Jen and Alice Through Until Morning


I woke in Jen’s arms, she was still sleeping. I brushed the hair from her face and kissed her cheek, she roused slowly, “good morning,” she volunteered. It was just that, very early morning, we had slept for no more than four hours. I untangled myself reluctantly from her embrace and headed for the bathroom. Jen’s voice followed me, “don’t you dare take those stockings off.”

Having freshened up I walked back into the bedroom, Jen was stretching her long legs, I leaned on the bed and placed a gentle kiss on her pussy lips, she giggled and jumped up to go to the bathroom. “Don’t be long,” I urged. I couldn’t wait to hold her again. I propped myself up on the pillows and waited, I stroked my breasts with the palms of my hands, my nipples hardened. I rolled them between finger and thumb, always a good way to get my juices flowing. Eyes closed, I imagined my hands were Jen’s, moving slowly over my breasts, gently caressing my stomach, down to my pussy. I rubbed my clit with the heal of my thumb and slowly inserted one finger between my wet cunt lips. My little button hardened, sending surges of pleasure down my inner thighs. I couldn’t resist inserting another finger, churning my soft wet lips. I gasped as the sensations intensified, all four fingers were now inside as I slowly fucked myself.

I felt soft hands moving slowly up my stockinged legs, I opened my eyes, startled. Jen was looking up at me, smiling. “Don’t stop on my account,” she said as her hands reached my naked inner thighs. I happily obliged. My other hand was under her chin, pulling her to my soft wetness. Her tongue licked my fingers; she made noises of appreciation as she tasted me. My hand slipped away from my pussy, Jen’s mouth followed, sucking on my fingers, licking them clean.

Her fingers sought my pussy, working it in circular motions, her fingers entering, caressing, stroking. “Your turn,” she purred as she placed her fingers on my bottom lip. I sucked on them, tasting my own juices on her.

“You taste good,” she said

I licked her middle finger from heal to tip and replied, “yes, but not as sweet escort as you do.” Her mouth moved to mine and she pulled me down the bed. Our breasts pressed together, hard nipples on soft flesh. She pushed her thigh between mine, I gripped her and pulled her over, on top of me. She was grinding against my pussy as I stroked her back and grabbed her firm buttocks.

Jen turned on her side and moved her mouth over my stomach, I did the same. We both wanted the same thing, a tongue inside us, Jen found my clit, her tongue moving slowly, softly. I moved my lips over her, the smell of her perfume and her juices mingled as I settled between her soft thighs. Jen’s tongue was bringing me to an ecstatic release as she caressed by full buttocks, one finger stroking my anus gently. I moaned almost silently, my mouth full of her soft, wet warmth. I took a long loving lick up her moist channel, she pressed hard against me and cried out. I was moments behind her as her lips tightened around my clit, the suction drawing exquisite sensations from my quivering pussy.

Jen pulled me onto her, “fuck me with your fingers, please Alice, do me!” How could I resist. She lay back on the pillows, I knelt between her open thighs and bent forward to kiss her. “I love you Alice,” she whispered, tears filling her eyes. I kissed them softly and moved my fingers to her pussy. I slid one finger into her and moved it slowly in and out. She moaned softly, her moans increased in volume as I pushed two more fingers into her. I increased the pace, her hips thrust to meet me, matching the rhythm. All four fingers now moved past her wet lips. Jen shouted out for more as I started to fuck her hard with my whole hand. Her buttocks were now lifted of the bed, my whole hand stretched her pussy wide open, “yes, push it all in, please Alice,” she gasped.

I pushed in and her lips stretched and closed around my wrist, I slowly closed my fingers to form a fist and slowly slid my hand back and forward inside her. She rotated her hips as I fisted her, her breathe now coming in gasps. Her juices flooded over my hand as her body jerked, her cries izmit escort bayan echoed around the room. I slowly withdrew my hand as her orgasm subsided.

“I don’t think I’ve ever come that hard,” she said between deep breathes.

I curled up beside her, she giggled, “what?” I asked.

“Listen!” she replied.

From the room above we heard the unmistakable sounds of love making. A deep male voice was moaning in time with the slow rhythm of the bed creaking. The rhythm quickened and the moans were complimented by high pitched sighs. Soon the unseen man was evidently slamming into his partner and the couple were oblivious to the noise they were making, just as Jen and I had been. It was over quickly as they cried out with their orgasms. The noise subsided, I laughed quietly and whispered, “you probably woke up half the hotel!”

Jen feigned indignation and replied, “it was all your doing!”

I traced her chin with a finger and asked, “did you mean what you said, do you really love me?”

She held my finger to her lips and kissed it, “of course, I’ve fancied you for ages but I have never had the opportunity to tell you. I didn’t think I would ever get to make love to you though.” Her hands moved slowly down the length of my body. “How could I not love you?”

She rested her head against my breasts, laying a hand between my legs, stroking gently; I ran my fingers through her hair, kissed the top of her head. I couldn’t remember feeling so fulfilled by lovemaking; so at peace. It was like being wrapped up in a big, soft, warm blanket. Her lips gently grazed my flesh and I held her tight, never wanting to let go.


The pale light of dawn found us still locked together, Jen woke me with a kiss and I pulled her onto me, kissing her hard. She slapped by bottom hard and suggested that we had plenty of time to have fun before breakfast.

“You are insatiable,” I chided.

She looked straight into my eyes and turned very serious, “we may never do this again, I want to make the most of izmit sınırsız escort it.”

That statement hit me hard, an empty feeling filled my chest. I knew at that moment that this was not just a fling, an experiment, this was what I really wanted, Jen was intelligent, fun, beautiful and in love with me. I loved her, the thought of not being with her suddenly made me want to cry. I had serious decisions to make; but they would have to wait. Now I wanted more of what this lovely woman could offer me.

Jen slapped my bottom again, she whispered in my ear,”I want you to take those stockings off, you’ve had them on all night, you dirty girl.” I tried my very best to do a slinky, sexy walk and probably failed but I was playing to very receptive audience. I slipped them down slowly and threw them to Jen who, to my surprise slid them on.

She jumped off the bed, grabbed me and then kissed me tenderly. I asked her to turn around; I held her close, cupped her breasts and kissed the back of her neck. She pushed her bottom against me and slowly bent forward. As she did I kissed her, all the way down her back. I backed away watching her wiggle her lovely bum, she bent almost double, holding her ankles. She moved her hands up over my stockings and up to her inner thighs. She spread her cheeks to give me a perfect view of her arsehole.

“All yours Alice,” she crooned.

“I thought you’d never ask,” I replied.

Kneeling behind her I slid my hands up her perfect legs to her firm buttocks. I parted them and stared into her perfect, pink pussy. I inhaled the scent of her, sweet and delicious. I sucked gently on her warm folds, teasing her, tasting her. I felt her fingertips brush my lips as she pleasured herself. My tongue was coated with her juices, I pushed in deep and felt her push back, grinding into my face. Jen was close to her zenith, I knew what I had to do to help her reach it. I pushed her away enough to allow me to move my tongue up towards her little rosebud. She sighed as I teased it; cried out as I probed it and came hard and loud as I sucked on it. Her legs trembled and buckled under her as she collapsed on me.

Laughing, she rolled over onto me, giving me a long sensuous kiss.

“I am never going to let you get away from me,” she promised.

That was promise I was definitely going to hold her to!

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