Surreptitious Love Ch. 58


Chapter 58 — Tina is back in Town

Tina was back in town for a few weeks, she had told me. I hadn’t heard from her for quite some time, but she promised to explain to me why once we met for coffee. She also indicated that she was keen on another role-play but admitted that she didn’t really have a titillating idea of what we could do. Which was alright, as we needed to catch up anyway.

We met at the old cafe where we had once been with her fellow students, on the last day of 11th grade. Tina was almost 21 now and had developed from a hyper-correct, ambitious student into a quietly adventurous but also somewhat guilt-ridden young woman. She was still financially depended on her parents, and her efforts to change that hadn’t been overly successful.

Tina had imagined that she could approach male tourists in Saigon and take them to a hotel for a sensual hour or two—similar to our first encounter as adults when we had met in Saigon and ended up spending the night together. To teach her the ropes about being a hooker, we had even done a role-play here in our sleepy town about six months back, which was among the highlights or my sex-life—and certainly hers, too. But, as life goes: things come in between, and lots of things could go wrong.

“Hey, tell me about your adventures in Saigon!” I requested as soon as we had ordered coffee.

“Well, Ben, there aren’t many stories, because of Covid-19,” she laughed. “Right now, there aren’t any tourists.”

“But there are some foreigners who live and work in Saigon. They are still here in Vietnam.”

“Right. And I met a nice one several months ago. We were like ‘together’ almost immediately,” she replied, drawing the quotation marks in the air with her index fingers.


“Well, wait! His name was Slavik, and he’s from some small country in Europe that begins with ‘SL’, like his name.”

“Slovenia? Or Slovakia?”

“Well, I don’t know. He was 29, and it was crazy how well we clicked. Instantly, I was like his girlfriend.”

“Sweet. But he probably realized that he could fuck you for free. Or did he keep paying you?”

“No, and that’s the catch. He paid the first two times, but from then on, he only paid for everything when we went out. Coffee, dinner, and such. But it was still great,” she assured me.

“Ironically, that wrecked your plans to earn some extra money, didn’t it?”


“Did you fall in love with him, though?”

“Not really, I guess. And he had to go back, eventually. But it was always nice to spend the night with him. Money or no money. Sometimes, we just slept in his bed together, without having sex.”

As I only nodded, she continued: “But then I went through some stuff that I’m not sure I wanna tell you,” she giggled.

“Go ahead! Don’t hold back!” I encouraged her.

“Well, one guy cheated me out of my money. Just didn’t pay. He just left me there in the hotel bed. I didn’t know what to do …”

“Oh, well. Hard luck. Shit happens …” I didn’t know what else to say. “And then?”

“One was just an asshole: half drunk, he didn’t get it up, but then blamed me, of course. He tossed me some small bills, and that was that. Because ‘he hadn’t come’, he said.”

“Oh, boy …” I blurted out. “Anything else?”

“One didn’t wanna use a condom, so we did it without, but he gave me something … I think it’s called ‘impetigo’. But he had paid well, at least. But going to the doctor was ultra-embarrassing. The lady was nice and really understanding, though.”

“Did you tell her about your side gig?” I asked facetiously.

“Of course not. Prostitution is illegal in Vietnam, as you know. No, I just said it was a one-night-stand. But it’s crazy how keen people are on knowing who has sex with whom,” she mused, shaking her head.

“Yeah, people have an undue interest in other people’s orifices and what they do with them. Don’t feel bad about the impetigo; a condom wouldn’t have prevented that anyway. So, now you’re completely disenchanted, huh?” I asked her.

“Well, to be honest, yes. And I’m still exhausted from the long train journey overnight yesterday.”

“Relax and try to forget all that stuff,” I told her and lit another cigarette.

“Do you know what was funny, though?” she asked rhetorically. “When I spread my legs on that weird chair at the clinic, I thought of you,” she laughed.

I looked dumbfounded and asked: “Really?”

“Yeah. Until then, I had only spread my legs like that for you. I mean, as wide open as possible … oh, and Tuyet, of course.”

“Well, to be honest, that doctor’s visit could probably be turned into a role-play,” I laughed.

Tina burst out laughing but then shook her head: “Well, we would need some sort of doctor’s office for that, wouldn’t we? Where do you want to do that?”

“At your house?” I suggested.

“Oh, no, I don’t think it’s a great idea that you come to my house …” she cautioned me. “But I do want to have sex, don’t get me wrong. atakent escort Profusely,” she added and smiled.

“I can’t wait either,” I told her. “Technically, we actually don’t need a role-play, do we?”

“Hmh, I always loved them. Somehow, I find it hotter when I can completely forget myself and just be someone else for an hour or two, at least my former self,” she insisted.

“Well, any ideas what we could do?”

“Well, I really want to play a hooker again, but maybe as the second or third role-play while I’m in town. First, I wanna do something else. But what?”

“We’ll play badminton? You know how much I want to remove your warm panties after an hour of sports and sniff and lick your butt crack.”

“Badminton is a game, not a role-play,” she enlightened me with mock-indignation, rolling her eyes.

“Yeah, I know. But, still … well, those teacher-student role-plays were always great but we’ve done like three of them already. Let’s try something new: Your family has debt but can’t pay it back, so they send you to me to earn some money …”

She swallowed and thought about it. I knew that was a somewhat brutal proposition, but Tina was into that kind of thing. The role-play when I punished her in an ever-escalating way for her mistakes in an essay had been our best, in my view. I was sure she loved it as much as I did.

“That’s an idea that has some potential,” she admitted, “but it’d be like a hooker-role-play. And can you think of something that doesn’t involve my family?” she insisted.

I thought about it for a minute and conceived another idea: “I got it: I catch you shop-lifting.”

“Aah!” she exclaimed, apparently loving the idea already. “And then?”

“I’ve filmed you doing it, so then I’ll blackmail you: You come to a hotel with me, or I’ll tell the cashier. At the hotel, you can watch me delete the video after a good fuck and some pissing, perhaps.”

“Do you remember the hotel you took us once for the photo session?” she asked.

“Of course. I used to live there. Do you wanna fuck up on the roof?”

“Maybe. I definitely wanna go back there. There’s some unfinished business, you know …”

Tina had chickened out the last minute when I had taken her and another girl up on that roof for a photo session. Too guilt-ridden, she had left me with Linh, but we ended up fucking anyway. Linh’s huge, dense bush had made up for everything.

“There’s something ominous or wicked about that hotel, don’t you think?” Tina asked.

“Oh, yes. It’s kinda creepy, in a way. And the supermarket is right around the corner. I guess that’s better than a small lingerie shop, where they might catch me filming you,” I laughed.

“Yeah, the Coop-Mart is fine,” she nodded.

“And when? When’s your period, again?” I asked her.

She calculated the days or weeks and said: “Early next week. Shall we say the day after tomorrow?”

“Ok. I’ll look for you in the candy section at 12. Till then, you rest and chill, ok?”

Tina’s mood had already brightened. The plan to spend two sensual hours together had improved her outlook, while I had to admit that I would have loved to catch her shop-lifting right away. But she had just gotten back into town and definitely needed to rest. So we just finished our drinks, paid, and took off.

Two days later, I went to the Coop-Mart at noon, after lunch. Said store was right smack in the middle of town, but by that time of the day, there were hardly any customers. I sauntered through the aisles to warm up a bit; I had already seen Tina at the other end, perhaps five aisles down. She was wearing a spiffy red blouse and generously-tailored beige shorts that ended half-way down her thighs. Her legs were stunning, and those pleated shorts brought out the best in them. The blouse was, of course, not ideal if she really had wanted to pinch candy, but, well, it was only a role-play.

My heart was already racing in anticipation, but the excitement wasn’t entirely positive. Sure, I anticipated two ribald hours at the hotel, but I was feeling trepidatious about blackmailing a young person into sex for such a small offense. And then there was the threat of her being caught by the staff. Well, knowing Tina, she had taken precautions for that. And as far as feeling bad was concerned: Tina had truly been excited when I had proposed today’s adventure.

Now, I was greeted by one young lady who was restocking the shelves. I had been shopping at that store for about six-and-a-half years now, so they recognized me as a local. I kept moseying through the aisles, until I bumped into Tina, who was looking at chocolate bars. She didn’t welcome my presence, of course, seeming pensive and hesitant what to do. I pretended not to see her, which was hard, as she was an astoundingly beautiful young woman and then turned towards the opposite shelf to saunter back. I inconspicuously looked at my phone to get it ready to film her and waited around the corner akbatı escort to see what she would do.

Now that I was gone was her chance, but when she turned and saw me, she stopped reaching into the shelf and just looked down, pretending to compare prices. I pulled my head back and, luckily, I saw that I could watch her in the round mirror with the red-and-white edge above the door to the storage area. I kept an eye on her and started to tape. Sure enough, she now put a small pack of something in her pants pocket and then even a bar of chocolate. I didn’t think the staff had noticed, and when I looked around I couldn’t see any CCTV system either. If I had been a store detective, Tina wouldn’t have been on my radar either, prim and proper as she looked.

To propel the choreography forward, I stepped around the corner and slowly walked over to her. I startled Tina and flashed a sardonic smile. She looked at me with wide-open eyes.

“Hey, young lady,” I accosted her in Vietnamese, “what did you just put in your pocket?”

“Nothing,” she replied in English and blushed.

“Well, I saw it. In the mirror over there,” I said, flinging my chin away from us in the other direction.

Apparently that convinced her, as she now pulled a Kit-Kat from her pocket and placed it back on the shelf. Maybe she thought I would let her go, but I could still see the contours of that bar of chocolate in her pants pocket. Her bosom was heaving, and now she put a strand of sweaty hair behind her ear.

“I’m sorry,” she said quietly.

“Well, what’s with the chocolate in your pants?” I almost barked at her.

Somehow, I hated myself for doing that. I found the scene ugly and mean, as I said before, but I didn’t know what to do. I had proposed the role-play, and Tina had really been excited about it. Now, the culprit looked left and right and slowly pulled the chocolate from her pants, as if she was stealing it out of them, and put the bar back where she had taken it from. Then, she took a deep breath and said:

“So, that’s it. Can I go now? This is making me uncomfortable … I’m sorry.”

I raised my eyebrows and looked at her sternly: “Ha! Sure, you wanna go now. Just like that? After I forced you to put everything back. Now, everything is miraculously fine again?”

She nodded abashedly, but didn’t dare to disagree.

“Please don’t tell anyone,” she was begging quietly.

“Do you do that regularly?” I asked.

“N-No, that was my f-first time,” she admitted.

“And you want me to believe that?! How old are you actually, young lady?” I insisted.

“20. Almost 21,” she answered truthfully.

“Ok. So you ain’t a child anymore,” I snorted indignantly.

After a brief pause, she asked me again if she could go.

“Oh. You just wanna go now, huh? Since it is ‘unpleasant’. Ha! I sure hope this is unpleasant. You are shifty enough to steal but now you don’t want to face the music,” I snapped at her.

She turned pale and quiet, blushed, and looked down. Her pleated pants with their double hems at the bottom looked marvelous.

“You know that I have everything on camera?” I told her to notch things up a bit.

“Oh, no,” she almost shrieked. “Oh, no, please … please delete the video and let me go. I also really need to pee, too,” she added, like that would change my mind.

I looked at her sternly from head to toe.

“Well, we aren’t done yet. What’s your name, by the way?”

“Khanh. But you can call me Tina.”

“Khanh, do you know what happens if I walk over to the checkout girl and show her the video?”

“Th-They will call the police. Or my parents, and tomorrow it’ll be in the newspaper. And then the whole town will know it. Please save me from this disgrace. I know that I am at your mercy but I’ll do anything …” she said without thinking in her desperation.

The way she was pattering in front of me, she did seem to need to pee. Could we do something with that? I could make her pee in front of me, but that wasn’t going to work here at the supermarket. There weren’t any unisex or handicap toilets. And if I watched her pee here, I wouldn’t have any reason to take her to a hotel.

“Honestly, I’ll do anything,” she reiterated, becoming more active now.

I pretended to think what would be a good punishment.

“Well, to be honest, Tina, I find you incredibly attractive. You said you needed to pee? I want to watch you,” I admitted with a dry mouth. “But we can’t do that here. Let’s go to a hotel. I’ll watch you pee, naked, and then you blow me. No, I want to have sex with you.”

She blushed again and swallowed with her moth closed. She bit her lips and said eventually: “For Heaven’s sake, no! I’m … I’m still a virgin. I c-can’t just give myself to a stranger.”

“Well, you just said you’d do anything. It’s your choice. The cashier over there is looking a little bored right now …” I threatened.

“No, please!” she implored me. “Ok I’ll undress aksaray escort for you and then you can watch me sitting on the toilet. But you can’t come inside me. I’ve never done that. Maybe I could take your penis in my mouth, yes, even though I’ve never done that either. I’m also on my period,” she added.

Oh, I wished. I listened more attentively now and imagined the scene. But from what she had told me two days ago, that couldn’t be true. In any case, I couldn’t just let her off the hook.

“Ok, compromise: you blow me, naked, and then you can watch me delete the video. But I want you to pee on me. Sitting on the bowl won’t do,” I reminded her.

Tina nodded embarrassedly and said: “Ok. But please don’t get angry with me. I’m fairly inexperienced and clumsy when it comes to those matters.”

I nodded and told her that she should relax, as she actually might learn something at the hotel. I promised to be gentle and patient and that I would try to make everything enjoyable. I grabbed two Kit-Kat and the chocolate, placed them in my basket, and we went to the checkout. When I asked her if she wanted to pee here at the supermarket, though, she shook her head and said that she would save it for the hotel. So I just paid, and we went outside.

Tina had her own motorcycle, and I told her to follow me the 300 yards to the hotel. At the reception, she was clearly embarrassed, waiting and watching me how I booked a room for two hours.

“Two hours? I thought it would only be one,” she complained immediately.

“I don’t remember that,” I replied curtly. “Believe me, we will need some time to warm up to each other. I’ll try to give you an orgasm. We need some time for that.”

On the way up, we were walking next to each other, but I couldn’t help admiring her beauty. Tina was fairly tall, perhaps 5’6″, rather graceful, and she had chosen her clothes with the utmost care. Her red blouse had hundreds of cute little flowers on it, and it matched her shorts really well. Perhaps she had bought that outfit with the money she had made in Saigon. Or Slavik had given it to her as a gift. Her thighs were heavenly.

We entered the room, which was slightly stuffy, so I turned on the A/C and the fan and opened the balcony door for a minute. She put her bag on the only armchair, while I put the chain around the door. I unbuttoned my shirt and put my phone on top of the tall wardrobe, where she couldn’t easily reach it.

“I’ve never undressed in front of someone,” she admitted.

“There’s a first time for everything,” I only said laconically. “You don’t have a boyfriend?” I inquired incredulously.

“No, I need to finish university first, before I can fall in love,” she said, which was a lie but true at the same time.

Vietnamese middle-class parents still wanted their daughters to stay a virgin until they got engaged at around 26.

“Well, just take off your blouse now, will you? I urged her. “We gotta start somewhere.”

She pulled the ribbon on her collar open, turned towards the window, away from me, and reached down her waist with crossed arms. I went to close the balcony door and pulled the curtains closed, even though there was only a school across the street, which was empty around midday.

When I had stepped back into the middle of the room, I was looking at her bare back. She was wearing a lacy white bra, and I admired the landscape above and below. Her shoulders were as wide as her hips, whose bones were protruding ever so slightly under the soft material of her shorts. Everything formed a harmonious whole. She was just perfect. When she finally turned around, her bosom was heaving.

“Tina, you’re drop-dead gorgeous,” I couldn’t help saying.

She blushed and quietly thanked me for the compliment.

I touched her upper arms and turned her into the light, before I began to caress said arms, her collarbones, and belly. I played a little with her bellybutton und kissed her lips tenderly.

“Well, you said you needed to pee?” I inquired.

She nodded and unbuttoned her pants, which she now let slide down her legs. She stepped out and folded them, before she went over to the armchair again to put them neatly next to her blouse and bag. Now, she was standing in front of me in lacy white panties, which obviously were a set, together with the bra. Her pubic mound pressed itself nicely through the fabric. I took all my clothes off and took her hand.

“Hey, let’s go to the bathroom,” I said.

Before we went, though she took off her bra ceremoniously. She let lasciviously slide down her arms, and then went over to the armchair again to buy some time. On the way back, she scrutinized my half-stiff dick.

“Is this really your first time? Have you ever seen a penis?” I asked.

“No,” she said kinda mischievously, and I realized that she couldn’t have answered both questions with ‘no’. Or ‘yes’. But which did she answer?!

Anyway, in the bathroom, there was a red plastic stool, and the shower was entrenched by an eight-inch high wall. She reached inside her panties with both hands and pushed them down. Her pubic hair was glowing, as dense and pitch-black as it was between her light legs. Now, she pulled two strands of hair back behind her ears and looked at me expectantly.

“You sit on the stool and I sit down here on that little wall?” I suggested.

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