Jamal Seduced Susan


Jamal Seduced SusanWe woke up the next morning to the sound of thunder but the second day of our weekend getaway was far from ruined because located within the glass dome on the roof top of the hotel was a water playground and exercise complex that encompasses an olympic sized pool, a diving pool with multi-level platforms, a small water slide, a toddler pool with a small sand play area and a change house with lockers and showers. The roof top dome also includes a fenced in large 15-person hot tub, a climbing wall, various exercise machines, a snack and sandwhich bar, an extensive sun deck, a large sand area with a volly ball net and a full service wet bar. So we spent most of that next day at the pool area. My poor husband, Antonio, tried to nap by the pool in the morning but I continually woke him by sprinkling water over him.Suddenly and to my surprize, I saw Jamal and waived him over. He starting talking with us. He was, rather funny, and made us laugh quite a bit. He really gained my confidence by showing me some current pictures of his wife and k**s. Jamal’s behavior was mothing like the skilled seducer from the night before. We were up by the pool for quite a few hours and had lots to drink. While my husband was at the wet bar getting us fresh drinks Jamal boldly said,”You wanna come up to my room for some Black dick?”I in turn boldly said,”Yes, I am but I think we’ll wait for when my husband Antonio is ready.”Jamal was always the gentlemen and seemed to be the real deal, not the traveling man in town for the night looking to get into a local woman’s pants. I asked,”Do you go to THE FINAL APPROACH often?”He answered,”Yes.”Antonio returned with the drinks and we bantered for about twenty minuts. Out of the blue Jamal began to rub the top of my shoulders. I told him that it felt good and he said that he was very good at giving massages and that men who do what he does have to know how to make a woman purr. Right away my husband asked Jamal if he would give me a good rubdown. He agreed and invited us up to his room. On the way to the room I noticed that both men sported erections they could not hide.When we got to the room we all had another drink. Jamal said,”Let’s get started.”With that, I laid down on the bed. Jamal leaned over and started rubbing my shoulders. I said that it felt really good. He rubbed my back for a while and after a few minutes when I was completely relaxed Jamal suggested that it would feel much better if I slid down my top. This request came as no surprise to me. Jamal wanted to fuck me and that feeling of knowing a man wanted me was getting me hot. I unhooked it and tossed it on the floor while briefly exposing myself.When he started to work on the edge of my back, I helpfully folded my hands under my head, giving him easy access to my sides. He moved his strong hands all over my back and neck as I moaned,”Oh my god that’s so good!”It was at this time that he climbed on top of my waist explaining that it gave him better leverage. He kept working my sides and then as he moved on from my back and neck he brushed against the sides of my breasts and worked his hands down to my legs. He worked each leg over real good as I said,”Yes, that feels so good!”His hands then began working on my feet. My foot is one of the most sensitive spots on me so I enjoyed it tremendously as I let out several sighs every time he would gently squeeze my foot.After a while he slowly went back to the side of my breasts and started to rub there. I encouraged him by telling him how good he made me feel. He then inexplicably moved away to massage my lower back and got real close to my butt. I made sighing, encouraging noises, and he pushed in firmly with his thumbs and worked me over thoroughly. The kneading motion stimulated me, and I started getting wet. After a while he slowly went back to the side of my breast and started to rub it. I could feel his hand try to touch more of my breast. I looked directly into Antonio’s eyes and saw him timmidly watching. I knew what he wanted. I slightly tilted to one side exposing my breast. His hand stroked across the edge of that breast then slipped in and he cupped my tit and squeezed ever so lovingly. I took a deep audible breath. He fondled my breast for a few minutes, and then went back to my neck and shoulders as if nothing had ever happened. I knew exactly what this guy was doing. He really was a master! Jamal suddenly moved all the way down and started back on my feet and legs. He slowly and expertly worked his way up my thighs and back down. He then digitalbahis yeni giriş began to rub right along my panty bakini bottom on my lower back. His hand went lower and lower as it slipped down inside my bakini bottom. He slowly massaged and squeezed my butt for the next few minutes. I wasn’t sure what he was doing but it felt wonderful so I simply let him continue. That’s when Jamal leaned in real close and whispered in my ear so that my husband didn’t hear,”You’re a beautiful woman. I was instantly arroused the moment I saw you.”I realized Jamal would make his move so this was my moment of truth. He started to remove my bathing suit bottom. My hips lifted as I helped him take them off. He went right back to work on my legs. His hands slowly massaged the inside of my thigh and back down again. Each time his hands rose a little higher until his fingers gently brushed against my lady mound. He did this a few times with no protest from me. Then he rubbed against my mound hard enough for is finger to slip inside my wet pussy. I didn’t move. He waited a moment then started to move his fingers in and out of my pussy. I shamefully hid my face in the pillow to hide my smile as I lifted my butt up slightly. A soft moan escaped my lips as I was finger fucked. The seduction was complete. All that was left is the foreplay and then the fucking.Antonio moved to my head and whispered,”I want you to share your body with him. I want you to let him fuck you and make you cum.”I know this moment will either define or distroy my marriage so I wanted it as real as it can get so I replied loudly enough for both men to hear,”Honey, what if he makes me pregnant? If he fucks me nature will take its course and I will get pregnant. Does the thought of it excite you?”He said,”Yes, honey, it does and very much. I’m sure he has loads of sperm for you baby.”I think it was at that very instant that Jamal realized that there would be no barriers between us as we had sex. Jamal then removed his suit. He straddled my back once more. I could feel his aroused cock lay heavy on my bottom. I let him spread my ass and lay his cock lengthwise between my cheeks. This caused his cock to grow fully hard. When he was fully erect, I could feel his weight and thickness but more impressivly I felt the tip occasionally touch the small of my back. He was very well endowed. He started to move his cock back and forth then pressed my ass around his shaft. His cock was fucking my ass cheeks as if it was between a pair of titties. His large full heavy halls hung between my legs completing the erotic picture. My hips seductively rolled up and down with his movements. After a few seconds he lifted off me and helped me to turn over on my back. We both stare at one another for the longest time. His eyes were asking for permission to continue. I smiled and He is encouraged.He straddled my waist and started to rub my fully exposed breasts. I saw his penis. It was bigger than my husbands; longer, thicker, and beautifully black. I closed my eyes as his hands caressed me. I felt my nipples grow hard and erect. He leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth. I took my hand and held his head against my breast, my breathing getting faster and very audible. When he lifted his head back up, my nipple was elongated and firm, glistening from his saliva. He moved over to my other nipple and did the same thing. Jamal moved back off of me and parted my legs slightly. He started playing with my pussy once more. I parted them a little further. He now had a great view of my wet pussy. He moved the head of his dick and touched me. At this instant my mind took over. I said,”No! Stop. You can’t! Honey he can’t!”He paused and I thought he was going to stop. I felt relieved. I was fully ovulating and this would be the worst possible time for me to have unprotected sex with another man. Then he rubbed his cock around my pussy area making no penetration. I knew this had to stop but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. My hips were responding to his teasing as I made circular motions, sighs coming from me every few seconds. We rolled on to our sides and started kissing. Without thinking I put my upper leg over his leg in full submission despite knowing I’d get pregnant if this man made love to me because this is what my husband wanted. The Black man’s cock was now less than an inch from my pussy. Years of preperation preceeded this moment. The internet porn, the sexy role play and even my wonderful Black dildo helped bring me to this instant digitalbahis giriş in time. As his cock touched my labia, I pulled back. I looked at Antonio and loud enough for Jamal to hear I asked,”Honey, what if I get pregnant?”My husband said,”Shhh, it’s alright. Don’t worry, I am here with you.”Again I pleaded,”Honey?”My husband said, “Honey, let him feel how wonderful your pretty pussy is and how good you make me feel everytime we make love. Please honey, I love you. Let him fuck you. I want to watch his cock go into your pussy. I want to see your face and the way your beautiful body responds when you cum.”The Black man then said,”You’re so beautiful Susan. I want you.” The Black man then laid down on top of me. I looked between us and saw his massive cock on my belly and his balls were at the crease between my legs.His hips moved around in a slow dry hump as he grinned down at me. I responded to him and undulated my hips up and down. I was getting excited by his cock rubbing against me. I just laid there panting as Jamal looked into my eyes for a moment. He leaned down and kissed me. I open my mouth to accept his tongue. We had kissed passionately for a while when Jamal laid his hands on my left thigh. I spread my legs to let him know he was welcome inside. He positioned himself between my legs. I pulled my legs back and gave him full access to my openness. He said,”Susan, I want you so bad. let me make love to you.”I was finally ready so I took his cock and put it on my pussy hole. His large, solid shaft pushed against me and parted my vaginal lips nesting itself securly at my wet opening. I writhed under him while his cock remained poised at my entrance. His foreskin slipped forward over my clit with tantalizing gentleness. I said, “I want to ask you something and tell me the truth.”He said,”Ask me what ever you want.””I’m sure your sperm is potent and I’m in ovulation. Do you want to make me pregnant?”I asked as I moved both my hands to his sholders. I then locked my legs behind his ass. He first looked toward my husband who just grinned. Then he looked deeply into my lust-filled eyes and answered”Yes, I do, Susan.”I suddenly needed him in me. I needed to be filled. I nudged him in encouragement pushing my wet folds against him, and bit my lip in anticipation. With a wide grin I said,”OK then make love to me but be gentle. You’re cock is much bigger than my husbands.”The swollen head of his Black cock popped through my opening with such a feeling of satisfaction that I could not contain the shriek of appreciation. Sounding more like a woman in pain, than a woman in pleasure, I moaned, almost sobbing with pure emotion. I managed to say,”That’s it, go slow. Let me stretch to fit you in. Oh my god, you’re wonderful! Oh Jamal, Jamal!”I looked up at him with a lustful smile. He pressed into me and his cock very slowly sank balls deep. The feeling of my first extramarital penis was better than I had ever expected. He went slowly at first, then more quickly and within minutes I felt myself starting to approach an orgasm. I moaned,”Mmmmmm, Jamal, Jamal.”I hear Antonio softly whisper,”Do you like him?”I moan,”Yes, oh yes yes.”My husband finally was getting his wish as Jamal slowly withdrew, then pushed in again, then again, then again. I began to move my hips to meet his thrusts. I began to be this Black man’s willing sexual partner. Soon each thrust brought a grunt from my lips,”Uhh, uhh, uhh.”My body is now craving the fullness his cock provides. He begins with long, slow strokes, groaning with pleasure as he moves deeper into my hot, wet pussy. My hips begin to buck as the speed and force of his thrusts increases. My back arches, pushing his cock into my cervix. I scream out as his cock fills me more than any man ever has. The friction and pressure of his thickness is maddeningly pleasurable to my senses. My muscles begin to spasm around his cock but for a moment he manages to keep control. He continues slamming his hardness into my spasming body. Try as he might he can’t hold out any longer but it was enough. Soon he was slamming against my crotch and we could hear our skin slapping loudly. I wrapped my legs around his waist giving him limitless access. He was hitting my cervix with every thrust, as my hips rolled with passion. We kissed again. I completely surrendered myself to this man. As our tongues explored and our bodies moved in a rythmic motion, I unwrapped my legs from his waist and just kicked up in the air. I was starting to orgasm. I looked over and said,”Honey, digitalbahis güvenilirmi he’s gonna make me cum!”Then I tell Jamal,”I want to look into your eyes when you cum in me. I’m your woman now and I want to have your baby.”With that statement, Jamal groaned, tensed his ass and pressed hard against me. He was about to orgasm too. I wiggled my ass to enhance his pleasure and I could feel my whole inside move as I ground his penis into my cervix. I wanted to feel it up inside right up against my cervix. I was in ovulation and I knew my cervix was open. It always is. I wanted to feel the head of his cock pushing past the dialated opening of my cervix. I wanted to feel it going inside of me where no woman can normally take it. The pressure to me is not painful; to me it is pure pleasure. Only a few thrusts later he makes eye contact. I felt his raging cock pulsing as he shot his hot sperm into my pussy without any concern of knocking me up, and filling me with his love c***d. It sent a warm glow inside my pussy that spread to my belly. My body shook hard as I felt his cock pulsing, he was coming, he was deep inside my cervix and he was shoving his cum in me. I locked my legs around his tight ass and I held on to him so he could not pull back and out of me. He did not even try. I said,”This is for real, honey! He’s doing it! He’s cumming inside me! Honey, Jamal is getting me pregnant! He’s getting me pregnant! I can feel him cumming in me. I can feel it flex and jerk giving me long, hot jets of cum, filling me, flooding your wife’s pussy. Oh Jamal your cock is so hot and so good! It feels so good to hold your sperm inside me, deep inside where my husband’s cock could never reach. I’m your woman, Jamal. It’s flowing out of me now, sticky and warm on my legs. You’re so good Jamal. You’re so good. God, are you ever so good!”I felt Jamal’s manly juices in me and I knew he was done but he stayed in me as sperm began to seep out of my vagina. As we laid there and caught our breath I was desperately clinching my pussy to hold him and his sperm inside of me. Although his cock began to soften he did not get out. He just stayed on top of me and kept his cock in me. I leaned into his ear and whispered,”I think it’s Antonio’s turn to fuck me now.”Jamal then withdrew his soft member from me and cum was now pouring from my gaping pussy. By then my husband was as naked as I was and had a huge erection. If he was at all nervous, he certainly gave no indication as he crushed his mouth against mine while his hands roamed over my well used tits, ass, and pussy. When he finally moved his lips off of mine, he paused and I was able to take a breath. His tongue slowly and lightly moved over my lips in a gentle caress before he once again kissed me hard and deep. As our tongues dueled back and forth between my mouth and his, I was acutely aware of Antonio’s raging, throbbing cock pressing, grinding, thrusting against my mound. Reaching down, my hand closed around his rampant, swollen, and absolutely rigid shaft. I said,”Honey, Jamal really got me off and am I ever full of sperm! My pussy is all sloppy and wet for you. Come fuck your pregnant wife.”Antonio moved over my body and mounted me and began fucking my used pussy. I locked my legs around his thighs and hugged his body close to mine just as his totally rigid, swollen penis rammed into my stretched and soaked cunt. As soon as the hard shaft was buried inside me with his balls slapping against my ass cheeks, my husband began fucking me with steady, deep, hard strokes, each one bringing a grunts of female pleasure from my mouth. I hugged my husband’s body tightly against my own as he fucked me hard and deep. I asked,”How does it feel? Do you like my sloppy wet cunt? It’s been fucked a lot. My cunts has lots of cum in it. You want to cum in it again don’t you? You want to cum into your pregnant wife’s pussy; I know you do.”Every few strokes, he told me how incredibly hot and sensuous my pussy felt around his cock. He said,”Your vagina feels like a smooth oversized velvet glove around my cock, Honey. It feels like I’m sinking into a warm bowl of slick custard pudding. It’s just delicious!” The sensuous squishing sounds of my husband’s cock sinking into the remains of Jamal’s cum load filled the room. My legs flailed the air, my tits bounced wildly as my clitoris began to contract again just before my stuffed cunt erupted in another orgasm. I screamed, my toes curled back and my body shuddered and quivered. I then noticed Jamal quietly got dressed and left the room only pausing to give me one last look from the doorway. Antonio finally shot his load into me he collapsed onto the bed over my body. We both were exhausted and resting when I told him Jamal was gone. We got dressed and left knowing there was a good slimy mess for the hotel’s housekeepers.

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