Just The Three Of Us


College is for learning, right? It’s the time to experiment, to stretch your wings, try different things. These were the thoughts running through my head Thursday after classes ended. Only one more day left in the week, then we can party for the weekend. I was waiting in my dorm room for my roommate, Katie. She came in and we started talking about what to do over the weekend. We both agreed it needed to be something different, something fun, and something to get us laid! We met last year when we were assigned the same room as freshmen. We got along so well, we decided to continue living together our sophomore year. A lot of people told us we looked like sisters – both tall, thin, with blue eyes and long blonde hair. We both had pretty good figures, and worked out to maintain them. We called a friend of ours and agreed Escort bodrum to meet at his apartment tomorrow evening and the three of us would go find some fun somewhere. Katie and I got to Mark’s apartment around 7:00. He had pizza and beer waiting. We all discussed what we could do, everyone wanted to connect and have some fun. Kiddingly, Mark said, “We could just stay here and I’ll do both of you. I’m sure I’m man enough to handle it!” I winked at Katie, and said, “Well, it’s about time you offered. We’ve both been wanting you for a long time.” Katie smiled and put her hand on Mark’s thigh. “Yeah, let’s get going; we’re both ready!” Mark seemed surprised, but decided to play along. “The bedroom’s right down the hall.” Much to his surprise, I think, Katie and I moved down the hall Escort Kuşadası toward the bedroom. He paused for a moment but then quickly followed us. When we got to Mark’s bedroom he immediately put one arm around me and pulled Katie to him with his other arm. His hands moved to our breasts, and started fondling them. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to touch both of you. You are both so hot.” He bent toward me and started kissing and nuzzling my breasts through my clothes, then turned his head to Katie and started kissing and nuzzling hers. I reached down and put my hand on the front of Mark’s pants. He felt hard already and gave a low moan. “Well, it looks like you have a lot to give us. Let’s check it out.” Katie reached over and unzipped his pants. They fell to the floor. bodrum escort He wasn’t wearing any underwear and his cock sprung out hard and ready. “Let’s get on the bed,” I suggested. Mark said, “You both need to undress first. I think it’d be kind of sexy if you undressed each other.” Katie and I looked at each other. Although we had never actually touched, we had each seen the other naked in our dorm room and were comfortable together. I don’t know about Katie, but I had always secretly wanted to touch her breasts and feel her nipples. Just thinking about them made me start to get a little wet. We unzipped each other’s jeans and pushed them down, running our hands over the other’s butt and down the other’s legs. I started caressing Katie, helping her out of her shirt. She did the same to me and we ran our hands over the sides of each other’s breasts, mostly for Mark’s enjoyment, but I could feel myself getting wetter. We paused to unfasten our own bras and slide them off, our breasts bouncing free. The room was cool, and our nipples puckered up. Her nipples were longer than mine and stood out firmly.

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