Joey Finds a New App Ch. 34


For the past couple of weeks, Coach Short had been teaching seniors how improve their athletic abilities. Kevin had always done well in the class and usually earned the praise of Coach during their workouts. Joey was able to keep up usually, but never really excelled at physical activity. Steve usually struggled with this class entirely. This week however since he was here for the first time dressed as a girl, the coach teamed him up with another girl in class similar to his physical stature who was just a few feet in front of Joey and Kevin. Steve and his cohort were perpendicular to Kevin and Joey giving them a nice view of his curves. Steve was wearing a pair of yoga pants like the ones he wore the other day and a simple tank top. Joey enjoyed seeing his friend dressed as a girl and he hoped that he was comfortable with the changes he was going through.

This week, Joey hoped he would perform better, and he was also excited about increasing his overall health and endurance. Last week they had done sit ups and pushups along with runs around the track. This week they were starting with planks, which was new to Joey. They were surprisingly challenging to hold for a full minute and only a few students held the position. Joey watched as Coach helped Steve personally, holding his hand underneath him and pressing on his stomach to help keep him flat. He saw Steve flush as Coach was squatting next to his face with loose gym shorts. He guessed Steve was getting a whiff of Coaches manhood or maybe getting a direct view up his shorts.

After a few more planks, they worked on walking lunges which Joey had done before, but not well. He seemed to do OK at this activity this time and felt he could have done more if he was ready to start pushing himself. Once again, Coach made a point of helping Steve with his positioning. Joey watched as Coach stood behind him and mimicked the exercise while holding Steve’s midsection and pulling him close. Recalling the way Steve swooned over Coach this morning he guessed Steve was having trouble keeping his composure. Coach left Steve and made rounds of the students making a point of complementing Kevin as usual. He also watched Joey and gave him an approving nod.

The next exercise was body weight squats which several students had petered out and were struggling completing more than few without grunts. Coach again complemented the students who were keeping up including Joey and Kevin. He found his way over to Steve and again stood behind him to help with the squat positioning. This time Coach was clearly grinding into him, and Steve was flushing particularly bad. Steve’s fat ass pressed hard against Coach Shorts during each squat and Joey could see his ass swell with the pressure.

The whole class took a rest and water break and Joey, Steve and Kevin sat on the bleachers with their water bottles. “Hey, Stevie. How are you holding up?” Kevin asked quietly, surprising Joey. “Coach was paying a lot of attention to you, cutie.”

Steve rolled his eyes and smiled. “I don’t think it’s a LOT of attention,” saying dismissively.

Joey smiled sideways Steve, “I think Coach has a new favorite student if you ask me.”

Coach instructed the class to break into their two groups to start the next cardio exercise. Group A was to head outside and do a light walk or jog around the track for the next ten minutes. Group B, which included Kevin, Joey and Steve along with the remain half of seniors were to use the dozen exercise bikes for ten minutes.

Coach went outside to get the runners started and elected a lead runner to report any issues. He returned to the bikers and walked around checking everyone’s speed and strength settings. He offered encouragement to each student and challenging some of them to increase to the harder settings. About five minutes into the exercise, Steve and another student were noticeably winded and struggling. Coach had the two students stop and head to the bleachers. He went to get them a towel and had them drink some water and rest. He instructed the rest of the group that they shouldn’t push themselves to point of feeling dizzy or short of breath. He explained that after a day of rest they could come back and try again to make a note of improvement.

Coach Short went and sat with the other students to be sure they were OK and instructed them to feel free to hit the showers and rest up for the last fifteen minutes. He then went outside to check on the group running, and Joey noticed Steve hop up and go to the staff locker door. A couple more students came in from outside, got water and towels and rested with the other student on the bleachers. At the ten-minute mark, Coach Short returned to the B group and had them take a breather and drink before heading outside to run or walk the track. He came over and asked Kevin to run the last exercise for Group B and let anyone that’s winded come in and rest. He provided a similar instruction to one of the students in Group A and as Joey and Kevin went outside with the rest of their group, they noticed Coach duck into the staff locker room. The staff locker room was not to be used by staff as it had been designated a gender neutral or trans locker room as had some of the bathrooms around the school. Joey and Kevin smiled a knowing acknowledgement of what was likely going on in the staff locker room Kıbrıs Escort right now. Joey had assumed based on the conversation with Steve earlier this would be a welcome visit.

Joey finished up and was heading to finish History class with several other seniors, when Steve caught up with him.

“Hey, Joey,” Steve said coming up alongside him.

“Sup, Stevie? Feeling better?” Joey asked putting his arm around his friend.

Steve blushed visibly, smiled and nodded. “Yes. I just got a little worked up I guess.”

“I noticed. I agree with Kevin that Coach has a new favorite pet,” Joey teased.

“Oh my gosh! How embarrassing,” Steve said. “Was it that obvious?”

“I don’t think so, but I know how much Coach likes you and how much you like Coach; so maybe I noticed because of that,” Joey answered.

“Well, he came into the locker room behind me and told me I had to help him since I got him all worked up,” Steve explained. “I swear I’ve grown addicted to how he makes me feel. I feel like such a girl when I’m with him.”

“Well, it was very sexy to watch you with him like I said this morning. You should ask him if he’d be comfortable inviting Stacey next time,” Joey suggested.

They walked on for another minute before separating and Joey leaned down and kissed Steve on the cheek. “See you later, Stevie.”

Joey walked into History with the couple other seniors and took his seat in front of Billy. There was a note on his seat, which he picked up and read as he sat down.


Sorry I accused you earlier this week and sorry for being a dick all this time. Hopefully we can still meet after school.


Joey pulled out his phone and texted Billy

Joey to Billy: ‘Thanks for apology. I was probably a dick sometimes to. I’m good for after class’

Billy to Joey: ‘Awesome!’

Joey focused on finishing his assignment and homework before his last period. He didn’t want to be burdened with homework and so much happening tonight. He then made his way to Math class and sat next to Kevin and Steve. They immediately started to update each other on their day.

“Dude. Lunch was crazy. I mean she was a total freak man,” Kevin said to Joey.

“I know, right. I’d say she’s addicted. She practically dragged me up to that room and when I told her about you, she jumped at the opportunity,” Joey said. “We’ll have to watch out for her. I don’t want the wrong person to take advantage of her or anything.”

Shifting gears, Joey looked over at Steve. “How were your other classes today, Stevie? With your new look at all?” he asked.

“Actually, I got to take care of two awkward conversations at once as Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Simmons are good friends,” Steve said. “Mr. Simmons sometimes hangs out to chat with Mr. Jenkins while I’m working on PCs and stuff and today, he was there.”

“That’s cool. I didn’t know they were good friends,” Joey replied.

“Yeah. They were both cool about it. They asked a lot of questions about how I got to this place and even asked about some of my explorations with Stacey, my friends and such,” Steve said thoughtfully. “They asked about my growth spurts and I kind of shared about the growth spurts we’ve all had. Hope that’s OK. They were surprised but seemed cool about everything. I didn’t say anything about our siblings and all.”

“I think that’s cool. Guess we’ll find out soon enough,” Joey said.

“Hey, that reminds me. I told Billy I’d meet him after school. He wanted to talk about something,” Joey told his friends. “Do me a favor and just wait a little bit for me. Billy’s been weird with all the stuff that happened this week so I’m not sure what to expect. I’ll text and let you know what’s up”

“Got it. You want me to come to?” Kevin asked.

“Naaaa. I told him I’d meet alone if it was in a public place. Not sure if he’s still feeling like being a dick or wants to try being cool,” Joey said.

Mr. Simmons started just as the bell rang and began returning classwork and homework from the week. This was normally uneventful but sometimes he’d stop and explain something he marked on the paper. Joey looked over and noticed some writing on Steve’s paper when Mr. Simmons bent down and said something quietly to him. Steve got an A and he figured he was getting complimented on his work. Joey got his paper and saw he got a C on his assignment for the week, and he was bummed out, but not entirely surprised. He had good and bad weeks in Math. He looked back at Kevin’s and saw he had a D and was looking quite unhappy. Joey read the note on his paper which said he was starting a study group with Stevie, Mr. Jenkins and himself and was inviting students who needed tutoring. Joey looked over at Steve and noticed he was flushed and looking somewhat sheepish.

“Hey,” Joey said holding up his paper to Steve. “What’s up?”

“Yeah, what’s up buddy?” Kevin said holding his paper up.

“We talked about doing tutoring people after-school who needed help and I said I’d love to,” Steve said. “He said next week sometime and he’d work it out with Mr. Jenkins. I didn’t know he meant you guys.”

“No that’s cool. I could use some Math help,” Joey said.

“Me too, apparently,” Kevin said shaking his head.

Class continued as normal, reviewing the weeks work and then the bell Lefkoşa Escort rang.

“Joey and Kevin. Can I see you briefly before you leave?” Mr. Simmons asked.

“I’ll hang out with Adam and Kelly,” Steve said exiting to the hallway.

Joey and Kevin approached Mr. Simmons’ desk. “Hey, Mr. Simmons. Sorry if we were talking too much,” Kevin offered.

“That’s not what I wanted to see you about. First, I spoke discreetly with Stevie earlier today in Mr. Jenkin’s class and we both had some concerns about his sudden transformation this week. He told us you both had these uh, growth spurts too?” he said questionably.

“Uh, yeah. We both had growth spurts, just different you know. Different parts of our body,” Kevin said.

“I see. Well, Stevie said you guys were very supportive of him as well as his sister and girlfriend. He did say that his parents were surprised, but cautiously worried he thought,” Mr. Simmons said. “Mr. Jenkins and I both think that Stevie is an excellent student and he’s expecting to attend the university next year. We just want to be sure someone’s looking out for Stevie and not taking advantage of his nature,” Mr. Simmons said with a piercing look.

“Mr. Simmons, I can assure you that Steve, Kevin and I have been friends since first grade and whatever he has going on with him, is not something we would bully him into. In fact, we’ve both made a point of asking him how he wants us to refer to him and treat him on multiple occasions. I even spent an evening comforting him this week,” Joey explained. “It may sound corny, but I even told him I love him and would do anything for him”

“Absolutely, Mr. Simmons,” Kevin chimed in. “We got him. No matter what, where why or how.”

“Well, you guys seem like good friends. Watch out for him. I’m sure he’s feeling very vulnerable,” he said further. “And talk to him about coming next week for study period to work on Math tutoring if you can break away during his study periods. I can write either of you a note if needed.”

“Thanks, Mr. Simmons,” Joey said, and they boys exited to class.

Joey left the school and immediately saw Billy waiting just beyond the bus loading zone. He walked up carefully taking in the surroundings to be sure he wasn’t being duped or setup. When he approached Billy, he could tell his school nemesis was nervous about their meeting as he shifted around with his hands in his pocket.

“So, what’s up Billy?” Joey asked as they stood together.

“OK. Listen. I’m being serious here when I say I’m kind of freaked out by everything that’s happened this week,” he confessed. “My body is er, doing er, changing. I don’t know. Something is going on with my body and I don’t know what to do about it.”

“Hey, listen, Billy. All of us have been going through changes these past couple years. I guess your body has too,” Joey said trying to calm him down.

“I get it. But I’d swear I’m like turning into a girl or something. Not just the changes to my body, but the things I did, we did. I can’t stop thinking about it, and it fucking turns me on constantly.”

“Me too. I mean dude, today was hot stuff,” Joey said encouragingly. “I’m sure Kevin would agree.”

“Well, I guess that’s why I wanted to meet. You guys are the only ones who know about all this stuff and I, I was wondering if we could hang out sometime. I could try not being a dick so much,” Billy said gently.

“Hm.” Joey responded trying to determine if there was some other motive from his now former nemesis. ” ‘tell you what. I could use a ride to work right now, and we can talk about it some more along the way. You still driving your Jeep?”

“Yeah, that would be cool. I just need to grab my books and we can head out. I’m parked by the gym,” Billy said.

“Alright, I’ll meet you there in a few minutes,” Joey said as they separated and walked back towards the school while he caught up on texts.

Joey to Group: ‘Hey guys. I’m hitching a ride with Billy to talk about things. Adam and I are hanging out tonight after I get out of work’

Joey to Adam: ‘Hey Bro. Can you grab me a pair of fresh jeans and my black button shirt in the closet? I’ll need you to pick me up after work and we can go to club’

Adam to Joey: ‘NP, Brother. See you later’

Joey to Adam: ‘Have fun on ride home 😉 ‘

Joey to Miss Roxanne: ‘Have fun on your date tonight, Sexy!’

Joey walked back into school and headed for the gym exit to meet Billy. When he got close to the gym, he met Billy coming out of the locker room with his bag and they walked out together. He climbed into Billy’s Jeep and buckled up.

“So, here’s the deal, Billy,” Joey started as he watched Billy get settled in and start the car. “I’ve known you as long as I’ve known Kevin and Steve. Somewhere, during middle school you kind of turned into a dick. I mean we weren’t best friends or anything, but we got along.”

“I know, Joey. I think I was jealous of you and your friends and I just, took it out on you guys,” Billy confessed. “I never would have guessed I’d be a dick to everyone and just end up being a loner. It made it worse. Now I have nobody to hang out with.”

“Well, it’s cool I guess, but let’s just take it slow. OK?” Joey responded.

“Yeah, that’s cool,” Billy replied. “So, what time do you need Girne Escort to be at work? You’re still at the grocery store, right?”

“Yep. I’m supposed to be there in forty-five minutes, but I guess I’ll go early since I don’t really have time to go home first,” Joey replied.

“Uh, do you think you could um, you know?” Billy stammered barely able to look at Joey.

“What, Billy?” Joey teased. “Come out with it”

“Damn. This is hard for me!” he complained. “Can I suck your dick again? I can’t stop thinking about it and I swear I’m like fucking addicted to it or something.”

“Where do you suppose we’ll do that, Billy?” Joey inquired.

“I was thinking out back of your work or something. Where they park all the trucks and stuff,” Billy said meekly.

“Let’s go check it out,” Joey said.

Joey watched as Billy drove his Jeep and thought he noticed his former bully shifting in his seat and appearing antsy. They talked a little more but having been estranged classmates over the years did not lend itself to easy conversation. As they arrived at Joey’s work, Billy made his way around the back of the grocery store and parked between two tractor trailers. Billy put the car in park and unbuckled appearing excited about things to come.

Joey undid his buckle and pulled the seat back inviting Billy over. Billy climbed over the console and got down on the floor between Joey’s legs, eagerly undoing his belt and shorts. He worked Joey’s dick out of his shorts and immediately took him into his mouth. Billy sucked on Joey’s cock right away, swallowing more and more into his mouth. Even before he got a full erection, Billy was pushing Joey’s dick into his throat allowing it to grow down his gullet.

Recalling how well Billy responded to his prompting earlier this week, Joey started urging him along verbally and physically. “C’mon faggot, get that dick hard. I know you can do it,” Joey encouraged. “You like the feel of my dick in your throat, don’t you cum whore? Oh yeah, that’s it. Keep stroking my dick, Baby,” he said while pressing on the back of his head. “Mm. Billy, you’re really good at sucking dick, man. Keep going.”

Joey watched as his huge, thick pole entered Billy’s throat and slowly went deeper, bulging his neck as he swallowed. Billy’s lips worked their way down his shaft devouring inch after inch, while stretching and groping for more. Saliva was dripping down his shaft as Billy continued working his pole deeper. By the time he reached the base of Joey’s shaft, there was a pool of spit greeting his lips and tongue. Billy moaned softly he sucked his way back up the shaft until just the head of Joey’s cock was in his mouth. He held onto the huge member with both hands as he sucked and licked the head of Joey’s cock, moaning with a clearly increased need for cum. He opened his eyes briefly and looked up at Joey before sinking back down the shaft. Joey laid his hand on the back of his head an encouraged him further.

“Yeah, Billy. Swallow my dick. Make it fill your mouth with cum,” he groaned in a deep voice.

Billy whimpered in response as he throated Joey’s dick to the hilt again. With Joey’s dick fully hard now, Billy leaned over his lap and started stroking the obscenely long and thick pole with his mouth and throat. Billy slobbered all over Joey’s shaft and his balls, saturating him in spit and pre-cum. He increased his pace using his hands on the upstroke to maintain stimulation to the large pole. He continued whimpering like a hungry child feeding from his mother’s breast. Joey really enjoyed watching his former bully succumb to his unnatural need for cum and submissively service his cock for it.

It didn’t take him long to reach the point of no return and he told Billy, “Open your mouth wide. I want to watch as I fill it up.”

Billy extracted himself and looked up at Joey now with a desperate look in his eyes, mouth open wide and tongue extended. Joey stroked his now pulsing and soaking wet cock aiming the head directly in Billy’s mouth when his orgasm hit like a fire hose.

“Here it comes, faggot! I’m going to fill your mouth with my cum. Don’t lose any!” Joey commanded.

The first burst of cum shot out of Joey’s cock directly in Billy’s mouth and filled it half full right away. Joey was amazed at how his cum poured from his dick as opposed to short bursts the way it used to. It was as if someone was squeezing a thick stream of toothpaste that didn’t seem to end. Long thick ropes of cum continued to shoot into Billy’s mouth as he desperately tried to swallow in preparation for the next. Joey watched as Billy’s blissful expression changed into a lustful display of cum hunger. His thick white semen continued for over a half minute before slowing to a pulse as it pumped onto his tongue and ran down his welcoming throat. When Joey finished erupting, Billy reached for the messy shaft and started cleaning it in a submissive display of wanting to please him. He licked the slobber and cum from the shaft and took each of his balls into his mouth, sucking them clean. He even licked the small pool of saliva and cum that had formed on the seat between Joey’s legs. It was then that Joey noticed his manager, Katy standing on the dock twenty feet away from them, watching the lurid act. She was clearly shocked as she stood with a clipboard in her hand but didn’t move when their eyes locked. Joey quietly let Billy finish cleaning him up when he finished, he knelt upright blocking Joey’s view of his boss. He smiled at Joey, clearly hoping for some form of approval as Joey casually leaned his head to the side and noticed his boss was gone.

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