Just the Tip Ch. 01


As the night started at and the group arrived the first thought I had was, “Damn, she’s gorgeous.” One of the first time out with a group from a previous place of employment. We had planned for a much larger group but when it started out only the 3 of us it was actually quite enjoyable, intimate and fun.

I can’t quite remember how the subject came up but there was a mention of jaunting out to a strip club with the girls and while I liked the thought, I was slightly nervous at the actual prospect of the three of us going together. I figured they would end up changing their minds but one persisted and was excited at the prospect of going. I ventured forth and decided to go with her because going to a club with a girl is always much more entertaining. Plus, the idea of going with her was invigorating and just spending some more time with her was in no doubt going to be lots of fun.

After a quick clothes change and heading out, electing to let her drive, for the simple reason that would prevent any mishaps later in the night. Knowing that once there had been a little more drinking my hands would definitely want to wander. Yes, perhaps my mind went that way but I tried to fight it.

Once in the club things started to take an interesting turn. Upon finding the right dancer for the two of them, and believe me this took quite a while. One of those nights when just any girl wouldn’t do and happily enough both of them were equally picky and wanted a girl who was going to enjoy and have fun with them both.

Upon a quick return from the bathroom Jennifer informed me, “I found the perfect one, that one in the peach dress approached right after you left.”

“Well where’d she go?”

“Up on stage for this two for one,” she said with a quick smile.

“Let’s go get her, these girls hate going up on the stage for those things, they’d much rather be doing dances or anywhere else. They get catty when up there grouped together.”

Jennifer pointed to where the girl had gone and then she stood up, now I’ll admit I had definitely checked her out over the years whenever I saw her but tonight put her in a completely different perspective. Like that quiet, hot girl you always knew was probably loads of fun and a bit of a freak, well this one was definitely fitting that mold. I smiled to myself as I followed behind, this was truly going to be an experience.

Stacy, the girl in peach, stepped down off the stage after we caught her attention and bounced happily back to the payment area. She seemed just as excited as we were for the venture. I really wanted a private room but the cost of them had gone up by about 50% so we settled for the private room with 4 couches. Still somewhat secluded and still large enough for the three of us.

“So,” she began, “This is my first time giving a girl a private dance, and the first time with a couple.”

We both just smiled and didn’t correct her but Jennifer did let her know that she was more than pleased to be Stacy’s first woman to give a private dance to. Then it began, as she stripped down, we got a much better look at her mostly nude body, at this point just the pasties and thong were on and her perky C cup chest was ready to be touched. She began with Jennifer as I sat next to them just enjoying the view.

Stacy reached over and pulled my hand to her ass after about two minutes and encouraged me to touch her. Now I’m not shy, nor afraid to touch one of the girls in this club, but I was truly just loving watching her grind and tease Jennifer. When Stacy slid over to me I caressed her chest and squeezed her ass, I will say she had an amazing ass, it begged to be squeezed and spanked.

She didn’t stay long on my lap hopping back over to Jennifer, I was slightly disappointed until she presented her ass in the air and leaned over both of us. “You can spank it,” she whispered as she looked over her shoulder and shook her ass at me. A quick swat, encouragement for a bit harder and I was in heaven. It had been a little while since I had touched a woman and this was more than I had expected at the beginning of Antalya Escort the night.

When Stacy slipped around. She ran her hands over my thighs and while some of these girls will initiate some physical contact on the naughtier side, skirting what they are legally allowed to do, she blew those rules out of the water. Grabbing my cock and stroking it several times, leaning up and kissing my neck. “MMM nice and firm, ready to go for me,” she whispered in my ear.

The teasing went back and forth, she led my hands over to Jennifer at one point and I lightly caressed both girls not wanting to cross any lines, trying to remain good. Really wanting to let Stacy leave and get my hands on Jennifer is all I wanted to do but as I said. I didn’t want to cross that friendship line and make this night weird. As the dance ended we thanked her, I even tipped her which normally I don’t do after a lap dance, but damn she had been good for both of us and if it hadn’t been so late I probably would have gone for another round.

As Jennifer and I headed out to the car, there was some extreme sexual tension. Just as we sat down in the car, Jennifer turned towards me, “Thanks I really enjoyed that did you?” As she said this she reached over to find my semi-hard shaft with her hand and gave it a squeeze.

Now I’ll admit that caught me off-guard. Like completely, she paused, smiled and backed out of the parking space. As she got in the turn lane to head home I just leaned over and turned her head and kissed her. It was a hot lust filled kiss that set every inch of me on fire as we kissed, continuing until I realized the light had changed and pulled back.

We drove home, talking, although the only discussion I remember is that we wouldn’t discuss the night with anyone. No one needed to know we went to a strip club together and what happened there needed to stay there. Slowly we neared my house and as we headed down my street I told her to just park to the side of the house and then we began to talk. I thanked her for a good night, thinking the entire time I really wanted to kiss and ravage her but I was going to remain steadfast and not attack, like before I didn’t want to ruin things between us.

Finally deciding fuck it, “So what happened tonight stays with tonight right?” I asked.

“Yes,” she started, and as soon as she did I leaned over and kissed her again. We kissed passionately for a few minutes and I refused my hands the ability to wander. We broke for a moment. Thinking about it, and then she said, “Push your seat back.”

I did so and she slid over and straddled me. The kissing continued, several times we mentioned stopping. Then hands began to stray on both our parts. She began to stroke through my pants and I slid my hand under her top, lifting it to get my mouth around her swollen nipples and wanting to get all of her teased. Jennifer, grinding teasing me, leaned next to me, “I really want to at least play just the tip,” she said.

We paused several times, briefly contemplating what we were doing until it became too much. I flipped her over and reached between her legs caressing the wet center through her jeans. Feeling how warm and wet she was, “See, I’m really wet and want this,” she told me.

Jennifer twisted until she was on her back in the front seat and then I undid her jeans kissing her neck and leaning up over her, with her top exposed, such a sexy body I was enjoying touching every inch. Suddenly I felt a wet, warmth surrounds my manhood, the slow descent of her mouth was driving me insane. I slipped my hand down and teased her clit for a moment and then getting her pants off her hips, I slowly slid back and positioned myself for entrance. Looking back, I really wish I had gone down on her right then and there. I really wish I had spent a little more time exploring all of her, but I had totally gotten to the point where the only place I wanted to be was deep inside her.

I asked if she was sure, met with a quick assurance, I leaned in and slowly slid inside her. It had been so long since I had felt anyone this Antalya Escort Bayan tight and wet wrapped around me. I was going to have to struggle to not lose it way to quickly inside her. I leaned up and kissed her and slowly moved in and out inside her. Mentally forcing myself to not find release to soon.

Jennifer continued to kiss and moan and whimper. She pushed back against me, it took a little effort to sink all the way inside but once that happened the speed of thrusts picked up and we quickly found a matching rhythm. After about ten minutes of teasing and back and forth. I think a small amount of guilt began to creep up on Jennifer.

I wish I could say that I felt the same, but at that moment the only thing I was thinking was how good she felt and the fact that I didn’t want to stop. Not because of the physical pleasure, trust me it was magnificent but it was more who it was with. I wanted to stay connected, stay inside her. Have her right there next to me, on me, beneath me, wherever, even if just sitting innocently in my lap.

We kissed a few more times as she got dressed, a few quick kisses, less tongue more shut off. I think because we both knew one deep kiss and it was all going to start again. When she left, I was disappointed. Not at the end of sex, I was disappointed at the ending of the night, not that it happened but that it was over. Every minute of this night had been amazing. From the first glance at the beginning of the night to the first touch and first kiss. Every minute of conversation replayed in my head. We shared several texts, making sure she got home safe, and she let me know that she felt befuddled by what had happened.

The more I thought about it the more I really wanted to see her again. While knowing it was improbable due to the situation I still gave it a lot of thought. Even going as far to ask if I had a hall pass, this was met with if you want one you can have it. It was left that way with no further discussion.

Jennifer and I texted back and forth and I told her as much about the hall pass. I let her know that it was basically a don’t ask don’t tell policy with my wife and that this was the way things seemed to end up. We both expressed a desire to have a more involved experience, also that if it was an open marriage she would immediately be up for meeting

A few weeks went by and we finally decided to get together again. We met just outside a little dive bar in Manassas and decided to just get a drink first. As we sat there talking I reached over and ran my hand up her thigh under the bar, not high just letting a touch start to happen. Jennifer looked over smiled and grabbed my hand, “Let’s go, I am not really hungry right now.”

We stepped out to our cars, before she could get in hers I grabbed her and kissed her quickly, “I couldn’t wait to get wherever we are going to do that. Just ride with me and we’ll come back and get your car. “

She hopped in the passenger side and reached over, “where is safe to go?” We quickly located a close by hotel and decided to head there. Not as romantic as I’d like to make things but at this time we really wanted to get somewhere private. I went in and got a room key and then as she got out and we got up to the door she hugged me.

“Hey, we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” I told her.

Jennifer, grinned grabbed the key out of my hand and then opened the door. Pulling me into the room she winked and walked to the bed and flopped down. I quickly turned latched the door and launched myself onto the bed next to her. I was honestly nervous but just thought, screw it, I wanted this woman so much that I couldn’t find a way to converse besides telling her between kisses that I wanted her.

Slowly I ran my hand up under her shirt and was happy to find no bra, I slipped her shirt over her head with her head and continued to kiss her while running my hand over her chest, teasing and circling her nipples, lowering my mouth even more I flicked my tongue ring over the swollen bud of flesh and nibbled on it. Feeling her hand on Escort Antalya my head and her breathing and moans I knew she was extremely into what was going on.

I reached down and unbuttoned her pants and pushed them off, before she could say anything I slid down further and finally splaying her legs I kissed each thigh, skirting around the area she wanted me at. I wanted to tease her and make her damn near beg me to continue. I leaned in and licked up each side of her already wet labia. Sucking each one while running my tongue up and down, slipping a finger to run up and down the slit. As she moaned and both hands found my head she tried to direct me. I pulled up and smiled at me. “Impatient young lady?” I asked with a grin before catching her clit between my lips and sucking on it flicking my tongue up and down the hood until she was squirming and announcing her orgasm.

“Oh, fuck yes, lick me right there David!” I will admit a bit shocked hearing her say fuck, that turned me on even more.

I began to finger her with more enthusiasm as I continually flicked her clit with my tongue. Curling my fingers inside her I found her sweet spot and renewed teasing her even more. As she came again, Jennifer finally pushed me away and as I slid back she told me to lie back at the head of the bed. She tugged at my shirt and once it was off, ran her finger through my chest hair. “Well you’re a furry beast, aren’t you?”

She scooted down and flicked the ring through my nipple and ran her hand over my already hard shaft. I felt her hands open the buttons on my pants and then Jennifer looked up, “Now it’s my turn to tease you, in your advanced age do you think you can regain full status if things go off early,” she winked and then as my jeans slid down her mouth followed. Her slender fingers stroked me and her mouth warm and amazing slid up and down following each stroke. A slight hum as she did it quickly had me on the edge of an orgasm. I couldn’t help myself I didn’t want to cum to early so I leaned over her and pulled her hips back up towards me. She allowed herself to be positioned so that I could attack her again.

As much as I knew I wanted to cum while she was sucking on me I wanted to feel her legs wrapped around me. I slipped away from her and pulled back. “Honey, that feels amazing but I want you now, we can always come back to this.”

As she laid on her back I kissed her our tongues teasing, feeling her legs wrap around me, her hand slid down and grasped my cock, she guided me to her eager pussy and then pulled me in. I slowly slid in making sure that I took my time. I slipped in deeper, wanting to take time and savor each second of this. My hands squeezing her breasts and teasing her nipples as I pushed in all the way and waited. Kissing her deeply again I pulled back and thrust in. Jennifer caught my neck with her mouth and sucked and teased nibbling on it.

Sitting up, I started to fuck her harder, and ran my fingers over her clit strumming it as she began to cum. Her fingers met mine on her clit as she went over the edge. I nearly came right then but as soon as she finished I pulled out and flipped her over, on her hands and knees she looked over her shoulder. “I’m open to spanking and hair pulling,” with a sexy grin.

A few quick spanks as I pushed into her from behind. Reaching up over her I tugged her hair and slammed my hips into her and looking down and watched her ass meet each thrust. Her hand slipped between her legs and teased her clit as she whimpered. “Cum inside me!”

We hadn’t discussed it beforehand but she knew that I could not get her pregnant and wanted to feel me cum inside her then I was going to fulfill that desire. Faster and faster we went until I came thrusting and moaning the entire time. I pulled back and she flipped over. I lay down next to her and she put her head on my chest.

“That was so good,” she whispered breathlessly.

Before I could even catch my breath, she surprised me by sliding down and slipping her mouth around me again. Having just passed the oversensitive mark my cock began to swell in her mouth and harden again. As soon as it reached maximum hardness she straddled me and sank down, pulling my hands up to her chest. I sat up and began to suck each nipple and kiss her neck. Reaching down grabbing her ass I squeezed and kneaded her ass as she rode me…To be continued

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