Losing my virginity at 18 to my 30 year old aunt


Losing my virginity at 18 to my 30 year old auntThis is the story of how I lost my virginity when i was 18 to my aunt; my uncle’s wife.I always fantasized about my aunt, even though she was married. Her name was Wendy, and she was by far the sexiest older woman I had ever seen. To compare, she looked like the pornstar Dylan Ryder, with brown skin. She even had the same haircut.She was so sexy that i became obsessed with her. I would jack off thinking about pounding her pussy doggystyle while grabbing her ass. I would even look at porn videos of dylan ryder and imagine that Wendy was the pornstar.Everytime i talked to her, i would have to force myself not to look at her amazing tits. Instead i would look into her eyes, which still gave me a boner.One average saturday, my parents were out and i had the house to myself. I was looking at TV when i heard a car outside. I ran downstairs to see my aunt in her car. I opened the gate and welcomed her inside.She looked absolutely sexy. She was wearing a slutty black dress all fancied up and i could see cleavage. Apparently she was on her way to türbanlı amasya escort a function and came over to bring some of the food she made for me. She put it on the counter and was about to leave when i nervously said “Why dont you come upstairs for a bit”She walked with me up to my room. She was in front of me, and i looked at her ass moving left to right as she climbed the stairs.We sat in my room and she told me “Let’s talk. You can talk to me about anything” After a few minutes of normal conversation i asked her ” What does sex feel like”, being the curious horny virgin that I was. With a naughty smile she responded “Do you want me to tell you, or do you want me to show you how it feels?”Surprised by her response i said “What?!” To which she said :” Oh please. I’ve seen the way you look at my body, how nervous you get around me. I always notice the bulge in your pants. You obviously want my pussy”After that she leaned in and kissed me. It was my first kiss with an older woman, i had only kissed girls my age before. She put her türbanlı amasya escort bayan tongue in my mouth and suddenly we were french kissing. It was so sexy and her tongue felt and tasted so good against mine.After we kissed, i told her to stick her tongue out. I put my tongue against hers and licked it thouroughly. I then kissed her chin and neck. She moaned softly.We both then undressed. Wendy pulled off her black dress to reveal red lingerie underneath. I took off my jersey, pants and underwear and let her see my hard cock, pointing upwards. I stroked my horny tool as she took off her lingerie. She told me that i could shoot my load in her pussy without fear of pregnancy, as she had her tubes cut and tied and could not have anymore c***dren. This turned me on even more because I often fantasized about filling a woman’s hole with my cum.I then went and sucked on her lovely tits. She moaned with delight and played with my balls as i did this. Then she went on all fours and spread her legs wide. You could see her beautiful türbanlı escort amasya pussy and asshole.”Come live your naughty fantasy,” she whispered to me as she spread her ass wide.I put one hand on her ass and one on my cock, stroking my stiff pole and i licked her yummy pussy. I ran my tongue along her entire ass, even licking her cute butthole. I then tongue kissed her once more, giving her a taste of her own pussy and asshole. I slowly put my rock hard cock into her moist pussy. Her pussy was tight despite her age, making my cock enter slowly. I told her that this position(doggystyle) was how i wanted to lose my virginity. “It is my favourite position, now fuck me hard!” Wendy exclaimed.I held her waist and slowly thrusted her pussy, gradually building up the speed. At this point, neither of us cared that i was fucking the wife of my uncle, and the mother of two c***dren. All we cared about was the amazing sex.I moved my hands from her hips and cupped her tits and i pounded her hole good.Wendy moaned and squealed with pleasure as my cock serviced her pussy. I could her the sound of my penis slamming against her vagina, an erotic, sexual sound that i cannot describe.I felt the orgasm coming. I thrusted harder than ever to the finale, shooting a warm load into her wet snatch.I pulled out my cock from her now sloppy pussy and sexually french kissed her. I had fucked my aunt Wendy for the first time, and I knew it wouldn’t be the last.

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