k**s on the block


k**s on the blockJoel and Allison live 4 houses away. Allison is a year behind me in school and Joel 3 years behind.I have been on a swim team most of my life and Joel started swimming for the same team a couple of years after me. He started hanging around me, almost worshipping me. At first I found it ego building but it got almost weird. My last year in school he invited me over after we had won a swim meet.“My parents are gone,” he said. “We can do anything we want”I reluctantly went to his house. Allison was gone so it was just the two of usWe sipped some booze and even got a little tipsy. Joel suggested I just stay over, I agreedHe headed to the shower and I watched some porn on the tvIt seemed like Joel was in the shower forever and I was getting tired. I went into the bathroom and he was till showering“Come on Joel” I yelled, “Give me a turn.”I slid off my clothes except my briefs as he turned off the water. He exited the shower and qjuickly slid my briefs to the floor, dropped to his knees and took me in his mouth.I was shocked“Joel, I’m not”But it felt good. I let him suck meI came quickly and he did his best to take every drop in his mouthHe stood up and grinned and I was still in shock. I went into the stall to shower and ponder what just happened.As I exited he was still there, still naked“Jole, just so we’re straight, I’m not into guys.”“Yeah I know, but if you want to fool around we can.”Joel had some kind of lube with him. He grinned and squirted some on his hands, he grabbed my shaft and slowly stroked it“We can do some other stuff!”“No really, I’m not into it”But as he gently pulled me to the floor I followed. He rolled over, face down and presented his butt.He guided my dick towards his ass, I didn’t resistI haven’t even gone all the way with a girl yet and I was fucking a guyHe pulled me towards his anus. I looked down, he had a tiny pink anus, it was lubed alreadyAs he let go I pushed in a little“Easy” he saidIt felt great already. I eased it a couple inches and stoppedI slowly got my full length in and started stroking slowly. I quirted immediatelyHe arched his back and grinned as I emptied myself in his tiny little assI pulled back and collapsed on the floorAfter we türbanlı ankara escort got our breath he asked“What do you think?”“Joel that was good, but don’t get any ideas”“Yeah Okay” he smiledWe headed to his bed and we both fell asleep quicklyI woke up in the middle of the night as I felt him playing with my dickI pulled back the covers“This thing is huge” he saidHe felt great playing with me and I got hard again. He gave me another great suck jobIn the morning I left quickly and quietly as I knew Allison had come home in the middle of the nightA couple of nights later I heard a knock on my basement door. Our house has a walkout basement and I’m the only one in the basement. It was JoelI don’t know why but I let him in.We spent the night with Joel sucking me and he even let me fuck his tiny little ass again. We slept nude and he liked to curl up in my arms. Our dicks touched at timesAfter about 3 months of these night interludes, someone was knocking at the basement door again. I was shocked to see Allison thereAllison is about 5’6”, very tiny waist and ass with good size tits. She has long dark brown hair and is one of the prettiest girls in the schoolI must have given her a quizzical look“Joel told me about what you guys do.” I thought maybe we could do the same.”She was dressed in gym shorts and a tank top“Allison, I’m not into guys”She slid off her shorts and began to take off her tank top“Then this is the opportunity to prove it”She stood before me completely naked. Her perky tits were heaving as she looked at me“Where’s the bedroom?”We headed to my room and I was already hardShe watched as I ;pulled off my briefsWe both lay on the bed and I began kissing her. She guided my face to her majestic titsWhat a thrill. I had never fucked a girl and I was going to have one of the pretiest girsl on the planetAfter a minute we slid onto the bed and I headed to her muff. Her dark hair hid most of it but I gave her my best lick job. As I began parting her lips and kissing her inners she took my shift in her hands and slid it in her mouthI’m surprised I didn’t come right thenI did my best a giving her pleasure and I think it was effective. türbanlı ankara escort bayan After I shot great gobs into her mouth she started squirming. She held my face in her crotch as she bucked and moaned loudlyAfter she came we both rolled over and I stared at her perfect bodyAs I started to grown again, I tried to mount her, she pushed me away“I can’t get pregnant, “ she saidShe rolled on top of me and we did another mutual pleasure session.We spent the rest of the night pleasing each other as much as we could. I think she got the better part of it, she wanted it even if I wasn’t ready to goThis continued for about two months either Joel or Allison would show up at night and I would get my nuts drainedOne night I was at Joel and Allison’s house and their parents were gone again. I wasn’t sure how much they shared so I didn’t try anything with AllisonAs it got late Allison got up, and motioned to me and Joel“Mom and Dad are gone, we can use their bedroom”I was shocked again as she started undressing. I looked over as so was Joel“What the hell” I undressed alsoI went right for Allison’s muff. Joel took me in his mouthThis thrill took me to the limits immediately. I shot a load in his mouth and then did my best to please Allison, Joel watched. She shuddred as her nipples got hard and she arched her back She held my face in her beautiful hairy muffWe all lay back, Alison and I panted.What a thrill, for the rest of the night either Allison or Joel would suck me. When I was servicing Allison, Joel was sucking meI woke up and Joel was playing with my ass. Allison woke also“Joel, I’m sorry man”“Why not?” Allison asked“I’m not into guys”“he’s been pleasing you, you/re just returning the favor. It doesn’t mean you’re gay”I thought about it. Maybe they were right. Poor Joel never gets his rocks“What the hell” I rolled overJoel massaged and caressed my cheeks. He grabbed his lube and ran it around my anus. Allison was intrigued. She watched closelyJoel ran his finger in and Allsion wanted a turn. It actually felt good to have a finger in my assJoel pulled out his finger and moved in towards my assHe slid my legs apart and slid in the tipFor türbanlı escort ankara a guy with a tiny dick, he felt huge. Allison smiled as Joel worked his way inHe slowly started pumping. I could feel every detail of his dickHe picked up the pace and I could feel him growing in my ass. He grabbed my head and fucked me like a gril. He pumped my hard as he came warm come in my assHe slowly withdrew. I wasn’t sure how I felt. Slome of it had been pleasure, some humiliation, some painI didn’t dwell on it as I was now beign sucked by AllisionFor another few months this continued; three way sex at least twice a week.One night I asked Allison to shaveShe thought about it“I will if you guys will”Joel was ready immediately. I wasn’t sure. I didn’t know what the guys in gym class would thinkFinally I didn’t care. I was getting my nuts drained all the timeWe watched and even helped Allison shave her beautiful muff area. The Joel and finally me. We all looked like we were10 years youngerThis improved the visual as I was getting sucked or licking AllisonA week later I told the group I had been reading the letters in a men’s magazineI placed a couple of pillows under Allsion and pushed her llegs over her head. He pussy and anus were fully exposedShe gasped as I closed in and began licking her cute little pink anus. She almost pushed me away but I kept going. I alternated back between her muff and her cute anus. I treated her little anus like another pussy, kissing sucking, lickingShe came quickly a dnad panted“wow” Allison remarked“I want that” Joel chimedI wasn’t looking forward to his ass, but it was too late. I did him like AllisionAfter, Joel did my ass. What an incredible feeling. Allison played with me while JOle licked me form dick to ass“Time to shave some more parts” Joel blurtedWe grabbed shaving stuff and shaved each other. We were all now completely bald below the waist. After our intimal sucking each evening, we would transition to asses. Life was goodOne night when I was fucknig Joel’s ass Allision was paying close attention“I’s like to try that” She saidFinally! I thought. I get to fuck AllisonJoel and I lubed her anusI tried to do her “ass like Joel had done mine, slow and gentle“Stop, stop” she exclaimed. “You’re bigger than Joel”I slowed down, not full in her ass as I cameIt was at least three different nights before I could fully enter her tiny little ass. I never lasted more than a minute in her. Her ass is so tight and pretty.Now that I’ve left town for college I miss those two. I hope to get some more at the fall and spring break!

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