hands up and down. His hand in mine somehow increasing my lust as my small cock throbs in my other hand. Somehow our shared experience increasing our arousal, both wanting to last a bit longer for each other.

Both of us reluctantly let go of our aching cocks, allowing ourselves to cool as we watch each other twitch, our sheet dancing as our cock heads pulsate under it.

Our hands entwined still, We take our now free hands and encircle the base of our cocks through the sheet as we watch. Our soaked sheet wrapped tightly around our poles as we show off for each other.

We grin excitedly at each other as we twitch and moan.

We begin again, stroking slowly and loosely, still holding hands as we again bring ourselves to the edge. My hips are bucking as we both moan steadily. our pace increasing with our shared moans.

We again stroke to the edge, squeezing each others hands in encouragement, our hips bucking as we moan for each other, letting go at the last second, we again watch our small cocks dance as they twitch under our tight soaked sheet.

The scene shifts to the girls kissing and caressing after their orgasms.

I feel a huge orgasm rising through my throbbing pole and this time I give in. I see Roger’s pace increase also, his moans telling me he is close again.

We hold hands during our explosive orgasms, Our young small cocks firing wad after sticky wad into our jackin sheet. Our hands separate as our orgasms abate.

Our smiles, light touches, and repeated “wow’s” signalling our pleasure and our desire to repeat this experience.

We clean up as best we can, laughing at how soaked our sheet is.

Eventually we give up, and stand naked in front of each other, both blushing slightly as we clean our small soft dicks.

Roger chuckles, he touches my shoulder to get my attention.

“My turn to be brave,” he says blushing slightly, he Kisses my cheek softly, and adds. “We should take a bath.”

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