The Business Trip


Friday morning and Gemma Davies walked into the airport terminal and looked around the crowded departure area. A P.A. to the sales director of a pharmacy company, she was off to Belgium for the weekend to get the signatures of a new partner on their distribution agreement. Gemma sighed heavily; travelling alone was such a drag, and something she never got used to. The part she loathed the most was walking into hotel restaurants and eating alone. She looked around searching out the check in desk.

Mike Andrews walked into the same airport departure area three minutes later. Also off to Belgium and his current client’s office near the airport. Consequently he too was making for the very same check-in desk where he joined the short queue and waited his turn. He barely noticed the attractive woman two places ahead of him. A self employed IT consultant he much preferred working from home and loathed the unfriendliness of most hotels. As he shuffled forward, his mind was full of the problems ahead. He handed over his e-ticket confirmation and passport, muttered “Yes” to the usual security questions and then took back his passport and boarding card and made for the security checks. An hour later he was in the queue for the plane. A vague recollection of the girl in the queue at check-in passed through his head as he scanned the people in front of him.

Gemma boarded the plane and easily found her window seat midway back. This was another part she hated; she always seemed to get the young egotistical up and coming businessman, who thought that she would be interested in his every word – how wrong they were! She gazed out of the window paying little attention to the people loading luggage below her.

Then Gemma became aware of one of the endless stream of people pausing by her row. She resisted the urge to look up but then heard a deep male voice “Good morning.”

Gemma glanced up and found she was looking at a man, slightly older than her, with searching eyes and an inquisitive smile. ” Good morning” she replied and then smiled; maybe he would be interesting company she thought to herself. He certainly seemed polite and not at all forward.

The man grinned as he sat down “I have to say that’s a great relief. I usually find myself stuck with the little old granny, who tell me their life story and show me all their family pictures! Not the most interesting of conversations!”

Gemma smiled back “Well I usually end up with the guy who thinks he’s the next Bill Gates! and insists on telling me all the details of every deal he has made in the last year, along with every city he has visited! Then seems to think I would be desperate to have dinner with him!”

“Seems like we have both got lucky then!” He said smiling, ” Mike Andrews, by the way”, and he held out his hand.

“Gemma Davies”, and reaching forward Gemma shook his hand, noting how strong his grip was; maybe she had got lucky after all, it had been so long, too long, since she had been with a man. Something about this guy excited her and she felt stirrings inside her that had not happened in quite a while.

They spent the short flight chatting effortlessly about their daily lives, and respective jobs. It was almost like 2 old friends, relaxed, and each seeming to be genuinely interested in the other. Both did find the other attractive, but neither felt the situation right to broach the subject. Gemma felt that her earlier comments may have put Mike off, but it was too late now, they were about to land, and Gemma had no intention of showing the desperation for company she was feeling.

As they stood to leave the plane, Mike spoke again, ” thanks for your company Gemma – I think that was one of the most enjoyable flights I have had for a long time”. Gemma went to respond, but before she could speak, he continued, ” Hope your trip goes well, Enjoy your weekend!” and with a quick wave of his hand he was gone.

Gemma felt disappointed, he had seemed a great guy, and attractive to boot, still yet again that was the story of her life.

Mike left the aircraft, and wished he had had the courage to ask Gemma to dinner tomorrow, but her comments about pushy go-getters had put him off from asking her, despite the fact that she had seemed to enjoy his conversation. He had to admit to himself she had a certain sexiness about her, he could imagine the feel of her skin, her perfume, his groins stirred at the images in his mind, two bodies, naked, entwined…

Too late now he cursed silently to himself and anyway, he had several meetings to attend. He collected his bags off the carousel and marched quickly out of the airport to the waiting queue of taxis.

Mike quickly arrived at the hotel, and made his way to the reception to book in. Looking at his watch, he realised he just had time to book in, and dump his bags in his room, before his client was scheduled to arrive for their update meeting.

Gemma meanwhile arrived at the offices of their new distributor and delivered the all important papers to the receptionist. Gemma etiler escort waited while the girl called through to the commercial director. The French was to fast for Gemma to follow but she heard enough to know that they were expecting the papers. The receptionist smiled back “They will eb checked by our lawyers and will be ready for you on Monday morning. Gemma had hoped that they would be ready that night – she did not particularly want to spend the weekend in Brussels but she had been told to expect it and this was now her lot. She grabbed her carry-on bag and hailed a taxi.

Her fall-back plan was to relax today back at the hotel and then perhaps some shopping or sightseeing over the weekend. Alone, unfortunately, but at least in the shops and museums she could lose herself in the crowds – just those dreaded mealtimes and evenings to contend with!

Ten minutes later; her taxi pulled up outside the hotel. Gemma grabbed her bag and went straight to the reception desk.

Mike was awaiting in the lounge area of the same hotel, reviewing his papers when he suddenly saw a familiar figure, for a second he couldn’t connect whom and then realised it was Gemma Davies from the aeroplane! She must be staying here too; maybe just maybe this was fate he mused. It looked like he may get a second chance. He was about to make his way across to her when he saw his client approaching across the lobby. “Damm” he cursed inwardly; then smiled and offered his hand in greeting.

Gemma stood at the desk waiting for the receptionist to complete her booking. Glancing around, the hotel appeared busy, but she was suddenly aware of male voices in the distance as someone walked past her. By habit she turned to look and saw a couple of businessmen arriving for a meeting walking across the lobby towards the bar. As her gaze followed them towards the lounge area she almost gasped aloud as she realised the guy they were meeting was Mike from the flight. He must be staying here! Her mind raced, she had been given a second chance. She just hoped she would be able to ‘accidentally’ bump into him over the weekend. Collecting her key, she picked up her bags and went up to her room.

The afternoon seemed to drag by to Gemma. She watched some TV and had a very long bath her mind drifting off to thoughts ok Mike as she slowly soaked and soaped herself in the warm water. Would she meet him tonight, would she get that second chance?

At 7.30, Gemma reached the restaurant entrance. As she had walked through the foyer she had seen the admiring glances of some of the male members of staff. She wore her highest heels, which exaggerated the sway of her hips as she walked, along with a black dress which clung seductively to her body. Thin straps held in place a plunging neckline, and the skirt had one split on the left, high enough just to show the tiniest glimpse of the top of her sheer black hold ups.

“Table for one please” Gemma said as the headwaiter approached her.

“Certainly madam” he replied and began to guide her through the tables. Gemma hoped that the waiter sat her at a table that gave her a view of the restaurant entrance.

“Is this table acceptable madam?” Gemma looked “Yes. Thank you, that will be fine”. As she went to sit she made for the chair that gave her best view of people coming in to dine. The waiter handed her the menu, took her drink order and left her alone.

Then she saw Mike coming in, not alone but with same two men. She cursed to herself and pretended to read the menu. As they neared her table, Gemma allowed a single page to drop to the floor.

Mike stopped to pick it up and handing it to Gemma said, “Well this is a surprise – you’re staying here too?” A big warm smile spread across his face.

“Oh hi again” replied Gemma tried to act completely calm, despite her rising arousal looking at this man, ” Yes I am”.

“Well maybe I’ll see you later” said Mike, and with that passed behind her to rejoin his two business colleagues.

Gemma felt an arousal that had for a long time had been dormant. She had had a few messy relationships, at her age most of the men were either married or with ‘significant others’. Too often this had left her with unsatisfying one-night stands. However from their all too brief conversation on the plane she was sure that this would be true of Mike. He seemed sincere, a fun guy and he had told her he lived alone. She felt a deep longing inside; she wanted this man and was now determined to get him.

She ate her meal; aware that behind her Mike was doing the same. She hoped that they would leave once the meal was over leaving Mike behind – for her!

She took her time and then, finally, she heard chairs moving and the men bid Mike good night. She sat, almost holding her breath, not knowing whether to turn or wait. Suddenly the decision was made for her as she became aware of Mike standing to her left. “Well, now the work stuff is over, would you like to join me for a drink?”

Mike halkalı escort looked deep into her eyes, Gemma could feel her moistness rising already, and this was her chance. “That would be great” she replied, aware of the catch in her breath, not caring if he noticed, she wanted him to, she wanted him to know that she was his if he wanted her, and she hoped he did.

“Actually have a rather nice bottle in my room” Mike said “and the views over the city are wonderful, if that’s ok…” Gemma managed to say “Fine”, although her brain was screaming ‘Yes Yes!’ Her legs almost shook as she stood and together they left the restaurant to go to the lift. No words were spoken as they made their way to Mike’s room; they both knew what was about to happen. Mike felt that his woman was in his control, she was so sexy, and yet, he felt, so eager to please.

As they entered the room, Mike turned on the low level lighting. “Look at the city lights whilst I get the wine” he said.

Gemma crossed over to the large window, and stood looking out. After a few moments she felt a warm breath on her neck, and Mike’s hand reached around her, handing her the wine.

“It’s a beautiful view,” Gemma murmured.

“Yes,” said Mike, “and I don’t mean the city lights either!” Gemma sensed him putting his glass down, and as he did, his mouth fell onto her bare shoulders and began to nuzzle at her neck. His hands caressed her shoulders, his fingers running lightly up and down her arms.

Gemma put down her glass and made to turn, but Mike held her gently, keeping her back to him. She waited, her arousal growing more intense. It had been a while since a man had touched her and Gemma knew she was ready to explode at the slightest touch. Then she heard the long low rasping sound of the zip of her dress being undone and felt the warm air on her skin as the fabric parted. Her bare back was now visible to Mike whose fingers now moved over the smooth, soft, silky texture. Mike’s hand moved upwards and his fingers hooked the thin straps in the certain knowledge that as the dress dropped away, her naked breasts would be revealed. Not only to him, but also to the city outside the window.

Gemma seemed unaware of this, no longer caring who would see her. The dress dropped to the floor, revealing her naked torso, and a tiny black lace thong, along with her lace top hold ups. Mike’s hands moved over her soft skin; his fingers seeking out her nipples; teasing them, pinching them as they hardened. Gemma moaned softly, grinding her hips backwards towards Mike’s groin, able to feel his increasing hardness. Her hands reaching around to caress him though the fabric of his trousers.

Mike’s hands traced down over her flat stomach until one hand dipped inside the thong and his fingers stretched downwards towards her sex. She thrust herself forward and upwards, opening to his touch. So wet already, so wanting to feel his fingers, his tongue, and his cock. In that one simple movement Mike knew he had this beautiful woman in his control. As much as he wanted this woman, he believed she wanted him more. The power felt good and he was now determined to make her work for her reward.

Gemma’s soft voice murmured again, for the most part just moans, but then Mike heard her say, “Fuck me”. This was the final sign of assurance thathe had been waiting for, a sign, potentially, of submission.

“Soon” He replied softly ” but first I want you to make love to me with your lovely mouth”. As he said these words Mike pulled back and quickly discarded his clothes In moments he stood naked, like her the window.

Gently he turned Gemma around, and for a moment their eyes met as he leaned in and kissed her hard on the mouth. Their tongue instantly beginning to entwine, but Mike broke free, and as he did so, he placed his hands on Gemma’s shoulders, pushing her downwards to the floor, until she was kneeling before him.

With her head upturned maintaining total eye contact Gemma began to lick his erect cock from the base right the way up to the tip. Mike shuddered, he had a feeling this girl would be good, not all women were, some refused completely, but to him this was a feeling like no other. At times better than the sex itself.

At the tip her tongue began to poke and probe…darting gently…. whilst her left hand gently massaged his balls. Meanwhile her right pumped away on his cock……….up… down…. up… down…Mike bit his lip, trying to hold back -he wanted more, and knew she would give more. Her tongue continued to kiss and lick taking him more and more into her mouth. Deeper, Mike felt his tip touch the back of her throat; he looked down at the image before him.

Gemma, naked, her eyes locked into his, his cock in her mouth, her hands caressing his balls. He felt her take him in further, deeper, deepest, until she held him in her throat. He could feel the tightness as he slowly began to thrust, sliding back and forth, each time in deeply. His hands were innovia escort in her hair now, pulling her into him, wanting to go as deep as he could, wanting her to drink all his cum.

His breathing quickened, he knew he could last much longer, and he started to thrust more forcefully into her. Nearly …nearly…then suddenly his juices erupted into her mouth. He could feel the warmth of his juice around his cock; slow spasms continued to gently thrust him forward, his hands still in her hair, her eyes still locked into his. He spasmed again, unloading more of his warm fluids into her throat and mouth. A third time his cock spat into her mouth.

Sure he had finished, slowly she released his cock from her grip and let it slid out. Mike saw his cum oozing from the corners of her lips. Gemma held his spent cock in her hand and continued to lick him so, so gently. very gently on the sensitive skin, licking him clean…. licking her lips …swallowing and tasting every last drop.

After a moment Mike took Gemma’s hands in his and pulled her gently to her feet before leading her back into the main part of the room. He was aware that all that had just happened had been totally visible to anyone who happened to be watching. He wondered if they had enjoyed as much as he had.

As they reached the bed, he turned her around and gently lowered her down backwards on the bed. Gemma moaned with anticipation, this was surely her time now, having pleased Mike she felt certain he was about to repay the compliment. Mike moved back to the window and removed from their hooks the smooth cords normally used to retain the curtains, then hee climbed onto the bed and knelt astride Gemma’s hips……….. Sensing that she seeked reassurance that all was well, he bent forward to plant one gentle kiss on her lips.

Then he took her hands in turn and stretched them upwards and outwards before fastening each to the headboard. As soon as both were tied, Mike began to lightly kiss…. and lick his way down her right arm…. on to her shoulder……….and nuzzle into her neck…soft moans emanated from her slightly parted lips…her tongue moistened her lips as Gemma felt her arousal growing in anticipation and trepidation of what was to come.

Still kneeling astride of her, Mike slowly lowered his head to her breast, whilst his right hand squeezed and teased one nipple ……….his tongue and mouth licked and sucked at the other. Already he nipples were hard…her breathing shallow…her pussy increasingly moist and she began to writhe …frustrated at the restraints on her hands…which both prevented her from touching Mike and also from directing his mouth to her pussy.

“Lick me” Gemma panted.

“Not yet.” Did he sense a hint of begging in her voice…he certainly hoped so…. and beg she would before he had finished teasing her.

Mike climbed from the bed and stood at the base. Stretching up he hooked his fingers into the lace thin sides of her thong pulled; as he did the fabric gave way and ripped. He pulled it from under her bottom and discarded it. Glancing up at her he sensed that may have enjoyed the slightly harsh treatment.

Reaching down, he now grabbed Gemma’s ankles and spread-eagled her legs, using the remaining cords to restrain each ankle in turn…one to each corner. Now Mike stood back and stared, this sexy woman who lay there at his mercy They both sensed that they could trust the other, and they both also recognised what the other sought. For Gemma knew she was safe and yet she felt waves of powerlessness wash over her…so open………so unable to resist…. so aroused ………..so wanting to be fucked…………knowing she had to wait until Mike was ready.

Mike suddenly leant down and beginning at her ankles, used both his hands and his tongue; slowly working up the inside up each leg, gentle darting flicks of his tongue on her inner thighs. Making Gemma moan again, making her hips thrust upwards…so, so wanting…so, so moist…………”please………..” she begged…” please…”

Mike heard the wanting in her voice, he knew he had to slowly, but definitely slowly, give her what she wanted. Gemma squirmed on the bed, this was torture, she had waited so long…she knew she would explode at his first touch if he prolonged things much more and yet this powerlessness was a new erotic sensation and Mike was playing it to the limits.

Slowly Mike began with one finger to explore the outer lips of her pussy; a soft sigh escaped from her lip as his finger probed further. Mike felt her pussy so warm…so moist …so inviting…………opening up; willingly to take whatever he wanted to give. Deeper he went …………circling round inside, before he slowly dipped his head to allow his tongue to seek out her clitoris.

He sucked at it firmly whilst his fingers continued to stretch and probe inside her. Gemma raised her hips, knowing she could not hold out much longer and yet he was so good, she wanted this sensation to go on and on. She knew that within moments her juices would gush from her and flood Mike’s face. She thrust her hips upwards…gyrating them on his fingers………wanting more………needing more as Mike continued to suck and lick her clit. Now he inserted two………..then three fingers; probing harder…deeper………..feeling her arousal grow………..her breathing increased.

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