JenniferJenniferi. The a*****ionJennifer walked slowly back to her dispatch area. When she got back to the office, all of theother runners were out. Jennifer sat down at the table and pulled out her MCAT study guideand began immersing herself in preparation for the upcoming test. Jennifer had alwayswanted to be a doctor. She had already completed a degree in Chemistry with a minor inBiology and was going to become a doctor. These few facts made her feel superior to mostof the uneducated people she worked with. The only thing most of her co-workers had incommon was that they all loved to go drinking and smoke. These two pursuits made Jenniferdistance herself from her co-workers. Drink and smoke. How could anyone do that tothemselves she wondered. The only thing worse for you was to use d**gs to get high.Jennifer caught herself as she was beginning to daydream. There will be enough time tocorrect people’s thoughts on smoking, d**gs and drinking, right now I need to study for theMCAT. As Jennifer began concentrating on her studies Sarah walked in. Jennifer knewSarah because they were both new to the organization and were still considered rookies.Sarah was fresh from High School, trying to earn enough money to pay for her first year ofuniversity. Sarah was young and naïve and Jennifer felt sorry for that some of the“professional” slackers were taking an interest in her. They would initiate her into the darkworld of drinking and d**gs, and before she knew it Sarah would have wasted all of herhard earned university money, and would be stuck in this dead end job smoking anddrinking her life away.The dispatch phone began ringing. Sarah answered the phone.“Me and Jennifer” answered Sarah. “O.K., go to accounting on ground and get two carts offiles for Mr. Johnson on 15. Sure no problem.”As Sarah hung up the phone she turned to Jennifer, and not really wanting to bother her,spoke lowly.“Jennifer, dispatch wants us to go to accounting and get some carts for Mr. Johnson.”Jennifer marked her page and put her book down. Why would anyone be in accounting on aSunday she wondered?“Are you sure they said accounting Sarah?” inquired Jennifer.“Yes I’m sure. Dispatch repeated the information twice to make sure I got the name right. ”“Must be important if they want these files on a Sunday” commented Jennifer as they left theoffice.The walk to the elevator was short, and a car came quickly to take them down the fivefloors to the ground floor. As the elevator passed the second floor it made a funny clickingsound. This sound did not faze the girls, but it was a new sound. The elevator began to slowat the Main floor, but it passed the Ground floor. It did not stop until the very bottom. TheSub-basement was usually only unlocked for maintenance workers, who had their shopslocated down here to help keep the noise from all of their machines away from the officeworkers above. When the doors opened both Jennifer and Sarah were not ready forgreeted them. Four men with guns were waiting for them. One of the men stepped forwardand with a clear and ominous voice said” We don’t want to hurt you. We are only here to take you to our boss. If you co-operate,you’ll do O.K., You don’t co-operate, and we make you pay. Understand?”Both girls nodded that they understood.“Good. I would hate to have to hurt you.”With that he placed hand, waist and ankle cuffs on both girls. Then a piece of duct tape overtheir mouths to prevent screams and earplugs to drown out all sound from entering theirears. Finally a black hood was d****d over their heads. The level of sensory depravationmade both girls panic. Not being able to hear scared Jennifer the most.What were these men going to do with me? Who was their boss? Why me? These questionsplayed in Sarah’s head. The only other thought that came to mind was that this was all a bigmistake, and once they realized this they would let her go.The men loaded the girls back on to the elevator and took them to the parking garage. Twomore men who had been standing by a five tonne truck met the group when the elevatordoors opened. The girls were loaded in the back of the truck, laid face down on the floorand tied to the floor with rope. Once the girls were secure the truck drove away. The entirea*****ion had taken four minutes and was not detected by anyone. After the truck was outof the parking garage, the remaining men flipped the parking garage camera back on, turnedthe elevator off service and turned the dispatch phone back on. There was no trace thatanything out of the ordinary had happened.Sarah figured that had driven for about an hour before coming to a stop. She felt someonegrab her roughly and pull her to her feet. She was then pulled forward until she began herrestricted shuffle. She walked for what seemed like an eternity, turning left and right throughwhat she thought was a series of hallways. When she finally stopped she felt her shacklesbeing removed. Next the hood, earplugs and duct tape were removed. One door down thehall the same scene was taking place with Jennifer in Sarah’s place.“Go ahead and scream or cry honey. The room is sound proof. You can beat on the doorand windows all you want too honey. They are both unyielding and you will only hurtyourself.” Spoke Jennifer’s captor.“Where am I?” Barked Jennifer.The man raised his hand and slapped Jennifer across the face in a sharp and surgical swinginflicting the most pain for the least bruising. “Next time I won’t be as kind to you Bitch.”“Why have you taken me?” begged Jennifer“Because the boss wanted me to and I don’t want to cross the boss.”“Who is your boss?” inquired Jennifer.“You will meet her soon enough.” Replied her captor.With both girls unbound his task was completed. He spoke in what looked like amicrophone attached to his lapel and the door to the room opened. After taking one lastlook at Jennifer he smiled and stepped through the door into the hall. The door closed with ahollow metallic click.Jennifer looked around the room. The room was bare except for one chair, a bed and atoilet and sink. She walked over to the door and was dismayed to find that there was nohandle on her side of the door. The window was set up with what looked like schoolyardwire mesh glass. Jennifer had never broken a school window, but she figured that this mustbe a strong type of glass or the schools wouldn’t use it. Having surveyed her cell, Jennifer laydown on the bed and resolved to not be overwhelmed by the events that had transpiredtoday. Jennifer drifted into a deep sleep while thinking of ways to get out.“Get up Bitch!” screamed the female voice.Jennifer bolted upright, half in fear and half in shock. She looked over in the direction of thenoise and saw a familiar face looking at her.“Tammy? Is that you? Did they get you also?” inquired Jennifer.“No they did not get me also. I am them you stuck up priss” seethed Tammy.” Why don’t you get your head out of the clouds and look around you. Do I look as patheticas you do? You are such a twit.” Saying this felt good to Tammy. She was tired of all thelooks she got from Jennifer because she smoked, partied and got laid. This was her chanceat payback.“What do mean” inquired Jennifer“I mean that I am the reason you and Sarah are here. Sarah is here because she has thepotential to make me money as a slave. You are here because you too will make me money,and because you always think that you are better than me because you are a goody twoshoes.” The words that were coming from her mouth were like venom. She hoped theJennifer was scared, because that would make her training that much sweeter.“What do you mean I look down at you. I don’t approve of what you”“Shut up Bitch. I am the boss and you will have to learn this fast if you want to survive thiswithout a great deal of pain.”Tammy was almost at the end of her rope with Jennifer. Tammy spoke into her collar andtwo men appeared as if by magic. Jennifer looked at the men and wondered why one ofthem was holding a very large roll of cling-wrap.“Set her up in the chair boy’s while I get my stuff.” Proclaimed Tammy as she exited theroom.Jennifer did not understand what was happening as the men grabbed her arms and flung herinto the chair. One of the men pinned her shoulders into the seat as the other man wrappedher and the chair together. This wrapping was made easy by virtue of Jennifer not knowingwhat was happening to her. After a couple of minutes Jennifer was so tightly wrapped in thechair that she could not move an inch of her covered body. The men left her head and neckexposed, and triple wrapped every other inch of her body in such a way that everymovement that she made tightened the cling-wrap’s hold of her.“I am glad to see that the boy’s set you up for me” said Tammy as she returned. “You don’tmind if I smoke do you?” asked Tammy with an evil smirk on her face.“Yes I do mind” replied Jennifer. “Do you think that we won’t be missed? My parents aregoing to know that I didn’t come home yet. They will start looking for me, then it will begame over for you.”“I don’t think so honey. You have been missing for three days now, and know one hasbroken down my door to save you yet.”“You’re lying. I have not been here for three days. I haven’t lost my senses. I have only beenhere for a few hours.”“Actually you have been here for one day, and in the back of the truck being hauled here fortwo days.” Replied Tammy as she lit a Benson & Hedges Menthol. She double pumped thecigarette to ensure that it was lit, then exhaled all of her smoke into Jennifer’s face. Jennifertried to squirm away from the thick smoke, but couldn’t due to her cling-wrap prison. ” Yourhood was laced with diphenltricolene. Once you had the hood on for five minutes thechemical made you drowsy and you slipped in and out of consciousness.”Jennifer tried squirming more to get away from the thick smoke exiting Tammy’s mouth.Seeing Jennifer squirm made Tammy’s heart sing with joy. Jennifer’s reaction to the smokewould make forcing her to become a heavy smoker all the more fun. Tammy took anotherdeep double pump off her smoke and inhaled. She exhaled into Jennifer’s face ever soslowly so that Jennifer had no choice but to breath in some of the smoke.“Better learn to love the smell and taste of smoke Bitch. türbanlı adana escort You are going to be doing lots ofsmoking before I’m through with you.”“I will never smoke for you or anyone.” Exclaimed Jennifer“Your feeble attempt at defiance is amusing.” Laughed Tammy. Tammy then reached downbehind Jennifer and pulled up a strange looking red ball attached to two leather straps.Before Jennifer had a chance to protest, Tammy placed the ball in Jennifer’s mouth andwrapped the straps behind her head. Once the ball gag was secured Tammy picked up aroll of duct tap and sealed Jennifer’s mouth shut.Jennifer bucked wildly while Tammy worked on her, but her prison tightened with eachmove she made. Jennifer then stopped bucking as suddenly as she had started.“I will not give her the pleasure of seeing me beaten. I know that my parents or Sarah’sparents will come rescue us. Screw her!” thought Jennifer.Tammy grabbed Jennifer by the hair, and as if she was reading her mind she pulled out acopy of the local newspaper. The date said Wednesday and the headline spoke of Jennifer’sparents distraught that their daughter might have run away with a co-worker. Police wereasking for the publics’ help, but admitted to having no usable leads to follow.“You’ve read enough Bitch. Now it is time to start wishing you had been nicer to me whenworked together.”Jennifer’s eyes widened as Tammy pulled out two corks from a black bin. Tammy carefullyplaced a cork in each of Jennifer’s nostrils. A soon as the corks were in place Jennifer hadto work twice as hard to breath. This scared her and worried her deeply. Jennifer began tosquirm and buck violently. Tammy was laughing as she placed some lengths of rubber hoseto the plastic tube that was sticking out the center of the cork. One of the hoses was lefthanging down Jennifer’s chest. Tammy took the other hose and placed it close to her mouth.She then took a huge double pump off of her cigarette and inhaled the large volume ofsmoke. Before she started to exhale, she placed the end of Jennifer’s tube in her mouth. Asshe exhaled the smoke from her lungs she forced Jennifer to inhale the smoke. Jennifergagged and tried to cough, but the ball gag made it difficult for her.“That was easy Bitch. Now comes the real fun.”Jennifer was afraid of what was to come.Tammy took our a fresh package of Benson & Hedges Menthol and held them for Jenniferto see“This is your brand now Bitch. You are going to love the feel of Menthol smoke when I amdone with you. When I am done you will beg me for cigarettes”Jennifer’s mind raced as she tried to conjure up a plan for escape. All of her plans dependedon knocking Tammy out, then getting out of the room. Jennifer was just starting to feel somesmall sense of hope when she noticed that Tammy had a pair of scissors in her hand. Shewatched as Tammy cut the filter off of a cigarette. The Tammy took the cigarette a stuffedthe end into one of the tubes. Breathing became instantly harder. She tried to fight this newtwist, but her cling-wrap prison was unyielding.“Are you done struggling Bitch?” inquired Tammy. “Now lets get this lit so we can smoketogether.” With that Tammy took the free hose and pinched the end shut. This forcedJennifer to breathe through the tube that held the cigarette in it. Tammy flicked her lighterand slowly brought the flame to the cigarette, all the while starring into Jennifer’s eyes andenjoying the shear terror that filled her eyes. When the flame was directly in front of thecigarette, Tammy could see it get pulled closer as Jennifer breathed in, and how the flameflickered away from the end of the cigarette as Jennifer exhaled. Tammy watched the inhaleexhale routine for a few seconds until she caught the pattern. After Jennifer’s next exhaleTammy brought the flame to the end of the cigarette. As Jennifer inhaled air, she was forcedto ignite her cigarette. The thick unfiltered smoke assaulted her nostril and throat on the wayto her lungs. She coughed, but could not catch her breath. Jennifer’s world was quicklyturning dark and cloudy as her body fought for air, but received smoke instead. OnceTammy was satisfied that Jennifer’s cigarette was well lit, she unkinked the second hose. Thefresh air gave some degree of relief to Jennifer, and the blackness that had begun to engulfher senses slowly retreated.“How is it Bitch. Hopefully you like it, but even if you don’t, tough shit. This is now your life.In time you will learn to love smoking anyway, but until you get hooked I will have to makesure you smoke. Without the filter to slow down the tar and nicotine, your body won’t havea fighting chance to not become addicted.”All Jennifer could do while Tammy ranted and raved was sit on her seat and smoke. Thesmoke from the cigarette almost made her sick, but her common sense told her thatthrowing-up would only add to her agony. Her chest was sore and her nostrils hurt. Jennifercould see with each exhale that smoke was pouring from the tube without the cigarette.Tammy smoked her cigarette the looked over at Jennifer. Jennifer had smoke pouring out ofboth tubes. Tammy smiled and began thinking of ways to make this better for herself.ii Conversion.After the first hour Jennifer had smoked five cigarettes. She was feeling very sick to herstomach and her chest ant nostrils were very sore. Every time she thought that she wasdone, Tammy would make her light up another cigarette. Jennifer wished that she weredreaming, and that she would wake up and her world would be normal again.“Bitch!” shrieked Tammy. “Don’t start day dreaming on me. We still have a lot of tastycigarettes to smoke.”Jennifer’s heart sank. How could someone be so cruel. When she got free she would makesure that the law punished Tammy to the fullest. Jennifer started to daydream about escape,but was quickly brought back to reality as she noticed Tammy remove a long shiny objectfrom her bag.“Pretty isn’t it.” Exclaimed Tammy as she admired her new toy. “This is called a doubleholder Bitch. It is designed to hold two cigarettes at once so that the smoker can receivetwice the pleasure. Oh yah, it also helps to addict twice as fast.”With that said and much to Jennifer’s dismay, Tammy cut the filter off of two Benson andHedges. She carefully inserted the cigarettes into the holder. She then removed the cigarettestub that was burning in Jennifer’s tube.Being free of the smoke, Jennifer tried to inhale as much clean air as she could. Thesebreaks only happened occasionally. Usually Tammy had a replacement cigarette ready to gowhen she removed the stub. Jennifer watched as Tammy inserted the holder into the tube. Itwas a tight fit, which meant that no air would rush in between the holder and the tubing.“Time to light you up Bitch.” Remarked Tammy as flicked her lighter to life and touched theflame to the first cigarette. It burst to life instantly. Tammy moved her lighter to the secondcigarette and did the same. It to burst to life. Both tips were now burning a bright andbeautiful orange. ” How’s it feel to be a double smoker Bitch? Can you feel the nicotineentering your body, firmly entrenching itself in every cell of your body. At the rate you’resmoking it won’t take long until you can’t stop yourself from smoking. You will actually findsmoking pleasurable, and very very necessary.”Jennifer listened to Tammy and silently vowed not to become addicted to cigarettes. Whatshe didn’t know was that her body was already getting accustomed to a to a steady input ofnicotine, and that at this rate, 3 packs per day, it would only be a short matter of time beforeshe was hopelessly hooked.Jennifer and Tammy smoked like this for another four hours. At the end of her first sessionJennifer had smoked a package and a half.“Not a bad start Bitch. Thirty cigarettes in five hours. Pretty soon you will be smoking like atrooper all by yourself. Now I a m going to unhook you nose tubes, then your gag.”After her bonds were removed Jennifer coughed and wheezed. Her virgin lungs had beentortured, but they had survived.Tammy placed a pop and a straw in front of Jennifer.“Want a drink Bitch?” asked Tammy“Yes” croaked Jennifer. After taking a few sips of pop, Jennifer got up the nerve to speak toTammy. “Why are you doing this to me?”“Your not going to ask me to answer the same questions over again are you Jennifer? I haterepeating myself, which makes me cranky and makes me do miserable things to the peoplearound me“No” whimpered Jennifer. ” Why do you call me Bitch?”” I call you Bitch because you were one to me when we first met, and because you are nowmy property, and I have renamed you Bitch instead of Jennifer. That is enough questionsfrom you Bitch. Do you need the john before I set you up for bed.”“Yes I do.” Replied Jennifer. She did not relish the thought that Tammy was claiming to ownher, and the she would never be called by her given name again. “Can I have some privacyplease” asked Jennifer.“No you may not Bitch. You are my property and I want to see my merchandise.” BarkedTammy.“I am not your merchandise, nor will I ever submit to you or any of your sick games.” CriedJennifer.With one smooth motion Tammy caught Jennifer square in the jaw with her open fist.Jennifer had no chance to react, and she could feel her jaw crunch on impact. Tammy wasvery artful with her hit, inflicting the maximum amount of pain for the minimum effort.“You are sorely mistaken Bitch. I do own you and tomorrow you will pay dearly for this littleinsurrection. I will make you a smoker tomorrow if it kills you.” With that Tammy picked upJennifer and put her on the bed. After strapping her hands and feet to the bed Tammyproduced a small box.“Nicotine patches. Designed to give a steady dose of nicotine instead of smoking to get yourfix. Sounds neat doesn’t it Bitch”“Yes it does. Why don’t you try it so you can quit, loser?” cried Jennifer.“Loser, let’s see who is free to come and go and who is strapped down to a bed for mypleasure. Oh yah, I’m in control, not you.”Tammy lifted the box and read the directions aloud” Do not use with other tobacco products, don’t use when pregnant and followrecommended dosages. Well let’s see your body is full of tar and nicotine, so the first ruledoesn’t türbanlı adana escort bayan really work for you. You are way to stuck up and anal for anyone to have f—edyou yet, so the second rule doesn’t apply either. ” The box says one patch per packagesmoked per day, and I think you will easily be a three pack per day smoker, so thereforethree patches plus one for an error in my judgement in your abilities as a smoker, and onefor good luck.Tammy began placing the five patches on Jennifer’s torso. Each patch was placed in alocation that Jennifer could not reach, and therefore could not remove over the course of thenight.“Sweet dreams Bitch. See you in a couple of hours” With that Tammy turned off the light andclosed the door leaving Jennifer in her tiny room absorbing nicotine and breathing in the stalesmoke which hung thickly in the air.Jennifer collapsed and let the darkness of sleep take over her mind. About an hour later,Jennifer awoke with a start. She was hot, sweaty and fidgety. Her mind raced over the pastfew days events, as she tried to calm herself down. Jennifer tried to figure out what Tammymeant by the comment “you are way to stuck up and anal for anyone to have f—ed youyet.” What did she mean by yet? This question haunted Jennifer all night. She had fallen intothe waking sleep pattern and she could no longer separate dream from reality. The only thingthat was constant for her was the smell of cigarette smoke.The lights burst to life and Tammy who seemed larger than life was standing over the bed.“sleep well Bitch? Are you ready for another big smoking day. Today is your big day Bitch.After to day you will be a smoker and you will be hooked for life.Jennifer tried to speak but was mesmerized by the tingling sensation all over her body. Herbody had the same amount of nicotine in its system as did a three pack a day, lifelongsmoker. Her body was not used to this feeling and was trying to sort out the new d**g thathad taken over it’s cells.Tammy removed the nicotine patches from Jennifer’s body, unlatched her and helped her goto the toilet. When Jennifer was finished Tammy helped her to the table and sat her down inher chair from the day before. She put another set of shackles on Jennifer and tightenedthem until she was snug.“Have some breakfast Bitch. You’ll need your strength for today.”Jennifer was still mesmerized, but now she also felt some pain in her gut. She swallowed thefood Tammy was stuffing in her mouth, but the pain in her gut had now spread all over herbody. It was a crampy pain that only seemed to move around as she flexed differentmuscles.Tammy noticed Jennifer flexing her body and squirming in her seat.“That weird feeling you are experiencing, it’s a nic fit. Your body wants some nicotine”“You’re lying. I don’t smoke and I don’t need nicotine.” Replied Jennifer.“If you believe that after yesterdays smokefest you’re the one lying, and you’re doing it toyourself. It will only get worse Bitch, You smoked and absorbed almost seven packages ofcigarettes in a very short period of time. Your body accepted this a adapted. Now you mustfeed your physical craving.”Jennifer tried to rationalize her body as Tammy lit a cigarette. The smell of the smokesickened her, but it also made her pains feel less intense.“I don’t buy in to that theory” retorted Jennifer.“Suit yourself Bitch, all I am saying is that the addiction has already begun.”Tammy took the ball gag off the table and stuffed it deep into Jennifer’s mouth. She tied bothstraps as tight as she could, and then sealed Jennifer’s mouth with duct tape. Next Tammyinserted the corks into her nostrils. Once they were taped securely in place Tammy attachedthe hoses. Tammy then reached under the table and picked up what looked like acandelabrum and set it on the table.Jennifer thought that this was weird until she saw the nicotine and tar stains on the silver. Shebucked so violently that she started to bleed from the chafe spots.Tammy smiled and set about filling the candelabrum.“First you need to smoke your cigarettes,” said Tammy gleefully as she cut the filters off ofsix cigarettes. “See, if we put three cigarettes in the each side, that leaves us one empty holeon each side, plus the one in the middle.”Tammy then reached down to the floor again and produced two cigars.“I know how much you enjoy smoking, so I thought that I would add some cigar smoke toyour routine so that you can truly enjoy all aspects of smoking.” With that said Tammyinserted the two cigars into the remaining larger holes on the candelabrum. Tammy thenconnected one of Jennifer’s tubes to the candelabrum.“Ready to light up Bitch?” asked Tammy with smile.Jennifer was bleeding in several spots from bucking and had given no sign of submitting untilTammy had connected her. It was exceptionally difficult to breathe, and the aroma from allof the tobacco was starting to make Jennifer nauseous.All Jennifer could do as Tammy flicked her lighter to life was weep. Despite her will, Jenniferwas now beginning to believe that she would never leave here free from smoke.“Don’t cry Bitch, I’ll get you lit soon enough” lilted Tammy as she began lighting all sixcigarettes and two cigars.Smoke billowed out from Jennifer’s exhale tube. The volume of smoke she was exhalingeven surprised Tammy. Every fourth or fifth inhale, Tammy would cover the center hole withher finger to prevent any fresh air mixing in with the smoke. Jennifer reacted to this act thefirst few times until her spirit was crushed and she lacked the will to fight it. Jennifer also hadnoticed that her cramps were gone. Could Tammy have been right? Could she now beaddicted for life to nicotine, forced to submit to the b**st with a cigarette when the b**stcalled?“Bitch, your not fighting me any more. Have you given up, lost your nerve, or do sort of likeit? You don’t have to answer me Bitch, I know you want to keep smoking. I even feelcompelled to help you more than I already have.”Tammy took out the stubs of Jennifer’s cigarettes and replaced them with fresh cigarettes.Tammy then lit a seventh cigarette and placed it into Jennifer’s free tube.Jennifer moved slightly as her breathing was even more restricted, but she did not fight hersituation.“How long does it take you to smoke the cigarettes down Bitch. Let’s time you and see.”Tammy waited until Jennifer was ready for new cigarettes, then she placed them and timedJennifer as she lit her up.“Not too shabby Bitch. It only took you three minutes to smoke six cigarettes. You body isbeing super loaded with nicotine, and I think that I now control your spirit.”Jennifer moaned softly as if in reply to Tammy.The two women sat and smoked like this for the next hour. Jennifer had smoked sixpackages of cigarettes and four cigars in that time. Her body was at the end of its tolerancelevel for nicotine. Any more nicotine and her body would revolt with uncontrollable vomiting,shaking and possibly death. When Tammy unhooked Jennifer from the candelabrum,Jennifer’s inhales did not get deeper nor did they increase. Tammy unhooked Jennifer’s ballgag and freed her mouth.“Get some sleep Bitch, you look wasted.”With that, Tammy left Jennifer strapped to the chair as she left the room.Jennifer collapsed and allowed blackness to cover her mind.“Get up Bitch.” Was Tammy’s gentle way of rousing Jennifer from her deep sleep. Jenniferhad only slept for one hour, but that was long enough for Tammy’s purpose.Jennifer slowly opened her eyes and tried to figure out how long she had been u*********sfor. She did not feel rested, but without a watch she had no way of knowing exactly. Herbody was starting to cramp again. Oh no, I am hooked thought Jennifer as she smelledTammy’s freshly lit cigarette. The smell did not repulse her, but it was familiar.Tammy walked over to Jennifer and changed the configuration of the chains on one of herarms. Jennifer moved her arm as soon as it was free. She could now touch her face and thetable before the restraints kicked in. Jennifer did not know why Tammy had done this, butshe knew that there had to be a method to her madness.“How long was I asleep?” inquired Jennifer“About nine hours why?” replied Tammy“I just wanted to know. What day is it?”“Enough questions Bitch. Shut and maybe I won’t be pissed at you.”Nine hours, that sucked. After nine hours without nicotine her body was starting to give herwithdrawal symptoms.Tammy looked over at Jennifer.“You look like your having a nic fit Bitch. Why don’t you just ask me for a smoke. I will letyou have one, and I will let you smoke like normal people, you know, one at a time and witha filter.”Jennifer said nothing as she stared into space. Her mind was going over all of her options. IfI do take a cigarette she will have one and she would have beaten me into a smoker. I don’twant this, but a cigarette might make my body go back to feeling normal. If I don’t take acigarette of my own free will she will surely hook me up again and force me to smoke. Thiswill make my body feel normal, but I can’t keep up that pace.“How about it Bitch, do you want a smoke? Asked Tammy again.Jennifer nodded yes, and with that Tammy got up from her chair and moved over to thechair beside Jennifer.“Here Bitch, I will teach you how to smoke with style and ferocity.” Proclaimed Tammy. “Ijust happen to have a carton of cigarettes and a couple of lighters for you. You will smoketwo packages of Benson and Hedges Menthol every day for the rest of your life. In no timethis will be enjoyable and probably not enough to satisfy your love and devotion tosmoking.”Jennifer nodded at all of the incessant babbling Tammy did.“Hurry up, My body needs nicotine now!” cried Jennifer.“How sweet it is to see the high and mighty fall of their pedestal.” Squealed Tammy in delight“Do as I say and you will be a sexy The two women spent the smoker in no time.”Jennifer nodded her compliance and followed Tammy’s direction.rest of the day smoking, Tammy leading and Jennifer following.Jennifer got up from her seat at the table and walked over to the bed. As she sat on theedge of the bed smoking her fifth cigarette before breakfast she stared at the camera domethat was perched in the center of her room. Did anyone actually türbanlı escort adana watch her or was that just ablank threat by Tammy to make sure she smoked. Jennifer gave the camera a big inhalefollowed by a smile and the bird.“Thank you for being f—ing late” barked Jennifer at the guard who brought in her breakfasttray.“The boys in the control room asked me to give you this Bitch” chirped the guard as he gaveJennifer a solid punch to her k**ney followed by an upper cut to her jaw.“Next time you want to flip the bird, think about who is watching.”Jennifer lay silently on the floor as a trickle of blood flowed from hip mouth. The pain was so intense that it stole her voice, preventing her from even crying. She tried to get up, but witheach effort she was greeted with more intense pain and an urge to vomit. After about fortyminutes Jennifer slowly pulled herself up and sat down at the table. Her jaw ached, herk**ney was on fire, and she needed a cigarette. It’s not that she wanted to smoke, but ratherher body needed to get nicotine every five to ten minutes.Tammy sat in her seat in the control room. The control room was actually a small room witha color television hooked up to the camera switching board. Tammy had three options. Shecould watch Sarah in her room, she could watch Jennifer in her room or she could splitscreen and watch small bits of both at the same time. Tammy watched Jennifer as shesucked on the cigarette and inhaled the thick blue smoke.Tammy was pleased with her progress. In the past three days she had k**napped twobeautiful young women, turned one of them into a smoker and put the fear of God into thesecond one. Sarah will be sold at the auction in a couple of days, and Jennifer will soscrewed up that she will actually believe that her life and being are worthless and owned byone happening chick. Tammy thought of how Jennifer would react to the thoughts of being ajunkie smoker. This thought made her wet and sent warm feelings through her body. Tammyplayed with herself for a few minutes before she got up and took Jennifer’s new d**gs toher.“How are you Bitch?” asked Tammy as she walked into Jennifer’s room. The boy’s told meabout the bird. Cute thought, but probably not worth the pain was it/”“It was worth every bit of pain just to piss them off.” Sneered Jennifer.“Your new attitude is a little confrontational isn’t it Bitch?” asked Tammy as she lit up one ofher own cigarettes.“You and all of your sick friends have made m3e this way. Maybe my attitude will improveif you let me go. I promise not to tell anyone about you or that you took Sarah as weel asme.” Lied Jennifer.“As tempting an offer as that is, I think I will have to decline, besides how will I know if youare still smoking?”“I would keep smoking. I actually enjoy it now.” Replied Jennifer. She was uncertain howshe had managed that lie with a straight face. Her first goal when she escaped was to haveher body deprogrammed and rid of traces of her smoking.“I see” said Tammy thoughtfully. “If you actually enjoy smoking now, you wouldn’t mindusing the double holder for me so that I can see your enjoyment.”“Love to” was Jennifer’s answer to Tammy’s request. Jennifer had been caught in her ownlie, and Tammy knew it. Jennifer took her double holder and placed two cigarettes in theends. With the style of an experienced smoker Jennifer flicked her lighter and brought bothcigarettes to life. The double hit of nicotine quelled the small storm starting to rise withinJennifer’s body. As each puff of smoke began to pacify her body, Jennifer knew it wasbecoming harder for her body to fight back. Jennifer figured that if she didn’t escape withinthe next week, she would never stop smoking.“Dreaming about leaving us Bitch.”“As a matter of fact yes.” Replied Jennifer, smoke trailing out of her mouth with eachsyllable she spoke.“Have I got a treat for you then.” Replied Tammy as four guards entered the room. Theygrabbed Jennifer and strapped her down to her seat like they had in the past.“See this crystal.” Asked Tammy as she held up a crystal half the size of her baby finger nail.“It doesn’t look like much, but it will definitely help you see things my way.”“You can’t hypnotize me. My mind is to strong for that.”“This crystal is very strong, and it will definitely work on you and your strong mind.”Jennifer squirmed a bit, and one of the guards stuck the double holder in her mouth with twofreshly lit cigarettes. As she inhaled the thick smoke, her nerves seemed to instantly calmdown. This pissed her off, but knowing that there was nothing she could do about it, shewas thankful it was there at stressful times like this.Tammy produced a small pipe and held it up for Jennifer to see.“See this pipe, it’s for you. You are going to start smoking from a pipe. I promise you thatyou will love it and want it. It will be so much fun for you”Jennifer looked at the pipe and wondered why it was so small. Having no experience withillicit d**gs, Jennifer never put the crystal and the pipe together.“Are you ready for this new experience/”“Do I have a choice?”“No you don’t Bitch.” Replied Tammy as she placed the crystal in the pipe and brought it upto Jennifer’s lips.“Now be good and smoke this with out pissing me off and having to force you to smoke it.”Jennifer sneered at Tammy, but did not fight the pipe being placed in between her lips.Jennifer might have fought harder if she had seen Tammy place the crystal in the pipe.Instead Jennifer thought that the pipe had tobacco in it.Tammy flicked her lighter and brought the flame to the bowl of the pipe.“Take a nice big drag and inhale right away.”Jennifer did as she was told. As soon as she sucked the smoke into her lungs she knew thatit was different. Jennifer coughed as the smoke went into and out of her lungs. Her mindexploded in a kaleidoscope of color and sound. Her heart began to race and she began tosweat. Intense waves of pleasure began sweeping down her body to her groin. As Jenniferwent to touch her face she discovered that her extremities were tingly and responded to herthoughts with lightening speed. Jennifer was at the highest point of the trip and was receivingall the benefits of crack.“What did you do to me?” blurted Jennifer.“You just got your first boost from some crack. Cool feeling isn’t it.”————————————————–“Why?” quizzed Jennifer. She was now having a hard time concentrating and wished that she could just disappear.“You looked like you needed to have a boost Bitch. Besides all of my Bitches get wasted. Addiction helps me keep my stable under my control. Smoking cigarettes is a start, but hard core d**gs are fun for me, you and anyone else I want to share you with.”Jennifer’s head now hung limply and rolled from side to side as her body went through the final stages of being high, and quickly and painfully sank to the dark depths of withdrawal. Sensing Jennifer’s move from high to low, Tammy lit up Jennifer’s double holder and motioned for a guard to give Jennifer drags from it while she sank to her new low. Tammy took the pipe and set it up again for Jennifer. Poor Jennifer, she has no idea how f—ed she really is. This thought made Tammy smile, and made her wet.When Tammy thought that Jennifer was in deep withdrawal pain, she offered her the pipe. “Here Bitch, open your mouth and take your pipe.”Jennifer was torn. She wanted to be tough, but her body was in pain, her mind was screwed up and she couldn’t take. Jennifer obediently opened her mouth and sucked all the smoke into her lungs. She was about to exhale when Tammy told her to hold the smoke in as long as possible. Again Jennifer did as she was told, and did not exhale until she felt as if her lungs were going to explode. The high was even more intense, but seemed not to last as long as before. Jennifer sat and smoked crack and cigarettes for the next hour. The crack high was so strongly entrenched in Jennifer that she was now smoking the pipe by herself. When Tammy told Jennifer that she had smoked the entire stash of crack, Jennifer’s body quivered. She had lost all track of time, and her attitude had changed from combative to submissive. As she sunk deeper into withdrawal, Jennifer’s thought turned towards gettinghigh. She did not think of escape or how much she hated Tammy, all she could think about was getting high.Tammy let Jennifer suffer for thirty minutes. During this period Tammy helped Jennifer smoke ten cigarettes. Tammy also feigned interest and concern for Jennifer’s plight. Tammy left and went down to the control room and watched Jennifer on her monitor. Jennifer filled her double holder and smoked like a trooper. She was getting two cigarettes down in nine drags, taking a total of three minutes. As soon as she crushed out the filters she was reloading, and relighting. Tammy was pleased to see how smoking had become a crutch for Jennifer’s crack smoking. Now she needs an even larger crutch.“I found something for you Bitch.” Mentioned Tammy as she re-entered Jennifer’s room.“Did you find some more crack?” asked Jennifer. Her body was shaking uncontrollably, and her cigarettes only barely cut through the throbbing that was tearing apart her head.“It’s not crack, but I think it will work.”Jennifer’s heart sank when she heard Tammy’s answer.“What is it Tammy?”“I found a dime bag of heroin. I also managed to find a needle so that you can shoot up.This is it until the next shipment comes in.”Jennifer weighed her options. She could wait and go out of her f—ing mind, or she could try this new demon.“What do I have to do?” asked Jennifer“First thing you need to do is have a smoke. Then roll up you sleeve and wrap this belt around your arm just below your elbow. Jennifer nodded and proceeded to light two cigarettes. After she was lit she rolled up her sleeve and placed the belt around her arm.“Good. Now tighten the belt and pump you arm until a vein appears.”Tammy finished cooking the heroin and filled the needle while Jennifer popped a vein. Tammy brought the needle to Jennifer and pushed the tip through her skin into a bulging vein. She pulled back on the plunger and drew some purple red blood into mix with the brownish heroin.“Ready to shoot Bitch Bitch?” asked Tammy.“Yes” moaned Jennifer as she stared at the needle. She was transfixed at the sight of the blood and heroin mixing.“Before I shoot you up I want you to take a monster double pump drag for me.”As Jennifer took the monster drag for Tammy, Tammy pushed the plunger and sent the heroin coursing through Jennifer’s veins. Jennifer barely had time to exhale before the heroin hit her brain. This was excellent.THE END

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