Lady Liara – Igniting the old flame


Lady Liara – Igniting the old flame.

The telephone buzzed several times, a black leather gloved hand picking it up. The recipient was a normal house wife, working from home after having her first child. Now that she had more time to herself she was able to experience her wilder, more dominant side once again. Of course she was a little rusty.


Her voice seemed smooth and unwavering, confident and demanding at the same time. But behind it she was curious, very few people called her during the day. All her friends knew her son could be sleeping, and telemarketers had stopped calling after she threatened to report them for telephone stalking. That and getting her home phone put on the no-call list.

“Excuse me, a friend said you might be able to help me,” a timid quiet masculine voice explained. “Is a Lady Liara available for this weekend?”

Lady Liara, why she hadn’t been called that in years. And it caused her to breathe in deeply for a moment.

During a long period of sexual experimentation just out of university, Liara had found herself growing fond of the domination scene. Whilst attending a few parties with friends she would push herself to be confident, and flirtatious with men. Staying in control of the conversations, what drinks they ordered and what food they would eat caused her great happiness. And what happened during the night aroused her beyond any equally powered sex. But it still seemed as though something was missing.

“You are speaking to Lady Liara, explain your desires and I’ll book you in for a time this weekend, I have Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening free.” Her words automatically took control of the conversation, and she was to the point yet not rude. Her voice seductive yet professional.

This all started after a close friend had approached her one day. Liara was well aware that her friend had been through difficult times with men for the majority of her adult life. Liara had been more than accepting of the proposal that was made after hours of girl-to-girl talk. The woman had been craving bedroom interaction for years, but never managed to get beyond the first date. So she had relied on toys and video’s but could never stimulate herself like proper sex ever could. She hated the idea of a man touching her skin beyond shaking their hand, and couldn’t even begin to accept one engaging in sexual intercourse with her. But she knew that she loved sex, and that later in life she might even trust men again. She longed to get back to a healthy relationship. For now though, she needed someone to help her. Liara seemed the perfect candidate. Confident yet supportive, strong and assertive yet never presumptuous or overpowering.

Her friend required the use of a cock, at least for one night.

Liara wasn’t a shemale but she could do something almost as good. Having been dabbling in the strap on experiences for a while, she was willing to help as best she could. The first client, who became a reoccurring client had been overjoyed with the service provided. Liara had found the missing ingredient in her life. She felt as though she had found a calling, one that made her feel light and exhilarated afterward.

That is how Lady Liara’s On Call Domination Service was started.

The man on the telephone paused for a moment before speaking clearly, if not quietly.

“My name is Edward, and my wife and I have been interested in inviting another person into out sex lives for quite some time now. But we are reluctant to ask any friends. We are both interested in being dominated, with some sort of anal experience. I’ve never tried it before, but my wife quite enjoys it.” He seemed to speak more vibrantly explaining how his wife enjoyed getting taken via the back door and Liara found herself smiling listening to his obvious approval.

Liara thought on it for a moment, she was rusty but had stored everything from her domination years well. And knew exactly what she still had available. It would be the perfect time to wear her leather again. Smooth, firm, black leather that had been custom made to fit her shape. She had paid highly for it, but it matched her long straight ebony hair and pale features, slender figure and 34B bust perfectly. It was meant to make her look like some medieval Mistress, a dominatrix who could just as easily have fought in an ancient war on the front lines, sword gliding through the air expertly.

“I would be delighted to help you both, and your description has got me already planning out the night. If you tell me your email address I can mail through an information brochure of my services and packages, it also includes the prices. And you can read client reviews, as well as my hygiene and safety promise. You can also book what time you would prefer through email in case you need to change it later on.”

Edward gave her the email and she opened the shimmer blue metallic laptop that was in front of her, typing in the address before attaching the document she had explained. With a simple click it was almanbahis şikayet away.

“Thank you for calling, repeat customers get a discount, and all sessions and clients are kept one hundred percent confidential.”

It didn’t take long for the couple to set up a session time, and send through their deposit. Lady Liara’s On Call Domination Service was back in business. Now to find the number of the baby sitter.


The session with Edward and his wife had been booked for Sunday evening. Liara was fairly certain they wanted as much time as possible to read through the information. It also allowed them time to back out if they so chose to. But she was glad they had not called her to notify any cancellations. It was a good sign.

She had already cooked dinner, a beef lasagna with assorted steamed or mashed vegetables to accompany it. So she knew that her husband and son would eat since a baby sitter wasn’t able to be booked on such short notice, luckily though her husband hadn’t been called in to work at the last minute. So as she carried her two large silver briefcases out to the car she was confident the house, and family would be safe until she returned.

She drove an old car, but it was well loved and serviced every six months by her local mechanic. Working since the age of 16 at a coffee shop it had been her dream to own this particular car. It was her very first one and would always hold a special part of her heart. The shiny, well polished and waxed, not surprisingly black 1969 Camero had seen it’s fair share of driving over the years.

And at twenty nine, she hoped it would continue to run for at least another ten or twenty years more.

The silver cases contained all her gear, and she had gone through them all the night before to wash and sanitize everything. Any old products were thrown out, with new gloves, lube and condoms put in their place. She always offered gloves and condoms, especially for those who disliked the idea of cleaning up after any anal interaction.


Edward and his wife lived in a nice double story house, their front yard was well manicured and their car covered for the night by the time she pulled up on the curb. It showed they cared about their belongings, as well as what their neighbors thought. She made a note of that. Locking her car she carried the two cases to the front door, knocking three times instead of ringing the door bell.

A couple of seconds later Edward, or who she assumed was Edward answered the door. He welcomed her in, taking a few quick glances at her before closing the door. “Please, let me carry those for you. Where would you like them?” he asked genuinely. She smiled and thanked him before pointing upstairs.

Moving into the living room she examined the inside of the house, it was the same as outside. There was a lovely smell coming from the kitchen and she surprised Edwards wife, Marie at the stove. She had been cooking dinner, and it seemed as though they had just finished the dishes and put them away. A very methodical couple.

Once Edward joined them, she sat down at the table. The long black jacket she always wore to keep the rain and cold off was removed now that she was inside. It was passed to Marie who put it in the closet, and Liara nodded in appreciation. “Make some tea, and we can discuss tonight.” It was more an order, but she remained nice about it. Lady Liara currently was dressed in tight fake leather leggings, a black t-shirt dress and some very high heeled black leather boots. She wore fingerless black leather gloves, and had exquisitely painted nails, scarlet red. Her lips were the same, the red lipstick standing out against her pale foundation and powdered face. Her brows had been darkened slightly with eyeliner and were well groomed, with golden and smoky grey eye shadow reaching all the way out to the far tips of her brow. She had long lashes naturally, but had accentuated them with a few layers of mascara and a circling of eyeliner.

She was of Russian descent, and her long black hair and bright blue eyes showed through the strongest. Her parents had immigrated, and soon after given birth to her. So her accent although still audible was mainly gone.

Edward sat down with his wife across from her, a smile on his face. Marie placed three cups of tea down and offered sugar and milk. Liara shook her head before locking eyes with Edward. “Did you look?” she questioned. He looked sideways at Marie before nodding his head slowly. Was he not allowed to?

“We will have to teach you some better manners tonight then.”

It was not said to indicate harsh punishment, and could be interpreted as a flirting comment but it also lacked any emotional involvement. She was good at the mystery.

“Right,” she started after sipping her tea. “You have chosen the basic service. Minimal bondage, comfortable pace and all the safety precautions. I strive to maintain both of you finding the experience pleasurable, and you can stop at anytime. I urge you to almanbahis canlı casino try your best to go along with my plans as although it may seem foreign it had been very worthwhile to clients in the past.”

She turned to Marie.

“I will be using a strap on and many toys for you, and you will be required to service both your husband and I. Does this make you uncomfortable?” Her question was straight forward.

There was a small shake of Marie’s head, and the woman wrapped her hands around the cup of tea as though it was a safety net during circus high flying acts. But there was no disapproving aspects to her actions. “Good.”

Edward was already awaiting her questioning, and hadn’t even touched the tea. His mind appeared to be elsewhere.

“I will be using a strap on and many toys for you also, you will be required to service both your wide and I. Does this make you uncomfortable?” There was no hesitation, “No, I accept it,” Edward said with a grin. He looked almost ready to burst sitting there, a foot tapping the leg of the table softly. “Right then, we may as well begin. Please meet me upstairs in fifteen minutes, not a second sooner. Announce your arrival, be naked, and stand at the base of the bed.”

With that Liara stood up and walked upstairs carefully, her long legs taking their time to propel her to the second floor. Once there she entered the bedroom and closed the door. Each suitcase was placed on the bed. She moved one to each bedside table, and opened each. In the first one were all the toys and accessories she would need. Many of which she placed out for Marie and Edward to see when they entered the room later. There were lengths of elastic ended cord wrapped up in bags, which she removed and tied around the centre of the bed head. Another was tied around each of the bed head corners, a nice placement for beginners basic bondage. It was the other suitcase that she was mainly needing to use before they arrived, and as she opened it the leather corset top welcomed her. It had been polished, and now shined with a glossy glow in the lamp light. Removing her dress, and the leather leggings, she revealed the full body stocking in a loose fishnet design. There was no underwear, nor bra under the clothing, and she slipped into her leather corset and tied the sides up tightly. She pulled on a garter belt, as well as a pair of opaque black thigh highs, clipping them in place. They were over the top of the body stocking, but she enjoyed the lack of ‘naked’ skin when servicing clients. The garter belt also helped her attach some lengths of ribbon, as well as some leather cuffs and some cloth cut into strips about four foot long from one hip. From the other hip she hung a medium coarseness flogger.

Moving into the bathroom, she closed the door after putting all her old clothes into the case and closing it. A quick check of her makeup showed it was still good enough to leave as it was. Now she just waited the few seconds for Edward and Marie to enter the room. And a few more before she walked out.

Edward was in his middle thirties, but was the typical morning gym attendee. He lacked an even tan, had a little extra weight around his middle but it wasn’t unpalatable. She also scanned him up and down, he lacked thick body hair, was shaven and carried a nice sized package. She estimated around seven inches, give or take.

Marie was still in great shape, her skin not as toned as it could have been but there were nice curves to her body. Her breasts weren’t as firm and perky as in her youth and early adult life, but nothing more than to be expected for the thirty eight year old. She had nice breasts Liara noticed, inch round dark pink aureoles with little hard browned nipples. More than able to be sucked, that was for sure. Liara guessed a 34C cup, but until she got her hands on them it would be hard to tell, or so she told herself.

They stood waiting for her, and when they saw her it was obvious they were impressed with her appearance. There had been a few photo’s of her in the brochure, but she always kept this outfit secret, a surprise to give them a helping hand.

“Let me see you, Edward step forward and slowly turn around.”

Her instructions were followed rather quickly, and he stepped forwards before slowly spinning. Liara stopped him when he had his back turned to her and wrapped a hand around his waist. Her eyes on Marie as she got so close to the woman’s husband. He stiffened against her, his muscles tightening in response. She whispered into his ear, “do you think I will enjoy your ass tonight?” He swallowed harshly and turned to look at her, nodding. But almost expecting his reaction Liara stopped him from looking at her with a sharp, “No!”

“Put your hands behind your back,” Liara said whilst removing the leather cuffs from her garter belt. His wrists soon found themselves tightly restricted and she pushed him down onto his knees gently. “Stay.”

Moving over, Marie obviously looked nervous and Liara reassured her it would almanbahis casino be fine. Coming up behind her, she whispered in her ear, “do you want me to make you watch as your husband get’s pleasured, or should I also allow you to take part?” It was a way out if the woman felt too uncomfortable, but Liara followed it up by wrapping her hands around Marie’s waist. She cupped the woman’s breasts, kneading them gently before running her hardening nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. A little gasp escaping the older woman’s lips as she responded. “I want to take part, please.”

Running her hands down to her clitoris, Liara circled it a few times before sitting down on the edge of the bed. With a quick pull, Marie followed and sat on her lap. Gentle reinforcement on the inside of each thigh helped Marie to quickly spread her legs, and Liara looked at Edward who seemed to have become fixated on the women. Liara’s fingers played with the woman’s pussy, examining her lips and folds, the slick wetness of her slit before gradually entering her with her middle finger. The woman tensed up, and Liara breathed into her ear sweet nothings. Talking about how her husband should lick her, and eat her out, how he should clean her up after she came, and push her into multiple orgasms more often. Each word caused the woman to breathe deeper, and her mouth slowly fell open as Liara delve her finger deeper inside. She called Edward over, who was still on his knees with hands cuffed behind his back. “Do what I told her you should do, but only use your mouth and tongue. Marie squirmed in her lap as Liara pressed in deeper, rubbing up against the ridges inside her opening. Then the moaning slowly built up, Marie really was aroused and Liara sensed that it wouldn’t take much of Edwards mouth service.

Standing up, Liara withdrew her fingers and pushed Marie’s wet, strongly aromatic pussy into Edwards face. Who only began to suckle and lick more furiously. “Slowly, draw it out.” It only took a small bit of direction before Marie had her hands on the back of her husbands head, moaning as he touched her everywhere it was sensitive. Taking one of her breasts in hand, Liara knelt on the bed and took its nipple into her mouth. Her tongue exploring the hard little peak, and lathering her in saliva. Marie arched, moaning as her nipple ached, and Liara could tell as it hardened and stood up that she liked it. Her teeth closed around it and she nibbled, her lips then sucking it up and away from her body until she cried out. Only then did her let it fall back into place, and Liara offered her still sticky fingers for the woman to clean. She seemed hesitant, and soon found one of her moans allowing for the fingers to enter her mouth. A squeeze of her breast enough to get the point across to suck them clean. She closed her eyes, tasting herself, her thighs beginning to shake.

“Get her to cum, she’ll enjoy more later. Then it’s your turn.”

Edward seemed to need no more egging on, and pressed his tongue into her, flicking it in and out and swiveling it around. Sliding the flat side of his tongue up her slit before suckling harder on her clit. He ground his face into her, before slipping the tip of his tongue into the little groove under her clit, sending her into spasms. She moaned and cried out in orgasm, and Edward began to lap up the juices as they flowed from her, his chin and chest getting sticky with the warm secretion. Soon Liara indicated for him to stop, and let Marie lay on the bed shivering in ecstasy.

“Edward, I want you on the bed over your wife’s face. For now she will just watch.”

He frowned in thought but did as she said, taking on the role of submissive as though he was born to it. His now semi-erect cock dangled over Marie’s face and she looked past it at Liara. The sight of the woman laying on the bed, legs still spread wide with slick thighs and pussy was enough to even cause Liara to feel wet. But she wouldn’t be totally aroused until she could take Edwards anal virginity. It was her bonus. Clipping the strap on around her thighs and waist she picked a modest beginners cock, a inch wide, six inch long rubber dildo that would stretch him but that he should take. If it was too small later on, she could up a size, but it was better than causing to much discomfort.

Taking a condom out of the suitcase as well as a large tube of lube, Liara crawled onto the bed in front of Edward and slipped the condom over her cock. He eyed it, a look of uncertainty, curiosity and fear in his eyes. Leaning forward, Liara pressed her lips against his, and kissed him deeply and passionately enough to take him off guard. He relaxed and kissed her back. And when she took her tongue out of his mouth Marie was having trouble not getting poked in the eye from his erect penis. Smiling Liara placed a hand on the back of his head and pulled him down to suck her cock, and he slowly opened his mouth and began to wrap his lips around it. She gave him a few minutes to warm up, to get the feel of giving a blow job before arching her hips up to him, pushing the cock deeper into his mouth. He took it, but showed discomfort so she slowly backed up and pushed forward again gently. Slowly fucking his face. Marie let out a moan watching, her eyes catching the slickness between Lady Liara’s legs.

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