Jan’s A Bad Mom pt5


My name is Jan, I’m thirty-three, have long wavy brown hair, trim body, and D-cup breasts. I had my son not long after I turned seventeen and we kinda grew up together, I guess. I live in a fairly small rural community and teen pregnancies were rare to say the least! I started noticing my son Jay’s friends staring at me when they were about sixteen, I guess. Boys that age become very curious about women and their bodies as demonstrated by my son who had a stash of girlie mags under his bed. I chalked it up to normal teen boy behavior, so I didn’t make an issue out of it. I’ve always been kind of a flirt, so I’d give them big hugs whenever I could, so my tits would press up against them. And I’d occasionally tease his friends by wearing short skirts and dresses, almanbahis şikayet and sunbathing in a fairly small bikini. All in all, it was pretty tame and innocent. As he and his friends got older, it seemed they paid attention to me more and more, which I guess is also normal…About the time my son turned sixteen, I bought a house with a pool in the backyard. Needless to say, our house was THE place to hang out now! I let him have a Halloween party there that year and I really stepped up my teasing. I wore a Tiger outfit, Face painted, whiskers, ears on my head and a tight tiger-striped bodysuit. It showed off my body shape really well. Insanely high heels almost completed the look, but I had one last thing I wanted to wear, a butt-plug tiger almanbahis canlı casino tail! None of “normal” tails I looked at were any good, and besides, Jay and his friends wouldn’t know anything about a butt-plug tail at sixteen… right? Wearing the bodysuit and tail that came with it didn’t look “right” to me besides, the hole in the suit for it was very tight and it looked good. Every curve of my tight and toned ass was on display and my nipples were erect and visible, plus, there was a hint of cameltoe in the front! I was the sluttiest tiger I’d ever seen! Only I would know I was wearing a butt-plug tail in full view of my son’s friends and I was more than a little aroused. The party was going well and everyone was having a great time. almanbahis casino I played the good host and walked around basically socializing and waitressing. I was also getting very favorable looks and comments on my costume, the boys seemed to like it. I was in the kitchen getting some more drinks and didn’t notice I had company until I heard a voice say, “Hey kitty kitty,” and yank on my tail! As tight as my ass was, it could not keep the tail in and it came out and the plug part fell to the ground. I turned around quickly and saw three of my son’s friends standing there, the one in the middle holding the furry end of my tail. They were all looking very surprised and then curious as they looked at the plug end and then all three seemed to understand at the same time what it was. Then came the very surprised looks as the boy holding the tail held it up for them all to look at. It happened so fast and I reached out and snatched it out of his hand and they all looked at me, eyes wide with amazement! 

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