Just One Kiss


Author’s Note: All characters over eighteen and paid above industry standard rates.


Luna was feeling absolutely miserable. Totally disgusted with the world, and her own particular problems within it. Never mind that it was meant to be her weekend to relax, and she’d already wasted most of her Saturday moping.

That was one of the lesser explored problems with breaking up, she felt. That person you expected to comfort you just wasn’t there anymore. Never mind that they were the problem to start with.

And the rest of her dang family wasn’t helping either. All giving her space and shit just because she’d demanded they do so. How very dare they.

Well fuck it. She’d just have to reach out, then. Like a normal, well-adjusted human being. Would the indignities never end?


Ryu was out on the back deck, lounging in the sun, cooler full of beers next to him. He grinned at Luna trudging out the back door and harrumphing her way over. She grabbed a can out of his stash and cracked it as she sat down on the chair beside him.

“Look who awakens,” Ryu said pleasantly.

“I wasn’t sleeping,” Luna said.

“Sisters, like Great Old Ones, can awaken from things other than slumber.”

Luna glared at Ryu. “How many have you had anyway?”

Ryu laughed. “Enough.” He took another sip of his current half-finished beer. “I’ve worked it out, you know.”

“Worked what out?”


“Oh. That.”

“The secret to it,” Ryu said. “It’s so simple.”

“Is it?”

“Yes. The secret is to have a yard in which to lie in the sun and drink beers.”

Luna stared at him. “You think that’s the secret?”

“Why not? Better than any I’ve ever heard.”

Luna sighed and took a long drink, wincing at the taste. “Well… today I don’t even know if I can argue with it.”

Ryu nodded easily. “The question, of course, being why you’ve decided to join me in my philosophizing. You don’t even hardly like beer.”

“I can acquire the taste.”

“Sure. I did. You’ve never shown the interest.”

“Haven’t often needed to get drunk.”

Ryu waggled a finger. “Ah, I should warn you. Part of the secret is in not needing to get drunk. Just… wanting to get a lovely buzz on.”

Luna made a face. “Let’s pretend for a second that I still don’t believe your nonsense.”


“Let’s further pretend that I’m in pain.”

“Double ouch.”

“So maybe… maybe I do just want to get stupidly drunk.”

“Perhaps,” Ryu allowed. “Perhaps.”

Luna forced her way through half a can of Ryu’s beer. She knew from experience that once she got a bit buzzed, she’d mind the taste less. She still didn’t grasp how people found it enjoyable, but she allowed that it probably was one of those things that came with experience. She was perfectly happy with tastier drinks most of the time.

“This secret of yours…” Luna said.

“Yes?” Ryu said, halfway surprised that Luna would bring it up again. She’d seemed to prefer sullen silence.

“How does it account for the yard you drink in being your parents’?”

Ryu laughed. “Well… yes, I see what you’re saying. And I’ve considered that. See, houses and yards are expensive.”

“They are.”

“And I like apartments alright, more affordable, but rarely with sufficiently private yards.”

Luna nodded, considering bringing up the last place Ryu had lived in with his ex. She wasn’t sure she wanted to get into that, since it would probably mean getting to her fresh breakup.

“It’s a problem,” Luna said instead.

“Right,” Ryu agreed. “So for now… our parents’ yard.” He sighed. “Housing market being what it is, I don’t know how anyone affords a house at all these days.”

“More’s the pity.”

“But hey, I get your lovely company, so there are upsides.”

Luna snorted. “How many beers are you on again?”

“How many beers do I need to love my delight of a little sister?”

“… alright I’m cutting you off.”

“You’re very welcome to try.”

Luna halfway considered it, but it probably would have meant a bit of wrestling with her brother to take his alcohol away, and she wasn’t in the mood. It might cheer her up, after all. Couldn’t have that.

“Blurgh,” Luna said. “This is so stupid. You know what thought I just had?”

“Couldn’t possibly,” Ryu said.

“Right, well… you know when you’re in a bad mood, and you want to feel better, but also anything that might cheer you up is something you want to actively fight?”

“Sure. Who doesn’t?”

“Well… why are we like that?”

Ryu thought about the problem for a long moment. “Not enough lying in the sun drinking,” he finally decreed.

“You’re hopelessly one track today, huh?”

“You saying you aren’t?”

Luna glared, but had to concede the point. “Ok. You win this round. Toss me another beer?”

“Getting a taste for them yet?”

“Not yet. Give it a minute.”

Luna got in to her second beer. It still wasn’t enjoyable, exactly, but she had a nice start of a buzz going, and it was less distasteful already.

Plus she wasn’t quite as morose marsbahis güvenilirmi about her situation. She tried to think how that had happened, but couldn’t come up with anything. She wasn’t drunk enough to forget about her ex yet, but she just couldn’t seem to care as much.

Maybe part of it was Ryu? He looked so damn carefree. Maybe it was rubbing off on her a little. Or maybe… maybe he was just a good person to be around right now. Big brothers couldn’t be trusted, exactly, but they could be trusted not to engage in certain behaviours that ex-boyfriends sometimes got up to.

“Still thinking about him?” Ryu asked.

Luna blinked, then glared. “Stay out of my head.”

“Hehe, no mind tricks. I could just see your expression, is all. It went pretty dark there.”

“Well… it’s hard not to. I fucking hate Terrence, but… I thought I loved him too. Shatters your whole world.”

Ryu sighed. “Yeah, it does, doesn’t it?”

Luna winced at the pain that flashed across her brother’s face.

“Sorry. I know how you felt about Ava when you were with her.”

Ryu shrugged. “Yeah, well… you know she got cheated on by the guy she cheated on me with?”

“No shit?”

“Yeah. Doesn’t help a lot, but… it’s kinda funny at least.”

“Ha, yeah. Maybe someone’ll break Terrence’s heart for me. Since apparently he didn’t even care enough to ever give me that power.”

Ryu looked at Luna, examining her expression. He carefully considered her mood.

“Is that what hurts?” he asked softly. “Giving him part of yourself and feeling like he never actually gave that same trust back?”

Luna’s face screwed up, and Ryu ached at the pain his sister was currently feeling.

“Partly, I think,” Luna said. “You think you know someone, trust them, love them… and you were nothing to them the whole time.”

“I don’t think that’s fully true. But… I know what you mean. Just remember, he’s the asshole. You’re not an asshole for daring to love someone.”

“Yeah, well… yeah. I guess.”

Luna took a long drink from her beer. Ryu sighed his way to his feet, just a touch unsteady from drinking, and from not standing up in a while.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” Ryu said.


“Need to pee.”

“Oh. Gee, thanks for sharing.”

“You asked.”

“I didn’t!”

“Your tone did.”

Ryu started walking. As he passed Luna, on a whim he couldn’t even understand, he reached down, lifted her chin up toward him, and kissed her. Not on the lips, that would have been weird, but not safely on the cheek either. Right on the edge of her mouth instead. Flirting with dangerous territory.

“You know I love you, though, right?” he said.

Luna blushed furiously, and had no idea how to respond.

“Sure,” she mumbled. “What….”

But Ryu was already moving again, beyond her reach before she could muster any coherent response.

What the hell was that? It wasn’t a kiss. Not really. But kind of?

Luna was still pondering on it when Ryu returned and settled back into his seat.

“You kissed me,” Luna said.

“… yes?”


“To show sibling affection?”

“It was on the mouth though,” Luna said.

“No it wasn’t.”

“Very close.”

Ryu shrugged. “Not that close.”

“Super close.”

“Oh. Well… sorry.”

Luna waited for more. None was forthcoming. “Did you mean it?” she asked.

“How can one not mean a kiss?” Ryu asked, brow furrowing in confusion.

“Like when someone doesn’t actually care about you but pretends they do.”

“Or an ex right before they reveal something horrible,” Ryu added almost immediately. “Yeah, I see that now. Well I don’t intend on breaking up with you, or indeed cheating on you, if that’s any help.”

“You couldn’t anyway,” Luna said with a flippant toss of her hair. “You’re my brother. You can’t cheat or break up with me. Even if you wanted to.”

“I could see another sister behind your back.”

“We haven’t got one.”

“That we know of.”

Luna just glared until Ryu laughed and shook his head.

Luna softened as she watched her brother. Just the way he laughed, the way he stretched out unconcerned. The way… the way he’d so casually kissed her moments ago and expressed brotherly love.

She wasn’t drunk enough for this. Maybe with enough booze in her she wouldn’t mind. Wouldn’t even think about any of it. Instead she had a minor obsession on her hands. And her stupid brother could just relax and not worry about anything.

Luna hopped to her feet and stepped to Ryu. He raised an eyebrow, but she didn’t give him time to say anything. She simply bent down and kissed him. A proper kiss, on the lips, none of this borderline shit.

It was fairly chaste as these things go. Hardly more than a quick peck. Enough to make Luna’s tummy flutter a little, and Ryu’s cheeks redden.

Luna sat back down, feeling far better about her situation. Triumphant, really, in a weird sort of way.

“What was that?” Ryu asked.

“A kiss.”

“Yes, but… why?”

“You’re allowed but I’m not?”

“Mine marsbahis yeni giriş wasn’t on the mouth.”

Luna waved an airy hand. “Details.”

Ryu frowned. He’d known his kiss was on the edge of inappropriate, but it had felt like the right thing at the time. He wanted Luna to feel better. To not sulk her days away forever. She was loved, after all.

But then she kissed him like that. That wasn’t fair. Did it mean anything? Or was it pure revenge for his flirtation with her lips?

They both sat in silence for a while. Just sipping their beers. The buzz of alcohol only making thinking that much more difficult, even as they sought its solace.

“We probably shouldn’t do that,” Ryu said.


“You know what. Kisses.”

Luna cocked her head. “Well you started it.”

“… technically true.”

“Technically is good enough.”

“I liked yours better though.”

Luna’s cheeks went a soft pink. “Ryu!”


“You shouldn’t say that.”

“You shouldn’t have done it.”

Luna made eye contact with Ryu. She bit her lip, just for a second. Her tummy flutters had only lasted a moment before, but they were back again. Stronger, if anything.

“You know what?” she asked.

“I don’t think I do, no.”

“I think one kiss is fine.”


“Yeah. Why wouldn’t it be?”

“That feels like a trick question,” Ryu answered slowly.

“It’s not. I’m just saying one kiss never hurt anything.”

“I don’t think that’s true.”

Luna glared at Ryu. “So what, you think we did something wrong?”

Ryu was quiet a long moment. Long enough for Luna to get fidgety. She wished she could see into his head, though truly it probably wouldn’t help. His thoughts weren’t any more organized than hers.

“You might be right, actually,” Ryu finally admitted.

“I’m… right?”

“Yeah. One kiss isn’t bad. I mean… in movies and stuff one kiss is often, like, a whole big deal. Sometimes for bad. Like you know when a mean person kisses someone’s crush in front of them, and then the rest of the movie is, like, the crush trying to explain they don’t have feelings for said mean person? That kind of thing?”

“Not specifically, but the general concept, sure.”

“That’s what I was thinking of. But right now, for us, just being… I think you’re right. One kiss hurts nothing.”

“Exactly,” Luna said, untensing some and trying to relax again.

“But was this technically two kisses?”

“One from each of us.”

“Oh. Is that how we count it?”

“Yes,” Luna declared with more confidence than she really felt.

Ryu’s lips still echoed on hers. She could feel him. That one brief second of contact, and it was all she could think of.

“Well I’m glad you understand the rules,” Ryu said.

“Me too,” Luna said, despite feeling like she really didn’t understand much of anything at the moment.

Ryu cradled his mostly empty beer can. He tried not to stare at Luna too hard or too often. He didn’t know it, but his fixation with the way she’d hopped over and kissed him like it was no big thing was very, very similar to her current obsession.

He’d started it. He kept recalling that too. He’d only wanted to maybe distract her a bit. Get her feeling something other than loss.

Well, it had worked.

But why so close to her lips like that? They’d seemed so inviting in the moment. And it wasn’t like chaste pecks on the lips were even a big deal, really. And even if they were, that one was Luna’s fault.

And… and… and….

It never ended. A downward spiral of self-reflection not to be escaped from.

“Ryu?” Luna asked softly.


“Did I ruin the magic of beers and backyards?”

Ryu smiled slowly. It was just Luna. He was obsessing for the wrong reasons. “Nah,” he said. “It’d take more than that.”

“Oh good. Want to… do this again tomorrow?”

“Ha, wait and see how hungover you are in the morning before you make those kind of plans.”

“Well I’m not gonna drink that much.”


Luna groaned. “I drank too much.”

“I told–“

“Don’t say it! I will punch you so hard.”

“Don’t think you could connect with me right now,” Ryu said cheerfully.

“Watch me.” Luna glared. “Anyway, how come you’re not hungover? You drank more than I did.”

“I spread it out over longer, though. You were fast and furious toward the end there.”



“Was. Not.”

Ryu shrugged. “Ok. Want some food or something?”

Luna put a hand on her belly. “Undecided right now.”

“I’ll make you something just in case then. I’m hungry anyway.”

“Blergh. Thanks, I guess.”

Ryu only beamed wider, rather annoying Luna. He then stepped close, tilted her head back very similarly to the way he had the day before, fingers delicate on her chin and everything. He looked into her eyes a moment, then flashed a quick kiss on her lips.

“You’re right,” he said thoughtfully. “It’s better that way.”

Luna only stared after him. She had to stumble and follow him to the kitchen, collapsing marsbahis giriş into a chair to watch him.

“What the hell was that?”

“How hungover are you?”

“Don’t change the subject,” Luna said firmly. “You kissed me.”

“So you do know what it was, then.”

“We said only once each. Remember?”

Ryu paused, fridge open, carton of eggs in hand. He belatedly swung the door closed again.

“What, ever?” he asked.

It was Luna’s turn to hesitate. She’d just assumed ever. But now that she thought about it, that was an awfully long time.

“Well… maybe not ever….”

“I just assumed, like, once a day or something,” Ryu said.

“Once a day?” Luna squeaked.

“Yeah. Lots of things reset daily.”

“Not kissing your sister!”

“Oh. My mistake.”

Ryu kept moving, making eggs for them. Luna felt absolutely torn watching him. Her tummy had gone from gross to… not happy, exactly, but nervous and excited, maybe?

But he couldn’t just be kissing her willy-nilly like that. Obviously not. That was rude. And presumptuous. And… and….

Would he try it again tomorrow? She’d just told him not to. Shit. Why’d she do that? Because she had to. There were… things at stake. Some kind of things. Important things.


Ryu wasn’t sure why he’d kissed Luna again. It had just felt right. Twice now. And… it was kind of good. Like it made him all tingly and stuff.

But he’d probably pushed it. Luna hadn’t looked happy. Half sick. Though the hangover was probably more the culprit than he was.

But certainly part of her confused, turmoiled expression had been his doing. He knew that.

Oh well. Mistakes had been made.

He still regretted it as he lay in bed that night. He hadn’t even gone outside drinking, as he’d half planned to. Nice summer days for lounging didn’t come along all the time, after all. It hadn’t felt like the time for it, though.

His door cracked open. Luna pattered in. She was ready for bed. Dressed down, sleepy look in her eyes.

“What’s up?” Ryu asked.

Luna said nothing. Kept padding silently closer. She leaned down and kissed him, then straightened and turned around without a word.



“What was that?”

Luna turned, a smirk evident on her lips. “A kiss.”

“You said–“

“You got one today.”


“Only fair. Almost missed mine, really. You might have been asleep already.”

“Not likely,” Ryu whispered to himself. “So you didn’t mind that one from earlier?”

Luna shrugged and scratched her head. Ryu half felt like she was trying to cover a blush.

“I didn’t mind it,” Luna said softly but meaningfully. “That was never the problem.”

“Oh,” Ryu said. “I… don’t know what that means.”

“Me either. Night.”


Darkness closed again as Luna exited and shut the door. Ryu lay staring for a moment, then broke into a wide grin. Sleep came much easier afterward.


“Hey, Mom?” Luna said.

Adrianna turned and smiled at her daughter. “Yes?”

“I have a weird question.”

Adrianna arched her eyebrow. “Oh? What about?”

“Well… kisses, I guess.”

Will snorted from the sidelines. He was fiddling with some wires over at his workbench.

“Behave, dear,” Adrianna admonished. “Our daughter needs advice.”

“I heard,” Will said. “You can field this one.”

“She asked me in the first place,” Adrianna reminded him.

Luna rolled her eyes at her parents. She wasn’t sure she should even bring the question up in the first place. They could be so embarrassing at times. But at least they didn’t mind weird questions. She’d never been afraid to ask anything. Just… mortified at times. Like way back when she’d asked about orgasms and had received way more information than she ever expected.

She’d been the most knowledgeable rumour-monger at school for a time, though. That wasn’t nothing.

“What does a kiss mean?” Luna asked, forging ahead anyway. She’d already come in to her parents’ workshop, she might as well make it worthwhile.

She really liked that her mom and dad did things together like that. She didn’t know anyone else, friend or otherwise, whose parents liked to build stuff together like hers did. Woodworking, metalworking, electronics. Whatever. It was kind of cute, albeit occasionally infuriating. Just like her parents generally.

Luna had both parents’ attention at her question. Her dad was pretending to leave it to her mom, but she could see his interest piqued.

Adrianna unplugged the saw she’d been using, folded her arms, and stared curiously at her daughter.

“I assume you mean beyond just… showing affection?” Adrianna asked.

“I suppose, yes,” Luna said. “Like… is it always a romantic thing?”

“Ha, no, not always,” Will said, despite saying he’d stay out of it not two minutes prior.

Adrianna shot Will a glare, and it was handily ignored.

“Romantic or… sexual, I mean,” Luna amended. “Obviously.”

Adrianna toyed with her ponytail. “There are lots of other things it can be. Affection comes in many forms.”


Adrianna stepped forward and kissed Luna on the forehead. “See?”

“Right, no, I meant, like, on the mouth and everything. Proper kisses.”

“There are lots of, ahem, ‘proper’ kisses, honey. Not always on the mouth.”

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