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My name is Betty Jean. I was raised on a small mid west farm so I learned the facts of life at an early age. My first sexual experience came when My folks had some good friends whose son would come and live with us and work on the farm during the summer. Dale was 2 years older then me and we had become friends during his summer stay with us. Dale would help my dad with his farm work to help offset his room and board as we were not rich farmers.

One very hot day Dale was working in the hay mow. I decided to take him some ice cold well water. I climbed to the hay loft and started towards Dale with the water when I tripped over a hay bale spilling the water all over the front of my shirt. My boobs were just beginning to get some size to them ( about 34b) so I usually didn’t wear a bra. I stood up and apologized to Dale for spilling the water not realizing my nipples were sticking straight out and very visible thru my now soaked transparent shirt. Dale was looking straight at my hardened nipples before I realized what he was looking at. I asked him if he liked what he saw and instead of saying anything reached out and began to play with my tits.

I didn’t know how to react but I did know that it felt good. Before I realized it we were kissing and laying on the hay bales. He began to play with my pussy thru my shorts which was turning me on and making me forget about anything else. The next thing I realized was I was helping Dale remove my shorts and panties and I was laying spread eagle on the hay bales. I watched in fascination as Dale removed his pants and shorts to reveal a very erect cock. Before I knew it he was on top of me sucking on my boobs and finger fucking me. I began to moan in pleasure which was all the encouragement he needed as he slowly began to work his cock into my waiting pussy. After a few minutes of his pumping his cock into me he pulled his cock out of my pussy and shot a hot load of cum all over my stomach and boobs. We heard my fathers truck pull into the driveway and quickly got dressed and left the hay mow. We made love several more times that summer when ever we had the opportunity. The one thing I learned Antalya Escort from that summer was that I really liked sex.

As I entered high school I began to blossom. My boobs became bigger and my once gangly looks were beginning to turn heads. I was a good student and got good grades. My best trait was my personality as I was very outgoing and friendly to everyone. I dated off and on and enjoyed sex on a few occasions if I liked the boy enough. My parents had forbidden to go steady until my senior year.

That is when my life changed. A senior in my class named Joel asked me to the home coming dance. Joel was a jock and a good football player and fairly attractive. Joel wasn’t my first choice to go to the dance with but I accepted knowing I could back down if a better opportunity presented itself. I’m guessing Joel put the word out I was his date and no one else asked me to the dance. We had a good time at the dance and I found out Joel wasn’t one of those conceited jocks but really funny and a shy guy.

Joel immediately asked me out on another date which I accepted. I was very surprised when Joel didn’t kiss me until our third date. He wasn’t like most of the guys I dated who tried to get into my pants on the first date. It was probably on our 7th date that I let Joel make love to me. It was obvious to me he was very inexperienced as it was 1 stroke and he was done. We exchanged class rings and began going steady and we made love whenever we could.

We became engaged at the Christmas dance and talked about our future together. For some reason Joel became very jealous and controlling after our engagement and we argued and fought frequently. We would break-up and get together on a weekly basis. Once we broke up and I went out on a date with another guy and fucked him to get revenge on Joel. We got back together and graduated. After graduation Joel moved to nearby large town to attend a trade school. As planned I followed him and got a job a month latter.

I had rented an apartment and had a room mate named Mary. I was 18 and did not have a car but Mary did.

I would see Joel after work Antalya Escort Bayan a few days a week. Being bored after work Mary and I would go to a drive in and have something to drink. That is when my life changed. On one visit a guy approached our car named Will who knew Mary. Mary introduced us and he got into the car with us and we had a good conversation. The next night at the drive in Will joined us and I found out he was 24 and was a mechanic. He was over 6′ tall and good looking and a good talker. He asked me out on a date when I explained I was engaged and didn’t think so. I have to admit I was flattered and my pussy was tingling.

I thought that was the end of it until Will joined us at the drive in on our next visit. He told me I was too young to get married and should date other men. I must admit I was really taken by Will and his charm. I accepted his offer of a date and was to go out with him the coming Thursday night. Will picked me up at my apartment and we went to a drive in theater. We talked for most of the movie and I was really falling for his good looks and charm. On the way back to my apartment he pulled down a dark street and parked. He told me he really liked me and began to kiss me which I willingly returned his kisses. Soon he had his hand inside my bra feeling up my tits and sucking on my nipples,. I was on fire. He soon managed to work a finger inside my panties and into my now wet cunt.

Before I knew it we were in the back seat and he had removed my panties and he was on top of me slowly working his cock into me. My wet cunt was waiting for his erection. I soon came to realize that he had a bigger cock than I had ever had before well over 8’” long and very thick. Will slowly worked his monster into my tight wet 18 year old cunt. Will must have fucked me for 5 minutes before filling my pussy with his cum.

Will was a very experienced lover and had brought me to heights I never knew existed. So I fucked Will on our first date and I was hooked on his big cock.

That weekend I had a date with Joel and we ended up making love it was then I realized my heart was with Will Escort Antalya and did not like fucking 2 guys at the same time,. I made up a story and got into a fight with Joel and gave him his engagement ring back. Over the next month I dated Will and ended up fucking him 3-4 times a week How I loved that big cock I was sure I had met Mr. Right. Joel kept in touch and soon he figured out I was dating another guy.

I wanted Joel out of my life so I told him I was fucking someone else and he had a bigger cock than he did.

Joel did not go away as I expected him to as he kept in touch with me frequently asking me if I was still fucking Will. My sex with Will was always good. He introduced me to the joys of oral sex and his 8”+ cock never failed to please me. I was eventually able to get most of his monster cock down my throat. Will complimented me on my cock sucking ability and how fast I had caught on to the art of giving a blow job. The first time he ate my pussy I had an orgasm.

Being 18 and from a small farm town I was pretty naive. I started to wonder why we never went to restaurants or to parties or anywhere out in public for that matter. We just fucked in his car or at a motel on our dates. His big cock had kept me satisfied and in a daze.

I tried calling him one day at his parents house when a women answered who said she was his wife. I realized that I was being played for a fool and felt like a slut which I guess I really was. I was just a fuck toy to the man I thought loved me. I immediately broke up with Will.

As I look back the last time I was with Will was at a motel a couple of his buddies showed up. Maybe I was being set-up for a gang bang. Who knows what would have happened after that.

After talking with Joel who was still calling me I told him I had broken up with Will and was willing to take him back. We talked a lot and I realized I really did love Joel and knew he would make a good husband.

Joel and I got reengaged and we were married him 1 year latter. I was pleasantly surprised as Joel turned out to be a passionate lover. He was not in the league with Will in terms of cock size or experience but he made up for it with enthusiasm. We eventually got into oral and anal sex. I never let on that I was experienced in these areas. We were married for 5 years and were blessed with 2 children and were happy.

I will never forget my first big cock experience.

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