Josh’s Big Dick


This is just something I wanted to screw around with. I began it thinking of it as lust a little fun and meant for it to be humorous. It kind of went sideways as I was writing it. Not sure if I will add more to it. If I do, I may try to make it more satirical. I realize that it isn’t my best writing. This was written more as amusement for me than a serious story. I wasn’t even sure if I would submit it, but decided to see what happened.


Crap! Mary, or as I like to call her – The Bitch – is having a party. I can tell that this is really going to suck. You see, Mary was the head cheerleader in high school. She had long red hair, D-cup tits, a really nice tight ass, and legs that went on for miles. She – of course – knew all of this. She was also rich, spoiled, and had an ego that would fill the Grand Canyon. Obviously, she was the most popular girl in school. If you weren’t one of the “in crowd”, you were nothing. I was not part of the “in Crowd”. It also looked like all of the “in Crowd” was gathered at her house this afternoon.

Perhaps I should tell you a little about myself. My name is Josh. I am 18-years old, and just graduated from high school. I’m 5-feet 10-inches tall, I weigh approximately 150-pounds soaking wet, and have copper colored hair cut above my ears. I have been described as being able to tread water in a garden hose, but I am not scrawny. I have thin, wiry muscles under my clothes. Unfortunately, my clothes tend to hang off me, giving the impression that I am all skin and bones. Yeah, I was bullied throughout high school.

So, what was I doing driving up to Mary’s house in my old pickup? I was coming over to do some yardwork for her mom. A summer thunderstorm had rolled through last week and knocked over a tree in their yard. I was coming over to cut it up and remove it. Her mom had stopped in the lumber yard I work at the day before and asked if I knew anyone who could take care of it for her. Always on the lookout for a few extra bucks, I told her that I could come over this afternoon and clear it out for $200. Silly me. I thought that her bitch daughter would be at the lake with her friends on a Saturday afternoon. Instead, it looked like they were all over at her house for a pool party.

I parked my truck in the driveway and let out a heavy sigh. Hopefully, Mary and her friends were in back, and it would be her mom that answered the door. Nope. Not with my luck. I walked up to the front door and rang the bell. Sure enough, it was Mary that answered, with her muscle brained boyfriend right behind her. He, being the starting quarterback last year, of course.

“Hi Mary. Is your mom available?” I asked politely.

“What the fuck are you doing here, Loser?” Jeromy, or meathead as I liked to think of him, demanded.

“Mrs. Jones hired me to clean up from the storm last week.” I replied. “Will you please inform your mom that I am here?” I asked returning my attention to Mary.

“I’m surprised that she would bother with a little prick like you. Are you sure you can handle a job like that? She should have hired a real man for it.” Meathead taunted.

I laughed. “Little prick? Is insecurity about the size of your dick causing you to project your own shortcomings onto others. Jeromy?”

He really didn’t like that. He liked it even less when a few Antalya Escort snickers came from the crowd that had gathered behind him. He clenched his fists and began moving forward to kick my ass. Yes, I knew that he could very easily kick my ass. I was under no illusions about that.

“Tell you what Jeromy, how about a little bet to settle this?” I asked. “If your dick is bigger than mine, I’ll suck you off right here in front of everyone, but if mine is bigger than yours, you leave me alone.”

“HA HA HA HA HA!! That’s it? Just leave you alone vs you sucking my cock and proving what a fag you are?” He laughed.

“Well, if you insist, you can have Mary blow me. I’m not gay, so I don’t want a guy sucking me.”

“Fine.” Mary agreed for him.

Now, a little more background here. I only needed one year of PE for my graduation requirement. I was able to do that on-line over the summer before my freshman year. I had found an old set of golf clubs that belonged to my grandpa, and I took golf lessons for my requirement. That got me out of having to endure the horrors of a high school locker room. Also, I had been around enough to hear Meathead bragging about his prowess with his 8-inch dick. This meant that I knew how big he was, but he had no clue about the size of my cock. Also, at the beginning of the summer, I had spent a week at my aunt and uncles house. It was later in the week when one of their neighbors was over hanging out by the pool and saw me get out of the pool with my wet bathing suit. I noticed her eyes locked onto my crotch like lasers. Later, she asked if I could come over and help her move some furniture. Maybe I’ll tell about that afternoon another time, but suffice to say, she made me realize just what I was packing. She even measured it to confirm her estimates.

“What’s going on here?” Asked a beautiful older redhead as she approached the door.

“Hi Mrs. Jones.” I said. “I’m here to clear out that tree that fell over, but it seems that Jerome here took offence to my being here.”

Mrs. Jones was an older, more mature version of Mary. She was curvier with slightly larger breasts and hips. She stayed in great shape too. Her CEO husband had run off with his secretary but was also generous in the divorce.

“So I heard.” She deadpanned. “Well, let’s get this cleared up then. You two, come with me. I don’t think that you guys should be dropping your pants in front of everyone here. I’ll do the measurements in private and be the impartial judge.” She continued on a cheerier note.

She lead us back to her bedroom and stated that we would go in one at a time for measurement. Jeromy insisted on going in first.

“Hmmmm. Eight and a quarter inches. Very nice Jeromy.” We heard through the cracked open door.


I smiled as I heard my mom announce the size of my boyfriend’s cock. I couldn’t wait until that little shit had to debase himself by sucking Jeromy off in front of everyone.

“I’m going to cum all over your face, and you will scrape it off with your fingers and swallow every drop.” Jeromy told Josh as he came out of the room.

“We’ll see.” Replied Josh as he entered the room and pulled the door behind him, leaving it open a crack.

“OK, Josh. Drop your pants and let’s measu…HOLY SHIT!! THAT THING IS FUCKING Antalya Escort Bayan HUGE!!”

Suddenly, the door slammed shut, and the lock turned. I was confused. What just happened? Strange sounds started to come from the other side of the door.

“Mom? Is everything alright?” I asked.

“[SLURP] Yes Baby [SCKLUCK] everything [SHLURP] is [ SHMACK] fine. MMMMM. I just [SHLURP] need to [SHLUCK] measure. [SHLUCK SHLUCK] It may [SHLURP] HMMMMG be a (fuck this is good) while.”


Mrs. Jones had slammed the door closed and locked it. In a blur, she began devouring me as she tried to take my whole cock into her mouth. I almost laughed as she was answering her daughter’s question. Damn, that woman could suck a cock. Granted, I was not the most experienced person, but this felt amazing. She licked my whole shaft, then wrapped her lips around the head and began sucking in pulses. Her head began to bob up and down on my cock as saliva was generated in a whirlpool effect. Try as she might, she just couldn’t get the whole thing down her throat.

“Fuck. I must be out of practice.” She said. “Oh well, I know one place that I can take that whole thing.”

She stood up, pushed me onto the bed, and quickly stripped off her clothes. “Get that shirt off. I need to ride that monster!” she demanded as my shoes, socks, and pants were removed.

“Its been a long time since I’ve had anything even close to this big in me, so I need to take it slow.” She informed me as she climbed on top.

She spent a few minutes grinding her wet pussy along my length, lubricating my shaft. Finally, she reached down and took hold of my cock as she raised up and aligned Tab A into Slot B and lowered onto me.

“OHMYFUCKINGGOD!!” She screamed as she lowered began to impale herself.




I just stood there stunned. “What the hell is going on in there? What does she mean that Jeromy lost?” I asked.

“OHMYGOD!! IT’S SO DEEP!!” Came from mom’s bedroom.

“Oh. My. God! She is so fucking him right now!” I heard someone whisper from the crowd outside my mom’s room.


[SNICKER] “Actually, it’s more like HE is so fucking HER right now.” Dennis, our star linebacker laughed.

‘Oh my God! This is so embarrassing.’ I thought. My mom is loudly fucking one of the biggest losers at school with all of my friends around. How am I ever going to live this down?


She came just as she bottomed out on my cock. I almost lost it when the muscles in her pussy began contracting. Her breasts were bouncing all over while she rode me. I thought that she was probably accustomed to my size by now, judging from how she was slamming her hips down on me. I pulled her against me and rolled over. Now, I was on top. I began driving into her with everything I had.


That was it. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I emptied my balls into her. I was drained. I managed to roll off her, and we laid side-by-side recovering. After about 5-minutes, I felt her Escort Antalya fingers gently massaging my cock.

“Hmmmm, looks like you are ready for round two.” She said.


This day has been a disaster! I couldn’t take listening anymore, so I moved everyone out to the pool. That wasn’t much better, since it was right outside mom’s room. Finally, they finished. Jeromy tried to console me, but I just got mad since he had to open his mouth and start all of this.


Fuck! Not again!!

And Again!

And Again!

I kicked everyone out and went to the mall with a couple of friends. We went to a late movie, just to keep me out of the house. I finally arrived back home at 11 that night. Good God!! His truck was still here.


Her ass now? Fuck! Hopefully they finish soon, so I can get some sleep.




Not being able to sleep, I got on my phone to check messages. I replied to a few of them, then began a chat session with a couple of my best friends. I ended up telling Jenny and Gail about how I couldn’t sleep because my mom was fucking that loser all night long. They kept waking me up every couple of hours with mom’s screaming orgasms.

I finally pulled myself out of bet at 9:00 when I heard the sound of a chainsaw. Peaking out the window, I saw Josh working on the downed tree. How in the hell did he have any energy left? I went to the kitchen, following the scent of coffee and bacon.

“Good morning Sweetheart.” Mom said cheerfully.

I noticed that she wasn’t walking quite right. Serves her right for embarrassing me like that yesterday.

“Good new honey.” Mom went on cheerfully. “I convinced Josh to let you out of the bet. He isn’t going to make you give him a blow-job from your boyfriend losing the bet.”

“Not sure he would be able to get it up after last night anyway.” I mumbled. “So, you never said yesterday. How big is it?”

“Well, your boyfriend came in at 8 ¼ inches, but Josh was a smidgen over 10 and twice as thick.”

“Well, did you have to fuck him with all of my friends here? And to top it off, you kept screaming like a banshee. Christ mom! You guys were going at it all fucking night! How could you embarrass me like that!” I yelled at her before storming out of the kitchen.

I went outside, only to see Jenny’s car parked beside Josh’s truck. ‘WTF is she doing there?’ I thought as I began walking over.

“JENNY! WHAT THE FUCK?” I yelled as I rounded the car and saw Jenny on her knees working his cock with her mouth.

“Oh shit.” She yelped. “Sorry. I just came over here because my mom wanted to see about getting Josh to do some yard work for her. She said something about some bushes that need trimming.”

“Jen, you live in a fucking condominium! You don’t have any bushes – much less a yard – to that needs work.” I explained. Jenny is a good friend, but far from the sharpest knife in the drawer. Actually, she is the biggest bimbo in the school. She had fucked the entire starting line-up for both the football and basketball teams.

“Oh. Well that doesn’t make much sense then. Why would mom have said that after I told her about what happened at the party yesterday, and how you didn’t get much sleep last night?”

“So, if you just came over here to ask Josh to ‘trim your mom’s bush’, why are you on your knees polishing his cock?”

I couldn’t deal with this anymore. I didn’t even let her try to answer. I just turned around and stormed off. Damn! He does have a big fucking cock!

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